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  1. I second everything here. I was able to knock out 1-2 self paced classes per day when I was teleworking. Far superior to the AU setup where I would finish a class in a couple hours and wait a week for AU to update and allow me to start another class.
  2. 16 years has got to be a record.
  3. What ever happened to the caravans in 2018? Seems they were forgotten about after the mid-terms.
  4. So 1980s Fulda Gap Part II. The lack of realistic chance of success for PR in a Western Europe scenario was what kneecapped Rescue until nearly 2000. Even in ALLIED FORCE they sent AFSOC rather than the CAF units because the defensive system consisted of an ALQ and a chaff bucket.
  5. FE Warren and Malmstrom are regularly above 5K DA. The KPP point for performance was FEW in the summertime (6K MSL, 35C).
  6. The planning cruise speed for the HH-60G is 110 KIAS. There's no way it's getting to 160 with all of the parasite drag hanging off of it without a huge tailwind or being in a dive.
  7. Just make it out of wood like the AN-2 and it'll be undetectable on radar /s.
  8. Range time isn't the reason they're behind the timeline. I think the plan is to use the Rucker LZs as of now but now you have zero high DA training. There is no way that the Eglin ranges could support another customer and it's 100+ miles each way.
  9. 1. Yes a lot of politics 2. Kirtland is far better. There really aren’t any training areas or ranges near Maxwell that will further reduce the training quality. The only thing that Maxwell has is a little used runway. This further reduces the number of good assignments for the “Huey” as Yokota is most likely going away as well.
  10. The MH-139 FTU is going to the 908th at Maxwell as an active associate. It's needed too because a legacy Herk unit has no idea what to do with a helicopter. It makes almost zero sense.
  11. Lima Site 85 was in 1968 but those were AF guys under attack, not Army.
  12. Except Star Trek took their emblem and Guardians we're in the motto of AFSPACE for a while. Their just reprising what was already established.
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