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  1. What does this tell us about the state of the Air Force? The problems are becoming so large and unmanageable that the only way for leadership to cope is to become apathetic toward them. Apathy allows you to treat everyone like a Harbor Freight tool that’s cheaper to replace than fix or maintain. He’s not the only one, I’m seeing the shrugs from leadership more often and it’s concerning. In fairness, these guys are human, too and are fighting a losing battle against a massively complex, out-of-control bureaucracy. I don’t believe they’re evil or malicious, just susceptible to the same feelings of resignation we are when we decide to punch. I bet they have these same conversations about their own leadership, all the way up.
  2. Prioritize J model units. Wrung out and broke down H models, engine, prop, and avionics upgrades, as well as the ever present looming threat of J model conversions (nav and engineer career uncertainty) is adversely affecting morale in many H units.
  3. You must have missed the now-deleted comments about eating babies.
  4. What about the rest of us in the E-4 to O-5 range? Are we good? Cause I feel like I drive better after a few drinks. I'm more cautious.
  5. I applaud you for what you're attempting to do and hope you fulfill your goals. However. :D. You're insane if you go AD and resign from your position at a FAANG Company. Don't even consider it and block the AD recruiter's number. The opportunity cost for a 20 something to choose the military route is a fraction of what the cost to successful 36 year old with a lucrative and desirable career would be. Go Guard. I would suggest hanging on to your current career while enjoying the USERRA protections afforded to you while you serve. A Guard job can easily be turned into an full-time ADish career with you being significantly more in control of your life and having the ability later on to return to your career on your terms, or not at all. Or, if you find military service isn't exactly what you envisioned, you can remain part time. Serving is rewarding, but completely giving the reigns to the current AD leadership after you have already established a successful life for yourself is not. If you hate your job, that's different. But it sounds like your resume is strong enough to give you options far beyond what the average new AF AD officer has.
  6. AF: “We have a massive pilot shortage! They’re leaving in droves. We need more money to fix this.” Congress: “You’re not getting more money, and It’s beginning to sound like you’ve been mismanaging your organization...” AF: “Actually, we just fixed everything. We’re good now.”
  7. If the problem is mass shootings, everyone is looking for a solution. Are Trump, Biden, and everyone else looking for a gun law solution legitimately try to solve the problem, or are they 2A opponents who want to disarm the population and turn everyone into slaves of the state? If a person believes anyone advocating a gun law is not acting in good faith to curb violence and they refuse to negotiate away from their position even a small amount, they will eventually lose big. Trump knows this.
  8. You can take as much mil leave on probation as you like. Just never ever ever check-in late, miss an altitude, commute, f-up a V1 cut, or make any other mistakes.
  9. Oops, I thought this was the WTF thread. But seriously, we're witnessing a slow motion political riot, and it's only going to get worse.
  10. Seems like we now have an "It is what it is" attitude from leadership. You can't maintain a "crisis" mode of thinking indefinitely, and everyone involved in the pilot shortage issue capable of making any sort of a change is probably looking at their next assignment. Problems have been elevated to Congress with regard to financial incentives. No meaningful response. For quality of life, the bureaucratic inertia is too great to change directions, especially when everyone in the chain has been selected because they say "Yes, Sir! Right away, Sir!" instead of challenging poor policies and directives that are detrimental to their subordinates. How long can you maintain a pilot shortage before it simply becomes the status quo?
  11. Go to Google.com. Search for Patriot Synonym https://www.google.com/search?ei=oUA4XbqMFcT0tAbuyKb4Bw&q=Patriot+synonym&oq=Patriot+synonym&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i324j0i22i30l9.32541.33914..34635...0.0..0.93.528.8......0....1..gws-wiz.......0i71j0i131i67i70i249j0i67j0j0i131.dG-kU7vfh9o&ved=0ahUKEwj64LfBuc3jAhVEOs0KHW6kCX8Q4dUDCAo&uact=5 Intentional?
  12. Funny how you can be inspired by a movie, work toward a goal through high school, college, get a commission, fly for almost 22 years, and retire before the sequel comes out.
  13. Damn, dude. Give us your thoughts on Star Wars.
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