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  1. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    FOr f sake. Buy the guy a drink and have chat instead of ridiculing him online.
  2. Test group to Skip the T6?

    The AF problem solving and thought processes are simple to understand. Problem: AF needs an enormous amount of drone pilots. Solution: Pull actual pilots out of actual cockpits. Problem: Actual pilots don't want to be drone pilots and quit. Solution: Make E's drone pilots. Problem: There aren't enough T-6s for UPT and drone pilots. Solution: Stop training pilots who already know how to fly. Problem: "Civilian trained pilots are low quality!" Solution: Accept lower quality pilots over not enough pilots.
  3. I'm resto-modding a first gen Camaro and would like to incorporate a few cockpit elements into the interior design. Specifically, I'm looking for: Gray treadplate design rubber flooring, pilot seat upholstery material, harnesses, and retractors, headrests, throttle levers and knobs, a fire handle, etc. Just looking for ideas on where to source these aside from waiting for them to show up on ebay. Thanks.
  4. Latest Movies

    Has the issue with the 9 paki prisoners been reported or documented outside of SIPRNet? Having read the book, I'm suspect that info in either the book or movie alone could implicate an individual. Just trying to separate fact from rumor. Thanks