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    Car loans and interest rates

    When you borrow someone else's money to make a purchase because your money is either allocated or tied up somewhere else, that's technically "money you dont have". When you use someone else's money to pay more for an item than it's market value, that is additional "money you dont have." Not everyone likes money I guess.
  2. torqued

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Yeah, that and there were no Daniel Boone memorials.
  3. torqued

    Car loans and interest rates

    It depends on the value of your home vs. the mortgage amount, term of the loan, and principal remaining. If the 3% interest loan on the $58,000 car plus the rate of depreciation during the duration of the loan exceeds the difference in value of the home minus the remaining term of the mortgage times your monthly payment, you may want to use the principal payment to install an inground swimming pool to increase the value of the home instead. Otherwise, use it as a down payment to invest in a Caribbean sailboat in as large as your credit will allow. Purchase full insurance coverage on everything, just in case. Also, use coupons.
  4. torqued

    Please rate my chances!

    If I were on the board, I'd likely ask some questions about your GPA and academic/verbal scores, as they seem to be the weakest part of an overall fairly strong application. The interest being to the point of "Does this guy have the self-discipline to sit down and study mind-numbing material for hours a day during UPT, and then score well when tested on it?" Get hours. Do interview prep. Cast your net far and wide. Good luck.
  5. I can totally understand the "it's not about the money" argument, even though I don't believe many are saying it. If someone wants something out of life that the Air Force cannot give them (e.g. control, freedom, location, accommodation of family special needs, etc.), they may not be willing to compromise merely for more money. There are some things you can't pay certain people to tolerate. The vast majority of people I know who have left/are leaving the AF say "It's not only about the money."
  6. torqued

    Retirement / Separation Considerations

    You have to complete ACSC, then you have to wait on your ROPMA (assuming you're not applying for a unit vacancy), then you have to wait on your pin on date, then you need 3 years time in grade, then you wait to age 58-60 for an extra $400 or whatever it's worth 20 years from now. From a purely financial perspective, If you're working an average civilian job, it's worth it. But, if you currently hold a job at a major airline, the amount of extra money you could make between now and the time you get 3 years time in grade far exceeds the difference in your retirement paycheck.
  7. torqued

    Hurricane Michael

    I dunno. I kinda feel like the inconvenience of me always flying around that airspace far exceeds the necessity for someone else to fly in circles within it.
  8. torqued

    Hurricane Michael

    They don't "need" the overwater airspace as much as I need to fly direct from FLL or MCO to MSY or HOU.
  9. torqued

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Last thing the AF needs is to give a little authority to some hoity-toity Maj who thinks he can go fixin things that don't need to be fixed with all his fancy book-learnin'.
  10. torqued

    Latest Movies

    Fun fact: The moon landing scenes in First Man were filmed on the same sound stage as the actual moon landing.
  11. torqued

    Hurricane Michael

    I submit building a basement on a sandy ocean pennisula at 0' MSL that can pump out 10' of storm surge is much more expensive than making an airplane flyable.
  12. How will new UPT studs ever know how to complete their airline apps if MWS IPs aren't instructing them in the debriefs?
  13. torqued

    Hurricane Michael

    The same reason I sometimes park my car in flood zones and chase hail storms. Daddy needs a new whip.
  14. torqued

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Was there last month on an overnight. Old pile of rocks on some premium downtown real estate. A forgettable experience. 1 star.
  15. torqued

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    I'd say pretty much everyone who wears one. If you have both hanging side by side, you're going to choose one, and you'll have a reason. If you "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" it every morning, it's not because you're so prepossessed with larger, more important AF issues (as if it matters what you think anyway) that you can't devote a single thought to it. I love the bag and all the pictures in my office of me wearing it on the flightline while gazing distantly at the horizon, but I've never been more comfortable during a deployment than when wearing the 2 pc earlier this year. Air Force culture and tradition is dead and buried and likewise, the flight suit should go with it.
  16. torqued

    Promotion and PRF Information

    If it helps, I can tell you the Guard Herc community undergoing a massive shift in full timers abandoning their Tech/AGR positions for traditional positions. I've seen a few guys hired that have been twice passed over. Many units are having trouble finding prior-Herc experience so they're hiring Majors that have never seen the inside of a C130. The AF just opened the door to a thousand better possibilities for you.
  17. WTF? I can't see the documents, but teens and single digits? Can someone post the numbers for MAF and CAF? I'll admit I get some pleasure from seeing a bit of a lower take rate as a signal to leadership that the problems are important enough to get people to vote with their feet, but a take rate that low is more than a little scary from a national security perspective.
  18. I did, eleven years ago. Boeing 737. It's working out great. Besides, I'm not willing to commute more than 25 miles to a Guard job, so I'm stuck with the Herc for the next 6 months till retirement. It's about the bullshit to flying ratio. Example: the Herc is a more "spiritually" rewarding and challenging aircraft to fly well than the 737, by let's say, a factor of two. Most are more than willing to accept twice as much bullshit to get to fly it. Recent studies have shown the bullshit required to fly an AF aircraft the duration of your career exceeds the bullshit to fly a major airline aircraft by at least a factor of 5. The airlines also pay me to forget about airline bullshit. Principles are a luxury for those who have options. 😄
  19. For me, the difference has always been the flightline ECP. From the moment I step over and take the long walk to the aircraft, there is no job I'd rather have until I cross it again. Early on in my career, there was almost nothing I wouldn't do to be able to walk across that line and fly the aircraft. It all gets balanced by everything that happens on the other side of the ECP. If a person's interest lies in flying aircraft, it typically doesn't take but a few years to accomplish most of the general flying achievements available to you in your aircraft. The problem among younger folks seems to be flying the same mission currencies for the X hundredth time doesn't offset the increasing level of frustration from everything on the other side of the ECP. People are losing their enthusiasm for the best job in the world earlier than ever, and it isn't just because they're not looking at the bright side of things.
  20. Exactly. I don't know anyone who doesn't understand the value in Service before self. But I know very few remaining that blindly accept that all the things they are now required to do qualify as Service. Disingenuously appealing to a person's moral convictions is a far greater sin than not possessing enough.
  21. torqued

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Apparently, he lost two legs but only needs one prosthesis to walk.
  22. Old guys: "The AF sucks. I'm leaving." New guy: "Yes, it does. I want out." Old guys: "WTF? Snowflake! ! You're going to get yourself or someone else killed! Be positive! It's all worth it! Best job ever! Your marriage is in trouble! Seek counseling!" euser, Your experience is your experience. If you believe you are having a poor experience in the AF, then you actually are having a poor experience. Your grievances aren't anything new or unique, so why are you being blamed for them? As the new guy, you need to realize anything you post here is not a contribution for selfless intellectual discussion, but an opportunity for a few others to practice self-righteousness and judgement, but not empathy. While there are many good discussions here, just be aware that you're currently involved in one where your post is being used to feed an addiction cycle of empowerment among some of the regulars. Remember that despite what appears to be "advice", the goal here is to make you respond indignantly and emotionally, not help you. The best advice you'll ever get on this website is never, ever, come here expecting to have a serious and honest exchange, about anything. This forum is only a game. Pot stir - Complete. 😄
  23. torqued

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    I'm in this for the long haul. I intend to stick around here and give my advice as to how the Air Force and its pilots should operate well into my retirement years. I'm pretty sure my best years are behind me and if I don't consistently remind you what a badass I used to be, you can't expect me to get any sort of validation in my sunset years as a gear puller where my ego isn't regularly fed a steady diet of online recognition? Geez, can't someone just admit this is the funniest exchange ever precipitated by an animated snowflake .gif? I mean, I'm working my ass off here to make sure everyone is having a good time. FFS.