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  1. I have had a similar conversation with non-pilot friends. I’ve explained that it takes more time and schooling to build a surgeon or a radiologist than an IP or WIC grad pilot, but the IP or WIC grad probably has $12 million, or more, in training invested in him/her. I have said, “Think about that, there isn’t a medical school or medical training program in the world that costs 12 million dollars, but the AF will only pay 35 grand a year for a pilot retention bonus? Asinine.”
  2. See page 16 of this report. The $35k per year retention bonus is laughable when compared to the cost to train you to become a mission qualified wingman or mission qualified co-pilot... https://www.rand.org/content/dam/rand/pubs/research_reports/RR2400/RR2415/RAND_RR2415.pdf
  3. For the love of Pete, find a Guard unit. Active duty = poop.
  4. DAL puts 16% of our gross pay into our 401k. So, DAL contributed $40k and I contributed $15k (I maxed out the 2018 401k limit of $55,000). In 2019, the max 401k contribution is $56,000. I have been at DAL over 11 years. I just recently retired from the AF Reserve. I typicaly work 14 to 15 days a month. Do yourself a favor, take the millions of dollars of training the AF has invested in you, vastly improve you QoL, and build a fantastic financial future for you and your family. ***Edit*** I mis-typed earlier. DAL contributed $40k to my 401k. I previously typed $38k, oops.
  5. Guys, just leave, get out, run, run fast. The AF is managed by imbiciles and fools. DAL put $40k into my 401k last year. Each and every one of you has millions of dollars worth of training. The $35k retention bonus is an insult. Imbiciles. Fools.
  6. Yup, TRS for you and the family is $215ish per month. I have DAL vision and dental and DAL life insurance and an AAFMAA term policy. I am sure UAL, AA and SWA have life insurance, vision and dental too.
  7. Hidden cameras is the house? Too creepy?
  8. Latest rumor(s): DAL and FedEx both hiring 600 this year. Good luck all.
  9. This is why the $35k per year pilot retention bonus is an assinine pathetic joke.
  10. Screw that. Retire, get the airline job and layover in Spain
  11. This is exactly what I have seen in AFRC the last couple of years. Once guys hit 2nd year airline pay, the reserve job becomes a money loser - if you drop an airline trip for mil duty. If you do your mil job around your airline trips, sure you make that extra reserve money, but most guys would rather just have the time off. Plus, the general ass-pain of the reserve job wears on folks. Little things, like - logging into a computer: Insert CAC, wait 10 to 15 secs for the computer to recognize it. Enter PIN, wait 69 seconds. Here comes the stupid pop up, oh, here is another, and, another. Finally, after 5 minutes, there is the desktop screen, click on Outlook, it opens, updates mailbox, 3 minutes later you can read email, blah, blah, and on and on. Oh yeah! Don’t forget the self aid buddy care, fire extinguisher training, trafficking in human persons, unexploded ordnance, etc, the same exact BS briefings you have sat through over and over and over and....
  12. This page (block time, credit time, trip rigs, etc...) explains exactly why the current Air Force pilot retention process is ridiculous and asinine. The $35k per year retention bonus is pathetic and weak. Once military pilots figure out all of the stuff typed above, their reaction is “Holy shit, I can make how much money not working?!?!?”
  13. I am a DAL wide body FO. Best job in the world. 1 leg a day (8.5 to 10 hour flights, 3 pilot crew with a 2.5 to 3 hour rest break - paid to nap), 24 to 36 hour layovers. Over the next decade, your seniority advancement will be MUCH better at DAL. I cant imagine flying 3 to 5 legs a day. And, non-rev beneifts are great. I had 11 days off in early December, on a whim I checked loads to Europe and the wife, kids, and I went to Belgium for a week, first class seats there and back. I have several AF Reserve Bros that left SWA for DAL in 2015. They couldn’t be happier.
  14. Folks, the AF is full retard. The $35k per year bonus is laughable. Laughable in that the AF has spent millions on training each and every one of you and thinks a $35k per year retention bonus is all you are worth. On Feb 14th, us DAL folks get a 14% (of our gross income) profit sharing check. And, DAL puts 16% of our gross income into our 401k’s every year. I work 14 days a month (wide body FO), I maxed out my $55k limit 401k in 2017 and 2018 (including my contributions over and above DALs 16%), and my profit sharing check will be over $32k. You guys are doing yourself and your family a dis-service by working for an employer that has no respect for you, treats you like ass, and grossly under pays you.
  15. From The Pilot Network on FaceBook: FedEx bid 19-01 will close this week. Ramifications for wannabes is open vacancies on about all seats...757, 767, MD-11, 777, HKG 767 and CGN 757s. New Chief pilot reportedly indicated he wants to push to make the Personal Endorsement program carry a bit more weight than it currently does. Hiring is currently pretty robust. You DO NOT have to be ace of the base these days to get an invite to FedEx. I am seeing plenty of under 35 corporate and regional types as well as the standard mix of military pilots. Update your apps. Call your sponsors. Review your applications again for errors and omissions. Word is we need 500-600 more pilots in the next 18 months. I've been at FedEx since 2002, and I've never seen our hiring as aggressive at is was this last year. Keep the faith and good luck to all....
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