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  1. Hopefulflyer389

    Concept aircraft

    There’s one at the Air Force museum
  2. Hopefulflyer389

    T38 Down @ KDLF

    🍺 prayers to the pilots and families
  3. Hopefulflyer389

    CLASSIC: De Motivational Poster Contest!

    What car?
  4. Hopefulflyer389

    Standard Interview Questions

    Illustrates all of my interviews
  5. Hopefulflyer389

    Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate

    I’ll just by a beech jet for $995,000. https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/23324711/1996-beechcraft-beechjet-400a
  6. Hopefulflyer389

    Upcoming Boards

    Congratulations and good luck!!
  7. Hopefulflyer389

    Upcoming Boards

    Good or bad?
  8. Hopefulflyer389

    Upcoming Boards

    You’re welcome. The board really looks at the whole person concept. I didn’t have the best scores or awesome LORs when I was selected unsponsored.
  9. Hopefulflyer389

    Upcoming Boards

    If you have a unit sponsoring you then you should be 98% relaxed. Lol
  10. Hopefulflyer389

    Upcoming Boards

    Any word from Alabama?
  11. Hopefulflyer389

    Upcoming Boards

    I take it that they made their selections with everyone being present?
  12. Hopefulflyer389

    Military Pilot Shortage and Aero Clubs

    I hear you on that
  13. Hopefulflyer389

    Future T-38 replacement?

  14. Hopefulflyer389

    DFW Realtor?

    Thanks everyone for the responses and I’m starting to research the options.