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  1. In one of my M9 classes there was an airman from services that was deploying to Kuwait to hand out towels at the gym and needed M9 for some reason. She had never handled a weapon outside of basic and never handled a pistol at all. I had to help her load her magazines. At the end of the qual she had one of the best groupings in the class and shot expert. She just listened to what the CATM instructors were saying and had no preconceived notions on how to fire a pistol. Damndest thing I ever saw.
  2. Plate carriers and AR-15s are understandable. The issues is that they look and act like the military when then have a very different mission. Wearing black/blue/khaki would have a very different message when interacting with the populous. CBP and other federal agencies have the uniforms. Are these agents that aren't kitted up with the latest and greatest from Crye less effective in their duties?
  3. Somebody made a mistake and just went with it.
  4. Why did they censor the tail code. It's not like they're everywhere.
  5. The Lawfare Podcast had a good analysis of the legal justification for the DHS surveillance and federal response in Portland: lawful but awful.
  6. Or cops hitting and pepper spraying an individual literally standing in front of them without any apparent malice or hostile intent.
  7. Somebody decided to try and have a shooting gallery and the ducks shot back.
  8. There's always more to the story. https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/portland-place-couple-who-confronted-protesters-have-a-long-history-of-not-backing-down/article_281d9989-373e-53c3-abcb-ecd0225dd287.htm
  9. Anybody want to discuss the fully kitted out Federal officers in Portland? Why do Federal officers need to wear head to toe multicam and look like they're going to raid a compound? I know that companies make black and blue tactical gear.
  10. Advise and consent does not mean refusing to bring it to a vote for 10 months.
  11. Can we actually have Congress do their job and pass legislation instead of relying on rule making by executive agencies? This has been going for decades and IMO is one of the reasons the SCOTUS has been "legislating". Poorly thought out or arbitrary EOs are prime territory for lawsuits that eventually make it to SCOTUS. Hell can we just get a new AUMF for our many overseas adventures? I don't think Congress ever intended on us fighting a SMG 20 years after 9/11 using the same justification as that against AQ.
  12. The Republicans also blocked Merrick Garlands nomination for 10 months prior to an election. I do not believe for a second that the Senate would block the nomination of a new SCOTUS justice if RBG kicks the bucket prior to Jan 2021.
  13. I've used the Massif with the mid layer up to -30C at Arctic Survival and was toasty.
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