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  1. donkey

    Upcoming Boards

    Oregon: 1) The 123rd at Portland just hosted two meet and greets on their drill weekends this past November and December. Awesome group of guys in a great location. I'm not sure if they are holding anymore, the emails that were sent out only mentioned those two events. Hit up the POC listed on their wing website or Bogidope, he's a good dude who will try to work with you though. The 114th in Klamath Falls I believe also allows visits, I'm reaching out right now. They might be a little more flexible since they're obviously more remote. From what I've been looking at (briefly), expect some odd flight times into Medford and then a 1.5 hour drive into Klamath. 2) Last I heard was 3 for the 123rd and 2 for the 114th!!! 3) I didn't get the impression Portland only hired within but now that I think about it I never specifically asked hah. Either way, there was a bunch of us civilian wannabe's rushing both months. Hope that helps. Oh and Massachusetts is having a meet and greet March 1 open to all applicants and the 122nd out of LA is having a board sometime in the near future, if you want to visit contact the POC listed in this thread.
  2. donkey

    Upcoming Boards

    I would think it means you're super close to getting hired. Better than getting a straight up no or not getting an interview. Are you asking for feedback after your interviews? What are squadrons telling you?
  3. donkey

    T38 Down @ KDLF

  4. Hi All, Figured I'd share my TBAS simulator (airplane and horizontal tracking) with all of you because it's been pretty helpful for me. Hopefully you all find it just as useful as I've found the flash cards, etc. The main game window looks like this: Download Link: Here Included is everything you need to simply play it as well as edit it to your liking. Use 7-zip to decompress the zip file. I'm currently using a simple thrustmaster joystick and thrustmaster rudder pedals. These both work as needed and were relatively cheap. Full disclosure, I haven't taken the TBAS yet. This is based on readily available info from big blue so this may or may not be an exact match to the actual test but it should hopefully be close enough. Just spend 6-9 minutes a night for a few nights before your test and it should help you all out. Thanks.
  5. Hey, I visited the 123d last week and am going back in December as well. Awesome group of dudes! As I'm sure you know, your AFOQT scores are pretty kick ass. The current PCSM is a bit low, but that seems to be more because of low flight hours. Your 201+ score is good at 90+ so they may look at that. I'd definitely recommend trying to knock out your PPL if you can before you submit apps, most posts around here seem to imply that it's a nice box to have checked for fighter squadrons. The good thing is that the 123d Sq/CC said they'd be willing to work waivers for the right person, and that included age waivers, so you're definitely not 100% out due to that. Kick ass and be a good dude as see what happens! One last thing to look into is BogiDope for their packet review and/or interview prep. I know it's $$ but everyone says they're well worth it. Good luck!
  6. donkey

    Upcoming Boards

    I have nothing constructive to add other than we're on page 69. Nice.
  7. Based on your comment in the other thread, what answer were they looking for on 5 lol, that you'd chain yourself to the guard gate until they gave you a slot?
  8. donkey

    Upcoming Boards

    I believe so. They should be having another if December if you're interested - shoot the POC a email to be put on the mailing list (check the 142 FW website for the POC's contact info).
  9. donkey

    Upcoming Boards

    Anyone headed out to the 123d for Oregon's meet & greet this weekend? I'd offer to grab a beer tonight but unfortunately my plane gets in super late.
  10. donkey

    AFOQT details

    Splash, with your quals you've probably got a pretty good baseline. Maybe try the FAA's PHAK for a general refresher: https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/phak/
  11. Congrats man! I've heard a lot of great things about bogidope's interview prep services, you may want to look into that if you have the spare cash. Never hurts to be as prepared as possible!
  12. donkey

    How important is visiting units?

    Makes sense. Guess I'll take it one step at a time and hope the first visit goes good. Thanks for the info!