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  1. The ejection/rescue on the Coronet across the Pacific?
  2. I remember that incident also drove a Flash Bulletin from the JTS on the pod/ball capabilities. It really opened some eyes in Rescue (at least where I was) as well because we figured everybody could see what we saw.
  3. I've never heard anybody call a PRC-152 a "Hook-152". You may be thinking of the PRC-112. The Hook-112 vs PRC-112 was to differentiate the radios that had the ability to send encrypted OTH communications versus only terminal area guidance to LARS/PLS equipped radios. The GPS fix of the radio is displayed as a "Hook" symbol on programs like BirdDog. The name stuck not because of antics but because it was effective in communicating the radios capabilities to other players rather than saying PRC-112A/B/G. Crews still denoted the old PRC-90 as a "Prick-90".
  4. Anybody have a source yet for the pumpkin spice brown A-2 patches? Also while it says "MAJCOM or equivalent" for the A-2 patch has anybody had any issues wearing the generic "US Air Force" patch? We're getting shoe'd hard here and I'd rather not buy two of every MAJCOM patch for when I want to wear the A-2 with either the bag or the two-piece flight suits.
  5. Video of the ejection. It's amazing how a little CG shift can change the trajectory of the aircraft so much.
  6. This event had a bunch of lessons learned as well. Suffice to say that primacy is still a thing and even if CFACC assets launch on a sortie the component commands will still get butt hurt. Bottom line: Jack was recovered and it is an academic and staff exercise at this point instead of people in cages.
  7. On the flip side we had an Apache PL in Afghanistan that we were trying to launch on. We would have been on scene within 45 minutes, instead the Army retained primacy and waited 4+ hours to send a 47 with a MX team on board to fix the aircraft so they could fly it home. Two guys were on the ground in indian country for 5 times longer than they needed to be because the Army wanted to keep it in their lane and not declare it a PR event. Joint looks good on paper and for night one scenarios. Low intensity burns reinforce the service-squabbles.
  8. Prior to BLADE 11 there was a circle covering Raqqa too. We see how well the T+180 timeline worked out for them and they were still fighting over BOG numbers in 2017 two years after. When I was in Iraq we actually had people from the CAOC questioning our need to XSAR because of the cost/effort of having us and an HC airborne. Meanwhile a 8+ hour XCAS for a B-1 is approved without second thought. The fact that it took almost five months to get dedicated PR assets based in-country to provide less than a 2+30 response time is laughable. Nobody cares about PR until they need PR.
  9. Radar horizon is a hell of a drug.
  10. GA is going to get carved up and not have the pull they do in an RQS. You think they’ll be able to tell a ODA team that they need a 6 man team with a CRO to do their mission? They will be on the QRF bird with a two man team waiting for the bell just like they are now. AFSOC wanted to divest most of the AD 60Gs and curtail the 60W to pay for more CV-22s so they can have 6 to make 2 when deployed and they wanted the HC’s to turn into MC’s. The line crews in AFSOC want the mission, the Bobs want the iron, manning, and funding.
  11. AFSOC want the airframes and funding, not the mission. The relatively small number of traditional PR events in GWOT and the ending of CASEVAC have hindered the ability for CSAR to fight for itself. Everybody was all about it after BLADE 11 but since then that enthusiasm has dropped off the cliff. Also I feel the realization that the A2AD environment in any future conflict will severely limit the ability to get Jack back using conventional forces is starting to take hold.
  12. https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2019/05/14/the-navys-probe-into-sky-penis/ FOIA from #skypenis
  13. Ref my post from last year:
  14. The 09 guys are about 300-1400
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