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  1. Thanks for the Info. I did it before joining the military and read the same issues of Tricare not covering it. The cost is the same these days and we’ve been looking more into the IVF, but the cost is frightening to read. You remember how long it took you to recover and get back to work from the reversal? I completely understand how you feel about the “switching genders” BS. In my opinion, not being able to start a family is more mentally taxing on a person(s) then someone whose trying to figure if “he” looks better with it tucked in or out... I digress.
  2. I’m sure I’ll get backlash for this, but has anyone gotten a vasectomy reversal? What procedures did you take, did Tricare cover it, and was it successful? Thanks.
  3. Soloing at 30 is crap and 65 is a rip off! This of course is all based on how well you’re doing. Go to a local airport and start networking. The GA community is very welcoming and there’s always a person(s) who are willing to trade labor for flight hours. I.e. clean the plane, hangar, etc The best way of doing this in the cheapest manner is to get into the FAR/AIM Part 61 and see what you can combine into training to help eliminate unnecessary hours. An example would be doing your night flights as XC rides, so you can accomplish 2 things at once. A lot of instructors are good at doing this, but there are some out there that are more interested in building hours then your training.
  4. I’m 69”s tall so we’re a little different in size, but I’ve used both the regular IPad and the mini. Standard Ipad was good for not having to zoom in so much, but the size was cumbersome in a 152/172. Especially if you mounted it on a suction cup (could cover a 1/4 of a window) and that’s why I chose the mini. You do need to zoom in on the mini, but it’s been best for me when going from a 172, cub, baron, king air, t-38, etc. Bose does cost you an arm and a leg, but they’re worth it. Another option would be the light speed Sierra. Used them before and they were great.
  5. I second your comment on the tail wheel. Your hours/experience is far beyond where I’m at right now, but I feel that I learned more about stick and rudder skills when getting my tail wheel endorsement.
  6. @FDNYOldGuy aww shucks 😊 lol @Fat Tony like mentioned above, the reserves do move much faster through the pipeline due to less down time between training segments and you’re in the age waiver territory, so they may be your best bet. Also, unsponsored is a good route to get the process started if you don’t mind potentially being placed in any heavy airframe and location. However, apply for whatever/wherever you want and make them tell you no! In regards to the ppl, we all understand the hard ship of scraping money together to get hours or a rating, but adding an hour here and there does show that you’re trying to better yourself for the position. Below is a link for unit location via the AFRC website: https://www.afrc.af.mil/Units/Units-by-State/
  7. Press on with units and don’t give up. Good scores and you have a masters. At the end of the day, a ppl or higher doesn’t necessarily make a difference in UPT. Also, a friend of mine was selected in his late 30s, so you there’s bound to be a unit that’s willing to talk to you.
  8. It seems that the “independence” that we celebrate in this current time allows him to make millions of dollars while playing a game... 🤔
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