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  1. torqued

    The Next President is...

    Can you provide some examples of highly secure areas that have only alarms and no physical barriers?
  2. torqued

    Can one get paid...

    You really don't need a reg. You're a commissioned officer. A temp tech position may require specific quals, but you can get up to 30 additional training day orders, state active duty days, temp AGR, and other backfill days. Go to your SQ/CC and tell him you want/need work anywhere on base.
  3. torqued

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    So you're saying he's right in stating the events are likely unrelated, but his reasons for being right are wrong. Don't speculate. But if you do, do it correctly. ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. torqued

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Whatโ€™s the meaning of the call sign โ€œSiSโ€? Heard it referenced elsewhere, too.
  5. torqued

    Happy 2019! May your exit dreams come true!

    Friend got this. Declined.
  6. How does this change things for you tanker guys? In the Guard airlift, we get 120 deployments during our AEF rotation cycle (~2.5-3 years), and we've always been allowed a half-time swapout if we had the crewmembers to do it. The rumor we're getting is no more 60 day swaps to save money. Our next AEF is right around the corner and a lot of our over 20 guys have their finger on the button in case it becomes official.
  7. ... what? BADFNZ, as you will find, because it's new and different - it's bad. If your orders say a rental car is authorized, one would think a rental is a rental is a rental. But be prepared to justify it. A Constructed Travel Worksheet Authorization may work. https://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/CnstTvl/CT_Authorization_Instructions.pdf
  8. torqued

    The new airline thread

    Why? It's only a problem if you get the call from scheduling in the air on a local low-level route and you have to break out of the formation and terminate the sortie early to make your 2 hour report. That sorta pisses people off. ๐Ÿ˜„
  9. torqued

    The new airline thread

    True, but he asked about the value of doing both from a purely financial perspective. I suppose he could just bid a higher paying seat and fly the full schedule and do the G/R job on the days off. In rare cases, one could sit reserve while logging pay periods at the unit. Yours is a more reasonable perspective because (in most cases), it doesn't make any sense to separate compensation and quality of life in a hypothetical when you can't separate the two in actuality. It seems when many people mention "Quality of Life", they actually mean "Quantity of Time Home". I live a short drive from my Guard unit and commute to my airline job. For me, if my time at home is spoiled by the workload, stress, and frustration of a G/R job that pays less than half, I'll choose to commute a full airline schedule and be a better person spending "quality" time with the family and other interests on my days off. I realize there are some nice G/R gigs where the flying is easy and the stress is low, I'm just not in one of them.
  10. torqued

    The new airline thread

    Things are changing rapidly. The cost control measures of the Guard/Res resulting in an increased complexity in getting paid while relying on technology that doesn't work makes it difficult to get paid as often, and as reliably as you could just a couple years ago. I would say it would take some serious spreadsheet calculations, but there has to be a specific number of years of your military service where it does actually make sense to stay in and finish your 20, but it seems that break even point is sliding to the right toward 20 years as the pay disparity between military pay and airline pay widens with each new round of contracts. As Hoss said, the Guard/Res can be a great way to manage your quality of life as well as reap lots of intangibles, but the opportunity cost of dropping mil leave is getting higher and higher while the reward is shrinking. I'm over 20 and recently did the math for my situation. After 20 mil and over 10 airline years, it's not even close to being worth it. I found I'm basically taking a massive hit every year just to fly around the flagpole and have lunch with the bros. I'd estimate if you have less than 15 years of service, it's not worth it to finish out your 20 from a purely financial standpoint depending on airline/unit/etc. If you're between 15-20....?
  11. If it's a Guard or a Reserve unit address the person by their rank once in the conversation, "Good morning, (Colonel, Capt, Chief, Sgt, Amn) Jones." If talking to an officer during the conversation, throw a "sir" in there once, maybe twice, when asked a direct question just to let them know your parents raised you right. Other than that, speak normally and naturally. They're just people and they prefer talking with those who do not seem intimidated or excessively deferential.
  12. torqued

    The new airline thread

    Friend of mine spoke with FedEx HR back in Nov about his app which he had some questions about. Lots of C-130 and contract King Air time in the desert. They straight told him he needed heavy jet and 121 time to be competitive. I don't think other airlines are as selective. I've been a career Herc guy AD and Guard. Loved the Herc on AD but I will say that if location isn't a big deal and you want to find the very best combination of an airline career and Guard duties, consider a Guard aircraft that doesn't have a long list of mission currency item requirements.
  13. torqued

    First world problems

    Guard. Because I wouldn't want to be relocated around the world on a whim working the long hours of indentured servitude during the slow motion collapse of a failing bureaucratic nightmare for 12 years without the ability to also pursue a career that doesn't devalue your intelligence, skills, and self-worth.
  14. torqued

    The new airline thread

    It's also important for people to realize there's a large spectrum of opportunities that exist between being a commuter and living in domicile. You don't have to commit to one or the other for your entire career. We have "in-domicile" people that walk 10 minutes to work, ride the train for an hour and a half, drive a couple hundred miles, or sit in bumper to bumper traffic for hours. Some commuters two-hop across country or take a 45 min flight each way. There are people who commute to live on the farm, lakehouse or in the mountains part of the year and sit-reserve in domicile out of a home, condo, apartment, RV part of the year. Some regularly change domiciles just for something different. I can sometimes modify trips to start or end at my commute airport. Families are a the biggest consideration and I've got two years until the kids are in college. I've been a commuter for 10 years and I would do it again without hesitation to live where we wanted. However, I intend intend on keeping our home while living in-domicile part-time elsewhere in the future.