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  1. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    You don't like the Flightradar24 plots of our ISR or NSAV aircraft?
  2. Thunderbird F-16 flips at KDAY

    https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2017/11/03/thunderbirds-jet-landed-too-fast-skidded-off-wet-runway-in-june-crash/ "A Thunderbirds F-16D crashed in June when it landed too fast, skidded off a wet runway and overturned in the grass, injuring the pilot, according to an Accident Investigation Board report released Friday."
  3. Maybe this is just the Stockholm talking but when the COAs that are briefed for the AFSOC transition include curtailing the HH-60W order and increasing the CV-22 order it seems a lot like stealing assets.
  4. Or even if CAF assets are in position, JSOAC keeps primacy for the CV-22s make the pickup. Reference the hullabaloo the JSOAC guys raised after the HSC bros made the pickup of the King Air crew outside of Erbil. The bottom line is whether AFSOC will dedicate specific aircraft and crews solely for PR alert IAW CFACC guidance.
  5. Line Up Cards

    Take the fat one
  6. I think that AFSOC is trying first and foremost to get GA and the tankers. I feel that there is a reason why the HC-130 has kept pace with most of the MC-130 modifications and kept the space for the second CSO. GA are already a AFSOC-lite asset in the CAF and adding them to AFSOC will allow them to plus up even more. IMHO AFSOCs modification of the CSAR-X KPPs shows everything that they care about the CSAR mission set as a stand-alone core competency. That modification, allowing the H-47 to compete (4 hours mission ready to 4 hours "flight" ready) after realizing that the PAVELOW sunset would leave them with a capability cap, set the stage for the LM/Sikorsky protest and the eventual cancellation of the contract. This leads the AF to contracting the HH-60W entering service in 2020 having fewer capabilities than the MH-60M that came into service 13 years prior.
  7. Promotion and PRF Information

    In 2013 I had to have a PRF for Captain that was never used, now in 2017 I had to get a PRF for Major together...that won't be used.
  8. Promotion and PRF Information

  9. Why the ZZ at Kadena?

    For one the 9mm was not a US sidearm caliber until the 1980s.
  10. Thanks from Houston

    It was also helpful that the 106th used state level Title 32 (or so I've heard through the bro network) rather than ACC activation to get to Ft Hood on Saturday morning, and on alert by the afternoon. Moody took a bit longer to get into the area.
  11. Flight Pay increases

    Because we're hurting for sweaties more than pilots (at least in helos).
  12. North Korea at it again

    Time to get the YAL-1 out of the boneyard
  13. Positive/Negative Reputation Gone?

    It's a kinder, gentler Baseops.net
  14. Mattis to the rescue?

    Serbia is considered a second world country.