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  1. Lebanon was already in an economic freefall. Their currency was becoming valueless. What a tragedy. “"The main grain silo, which holds 85 percent of the country’s cereals, was destroyed. Even more, the port will no longer be able to receive goods. Lebanon imports 80 percent of what it consumes, including 90 percent of its wheat...60 percent of imports come through the Beirut."
  2. Please clarify: would you say we shouldn't have Presidential debates prior to a Presidential election, or should we not debate as to whether there should be Presidential debates? LOL. As to the Clintons: would you say they have not, and do not continue to have political influence with regard to the topics being discussed in this thread? Just giving you a hard time. Didn't want you to go around thinking anyone here fails to realize the dismissive mocking and scoffing isn't a common and cliche tactic.
  3. I'd say there's quite of few of your generation who have experienced the same sudden reduction in the lavish praise and adoration heaped upon them since childhood. The problem obviously lies with everyone else, so make them understand you're entitled to a "congrats" or perhaps a small trophy. Don't worry, all your IPs will continuously remind you how awesome you are.
  4. I don't think the ability to purchase another rifle is the issue. Having your weapons confiscated is.
  5. These are just for cockpit selfies, right?
  6. LOL. Cancel culture strikes again. https://www.salon.com/2020/07/08/martha-mcsally-women-in-the-military-get-pregnant-to-skirt-deployment/
  7. I was venting out of frustration after some text convos with friends who are still in. Shouldn't have posted that in this thread. I'm recently retired and my assessments aren't as relevant as I'd like to think.
  8. Heartbreaking. Losing two of our talented and heroic young men is not a trend, and I'm not saying it is. However, I hope the investigations for these two most recent incidents start at day 1 of UPT and examines each and every training event of the syllabus, every break in training, and every hour they flew or didn't fly an actual aircraft.
  9. Say you're Lori Lightfoot and you're trying to explain to your police force exactly where that "distinct" line is, how would you do it? Once you've explained it to them, how effective do you think the police force you've openly lambasted and critqued are going to be at enforcing the policies you'd like enforced against people who are clearly on the other side of the "F the Police" movement? My next door neighbor is a childhood friend and 20 year city cop. We've talked for hours. They're getting tired, depressed, and morale is at an all time low. What you believe is right or wrong doesn't matter much if we lose the ability to enforce it.
  10. More bad news. The search is on. Here's hoping. 2020 sucks. https://news.sky.com/story/us-f-15-fighter-jet-crashes-into-north-sea-off-yorkshire-coast-as-major-operation-underway-12007159
  11. It doesn't make sense because the upheavel is not entirely about race. This race issue is a part of the larger generational cycle taking place. We've seen an abrupt increase in mass civil unrest around the globe the last few years. People are having an impulse to upend the world, and searching for an explanation, or excuse. Race happens to be it at the moment. Check out the theory of the "4th Turning", or the "Crisis Generation" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strauss–Howe_generational_theory
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