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  1. Vetter, Just PM'd you. This option looks interesting. Most of my buds are doing the ACSC OLMP. I've started the OLMP, and I a program that doesn't suck too much of my life away from flying and my family.
  2. Olevelo, I just PM'd you. I'm interested in any advice on networking/searching for an IMA job.
  3. Thanks for the input JS! I've been on the reserve vacancy finder on the portal looking at different opportunities. The IMA program seems like a great option to get to 20 and not have to deal with as many hassles of flying currencies, mandatory weekend fun, ancillary duties, 4-6 month AEFs, etc. I'll continue to reach out and network, I just wanted to see if anyone had any direct experience going from rated to IMA to get their 20. Cheers, A-O
  4. I'm just looking at 5.5 total more years of service as a traditional (DSG). If I can get enough points for a "good year" (~50 points) until I hit the 20 year mark that'd be fine by me. I'm a Guard Baby, so I'm not gunning for an AD retirement. I strongly prefer to stay in the DC area, and if I could have flexibility on when I perform my UTA's or IDT's that would be awesome. This may be a pipe dream, but I'm trying to see what's out there.
  5. Bump. I'm currently looking at IMA positions in the DC area, and would like to get any insight from people who have BTDT. I have 5.5 years until I hit 20 years, and the IMA route looks like a good option now. Cheers, A-O
  6. awesome-o

    FAA Medical physical ?s

    Does anybody know if there's any movement to get a military FC1 count for a FAA Class 1? FAR 61.23(b)(9) still states that the military FC1 can only be used in the U.S. in lieu of a FAA Class III. I'm just trying to save some dough here.
  7. On the topic of Skype. I'm interested in using this at Bagram. I've heard third-hand that it can be done. Is there anybody with experience using this? Feel free to PM me.
  8. awesome-o

    Corpus Christi info

    Don't move into the blue house on Cruiser and Whitecap. It's address is 15301 Cruiser St. I moved out of there mid-December and I still haven't got my deposit back. Same goes for my room mates, and the guys who lived there before. If you have any more questions feel free to PM me.
  9. awesome-o

    Little Rock info

    I'll be going to Little Rock for PIQ in a couple of weeks. I'm pretty sure I'll be living alone off base. Looking for an unfurnished place. I have heard about some lofts downtown that were popular with the students. Does anybody know where they are or have any contact info? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. While at UPT your Guard Unit is paying you, so you work with them through the Finance Office of your UPT Base. I believe my orders say "PCS with TDY Entitlements". Here's a good site for various PCS entitlements http://usmilitary.about.com/od/travelpay/a...ntitlements.htm. I'm currently working on getting pay for DLA and DITY, I'll let you know how it works out. My advice is to get to your base reasonably early so that you can get this squared away without gettin too "wrapped around the axle".