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  1. donkey

    How important is visiting units?

    Makes sense. Guess I'll take it one step at a time and hope the first visit goes good. Thanks for the info!
  2. donkey

    How important is visiting units?

    @EvilEagle (and others), Is there such a thing as rushing to much? Oregon is having a board in 5-6 months, and I plan on contacting the POC pretty soon to get some gouge, but figured I'd ask here anyway. I want to get out there and get to know people but definitely don't want to be a burden/ass-kisser. Would something like visiting now, in Jan, and a meet and greet be to much/to little? What do you like to see over your way? Thanks! 🍺
  3. Thanks for sharing and interesting that you were getting push back at 27/28. Either way, sounds like you’ve got things figured out!
  4. Mind if I ask how old you are? Either way, good luck with your future boards!
  5. Hi All, Hopefully this is different enough to warrant not being a side discussion in the "what's wrong with the AF" thread. Obviously there's a decent percentage of Majors punching out due to reasons that have been adequately covered, but I was curious how long it takes new studs/Lt's to become disillusioned and want to get out as well. There's probably a decent spread, but does it seem like most become fed up towards the last few years or is it trending towards less and less time in? Does it seem like more and more pilots are becoming fed up with the fuck fuck games/general fuckery during/around their first ops tour? UPT/first ops seems likes some of the best years, but I don't know. On a related note, and probably more applicable towards OTS studs as opposed to AFA/ROTC, but are most people coming in still starry eyed or do most have at least some semblance of the issues plaguing the AF (ref. "what's wrong with the AF" thread). Appreciate the insight!
  6. donkey

    General Lori Robinson

    Found him.
  7. Heard through the grapevine:
  8. donkey

    Internet slow lane

    Did somebody say Comcast? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMcny_pixDw
  9. All boards, both Rated and Non-Rated, are currently suspended until further notice. The general consensus seems to be that boards will open up again sometime in FY 15 (sooner rather than later in the FY), but no one really knows for sure and it could take some time for the AF to 'figure things out'. I suggest you join us over at OTSportal.com (if you haven't already) while we all wait for an update to be announced (we have burgers and cold beer!).
  10. donkey

    AFOQT details

    This. But to specifically answer your question, the Pilot composite score is comprised of the following sub-sections: Arithmetic Reasoning Math Knowledge Instrument Comprehension Table Reading Aviation Information Source Good luck.
  11. donkey

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Saw this gem while browsing the AF recruiting facebook. You heard the lady, I don't know what you guys are bitching about.
  12. donkey

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Breaking the news that matters.