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  1. For your viewing pleasure....the link to the one stop shop to getting a flying (all rated positions included) gig in the Air Force Reserves. Current as of 7 April 2020. https://afreserve.com/downloads/AFRC_UFT_Guidebook.pdf
  2. For your viewing pleasure....the link to the one stop shop to getting a flying (all rated positions included) gig in the Air Force Reserves. Current as of 7 April 2020. https://afreserve.com/downloads/AFRC_UFT_Guidebook.pdf
  3. Scrolling only applies to AD and AFRC officers to the best of my knowledge so that's probably why no one on a Guard base has heard of it. (I've been AD, Reserve, and Guard in my career). In the Guard, Federal Recognition is the name of the game because you can't promote without that. Currently, I'm on AD in Air Force ROTC and scrolling is very important as we can't commission any cadets until they are scrolled. Here was one notice to us from HQ: On Friday, 27 Sep XX, SECDEF signed the AFROTC scroll submitted 6/20/XX for over 200 cadets. Sounds like you had some AD "leaders" trying to scare you out of getting off AD back in the day without out any actual knowledge on their side. Go Guard! (I'm heading back there soon!).
  4. ROTC grad / Civil Engineering degree...rock solid pick and it's about time! 😉
  5. Hate to add to a rumor mill but I think my sources tell me the UPT backlog in FY20 is very real. In the AFROTC active duty world, we are hearing that all May 2020 commissionees will be waiting one year to go on AD orders to UPT. In plain english, even on active duty, you will likely wait one year so May 2021 will be the earliest you will start UPT. I'd imagine that hurts ANG start times too.
  6. I'm a current AFROTC Det CC so I have pertinent insights on this. You can do this but might have to educate the cadre (Det CC included) of the Det you are planning on joining. But, you'll likely have to do at least 3 total years in the AFROTC program (no short cut option now of doing less than 3 years in the program as a cadet no matter how close you are to getting your degree now). As I write this, I have a cadet in our program who already has a BA in Arts but is currently in school to get a BS in Aero Eng. I confirmed with HQ ROTC that the cadet can be in the program and even get a scholarship if they compete and win it. Basically, the degree they already have means nothing to the AF and the degree they are pursuing is exactly what the AF wants. So, game on! If you are pursuing a rated slot, even better.
  7. Honestly, it pains me to say it but the 2015 A-10 talk is getting stronger as we head towards FY21. See page 50 of the FY21 AF budget...ANG and AFRC A-10 numbers taking a hit. I'm a huge fan of the A-10 and got to control four of them once as they lit up a target tank column on the Barry Goldwater Range in AZ. Definite loss for the TACP. https://www.saffm.hq.af.mil/Portals/84/documents/FY21/SUPPORT_/FY21 Budget Overview_1.pdf?ver=2020-02-10-152806-743
  8. Ok, maybe went a little too strong on not betting any money on ANY future ones...but I'd still go with not many more. Point being, the wannabees should focus on other aircraft...IMHO. For those interested in some light reading, I point you to the latest AF Budget document. See page 50. It shows you what the AF wants to have each fleet size at in by the end of FY21. Notice how the B-1 #'s drop? Even if you don't want to consider that tid bit of info. Feel free to look up B-1 mission cape rates these days. I imagine the average Reserve B-1 pilot doesn't fly that much. Just FWIW for those youngins out there with big dreams. https://www.saffm.hq.af.mil/Portals/84/documents/FY21/SUPPORT_/FY21 Budget Overview_1.pdf?ver=2020-02-10-152806-743
  9. Nailed it. I'm quite positive that 5thGenProdigies don't quit when the going gets tough (like when they are up against swarms of lower gen Chinese fighters for example). This is coming from a Nav (who used to shoot the stars to get a three star fix) who has had plenty of pilots tell him to STFU Nav and other pleasantries. Buck up bronco and go get it if you want it!
  10. PM me. I know an ANG pilot who got a VC-### (737) position at Andrews recently so probably has the inside scoop on who they look for. Likely only current Rated bubbas need apply (he was long time 130 guy who was at NGB on staff for awhile).
  11. For you young Bomber wannabee pilots, I suggest scratching the B-1 off the list. It is on the retirement chopping block. Not a done deal but I wouldn't go to Vegas or even Atlantic City and put any money on any future new Reserve B-1 pilots.
  12. In real world Air Force speak, Recce is Reconnaissance. The post you commented on meant recognition so when they show you a picture of an aircraft at the interview you should be able to state what aircraft it is. And based on his comment, there aren't a lot of of units who would do that to you in an interview. So, you may not want to waste too many brain bytes on it but it still will be a good thing to work on as you proceed into your budding AF career.
  13. PM me. Long time ANG C-130 Nav with lots of insights on how the hiring process goes for fully qualified bubbas.
  14. Thread revival, any CSOs who just completed CSO school or in school now have the current gouge on the school as it currently exists? I'm an AFROTC Det CC with a CSO select who is about to commission and head to P'Cola this summer. And, I'm an ol' school Panel Nav (slick 130's) who went through P'cola in '96 so very interested in what the school looks like now.
  15. Not sure if someone posted this one earlier and I missed it but thought it was worthy of more discussion. Can we please stop having CC's who touch another officer's wife inappropriately at an official Air Force function? Is that too much to ask for? Do your F'ing job and just bang your own wife/significant other!!! https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2020/01/16/spangdahlem-group-commander-disciplined-for-inappropriately-touching-squadron-commanders-wife/
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