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  1. The GSC NAFs are the component commanders for the STRATCOM OPLAN missions. 8th AF covers the bombers and 20th AF covers the ICBMs. Now whether they’re needed considering that it’d be an NCA-directed response is another discussion. Edit: Looks like that changed last fall with the AFGSC/CC now acting as the STRATCOM JFACC.
  2. Breckey

    Changing/Switching airframes

    The functional isn’t releasing anybody to any non-RW platform except for T-6s. Unless you can snag an embassy gig flying C-12s the RW-regional transition is really all you got.
  3. They're just moving to the no-Grp/CC organizational model.
  4. Breckey

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

  5. Breckey

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    Cool story Hansel. The Marines copyrighted their camoflauge pattern and would not let anybody but USN personnel assigned to the Marines wear it. The Army’s tried to adopt it but the Marines said no so they went with the UCP abortion. The Marines even prevented any Navy personnel that wasn’t NSW from using the desert AOR 2 because of it’s similarity to MARPAT. The ABU color pallete was chosen in part to be comparable with the UCP OCIE/PPE. Also people haven't been defending a base in an actual combat zone in ABUs since 2012
  6. I got issued the Phantom at my first unit. It’s not the prettiest looking or slimming but it works great. It has a dimmable white, NVG green, and IR light. https://phantomlights.com/phantom-warrior-tls-most-popular-aviation-version/
  7. Breckey

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    I’m glad they’re going against decades of uniform patch configuration standardization for this uniform. It’s nearly identical to the Army’s layout.
  8. Breckey

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    I just sewed down the nametapes, rank, and the wings. It's way easier to not have to remove an additional 4 pieces of flair when I wash it and prevents the bacon nametags. If I need to sanitize I just fly with a combat shirt since we always wear armor.
  9. They're MK19 rounds used for missile field security. They're not allowed to load them so they sit in an ammo can. The cops there have had M-249s fall off of helicopters only to be brought to one of the MAFs by concerned citizens.
  10. Breckey

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    I love the green bag for for most sorties and I really love it for days I'm not flying. I just don't want them to take away the option to wear the bag.
  11. Breckey

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Just saw on MyPers that the CY17D LAF Majors results are now late-May to early-June. If Duck's exec-y timeline is accurate they should be released the week after Memorial day.
  12. Breckey

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    I was hoping they'd go left sleeve and full color for garrison wear. I remember the hurt feelings 6-9 years ago when they took away the subdued flight suit name tags stating that the US Flag code prohibited subdued wear. Guess that only applied to the zipper suited sun gods and can be overlooked for the unwashed masses. /s
  13. Breckey

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    Wear guidance said coyote boots and starting in 2020. Tan and “desert tan” shirts are authorized. I don’t know what the difference is but I bet it aligns with the Army’s “coyote” color. Edit: It also looks like the guidance for patches is opposite of literally everybody else’s policy (including their own as currently written for then TFDU).
  14. Breckey

    China & Chinese Shenanigans

    The Air Dominance’s Intel blog on SIPR has a good write up on those aircraft along with some NASIC analysis. It’s a good read.