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  1. WillFlyForCoffee

    Upcoming Boards

    Just a last reminder- the packages for the105th Airlift Wing, 137th Airlift Squadron are due in by June 4th! Don't miss your shot to fly the Hudson Valley Hauler's C-17s!
  2. WillFlyForCoffee

    Upcoming Boards

    The 105th Airlift Wing of the NY Air National Guard (C-17s) has "announced" an upcoming UPT board that closes June 4th. It's not on the wing website or https://dmna.ny.gov/jobs/?id=air yet but it will shortly. The board will most likely be in July or August. 18-3 - 11M3K(UPT).pdf
  3. WillFlyForCoffee

    Upcoming Boards

    Just saw the 105th AW out of Stewart (C-17s) is currently accepting applications until July 14th. http://dmna.ny.gov/jobs/?id=air
  4. WillFlyForCoffee

    Details on Age Requirements

    Has anyone else heard within the past 2 or 3 days that the max age for pilot training has now changed to 35? My old recruiter says he has the guidance, but I didn't see it in writing. Hence, no need for age waivers.... and no consideration for one after 35 I'm guessing.
  5. WillFlyForCoffee

    Upcoming Boards

    They had the board at the end of September. Only one was selected this year. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  6. WillFlyForCoffee

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    It dropped, but with the "you'll be able to compete with your IFF classmates" for it. It was on his screen at the drop and apparently is the first for any UPT stud.
  7. WillFlyForCoffee

    F-35 Lightning/JSF (Joint Strike Fighter)

    First stud F-35 dropped to CBM today with the added caveat "you'll be able to compete with your other IFF classmates," but it was on the screen. Thread revived.
  8. I know Iowa still has one. We have a guy down here at UPT that's slotted to go back and fly it... if it still exists when he actually gets back to fly it.
  9. WillFlyForCoffee

    ANG 5 Yr commissioned waiver?

    The 5 year TFCSD waiver is definitely being granted. Both of us who were hired in our board were 5+ years, and needed age waivers- which were both approved by NGB. It can be done. Shit, I just started UPT and we had a guy in-processing with us that was a 15yr load/flight engineer that is 37 and starting UPT, as well as another Reserve Capt who has 7+ years of commissioned service. Bottom line is that it CAN be done! I'm proof.
  10. WillFlyForCoffee

    Any recently approved ETP waivers?

    Yeah, there is a disconnect... I just received mine back from NGB last month, but I have no idea how AFRC works (just in case anyone is wondering). The contents of the package are what I believe to be the unknown for most recruiters if they have not done them before. I can try to get a copy of my package in case anyone needs to help their recruiters out. I've heard everything from "no ETPs will be considered," "only a certain number of ETPs are approved each year so it behooves you to not be at the end of the FY," to "as long as your wing and state have signed off on you, you're good." Unless someone called the guy on the approval line of my ETP to get the straight answer, you'll get various responses from everyone. However, not having to get an ETP is absolutely the best track you can go down.
  11. WillFlyForCoffee

    Any recently approved ETP waivers?

    Still waiting on dates (people out for the holidays- you know how it goes). But hopefully this week will have a firm class date! I dont turn 30 until May, but the waiver was a just-in-case. I'm glad I finally posted... I used this site extensively during the prep, interviews, ETP information, etc!
  12. WillFlyForCoffee

    Any recently approved ETP waivers?

    I just had an TCFSD ETP and an age waiver completed by NGB. I'm a prior Army Guard Infantry officer with over 5 years commissioned service (which required an ETP) as well as an age waiver, just in case the process took so long to complete. Be forewarned, this is not a fast process and I was turned down to even interview at several units due to prior commissioned service, as well as being 27 at the interview. I was hired in JUN 2013, service transferred and swore into the unit in DEC 2013, and I just received the papers back at the end of DEC 2014. Granted, I believe this could have gone a lot faster had the recruiters not changed over and been in possession of what an ETP/Waiver package looked like. Consequently, I dont believe my unit will be hiring anyone with age/ETPs in the future due to this headache- sorry guys! My unit could be an exception and I highly recommend EVERYONE try for it!