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  1. Per the Luke WG/CC, ENJJPT class 17-01 will be the first to drop at least one JSF. First B-Course starts Nov 2017 and will be roughly 8 months long.
  2. F-15C AWACS (requested) F-16T-38C FAIPF-16T-38AF-16A-10 ANGF-15EA-10 ADF-16B-52F-15C ANG The NATO dudes had a smattering of Euro Fighters, Vipers, and a KT-1C
  3. IIRC OTS will hold a board at some point while you're there for those who wish to attend ENJJPT. May have changed in the last 5 years though.
  4. You'll get an automated email from AFPC letting you know an assignment has been loaded and requiring you to log in and complete the initial assignment briefing. There you will find your RNLTD and projected departure date. You can also request a change to the PDD. The other place you can look to find clues as to your assignment is the career data brief in vmpf. Look in the top block for AAN, or Assignment Action Number. If there is one, you have an assignment, if not, be patient. You may also see a code in that block; I.e. Code 20 is present for duty. There are others but the one you should look for says something to the effect of projected inter-command assignment. Also look under projected training towards the bottom in the right side. There will be a list of courses that you have been allocated a slot against. Again, if there is one, you've been assigned to a class, if not, be patient. You should already have something there for MFS if it is required.
  5. Got the CSB email today and would like some inputs. 10 year prior E, just put on Capt and currently a CSO. Plan has always been to make it to at least 20 and retire. I also just dropped my AD UPT board application. Best case scenario, I get picked up, incur the 10 year ADSC starting sometime in 2016 which takes me to 2026, totaling 26 years TIS. With the High-3/50% plan, you accrue 2.5% for every year over 20 and with the High-3/40% you accrue 3.5% for every year over 20. So if I took the 50%, best case scenario, I retire with 75%. With the 40% retirement, it would be 61%. Since math in public is hard, a difference of 4%.....again, best case scenario. I'm in no way assuming I'll be picked up for UPT, so worst case, I don't get picked up, serve out my 20 as a CSO and punch. That would leave me with the retirement as advertised, either 40% or 50% depending what I decide on. It should be noted that I'm headed back to the shit soon so should I decide to take the $30K, I would hope to do it while deployed and making tax free. Thoughts?
  6. It's on MyPers (CAC req'd). Search for PSDM 14-92, 2015 UFT Selection Board Message. Applications w/ waivers/ETPs due 31 Oct 14, w/o waivers/ETPs due 26 Nov 14. Board dates are 20-23 Jan. Cheers.
  7. I'd say the app is worth the $5. Got it a few months ago....downside is I'm pretty sure the content is not available when accessing it from an overseas IP address. Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with it.
  8. I have a feeling that your local Exchange won't be carrying this book any time soon. Just like they did with Four Loco and any halfway decent porn.
  9. Forgot to add...yes, you will get stuck paying the difference for being over the 20 metric tons. I think mine was just over $200. You can either pay it on the spot or have them take it out of your next paycheck. Lemon lot on Ramstein is pretty decent. You can usually find mid 90s BMWs for reasonable prices.
  10. FWIW I had my 2007 Dodge Ram Quad Cab in Ramstein for 2 years. Yeah it was bigger than most other vehicles on the road but I don't regret bringing it one bitte. The worst part was that awesome moment when people need something moved or picked up at a store and they realize you have a truck. The other thing to think about is the fuel ration. I think mine was 300 liters a month. The only time I came close to that was when family was in town and we drove all over that country. Also, full size American trucks are a rarity in Europe so don't be surprised if locals make you offers for it while you're out and about. As for sticking out as an American, K-Town is the largest concentration o Americans outside of the 50 states. You're going to stick out everywhere else you go regardless of what you drive. And if you're that concerned about it, head over to Sixt at the KMCC and rent a BMW for the weekend. Tchuss....
  11. Saw this on the Chive today and wanted to get the story out there. Taylor Morris is an EOD tech who is one of only a few quadruple amputee survivors after stepping on an undetected mine. Chive set up a donation fund to help him with the down payment for a cabin when he gets out of the hospital. Original goal was $30K and has now passed $100K. Talk of paying for the whole damn cabin is the latest. Story and link for donation here: http://thechive.com/2012/05/31/chivers-this-is-the-story-of-taylor-morris-22-photos/
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