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  1. Not sure what this means for recently separated or retired. https://twitter.com/W7VOA/status/1243656134109597702?s=20
  2. If you were retiring, no one is going to tell you anything you don't already know about AD. You're not crazy, it's probably a smart move. Some things to consider: You've got a seniority number, and that's a benefit only if your airline returns to business as usual. Not all airlines are going to recover from this. Some airlines are saying that military leave during this time does not accrue toward the USERRA 5 year clock. Talk to your union. Likely not a concern. This is going to change customer travel behavior for a long time, even if the economy recovers. Necessity is the mother of invention, and people are being forced to figure out how to be productive at work and engage in leisure activities without traveling. Load factors will recover slowly. On the other hand, this is a massively destabilizing geo-political upset. Get ready for some chaos and long TDYs. I was a CBM T-1IP a long time ago. If there were one assignment I could go back to, that's be it. Just floating, fishing, and skiing on the TennTom.
  3. Ok, brother. Here's the deal. I'm not trying to escalate the debate. I'm genuinely trying to wrap my head around this and open to any helpful information. I listened to the first 45 min of podcast #99 with Attia and Hotez. At around the 15 min mark, I came back here to the forum to see if I had the correct podcast. Not trying to be a dick about this, and perhaps I missed some important information. Maybe I have a confirmation bias. I don't know. You were right, there was a lot of solid, intellectual information in that podcast, but there was absolutely ZERO that could be construed as positive points of optimism. Nothing that indicates we have a grasp on this thing or a workable solution. Here's just a few notes I took from the doctor: 15:15: "Health systems are already stressed and I'm worried we could see a collapse in a couple weeks. I'm very concerned" 16:15: "The first breakdown is starting to happen with doctors and nurses exhausted and there seems to be a breakdown of trust" 17:45:"This is no longer a disease of the old and infirm. This buzz is catching on among young physicians, and it is highly destabilizing, and they're feeling abandoned." 21:20: "I don't have an obvious solution to figuring this out (Regarding physician burn-out)" 28:00: "The most disturbing thing I have seen today s that half the hospitalizations are under 54, and about a 3rd between 20-44, and even some under 19." 32:15: "The Federal Government thinks this pandemic will last 18 months. I'm really doubtful we will have a vaccine in 18 months. I think this will be much longer than 18 months." 41:00 "Unless we can find a way to make our hospitals safe and take care of our health care providers, we are going to be in very deep trouble."
  4. I might listen to it. I might not. But if I do and it isn't everything you're telling me it is, I'm gonna be pissed.
  5. I haven't scoffed at the doctor. I am scoffing at your inability to answer legitimate questions without wholly referencing the thoughts and theories of someone else, and I am able to do it without childish name-calling. Did I not specify that the virus would be impeded when it runs out of people to infect? How exactly is that different from your brilliant discovery of the blatantly obvious fact that it doesn't infect people already exposed. By the way, Herd Immunity isn't exactly a groundbreaking or helpful discovery for those that will cease to exist before it becomes an effectual impediment to the spread. And I'm "sowing panic" by asking questions on an obscure message board for salty old military pilots? Don't you think you're being a little "hypoerbolistic" there, Doc?
  6. If I were entrenched, I'd be making statements. Not asking questions you can't answer. I'm open minded as to how this situation gets rectified, just not interested in banal platitudes like "Don't worry, it'll all get better! Just be positive!" People are dying and will continue to die at an increasing rate until something stops the progress. That's not being sensational, that's a fact. But I get your point. I'm wasting my time. Your doctor's thoughts on the matter are your thoughts on the matter.
  7. C'mon, dude. The word you're looking for to falsely characterize what I am saying is "hyperbolic". I am not painting it as the end of the world. It is an open-ended observation/question. I do not know how this ends. You apparently do. Why aren't you explaining how we arrive at the point where this stops being a problem instead of going on to list all the problems with vaccines (further supporting my question)? I could point to a hundred different internet experts and say "they're really smart, listen to them", but wouldn't you rather hear me explain it? What is the fix? "That's now how it works." How does it work? Cliff notes at the very least. Got home from an airline trip a while back and I've been home sick for about 10 days. Around 3 days of gastrointestinal issues, several days of fever, a "hotness" in my neck and face that wouldn't go away, a slight cough, congestion, etc. I drank water, fixed tractors, tended to the cattle, and aside from taking an occasional nap, I'm fine. I'm not worried about this. No paper bag required. I am worried about my parents and in-laws. Tell me exactly why you have a problem with me asking what the basis is for the unfounded optimism that "this will all blow over and we'll go back to normal." Brick, the previous economy was bullshit and wasn't going to last with or without the virus. I posted about it prior to all this happening. Infinite debt spending is a broken system. The value of currency cannot exceed the value of the production it represents indefinitely. You need to worry less about what the Dow is doing and worry more about what our elected leaders are trying to do to us while we're currently distracted. Don't know what I'm talking about? Go to Forbes.com and search for today's article on "Digital Dollar". I'm not going to tell you what to think about it. Look into it and decide for yourself.
  8. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-death-toll The charts all show exponential increases in death. China's BS numbers notwithstanding, where is it getting better? (BTW, Chinese cell phone companies show 15 million lost subscribers total over the last 6 weeks.) I'm trying to understand the logic behind "This will all blow over" and "Traffic accidents are worse" and other "whatabouts". Wayne Gretsky said something to the effect of "I don't skate to where the puck is, I skate to where it is going to be." Are people just looking at today's numbers and saying "10x more people were killed by snake bites last year, so this is overblown"? We're just getting started. Before this gets better, the rate of increase in death has to stop being exponential, then it has to stop increasing at a constant rate, then it has to plateau, then it has to decrease, then it has to decline to a level that is acceptable by society. So what is it, exactly, that people are referencing as the reason for any of the aforementioned things to occur? A gut feeling that summertime sunshine will kill all the virus particles? A cure is just around the corner? It only kills old people and they'll be gone soon? Washing hands solves it? It magically disappears as in China? I understand the desire to return to "normal", but the train has switched tracks and "normal" is way back thataway. We're not going back. Either we find a cure or run out of people to infect.
  9. I probably should have made my sarcasm a little more overt. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard those comments repeated to me by family, friends, and neighbors. This is the biggest world event in our lifetimes, and the effects of which will be felt or many, many years. Thanks for doing what you do Unit#8192. People like you are about to become the heroes of this year.
  10. It’s just the flu. Last years flu killed way more. When we get warmer weather, this will clear up. The markets will bounce right back. Buy the dip! So many great deals to be had.
  11. LOL. Sorry, this is my first global financial collapse, so I find it pretty fascinating. As someone who survived the Great Depression, maybe you could give us young guys a few pointers. I kid, I kid!
  12. Well, we're finally off the cliff and in freefall. Watch the market get shut down today. Remember, all of this was going to happen with or without the virus. The virus only moved up the timeline. Check that link above and compare the numbers today with the numbers on 10 Jan. We're collapsing.
  13. Trump is going to shut it all down this week.
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