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  1. I think it’s starting to happen earlier in the first ops assignment than we’d like to admit, at least among my peers. We see that most older guys are set on getting out and naturally less involved in the squadron than they would be otherwise. This pushes more work/burnout on the younger guys which only exacerbates the issue. I would estimate that 60-75% of the JrCGOs are planning on the airlines at the end of their commitment, given a similar hiring environment.
  2. I didn’t put FAIP high and I’m glad I didn’t get it, but I think anyone who gives 10 good years to the Cause is one of the good guys even if he isn’t a spec ops fighter pilot. All of us choose our assignments on differing criteria, and being good officer/pilot/powepoint god while maitaining a cognizance of outside opportunities are surely not mutually exclusive. But then again, as an FNG, my millennial might be showing.
  3. 1806 at CBM definitely has MQ1 and RQ4 on its dream sheet on the T1 side (along with a B52). Only saw the list in passing, so maybe there is a deeper story but it wouldn't surprise me for AFPC to say one thing and do another or for someone to get inexplicably screwed due to poor timing.
  4. CBM 17-15 Drop T-38 F22 T6 F16 NJ Guard 2x International F15 and Typhoon T-1 AD KC135 McConnell U28 Cannon Mc130 Cannon C130 Little Rock C130 Yokota C5 Travis 2x Kc10 McGuire & Travis C17 Charleston T6 UH-60 International T1 Guard and Reserve C130 Maxwell Kc135 Niagra Falls, Pittsburg, Topeka C17 Jackson
  5. KCBM 17-15 Track Select: 6- T38 (1 Guard 3 International 2 AD) 16- T1s 0 Helos
  6. My uncle owns/runs Shewee. He sent me 100 copies of the "Shewee Plus" as a practical joke. Of course the first female patron to my humble abode came across my newfound collection. That took some explaining.
  7. Wow that's an impressive image. Im glad both pilots made it back safe.
  8. I never heard back from the 190th at all either. Glad I am not the only one. Congrats on the selection for an interview!
  9. Whiskey Driver: Age 22 AFOQT: 81 65 94 90 90 PCSM: 86 Hours: 600, 0 Turbine with a Commercial Single Engine Land B.A. Business Management University of Kentucky 3.88 GPA
  10. Me too. If there is anybody on here who got an interview I would be intrested to hear your quals to get a better idea what they were looking for.
  11. The 123rd is pretty awesome. But being forced to be that much closer to Rick Pitino and crew on a regular basis kinda spoils it for me. UK guy here
  12. Yes I got to talk to the ops commander when I was up there and he said that being from the local area was something he focused on. Which is a shame because I am from Kentucky. Decidedly not close to SD.
  13. Also got the no-go from the 114th so I'd be equally interested in hearing from the selects. I went up to visit the squadron and they have an awesome facility and the guys were great to talk to. Oh well, on to the next one gentlemen.
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