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  1. "Awareness" Think of all the social awareness issues you and the people you know encounter in day to day life. Now count the number of specific instances where the awareness created a directly observed meaningful positive change vs. instances where someone merely perpetuated the awareness to elevate their social standing via virtue signalling. (Mike Green is definitely not pushing an agenda here, just gathering facts for history, it seems.) Not saying nothing good ever comes from touting these types of things, because maybe occasionally they do, but it's almost always overstated, and often has the opposite intended effect.
  2. Reserve select was around $220 for me, the retired reserve is almost $1100 with higher copays. It’s insane! I’d wager almost any airline plan is more reasonable. Here’s a good tool too compare tricare plans: https://tricare.mil/Costs/HealthPlanCosts/TRR
  3. #4 was reported to have mag problems. #3 as well as #4 were feathered. Fuel was not suspect. The implication being an engine may have been inadvertently shut down, but there is no way to know for sure.
  4. Exactly. You've paid more than your fair share of the bill and I've paid mine, as well as most of the people on this forum. When I read "we" should be staying continuously engaged in Syria, it seems "you" is implied. Some people are tired of being threatened with the worst possible outcome being realized if we suddenly end our 18+ year subscription to the Middle East Clusterf^&* Vacation Club. There's war when we're present, there will be war when we're absent. If Russia and Turkey want to wear that anchor around their neck for a change, good.
  5. He seems like a reasonable guy concerned about the welfare of people and families. Perhaps he could start building the refugee camp for the 3.5 million Syrian refugees Turkey is about to move back into Syria.
  6. torqued

    UFO thread

    There was an article on Drudge yesterday (not seeing it today) interviewing one of the ship based radar dudes involved in this incident and others. He says after upgrading the ships' radars with a new technology/capability, they're seeing these things often. 80K feet down to the surface in a matter of seconds and back up. At first, they thought it was a glitch in the new tech, but what they're seeing on radar is corroborated by pilots.
  7. torqued

    UFO thread

    Yeah, I know... (eyeroll). I don't believe, I don't not believe, I've never seen anything. I just don't know and don't spend much time thinking about it. However, I watched the latest JRE podcast this morning and I had never heard of this guy. If I want to hear a UFO story, I want to hear it from a pilot. Cmdr. David Fravor tells an amazing one. EDIT: This is just the first part of the podcast. The full podcast is pretty good if you have almost 2 hours.
  8. Need to watch the trial to see if he blinks Morse Code for "G-U-I-L-T-Y".
  9. Genius. Free steak dinners would certainly improve morale and productivity.
  10. Another tanker seized. We're clearly being provoked. My guess is they're hoping to trigger a political/economic crisis in the West and are willing to risk conflict to achieve it. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1178571/iran-news-iran-oil-tanker-Strait-of-Hormuz-gulf-saudi-arabia-uk-us
  11. That is a wild guess, and wildly inaccurate. As I've said, I've been visiting Prestwick Aviation for 17 years and those folks are on the up and up. Contract fuel prices are set. Lodging and perdiem rates are set. The Turnberry was only offered when it was the only accommodation available. Do you know of an alternative airport that meets all the requirements of transiting military aircraft, crew, and pax with fuel prices 50 cents less? I challenge you to find it. There's quite a bit more to RON planning than the price of fuel. If you've ever been deployed and are looking to save $25K of taxpayer money in Scotland, you're looking in the wrong place. If an FBO/hotel provides a great experience while conducting business within the government rules and government rates, how is that a hustle? That's just good business. This is no Fat Leonard, just another instance of politicians throwing shit against the White House walls hoping something sticks.
  12. Not hating, I know you're just doing you're supposed to. I'm just fatigued with leadership's fascination with and addiction to electronic data collection, be it ORM, MICT, GTIMS, PEX, ASIMS, surveys, etc, etc, etc. All so they can walk over to HQ and present it to more senior leadership in hopes of an "Attaboy!" from people who pretend to be interested in it for 30 sec during a staff meeting. Let's face facts, none of this changes anything for the flyers. We've never cancelled for an ORM score at step time, we're just told to be "extra safe."
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