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  1. As a recent graduate, I can validate that this statement still holds true in 2020.
  2. Looks like I’m now heading to Tucson for B-Course and need to know where the best place to live with a family. Thanks!
  3. Thread bump. Now in UPT and looking to see if anyone is selling their mess dress. 5’9” and 175lbs. 38-40 regular jacket, 32” waist, and 15-15.5” neck. Thanks.
  4. Haven’t heard anything in the UPT environment as I just did one yesterday.
  5. Only bring up places you’ve interviewed before if asked in an interview. Then you can explain that you’ve been learning from each one and working on bettering yourself.
  6. Yes you can. However, from what I read about 2 years back was that if you decline a position you can’t reapply and accept the same position you declined.
  7. 👆 what @Hawg15 said. I’m extremely happy with staying Reserves and glad I didn’t go through with the switch; wouldn’t want it any other way.
  8. 2 of us showed up to UPT as unsponsored and looked at switching to Active. AFPC said there was a process currently being developed (October 2019) to allow this. AFI 36-2005 ch 6 explains that you can transfer from different branches. If age isn’t a factor and your open to flying to anything, you can decline the CSO position and reapply for the active board. Not sure how many times you can decline or how long you have to wait to reapply.
  9. Family and I will be moving to Luke in August for F-16 B course and we’re need of some information on the local area; housing, things to do/not do, etc. Big thing is trying to figure out if we should do base housing or rent else where. Thanks in advanced.
  10. I can speak about the unsponsored/FAIP situation as I was selected to be a FAIP, but found a unit at the same time. Going unsponsored is a great thing if you want to fly heavies and not concerned about location; you can always transfer units after 3 years. The FAIP portion is primarily for T-6s as an unsponsored person automatically tracks T-1s. However, there are times where they need T-38 FAIPs. Simply put, the reserves need to provide instructors and you need to voice early on that you want to do it so the ball can get rolling. What will happen is you be an instructor for the reserve unit at your UPT base and will do that for 3-4 years active. In the last year of the full time orders you will begin rushing units and the liaison officer will help you find a home.
  11. Both are great men and they will truly be missed! 🥃🥃
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