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  1. Here’s the fiscal reform plan: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/3571/text
  2. torqued


    Did you read the entire article? Who are you calling “sheeple”? And why?
  3. By that logic, one should argue Trump and conservatives were forced to move further right by their antagonists (liberals). The movement of the country to one idealism or the other is the result of the collective individual political opinions of it's citizens. So how do most individual US citizens form their political ideology? It certainly isn't in a vacuum through deep introspective consideration of Trump's actual policies, actions, and results. It's media.
  4. Sit down at your office computer, open Excel, and type $1,000,000 in cell A1. How would you convince someone that it's real, has value, and can given to them? Maybe you tell them they can also spend it and you'll accept a portion of it back in the future as a required tax payment. Perhaps you decide to spend your money on Healthcare, cellphones for the needy, or donate it to a school. Can this money you just created be wasted? Now change it to $2,000,000. Repeat. In 2020, our government and the Federal Reserve has added approx $3.5 Trillion US Dollars to our money supply by simply snapping their fingers, and is expected to add at least another $1.5 Trillion in the next stimulus. The early estimate of our 2020 GDP, declined by almost 40% in the second quarter, and likely over 5% during the year. The 2019 total US Federal Tax Revenue was about $3.7 Trillion. We are now creating more US dollars than exist in the total US Budget ($4.79 Trillion). Unelected people in power are arbitrarily creating unimaginable sums of money to maintain the illusion the system is working. If we print approximately 150% more dollars than we collect in tax revenue this year, why are we paying taxes at all? If you make $150K, you don't get a stimulus check. Your neighbor gets a $1200 non-taxable check. If you want $1200, you pick up a $1200 airline trip and contribute to the US GDP and pay taxes on that income. The numbers are going parabolic, and we're nearing the end of the currency system. The numbers are now based on abstract concepts. If you're on the left and believe social issues will determine the path of the US, you're a pawn. If you're on the right and believe the current social issues are a deciding factor in the election, you're naive. Why isn't the economy and US debt among the topics discussed every campaign debate, town hall, and news report as they were in previous elections? Because it's an unanswerable question for everyone in public office. They're brokering deals, amassing wealth for themselves and business partners in preparation for what comes next, and they're telling us, whether we're democrats or republicans, we need to pay for it.
  5. Define "a LOT." The amount of money that exists in the global financial system is incomprehensible, and there's a race to get control of it. Advertising revenue is not the primary incentive for steering the minds and behavior of the public through popular media narratives. https://www.visualcapitalist.com/all-of-the-worlds-money-and-markets-in-one-visualization-2020/
  6. Here are some of the questions I've had lately: Who benefits from agitating the class war you're referring to? Why does the corporate media push a narrative that seems to favor socialism? Who owns corporate media/social media? Do they not benefit from free Capitalism? Why don't they care about higher debts and higher taxes? (How much in financial derivatives (in terms of US Dollars) exists in the world compared to actual assets?) Where does economic stimulus come from? Are central banks government? Who owns the central banks? Who owns the debt? Who does the climate change, race/gender/income "equality" agendas help the most? If you follow the logical path to answer these questions relying on facts while taking a skeptical approach along the way, you still arrive at what amounts to a "conspiracy theory" that's difficult to explain to anyone who hasn't yet educated themselves about the details of the global economic framework.
  7. Any of you ever meet General Chuck Boyd? https://twitter.com/NSLforBiden/status/1310592005450461186?s=20
  8. Su-27 vs. B-52 over the Black Sea. Is this real? If so, INSANE! https://twitter.com/I30mki/status/1306307544629960704?s=20
  9. You might be the only person who doesn’t understand the conversation.
  10. Been listening here. At least one parachutist. "Two victims". Hoping for the best. https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/13160 EDIT: Police saying it's an E-2 and the "crew do not want to be treated."
  11. You know, you said "In the long wrong" when the correct phrase is "In the long run." Surprised no one pointed that out to you yet.
  12. Exactly. How many homogeneous white male classes must be created in order to extract enough females and minorities to form one "America" class?
  13. "We got a Trumper right here." "Right here?" https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1299937196292669440?s=20https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1299937196292669440?s=20
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