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  1. Surprised this wasn't posted. A C-17 made another gear up landing.
  2. We as a country have determined that we want certain segments of the population to have government supported health care and have for more than 50 years. Why is expanding this out to include others a bad thing if the voting populous determines that is what they want?
  3. How about we stop giving tax cuts with no corresponding decrease in expenditure? Or just close the current "loopholes" that allow for tax avoidance? Or we have a spending/tax plan for all of our overseas vacations instead of having a bottomless pit of OCO funds. This would have the added benefit of making politicians pay a price for us being deployed for 30 years.
  4. 2:33 in the video. Doesn't look fun.
  5. Sounds like a good group of cheap labor for the scheduling and training shops. Plus they'll have it figured out once their at their units.
  6. The Army does it because they have 3500 helicpters and 300 fixed wing, the exact opposite of the AF. It's easier to cross train the small number of FW bubba's than it is to have a completely new track. The AF decided that having everyone go through T-37/T-6s was better than segregating us from the beginning. Plus students don't know what they don't know in the commissioning sources. How many people entered UPT wanting one airframe and picked a different one on their assignment sheet?
  7. Yes but it's rare. There are usually 2-3 Helo guys that go through PIT every year. Our "normal" white jet tour is Ft. Rucker. This may change in the future though with the idiotic plan to have helo guys not going to T-6s.
  8. Breckey

    F1 Thread

    I love Marbula E.
  9. The refueling pod on the left wing is gone (and the hardpoint where it was mounted is pouring out fuel) but the engines and wing tank on the right side are more damaged. I would posit that the lack of propellers on the right side and lack of wing tank are related but I have no idea how the mishap sequence would occur to have that damage pattern. Guess we'll wait until the AIB come out.
  10. When I’m teleworking I forward my office phone to my cell phone. When it rings it has a six digit number that is obviously from base which I don’t answer if it’s after 1600. The answer here may be to have the support agencies have on call phones that are forwarded from the desk phone in the same way. The problem here is that aren’t able to ask for their supervisor if they are incompetent.
  11. Replace racist with communist and you have the conservative playbook.
  12. So will personnel that have to work in person (mx, cops, etc.) get more pay than those that can stay home? Those that can telework may save a bunch of money on things like childcare that are a coat burden for the "essential workers."
  13. What election laws did he violate? Florida law allows criminal fines and fees to be paid off by third parties and the money was donated to a third party charity organization that has also had $6M donated by other celebrities. There are no stipulations who the recipients vote for or even if they vote. How is this restitution any more of an attempt to garner votes than the payroll tax deferral that Trump says may be permanent if he wins? The legislation passed that imposed the fee restrictions was passed AFTER an Amendment was passed by referendum restoring voting rights for felons, essentially nullifying the will of the people.
  14. This thing is rough to read. The board president pulled no punches.
  15. The current proposals for DC shrink the federal district to the Mall and surrounding federal buildings. Virginia took back it's part of DC prior to the Civil War so there's prescident to make existing parts of the district part of a state.
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