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  1. Merle Dixon

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Flight naming ceremony. Not a roll call. T-38 flights do this now, naming ceremony in the flight room once all of the students are post-solo. Many flight rooms have a dry erase white board, or 2, full of potential call signs for the students. One of the potential callsigns, on the white board, not the call sign given at the ceremony, was “Can’t Understand Normal Taxi.” I do not know how the “Can’t Understand...” written on the white board came to the attention of the food chain. Does anyone else know for sure? Did a GOs wife see it?
  2. Merle Dixon

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    WG/CC, OG/CC, SQ/CC, SQ/DO all fired? Well, 4 more guys logged into airlineapps.com right now 🙂 And, IF, I type again IF, this is a way-overreaction (is that a word?) firing, how many IPs at DLF are dismayed and also on airlineapps right now?
  3. Merle Dixon

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Dear Lord, this gives me a headache. I’m enjoying 11 days off from my airline job. If you guys plan on staying on the active-duty path, you are loco.
  4. Merle Dixon

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Yes. This is absolute truth: If you reject the premise that AF General officers are smart individuals and accept that the opposite is true - AF General officers are not smart, they are idiots and cowards, everything in this entire thread will make perfect sense. These blathering fools are completely unable to fix the pilot retention crisis because-they are idiots.
  5. Merle Dixon

    The new airline thread

    Here in reserve SUPT world, we are also having trouble finding AGRs. Just 7 to 8 years ago, we had AGR applicants lined up hoping for a job. With all the new airline contracts in the last 3 years, an AGR job with the $35k bonus is still a huge money loser - and you are working 10+ hour days Monday through Friday with some weekend BS now and then. Second year airline pay at 14 to 15 days per month, or less, beats the AGR QOL yugely. The ART program is an antiquated, asinine joke. I’ve been told AFRC units all over the nation are losing ARTs left and right. Stupid AF. Well, I’m going to crack another beer. Just finished a 7 day trip to Europe and I have the next 9 days off. Before the 7 day trip, I had 7 days off and the honey-do list got done. Going fishing all day tomorrow.
  6. As Laxer69 typed on page 13... Eliminating PIT at RND and doing it all in-house would be fantastic! How many UIPs go through PIT at RND every year? 300? 400? Eliminating all those 4+ month TDYs (lodging expenses, per diem, mileage, etc) would save mucho dinero for the AF and save the TDY ass-pain for UIPs. I think training UIPs in house at the SUPT bases would also reduce the PIT UIP sortie count. You, the UIP, could sit in on countless SUPT stud briefs and debriefs, with, gasp, actual students. You could sandbag numerous formation sorties in the trunk of an IP (yes, we direct support student sorties quite often), with an actual student on the wing, not some PIT IP make-believe student. An in-house PIT would also eliminate the 6 to 9 MQT sorties every PIT grad has to go through. Your MQT would be your UIP since you are going through PIT in-house. Eliminating hundreds of MQT sorties per year at each of the 3 SUPT bases would also save mucho dinero. Finally, in-house PIT would eliminate the passed over O-4 and ROAD O-5s that do next to nothing at RND. These lazy SOBs (I don’t see all RND IPs as lazy tools, but many of them are), would all be sent to the SUPT bases and actually have to work for a living. Finally, for real finally, how many PIT IPs at RND have not flown with an actual student pilot in many years? When I was at T-38 PIT, there were numerous IPs that had never been SUPT IPs or hadn’t flown at a SUPT base in 10+ years. BOOYAH!!
  7. Merle Dixon

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Better yet, the whole service dress uniform looks like ass. Polyester blue pants and that damn disgraceful powder blue shirt? 🤢🤮
  8. Hello all, I'm wondering, how is pilot retention in your community these days? I am a reservist SUPT IP and airline pilot at an active-duty SUPT base. There is not one single active-duty IP I know that isn't leaving the AF for the Guard/Reserve and airlines. Hell, I know three IPs that recently got airline jobs and they have absolutely no interest in the guard or reserve. The reason I'm typing this - I have never seen things so bad - meaning, I have never seen every single active-duty pilot I encounter openly talking about airline apps, airline domiciles, airline work rules, airline interviews, guard and reserve apps, etc, etc. Also, in SUPT world we used to have some graybeard O-5s that would hang out until 23, 24, 25 years of service before they retired. Not any more. Every single IP is on terminal leave at 19 years and 10 months and sitting in an airline indoc course. So, retention is at an all time low through my little myopic view of the AF. How are things in your neck of the woods?
  9. Merle Dixon

    The new airline thread

    Gut it out Bro. The airline retirement boom hasnt even begun yet. You’ll get here. I am in my last year as an AF Reservist. When I do go into work for Big Blue, I find myself laughing a whole bunch at the antiquated, byzantine, assinine way the AF does everything. It is SO much better on the outside. Good luck!
  10. Merle Dixon

    And Yet Another Deadline Missed

    My current assignment: Layover in Frankfurt Germany. My functional (me) is telling me to enjoy some beer and feel sorry for you guys stuck in the active-duty clown show. I truly hope every one of you find an escape hatch to the Guard or Reserve, or, just bail entirely. Good luck folks, this cold one is for you! Edit: Before this 6-day trip, I had 11 days off. Every single day, playing with my kids, taking them to lunch, saw Incredibles 2, a few days later Ant Man and the Wasp, made them breakfast almost every day, lots of “quality” time with the wife, honey do list complete, etc, etc. After this trip, I have 5 days off. God bless you all. 🍺
  11. Merle Dixon

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    😂 Good one. Take a pay cut from your 13 to 15 day-a-month airline job to go back to the AF clown show, full-time, in Columbus, Del Rio, or Enid, flying two or three times a day, soaked in sweat in the summer heat?
  12. I like to hope, in the last 6 to 9 months, the CSAF or SecAF have personally called every single general officer and said something like this... ”Look Billy, our pilots are leaving in droves. The US civil aviation world is on a decade long monumental pilot hiring binge. The US civil aviation sector has never, ever had so many thousands of mandatory retirements. China, India, most of the world and Timbuktu are hiring an unprecedented number of pilots. You, me, and our fairy godmother will not change this. What we can do Billy is stop the stupid. We can stop the damn assinine additional duties. We can stop the mandatory fun. We can leave our pilots alone and let them enjoy time with their families. We can stop the numerous PowerPoint ranger pilot deployments. We can focus solely on the mission, just the mission. So, Billy, if you know of any DO, SQ/CC, OG or WG/CC messing with my pilots, fire them. If I find out you are making my pilots miserable, Billy, you are fired. Stop the stupid Billy, stop the stupid. That is all.” Click.
  13. Merle Dixon

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    “We can guarantee cash benefits as far out and at whatever size you like, but we can not guarantee their purchasing power.” -Alan Greenspan
  14. Merle Dixon

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    With FedEx hiring ~500 this year, Delta hiring ~1,000, American and United hiring over 600 each, SWA hiring, Alaska hiring, Jet Blue hiring... Do any of you know any AF pilot that is staying past their SUPT ADSC? Im a reservist embedded in an active-duty squadron at a SUPT base and I do not know a single IP that isnt quitting. Also, there used to be grey beard O-5s that would stay in SUPT world to 23, 24, 25 years of service. Not anymore. Every O-5 is on retirement terminal leave at 19 years and 10 months and in airline indoc. Via my little microcosm of active duty AF SUPT world, no one is sticking around, no one.
  15. Merle Dixon

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    On Monday, one wing has a “safety” down day complete with green dot training from 15:00 to 16:00.