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  1. This might help: https://bogidope.com/article/flying-opportunities-air-force-reserve
  2. I'd recommend the following: Knowing all your ground info before you start your training. You can use the FAA PHAK as a free source Flying as often as possible (5+ times a week if you can) Some (most?) FBO's will give you ~5-10% discount if you prepay Good luck!
  3. Investigation Update Of note, the report initially said the following: and was changed to:
  4. donkey

    Gun Talk

    I don't have any experience with Stealthgear/Aliengear, but look at a Vedder LightTuck, I really like mine (have multiple) and everyone else seems to only have great things to say about them.
  5. @Patrick_Krueger This thread has some contact info. BogiDope also shows the squadrons phone number. Hope this helps!
  6. Anyone know if Fresno has sent out invites? I would assume so if they're sticking with the March 3rd interview date.
  7. @OnlyInCleveland Hey, appreciate the perspective and kind words. I think the best course of action at this point is to study for a retake while I wait to get word back from a few more units. At that point I can re-evaluate whether to push forward with the retake or not. Yeah, I'll definitely be/am banking on the "older, but experienced" pitch. If you find a time machine though, let me know!
  8. @n730 Hey, thanks for the reply. Yeah, unfortunately my age most likely is playing a big role. Only received the generic feedback that was a part of the mass rejection email: increase scores, hours, community involvement, improve LOR's - that kind of stuff. Understandable, they don't have the time to reply to everyone, and that all applies to me anyway. I'm already studying for a AFOQT retake. The way I look at it, if I'm not confident I can study well and ace a retake, how can I prove to a board I can handle all the studying that's a part of UPT and squadron life? Especially since I
  9. Hey all, Looks like I missed the cut on getting an interview with Oregon. So, I figured it's time to post one of these to try and get a better idea of my weaknesses and areas I can improve on. Of all the upcoming (fighter) boards this year, I figured this was one of my better shots of at least getting an interview, so looks like I have a lot of work to do. Any feedback is much appreciated! Scores AFOQT: 98 / 76 / 82 / 65 / 90 PCSM: 98 (will max once I reach 61 hours) Flight Experience PPL (49.5 hours total / earned at 40) FAA 1st Class Medical; No Li
  10. And in the wise words of Rainman, "never talk to the media!"
  11. @SocialD Appreciate the advice, and I definitely agree with you on following each and every instruction no matter how small. I was planning on following the advice of one of the posters further up: simple (nice) folder and paperclip, no fancy binding (assuming direction from the posting or POC doesn't specify) such that it's easy to take out, thumb through, and make copies. I just wasn't sure about the paper situation but seems like keeping it simple and uniform is the way to go. Much appreciated!
  12. Hey all, For hard copy applications, should I use the nice printer paper for the whole application, or am I over thinking it and just use the nice stuff for the cover letter/resume? I have a bunch of the nice stuff but not sure if I should overuse it. Thanks!
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