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  1. Do you also tuck in your 2 piece top when you don't wear armor and sanitize at home station?
  2. And it has my CHUMd low level charts with a moving map so I can be a child of the magenta line
  3. Same here. I wear it on my knee but turning down the brightness works for both ForeFlight moving map, instrument plates, and PDF documents in GoodReader. I can tell there is a screen there when I look directly at it but it does not cause blooming. I don't know if the canopy reflection in the Viper would be an issue.
  4. I've definitely seen/taken one of those home. We have one or more in our building right now
  5. Random Persian Gulf country is pretty convienient right now. Plus they have F-14s for Maverick to have a final showdown against.
  6. When the AO questions it I ask if they bought every meal with their GTC. If not then they’re just as in violation of the JTR as I am using my AMEX since every expense is required to use the GTC. Also the whole thing saying that they can’t refuse reimbursement for a legitimate expense usually backs them off the ledge.
  7. Our BO will not take a FAA flight plan for our XC sorties. No BO that I've ever filed with has ever filed a VFR flight plan with the FSS. Literally the only use is to get engine start approval.
  8. Do you use the 1801 in ForeFlight or just the FAA form? ForeFlight won't let a VFR 1801 go though and BO won't take the FAA plan
  9. Unless you fly VFR then they don't do shit
  10. Mind as well just use a helicopter. Airspeeds and maximum altitudes are pretty much the same and you can shoot back.
  11. Accept it, get your additional training, and move on.
  12. That's what JPCOA was supposed to be.
  13. The ejection/rescue on the Coronet across the Pacific?
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