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  1. Some pilot wings to keep in the house or apartment somewhere. Always good to have the goal in sight.
  2. It can be difficult coming to terms with how amazing you are. Even as a knuckle dragging Herk driver, I'm jealous of your potential, so I can sympathize with your friends' reactions.
  3. Had a guy from New Jersey in my class who would show up like the IP was his personal trainer in the gym. He'd report in and then ask, "So what are we looking at doing today?" He didn't last long in UPT, but he's made a great career in the Air Force and it was funny to watch.
  4. JBueno


    Is it just me or is the whole ACSC easter egg hunt for assignments, due dates, and instructions ridiculous? It's like they let the DTS architects loose to design this dumpster fire.
  5. What is GUT time?
  6. The Dempsey interview is what got me interested. You’re right; it seems like a pretty good look into what senior leadership is thinking.
  7. Gotta ask...tarps? What’s the purpose?
  8. You’re clearly humble, so keep that up. Don’t overthink your problem. You said you were off altitude. Problems feel massive in UPT, but try not to overthink it. Small problem, small fix. I oversped the flaps once and automatically hooked. Spent the next day in the fake sim (CPT?) talking myself through touch and goes. Made myself a head case and hooked a few rides in a row. Also, take time every week to get as far away from UPT as you can and just relax, whatever that looks like for you. Run, ride, turn wrenches, whatever. Get plenty of rest every night. Despite how you probably feel, most people struggle at some point in UPT, with something. Keep your head down, your chin up, and be a good dude with a great attitude and you’ll be fine.
  9. Never been a Peloton type since we all ride. I put a smart TV on my garage wall and linked it to some cycling apps and a trainer. It’s an actual bike you can actually go ride, and the TV is good for sports, if those ever come back. We've also been using resistance bands and kettle bells.
  10. This used to be such a cool thread.
  11. Right now, it seems like masks are what customers want. Even if it’s smoke and mirrors, whatever. If it means they come back faster, great. Hang it up next to the tie when the door is closed.
  12. I'm guessing there are a few people on here who are members. What's your take? Is the $50/year worth it?
  13. Huggy, can you elaborate?
  14. I . . . kinda . . . see your point, but I would not equate the importance of SKE with the importance of the nuclear arsenal. Also, we train (some of) it to a half-baked standard, so the skills we are good at are localisms. That's why guys don't buy into it. Not saying we shouldn't be able to drop two ship IMC, but flying 5 hours in a 30 ship SKE route? That's like marching into battle with a fife drum.
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