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  1. Substitute SARS for COVID-19. Some super virus.
  2. No. Reference nsplayr's comment above.
  3. To piggyback: I explained this back in the cheating scandal thread but evaluators are not instructors. Also you are (or at least were) only an instructor/evaluator in your sub-position. You could go from being a deputy evaluator and qualify as a capsule commander and go back to the bottom. Many people try and get evaluator/OGV as quickly as possible because it gets them off of alert and onto a desk job. The checkrides are in their simulators. In 2014 (last time I had good data) the fuck-your-buddy mentality was strong with the evaluators because their effectiveness as an evaluator was how poorly people did on tests/evals. I hear that some of it has changed but there is a reason some missile squadrons have 2-3 FGOs including the CC/DO.
  4. Short answer, yes. The alerts are sat by mostly first assignment personnel. Most try and cross train or separate, not necessarily because of the schedule but because of the job. Most guys assigned to ops squadron work 4-6 alerts per month. Alerts are 24 hours long but do not include travel and pre/post briefs so the alert shift is two duty days. Also missileers haven't sat alert near the silos since the Titan II was retired in the 1980s. The MMIII has the capsule (or missileers) dispersed from the actual silos.
  5. There's more info on SIPR on the CSAF daily ops brief.
  6. Breckey

    Latest Movies

    They didn't use an HH-43. As Jim Moulton would say: 2 demerits.
  7. How will you be able to plot a threat call from MOJO if you can't fix-to-fix?
  8. Because the bigger engines created adverse aircraft handling that they used software to fix since they couldn’t change the design.
  9. How often are 135s offloading everything (or at least within a couple thousand pounds)?
  10. The problem is that some communities won't release people who aren't the Golden Child to staff, ergo@pawnman
  11. Congress hasn't been in good faith for over a decade. Just look at the requests for Obama to have a new AUMF for the ISIS fight. Nobody on either side of the isle wanted to put their name on a "vote for war" that may end poorly like the one for GW II. It's easier for them to not do anything and blame the Executive rather than actually do their job and legislate.
  12. Yesterday's resolution by the House is Congress not wanting to buy another ticket unless the pilot tells them where they are going. The passivity of Congress with respect to the Executive's ever expanding justification to use military force over the last 19 years has drastically changed the paradigm for the worse. The "all associated forces" blurb was never in the 2001 AUMF, however Congress' lack of enforcement has condemned us to an endless series of conflicts. Congress' attempts to reign in the AUMF have been met with accusations of wanting the terrorists to win or not protecting America. ISIS in Libya is not going to attack the US anytime soon, why do we continue to spend treasure to play whack-a-mole?
  13. As long as I can still rummage through the piles of old MiGs then we're good
  14. https://www.npr.org/2020/01/08/794517031/satellite-photos-reveal-extent-of-damage-at-al-assad-air-base At least 4-5 accurate hits on tents/hangars
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