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  1. You can Prime a case of monster or other energy drinks to any APO with free shipping. They were very well received.
  2. Other open source reports mention the reserve chute deploying in the aircraft.
  3. CWAS is authorized in the 2903 so your AFE Chief can pound sand. We wear rank on the name tag as above. Winter time is the best because I always wear a beanie and nobody knows what rank I am.
  4. Based on what I read 3 of the 4 engines had 0 hours since overhaul, which seems weird that they would have passengers on the first flight after an engine overhaul.
  5. Breckey

    UFO thread

    If anybody not read in saw something like this they'd think it was a UFO as well https://media.defense.gov/2003/Jul/15/2000598382/780/780/0/030715-O-9999E-001.JPG
  6. Breckey


    Especially when spotters can track tanker bridges and ISR orbits and tweet them in real time. https://theaviationist.com/2018/04/14/everything-we-know-and-no-one-has-said-so-far-about-the-first-waves-of-air-strikes-on-syria/
  7. The comments may be at either extreme but the survey results were in the shitter. When 25% or the squadron is giving a 1 on many areas there's a problem.
  8. I am actually quite impressed by the DEOCS results. CCs always say that the results are anonymous and if the format given is what is produced then that it quite reassuring. Unless you give personally identifiable information on the comments there isn't anything linking you to the comment. Also it shows how effective well written criticism is in highlighting issues in the unit that a 1-5 point scale can't identify.
  9. He is literally the worst person that I or anyone else have ever worked for. He is a self serving sycophant who would do anything to make himself look good in front of others at the expense of his subordinates. I'll send more personal stories in a PM if people want. P.S. his WPS callsign is LIMBO because they couldn't set the bar any lower.
  10. MOODY AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. -- Col. Daniel P. Walls, 23d Wing commander, relieved Lt. Col. Scott Rein from command of the 41st Rescue Squadron, Sept. 23, 2019, at Moody Air Force Base, Ga. After careful consideration, the decision to relieve the commander was made based on a loss of confidence in his ability to lead and command. Lt. Col. Chad Kohout is currently serving as interim commander of the unit. About time
  11. Bury Us Upside Down is a great book about the history of the MISTY FACs in Vietnam. None Braver is about the early OEF PR support and was ok. As with most things it focused far too much on the PJs but it a good job taking about how we postured PR in the first 6-9 months of the war.
  12. Do you also tuck in your 2 piece top when you don't wear armor and sanitize at home station?
  13. And it has my CHUMd low level charts with a moving map so I can be a child of the magenta line
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