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  1. Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    "dont ever say 'im a c17 globemaster pilot' around me. it will be your last words ever spoken" one of these guys is going to be waiting for us at the airfield some day.
  2. How Do You Let Go?

    that's a much better story than "i would have been a pilot but my eyes were bad" i wouldn't dwell on it. it's cool, but ain't that cool. make the best of the position you're in. i wish i would have banged way more and way hotter chics when I was young. so i have similar regrets
  3. Base housing

    the wife needs wheels. give her the truck and get a small, cheap car to zip around base
  4. Base housing

    as soon as you receive your PCS orders that show you will be accompanied by your dependents to your UPT base, make a TLF (temporary lodging facility) reservation. your TLF will be furnished with washer and dryer in nearly all cases. housing may or may not be available immediately upon your arrival. when you are assigned a house, it will likely not have a washer and dryer nor will it be furnished. pro tip: you may already know this but buy a small enclosed trailer and a used washer and dryer. do a partial (or full if you have few household goods) DITY move. always do partial DITY moves. the amount you will receive for moving the trailer, washer/dryer, and other goods will cover the cost of the trailer/washer/dryer and then some. sell when no longer needed.
  5. Meet and Greet Etiquette

    its best for everyone if you just be yourself. faking a personality, behavior, or conversation to get the job causes problems. nerves are a separate issue. find a happy medium between being too comfortable and too nervous. don't criticize fellow applicants.
  6. Did I smoke my chances away?

    are you a pothead, Focker?
  7. Blended Retirement System Puzzle

    say im maxing out my company 18,500 401k limit and receiving the company match and profit sharing that maxes out the 55,000 total limit. i'm also deploying to a tax free location for a couple months. Is there any financial advantage to making TSP contributions? My plan is to spend all my deployed pay on bitcoins. Does this make sense?\
  8. The new airline thread

    awesome. "stanley, pack a lunch. this weekend our goal is to become proficient in max endurance at cruise ceiling and multi-engine jet PIC"
  9. Columbus AFB Information

    you have a Dodge Charger rt. why do you need to buy a cheap POS when you already have one
  10. Columbus AFB Information

    10 bucks says this guy shows up with a prius.
  11. Columbus AFB Information

    buy a car and drive it to upt you knucklehead. i would have rode a freakin donkey across the usa to get to upt. millennials.
  12. Columbus AFB Information

    i see we've drastically lowered our standards already.
  13. New BAH rates are out.

    the more you post, the more you make the case we should be paying dads extra to stick around
  14. New BAH rates are out.

    for most people that have a family, few things are more important. when you have dependents, many of your values and choices are different than they'd be if you are single. those choices tend to be more measured, more conservative, and less motivated by self-interest. the above example of a single guy owning a garage full of atvs and a corvette supports this. every civilization every nation and therefore our af benefits from a large proportion of its members having the characteristics of a person "with dependents". there's nothing wrong with being single, but having a family brings balance to the force, is critical, and should be rewarded.
  15. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    looks like they got a hundred different bad ideas to herd lots of new pilots into the same broken organization but they have only a few to keep them. apparently neck and back preventative care is one of their best ideas. funny how many of the common grievances are simply ignored. the answers have been shouted at their faces for years and they refuse to acknowledge them. let the whole thing rot.
  16. Finance Problems

    ive been trying to log into mypay for over a week. I need to work some math on my taxes and cant. i look forward to never needing this again. I've been on the fence about a Guard retirement right at 20. Stuff like this makes my choice clear. Reserve/Active Military Members Your Leave and Earnings Statements are not currently available via myPay. We will post via Facebook, the DFAS website , and the myPay homepage when they are available. Thank you for your patience. We are Sorry! Due to DFAS system maintenance or high volume, your Account Statement is currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try us again later or select Main to view other options.
  17. Latest Movies

    I hear all the badasses use the “Finger-in-the-hole” trigger technique. because it’s better
  18. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    FOr f sake. Buy the guy a drink and have chat instead of ridiculing him online.
  19. Test group to Skip the T6?

    The AF problem solving and thought processes are simple to understand. Problem: AF needs an enormous amount of drone pilots. Solution: Pull actual pilots out of actual cockpits. Problem: Actual pilots don't want to be drone pilots and quit. Solution: Make E's drone pilots. Problem: There aren't enough T-6s for UPT and drone pilots. Solution: Stop training pilots who already know how to fly. Problem: "Civilian trained pilots are low quality!" Solution: Accept lower quality pilots over not enough pilots.
  20. .

  21. Latest Movies

    Has the issue with the 9 paki prisoners been reported or documented outside of SIPRNet? Having read the book, I'm suspect that info in either the book or movie alone could implicate an individual. Just trying to separate fact from rumor. Thanks