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  1. Actually: "Let No Man Pull You So Low As To Hate Him" MLK Let's not let Him do that to us guys...I don't want to be/become like Him. Had not proof read...sorry
  2. "Let No Man Pull So Low So Low As To Hate Him"
  3. Looking back 50 years ago it was a pretty tumultuous time....the war....race riots...etc...hard being in the Service... In my opinion, pretty devastating to many friends and families... However, We (as a country) will get through this... BUT DON'T let these times destroy our Family & Friends Friendships!! Check Six...back to my beer!
  4. Firstly, I agree on no longer seeing the need to an actual touchdown and rollout. With that said, did many in the F4 and loved the challenge and experience. Later taught them In UPT and also enjoyed it. However, later when in the ANG, my F-101 Squadron, and another state's ANG, both lost two crews doing formation takeoffs within 2 years... made me rethink the need on both doing takeoffs and landings. Good discussion on the merits. Back to my wine....
  5. That's a Shack Huggy...
  6. Getting old isn’t for Sissys (Oh S—t, I’m again not PC). Wife and I had dinner a few nights ago with a good friend, 87, (retired 2 Star GO) that flew everything. FAC’d and Huns in several Tours....Anyway, he’s in great shape but expressed his concern about being in the Death Zone because of his age. Ended the evening toasting to the friends and the fun we had....
  7. HU&W, I come from a different PC (not) Community.....and the Quote, wasn't a Quote, but radio chatter where a statement was being made to the intensity of being/going Downtown and words were something akin to "shut up and die like a Naval aviator". Told the story of this Thud but finally found a pic...
  8. For us oldies (Death Zone Corona Virus Types), might just be like the 1968 DNC Convention in Chicago....
  9. Where did we go from "Shut the F Up and Die Like an Aviator"? And I'm in the Death Zone for my Age!
  10. Sorry bad link....just Google Countries that have some form of a physical hinderence from illegal entry. 77 at last count according to many sources.....
  11. Didn’t realize so many “Barriers, Walls, Fences” in the world. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2018/05/24/border-walls-berlin-wall-donald-trump-wall/553250002/
  12. Humor me younguns, I’m in Portugal enjoying my time left and wine. With that being said, despite differences I see posted, I believe we are all wanting the best for OUR country. Many a time (1969-1972) I recall acrimonious verbal volleyball about the whys? Still we focused on Mutual Support every day. Appreciate differences of opinions, but Check each other’s 6, as we are all, or have been in the game.
  13. SHFP

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    Since probably 90% of Baseops wasn't born yet/then,...humor me....I actually look forward to seeing "First Man", despite the Hollywood spin. I vividly recall watching the landing as a Cadet. The Vietnam war was pretty much in full s..t, and we were all looking forward to getting into the game. Little did we know back then...but that's another story...However, we were beating the DRPCBs to the moon. I have had the honor of meeting both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Once as a cadet, and later flying Neil and his wife to Athens in a MD-11. Anyway, sadly we are again in a s..t show, but it was far worse in the late 60s and early 70s and we will get through this.
  14. Love this Fur Ball....keep it up for me....makes getting old easier....back to my wine.
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