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  1. Jealous... I’ve flown the super cub And hands down the best flying I’ve done. There’s something about doing touch and go’s at a grass field, with the windows open, and the sun setting.
  2. It’s written out in the AFRC pilot board process that unsponsored pilots will be placed with a unit within 45 days of assignment night which could be a drone unit, so you do everything in your power to find a sponsoring unit.
  3. 🍺🍺 prayers for the family..
  4. No. You have to apply for ENJJPT while at OTS, you have to ask your instructor for the packet information, and there’s a board held for those that get selected for an interview. For my OTS class, they interviewed 3 people for one slot. My buddy was picked up with 90s across the board for AFOQT, 50 or so for PCSM with no flight time, PT score of 100, and a 3.7ish GPA.
  5. You will in-process with the 340th in Randolph 2 weeks before OTS and that’s when you’ll find out where and when you’ll officially be going to UPT and you’ll sign your documents down there at the same time.
  6. I’m unsponsored and currently in the pipeline. You automatically track T-1s and to guarantee a T-38 slot or ENJJPT you must have a sponsoring unit that requires you to train in the T-38. The issue that you’ll run into is that AFRC gets a few T-38 training slots per year and they’re normally all taken by sponsored trainees. 1) you don’t compete with sponsored applicants as they already have a unit 2) As unsponsored, ENJJPT is based on timing of slots and availability. 2a) that would be based on the unit airframe you get sponsored by
  7. At OTS right now and looking for a mess dress that some one is looking to sell. I’m trying to rent one at Shinbaums right outside the base, but they may run out and I’m not in a position to shell out hundreds for a new one. I’m 5’9” and weight 175lbs, waist 32”, and a 15-15.5” neck. Thanks.
  8. Well, my world has been flipped upside down now
  9. I 2nd Brabus on this one. Go to MEPS and get it out of the way. You’ll need to pay for your travel expenses to get your IFC1 which can take a few months to get scheduled and approved. The physicals are transferable between the AF and ANG with a request from either branch. In essence, your taking inniative and several people I knew on the circuit did it. Keep in mind though, your kind of entering no mans land by not having a unit and need to have patience/persistence in keeping up with the medicals. Good luck!!
  10. Unsponsored Timeline: •May 2018: MEPS •May 2018: Packet sent to AFRC for 18-04 board. •June 2018: Notified of selection •September 2018: IFC1 •November 2018: Sworn in •Januarary 2019: TFOT •April 2019: UPT
  11. Okay. I wasn’t sure. I’m unsponsored and it’s been a 6 month timeline from board to OTS. I’ll post a timeline breakdown
  12. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/southwest-airlines-apologizes-employee-laughing-5-year-old-passenger-named-n941766
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