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  1. Saw a documentary on these things back in the mid-80s.
  2. This. For those who lament the fact that AF management (and your elected politicians) don’t care about the impact of a pilot retention crisis on national security and the likely potential for an increase in deaths/mishaps... well, it’s because they really don’t care. We won’t lose wars against near-peers because we won’t get into them, just approach them enough to scare folks into more spending. That’s by design. If a few dozen pilots mort because of abbreviated/inadequate training, well, America at large doesn’t care. It’s not about winning wars or providing national security, at least not as the primary goal. You’re but a peon in the massive jobs program that is the Defense Industrial Complex, too big to fail. As others have said... once you understand that the purpose of the Department of Defense is to spend taxpayer money, everything starts to make sense. Life is far, far better with active duty AF in the rear view mirror.
  3. Yikes. Reading this thread (amongst others) makes me really glad I went to Cat B IMA.
  4. Same reason the US is still in Afghanistan, with no end state in mind and zero incentive to ever win. ForeverWar feeds the jobs program that is the Defense Industrial Complex. As another poster pointed out- once you realize the purpose of the DoD is to spend taxpayer money, everything starts to make sense.
  5. You won’t be getting a “white jet to Tampa”. They won’t exist after next summer.
  6. There’s a form to fill out, 1881 I think. You just need to cite the applicable regulation and paragraph designating that area as CZTE, and then explain in plain English what you did. Retroactive should be ok... it usually took my finance several months to process, but they were used to processing the 1881s. We usually attached something as proof, like CED orders, flight orders, 781s, DTS voucher, etc. Not sure how it works going back years though. YMMV.
  7. You’re missing the point. It’s not about efficient use of taxpayer money. It’s about feeding the beast that is the Defense Industrial Complex. It’s not about winning wars, it’s a jobs program... too big to fail.
  8. Speak for yourself. I was smart enough to recognize how incredibly fucked up and toxic active duty is while a casual LT awaiting UPT over a decade ago. Perhaps it’s more of a challenge to do so for the brainwashed masses leaving USAFA.
  9. None of the bonus is “worth it”, in terms of an incentive to stay on active duty longer than you otherwise would have, with money being the motivating factor. It’s certainly free money for those who were going to stay anyway, though. The only reason it doesn’t go lower, or go away, is so that management can point to the low take rates in a couple years to help justify their request for stop loss.
  10. That’s intentional and by design. The defense industrial complex at its finest- too big to fail.
  11. The big gamechanger will be when they change the AD retirement so that you start to collect at age 60, matching an ARC retirement. It’s coming. Hopefully we will be “grandfathered” in.
  12. Agree with most of what you said, but I don’t think changing the 1500 hour rule will be as easy as AF management thinks, nor would it “shut the flood gates” for hiring at the majors. It would make it way easier for the regionals to hire civilian pilots at subpar wages and benefits, prolonging that failing business model for a while. Being able to adequately staff the regionals might result in less regional flying brought to mainline, but Delta (CS100 and 717), for example, has already brought quite a bit of regional flying in house. Doesn’t even come close to hiring for the staggering number of retirements at the majors. They’ll still hire a ton of mil pilots, whether the AF likes it or not. I too don’t think AF managers are stupid... nor would I call them “shrewd”. I think they’re piss-poor at management, and basically are incompetent at effectively running a large organization. They certainly aren’t “leaders”, despite referring to themselves as such. I do agree that they simply don’t care. I know the pro-management frauds on this board would have you believe otherwise, but the AF really doesn’t get their management right most of the time.
  13. Heard that you can get out of TAPS if you have proof of employment following AD- even had a friend get hired by a regional and use that to get out of it. What about the fact that you’ve got a reserve job by virtue of the Palace Chase? Good enough to skip this BS?
  14. Perhaps Liquid had it deleted. I’m sure the workload from giving all those no-notice ground evals for folks talking about the airlines at work was just too much. The APC forums are a far better resource anyway.
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