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  1. Yup, TRS for you and the family is $215ish per month. I have DAL vision and dental and DAL life insurance and an AAFMAA term policy. I am sure UAL, AA and SWA have life insurance, vision and dental too.
  2. This is exactly what I have seen in AFRC the last couple of years. Once guys hit 2nd year airline pay, the reserve job becomes a money loser - if you drop an airline trip for mil duty. If you do your mil job around your airline trips, sure you make that extra reserve money, but most guys would rather just have the time off. Plus, the general ass-pain of the reserve job wears on folks. Little things, like - logging into a computer: Insert CAC, wait 10 to 15 secs for the computer to recognize it. Enter PIN, wait 69 seconds. Here comes the stupid pop up, oh, here is another, and, another. Finally, after 5 minutes, there is the desktop screen, click on Outlook, it opens, updates mailbox, 3 minutes later you can read email, blah, blah, and on and on. Oh yeah! Don’t forget the self aid buddy care, fire extinguisher training, trafficking in human persons, unexploded ordnance, etc, the same exact BS briefings you have sat through over and over and over and....
  3. I’m a reservist and I don’t know where to look... What was the FY 2018 Aviator Continuation Pay (pilot bonus) take rate? Is the take rate broken down by MAF, CAF, AFSOC, etc? Thanks, Merle
  4. My current assignment: Layover in Frankfurt Germany. My functional (me) is telling me to enjoy some beer and feel sorry for you guys stuck in the active-duty clown show. I truly hope every one of you find an escape hatch to the Guard or Reserve, or, just bail entirely. Good luck folks, this cold one is for you! Edit: Before this 6-day trip, I had 11 days off. Every single day, playing with my kids, taking them to lunch, saw Incredibles 2, a few days later Ant Man and the Wasp, made them breakfast almost every day, lots of “quality” time with the wife, honey do list complete, etc, etc. After this trip, I have 5 days off. God bless you all. 🍺
  5. “We can guarantee cash benefits as far out and at whatever size you like, but we can not guarantee their purchasing power.” -Alan Greenspan
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