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  1. Ugh. Get rid of this dude. He's clogging up the activity feed with this stupidity.
  2. Things I've learned in almost 22 years: If your rank and position can't solve a problem by making a simple request, it's not your problem to solve. If you feel someone may make you lose your composure, go to the parking lot. Get in your car. Maybe stop for beer and steaks. Go home. Maybe try again tomorrow. Maybe don't. Unless you're deployed, nothing in the AF is that important.
  3. Must be. He repeatedly shows up on my "All Activity" feed for negative vote bombing users' old posts.
  4. Haha. There's literally dozens of surveys and reports if you google anything pertaining to military spouse employment. https://www.uschamberfoundation.org/sites/default/files/Military Spouses in the Workplace.pdf
  5. You nailed it. On AD with my wife in the 2000s, we had 9 addresses in almost 10 years, and she couldn't hold much more than part time work. Leaving AD gave her the ability to start a career and it had an enormous positive impact on her state of mind and our relationship.
  6. torqued

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    I wondered that recently, too. I just looked and this is the only recent update I've been able to find. http://footstepsresearch.org/2018/12/what-we-know-hbos-masters-of-the-air/
  7. Our CC told us the same. A rescheduled drill period must be processed as if you are requesting orders. One rescheduled drill per year for pay. You can miss more than one drill, but just won't be able to reschedule them. What the hell is NGB thinking? Give traditionals a $20K/5yr bonus with one hand, then bitchslap them with the other.
  8. The others are right, I shouldn't encourage you to commit an error of omission on your paperwork. Good Luck. I hope you can pull the trigger.
  9. https://www.businessinsider.com/air-force-plan-to-revolutionize-pilot-training-2019-5?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EBB+05.07.19&utm_term=Editorial+-+Military+-+Early+Bird+Brief&fbclid=IwAR3gx6O-yrw7QphGG9TME3z3GsHqNgQ1J0FDMQ_-a9gEQuHpiBsWrpNaF7M in a nutshell: The trainer fleet is aging, funds are drying up, aircraft are prone to breaking, weather sucks, the only good range space is in the South Pacific, and pilots are leaving because they are dissatisfied and lack of sense of purpose. The answer is virtual reality flying.
  10. When you take mil leave from the airline, you still accrue seniority, sick time, vacation, company 401K contributions, avoid bad schedules, get days off that you wouldn't normally be able to get, etc. I was joking above because increasingly, none of that is worth the a$$ pain of dealing with all the dysfunction when taking mil leave anymore (for me). If you're routinely taking mil leave with the intent of not meaningfully participating, you're costing your company money and F'ing up the seniority system. Most people are legitimately serving, others are scamming.
  11. For the past while, I’ve been abusing my unit’s “Airline leave of absence policy” to improve quality of life.
  12. Any other sins you would like to document forever on Air Force bureaucratic paperwork? Ever lie, cheat, steal, jerk off to pics of your step sister? Don't be dumb. You didn't smoke weed once.
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