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  1. Anyone know if water survival training (initial qual) is all consolidated now to Fairchild AFB?
  2. NodakMaryland, Being a Guard guy and currently on a ROTC tour, your main issue with getting a pilot slot with a Guard unit will be that you haven't completed your degree yet. Most units I know want the degree in hand plus a bunch of civilian flying hours and a PPL (especially if you aren't already an enlisted dude in that wing). Now, if a unit is desperate enough, maybe they'd take a look at you. If you are in Maryland, I seriously doubt the Maryland ANG A-10 or C-130 units or any of the Andrews AFB units would be that desperate. If I were you, I'd keep the AFRES slot in hand, finish ROTC, finish UPT, find a AFRES unit, attempt to transfer to the ANG later. I just learned that there are only 2 ROTC cadets nationwide in this FY who will commission and go straight into the Guard (point being: it is a hard route to take).
  3. Case by case I assume. In my case, for a ROTC Det CC position, it took about 9 months from app submittal to orders starting (notification that I was approved was about 2 months prior to the orders starting). I would assume some other tours such as just going back to being a line flyer in a squadron would be much shorter.
  4. Sweet irony: the attempted refresh of the "What's right with the Air Force?" thread to get it back on track and out of the DTS, GTC, and Email ditch shows a real sweet re-enlistment of a Vermont Guardsman. Go Guard!!
  5. Yes, I did. I'm currently on an AFROTC Det CC tour so 100% non-flying. I got in under the FY18 expanded bonus program and got 2 years of the bonus to the end of my VLPAD tour (ends July 2020). Several others in AFROTC got it as well. The consecutive VLPAD tour option seems to be in flux depending on which way the wind is blowing. I've heard some have pulled it off. Currently, I'm hearing that there is policy at HAF that consecutive VLPAD tours are a no go. I may try for one anyway. I figure if the position is critical enough and they have no schlitz on AD to fill it then they might be willing to break with the policy if it still exists at that time.
  6. Not true on the must have one ANG OPR to get promoted. I shared my story of my O-4 promo earlier. A few more details on that...at first, the FSS button pusher at the wing said that my last OPR from AD was not sufficient as it didn't say "ready for increased responsibilities" in the last line. Fortunately, a well placed call to the Guard Bureau A-1 office overruled the FSS limfac and told them to go ahead and submit my package. A couple or six short months later, boom, I was an O-4. Long story short, that you can't get promoted in the Guard without a Guard OPR is erroneous and likely a localism that has prevailed a certain places. Hopefully, your squadron leadership would be willing to check in with Guard Bureau and get the truth. Good Luck!
  7. It is possible (but requires a waiver process and the unit likely has to be desperate for a warm body from the few cases I've seen). I have a friend who got passed over to O-5 on AD but still was able to retire at 20 years. The Reserves convinced him to come back to duty with them. He just made the Reserve O-6 board. The financial details of this are that your AD retirement check gets chopped the amount you are making for any reserve duty (I'm simplifying this but it's basically what happens)...so, you don't make your AD retirement plus any reserve duty pay. You are doing this for love of country for the most part (although in my friend's case, his final retirement check once he finally retires again will be a bit larger). C-17s just stood up at the Pittsburgh Reserve unit so they might be hiring and same with the Charlotte ANG (no inside info though).
  8. I'm currently an AFROTC Det CC. I don't believe you should be considered prior service but I could be wrong in terms of how the Reserves look at you and on the medical side. When you contracted for the scholarship, you did enlist in the AF Reserves as an E-1, 2, or 3 depending on some factors. However, that was not active service time. When you were disenrolled, the contract was terminated and that should have been it. Now on the medical side, to contract for the scholarship, you would have been deemed medically qualified through the DoDMERB process. I believe that qualification would have expired by now as you said this is now years later. With some luck, maybe you won't have to go to MEPS and can just get the DoDMERB updated. Possibly that DoDMERB qualification is still viewable in the Reserves system and that is why they are saying you are prior service? I'm just guessing at that but I do know that Recruiters/Units/etc can have bad or not current info and use it to make bad decisions. I recommend to keep pressing the issue and possibly ask to talk to someone higher up if you are still getting the runaround. If at one point you were qualified for an AFROTC Type 1 scholarship, deemed medically qualified by DoDMERB, and now you have a degree, the Reserves would be very lucky to have you. If I may ask, what unit are you trying to join and what career field?
  9. My two cents (maybe three since I'm in it to win it)... I was a Guard bubba (C-130 Slick Nav) and took a VLPAD 3 year tour (started July 2017) as a AFROTC Det CC. I had about 15 years total AD time when I started the tour so the long game was to get to the 20 year AD retirement. When the FY18 AvB Expanded Program was announced, I put in some questions to AFPC along the lines of "Hey, I'll sign a five year bonus if you just put me on AD and you can send me to whereveristan after my ROTC tour ends" to which I heard what amounts to crickets. Therefore, I believe AFPC currently has no program for anyone to go onto AD indefinitely from the ANG/AFRC. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they are considering it. So, it could open up anytime I suppose. During my AWC via correspondence course, one of the facilitators told me that is what got him to AD retirement (Reserve to Indef AD). Back to the Bonus issue for those scorekeeping at home, they gave me the bonus anyway until the end of the VLPAD tour. Yes, they gave me a bonus for doing what I was already committed to anyway (and for a rated position which actually no longer exists on active duty). I guess you could say I got a bonus for all those "Nav Bonus" jokes I got to listen to for all those years. For the original question, I recommend taking the VLPAD tour if they will give it to you and just consider yourself a "Free Agent" going forward. From where I sit on this VLPAD tour, I can start "negotiating" my next VLPAD tour about a year out from the end of this one assuming the program is still open. Yeah, no guarantees but I definitely hold the cards on the next assignment. If I don't like what they offer, I'll just go back into the AFRC/ANG. To be honest, is that all that bad? Cheers!
  10. In the ANG, it's about a six month timeframe from when the unit submits the paperwork to getting the order. It's a byzantine process called Federal Recognition (Fed Rec) and I'm in no way qualified to explain it here. I've just watched the process unfold from the unit perspective enough times to know what the limfac is and the rough timeline. So, my story on a guard promotion is that I got off active duty with only four years TIG as a Capt. When I joined the Guard unit, they asked how much TIG I had and then without batting an eye told me they were submitting my promo paperwork. That was in November and I saw the promo order in April or May if I remember correctly. I also know a reservist who was passed over for O-5 on active duty and he's not only an O-5 now but also a squadron CC and could make O-6. Now, I would say that it will be best to find a unit that is under manned in your crew position. That will make the promo chances better as well as the opportunities for orders and a possible AGR tour.
  11. I'm currently on a VLPAD tour (came from the ANG...traditional type) and just received the AvB under the FY18 expanded program (didn't originally qualify under the original program). However, I was only given the contract through the end of my tour...so, basically it is for two years (I was already a year into my tour). Yes, it does not make sense since I was already committed to the end of the tour anyway (although you can ask to curtail the orders but they do have to approve that). I know a bunch of us VLPAD'rs who got it but we were all on the VLPAD tours already. I have no idea about your situation in which you have been granted the AvB through the ANG program and then trying to get onto a VLPAD tour. You might want to check into the RegAF FY19 AvB program and see if you qualify under that. If you do, there is a decent chance that they would give you a contract for the length of your VLPAD tour at least. Doubtful you would get a longer contract than that as I asked that question when I was asking about mine. Good luck!
  12. I sure hope they can take advantage and do...and then properly invest it! I'm currently at the Rock and just saw a two-striper driving around some souped up muscle car...just shook my head. Unfortunately since I'm TDY, I couldn't pull up next to him in my '04 Volvo Wagon with dents and duck tape on one of the interior door handles and the transmission shifter. Would have been a great financial lesson...although probably would have gone way over his head.
  13. Excess time on my hands...so cut and paste from the PSDM... Tier 9 bubbas... - AvB agreement of 3-years minimum which extends member to 22 YAS, 23 YAS, or 24 YAS; annual payments of $35,000 for Tier 1 community; $30,000 for Tier 3 community; or $28,000 for Tier 4 community - Aviators with greater than 21 YAS and less than or equal to 23 YAS at the time of contract signing may sign a new AvB contract that extends the aviator to 24 YAS. Aviators with greater than 23 YAS are not eligible for a new AvB contract in FY18 - In no case can contracts extend past 24 years YAS Cheers!
  14. Termy, What a short-sighted decision on AFRC's part! They could have had the best recruiting officer for free. And, it hurts the AD as they can't get enough rated bubbas in those seats at a time they are plussing up rated accessions. You think a non-rated commander knows exactly what to say to a ROTC cadet to encourage them to go rated? In a weird, alternative universe kind of way, it appears to be easier to go VLPAD as a Guard bubba. I'm currently a ROTC Det CC on a VLPAD tour. We get our "release" up front when the TAG (The Adjutant General of our state) approves the letter that is required on our application for the program. So, once AFPC approves, we are a go. Sorry to rub it in, but just pointing this out for any other Guard bubbas who see this thread later. Anyone interested in the process can PM me. No complaints from me on the VLPAD program. Results may vary depending on the assignment though! Cheers, Wes
  15. Anyone successfully got an ETP approved to be able to take the bonus...specifically, allowing you to go over the YAS limits as published? Or, alternative phrasing, since I assume the Take Rates will be lower than they anticipate/are funded for/need, will they be open to giving out ETPs to allow going over the published YAS limits? I can see why they have to put some limit on the YAS but if they are going to get the warm body that they need, why not grant an ETP? Any other old crusties in this boat and willing to give it a go? Yeah, yeah, I know they'll send me to the Died or worse for a year as soon as my ink dries on the ppwrk. But, I'm going with a long term play.
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