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  1. Go Guard/Reserve and fly civilian. Work your careers in parallel instead of in sequence. Stay on orders and fly for the Guard when the regional flying gets you down. Get your PIC hours at the regional when the military stuff becomes a pain in the ass. Granted, ROTC will be a cake walk for you. You'll be the old man rockstar in a crowd of teenagers at band camp. Say you commission at 29. The state of the AF then will be the best it will ever be. You have approx 13 years to go. Your first couple years at your first duty assignment will be the best of your life. Then you become Chief of Cubicles flying once a week staring at the calendar with 8-9 years to go.
  2. torqued

    Gun Talk

    @SpicoliHow do you like the P365? Just not happy with my XDS 45. Too much caliber in too small of a frame. Handled the 365 a few times and really like the way it feels better than every other compact 9 I've tried.
  3. Maybe a mod can move it to the correct sub-forum. I have the link to the forum moderator dashboard if anyone needs it.
  4. Agreed. It was a HUGE erroneous response to an upset. At the risk of speaking ill of the deceased: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by ... There still could be more to the story, but there are a few reports of the FOs skill and personality out there. When factored in with the above account, the math adds up.
  5. I believe he's saying there has been a massive overall erosion of the quality of a Guard/Reserve career in the last 5 years. It will not get better. Older folks are seeing fewer good deals (Coronet Oak) and fewer opportunities to augment their paycheck. Increasing mission/currency/training/deployment requirements. Decreasing manning/funding. Every aspect the of job is increasing in complexity at exponential rate. What were once simple tasks are bureaucratic nightmares that depend on technology that doesn't work. That said, it is possible to Heisman a lot of BS. As a new guy, please enjoy the fact that you will get to fly. Be competent, current, and safe, but do not become overly invested in anything outside of manipulating the controls of an aircraft. It will not pay dividends. Spend your ambition and energy building a solid life/career outside the AF/ANG/AFR.
  6. So $20k upfront for 4 years or $15k after tax (a little under $4k per year) or $20k per year for 4 years? I wonder how many O-4/5s would would change their mind for 4K a year. Depending on the airline, you could pick up 1 or 2 extra trips per year and still be making more than this bonus with no strings attached. Edit: That said, it is a move in the right direction. But do more.
  7. I was paraphrasing the news source which I probably shouldn’t do. Great point from what might be a more accurate perspective.
  8. Sounds like he tried to bury scandals instead of properly investigating allegations to protect some of his subordinates.
  9. It’s Puss in Boots, not Piss in Boots, fellas. From the news: The head of the California Air National Guard has been sacked after a newspaper released the details of several scandals under his command, including someone urinating in the boots of a female Air Guardsman. Major General Clay “Slam” Garrison has been replaced by Brigadier General Gregory Jones in the aftermath of the scandals, which were leaked to the press by whistleblowers at the California Air Guard’s Fresno base. In 2015, Staff Sergeant Jennifer Pineda was changing into uniform at the 144th Fighter Wing headquarters when she discovered someone had urinated in her boots. According to the VC Star, Security Forces investigated the incident, but found little in the way of evidence and closed the case. In a filed complaint, Pineda mentioned that she was afraid of being kicked out of the Air Guard, specifically due to speculation that she urinated in her own boots for attention.
  10. I scanned the whole thread. The same types of words occurred in nearly every response from the Gen: Listening, measuring, communicating, understanding, discussing, engaging, facilitating, thinking, ... Doing anything? Not so much. Same as the last 5 years. Same as the next 5 years.
  11. I know 2 people who punted within the last month. One walked away from a guaranteed AGR from now till retirement and the other left a full time tech position. First guy was happy to pay back the AGR pilot bonus he recently received.
  12. Here’s hoping. It won’t happen for me, but I hope the younger guys get a bonus big enough to tolerate whatever the AF throws at them.
  13. Given the attitude among our own higher chain of command pilots about current QOL grievances, do you think those career officers will be more or less likely to intervene on your behalf when you are making $100k more? Sure, it’d feel good to give some lesser ranking dude the “what for”, but I don’t have faith in many the higher ranking pilots who currently exist above them. No one should believe the current status quo will remain and an unlikely hypothetical big bonus won’t come with some strings attached. Your every concern will be met with: “That’s why you make the big bucks.’
  14. You can bet every non-pilot in the AF will have less than zero consideration for any pilot quality of life/work issues. As a matter of fact, it’s likely fair to assume they’ll feel more than justified in making you earn that kind of bonus.
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