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  1. Absolutely, include all of the training. There is definitely a perception now that the desire to push dudes through AETC to units could be a contributing factor in these incidents. Heartbreaking 🥃
  2. Trying to character assassinate an anonymous person on the internet when you have no idea what they do seems risky, but I’ll allow it. My point is that you can’t just say “deranged ... Marxism” or “socialism” and have everyone clap. If you want to engage on effects of specific policies, I’d be happy to talk. For example, I’m not fond of socialism as a whole system of governance. But I feel like if I told you that I believe that top bracket marginal tax rates should be doubled from 37% because I think that the system in its current incarnation isn’t working as intended, you would call me a socialist. Even though we had 70-91% tax rates from 1950-1980, one of the greatest economic growth periods in US history. The word is meaningless in discourse because it’s thrown around at everything that is even remotely progressive.
  3. @Erthwerm Don’t feel like you can’t have different opinions, and you don’t have to justify your cred before posting. On the Internet, we’re all the same and I personally wish more discourse about things like this happened here and in real life. People nowadays are too damn polarizing trying to win arguments just throwing out words like “tyranny” and “Marxism.”
  4. Baseops, like most military social circles, is an echo chamber of people who have never had their views confronted. You ever sit back and just let the irony that you all live and work in a socialist paradise wash over you? Once you're in, your job is secure (you face no chance of an immediate layoff, and the VAST majority of people can make it to 20-40 years if they want to), your healthcare is paid for, you get an affordable housing allowance based on your status in the system (oh and it changes based on where you are in America), you have a perception that budget doesn't matter (who cares how much that FHP or those TVs costs, just fly it and buy it so we get more money next year), you get basically guaranteed promotions that are based more on timing than on merit, you're handed a ridiculous retirement package that requires no self-involvement or contributions, the worst workers are paid the same as the best, you get paid when a pandemic causes you not to work at all for weeks, you get regular wage increases that keep up with or exceed inflation, you have 30 days of paid leave a year. The military organization keeps hundreds of thousands of people on payroll (in a money bleeding way) just in case they need them, paying them way more than the value we get out of them (the vast majority of the military is a self-licking ice cream cone when we aren't at real war). The military system is the antithesis to self-reliance, meritocracy, accountability, ROI, or profitability. But it sure is nice to be in it right now when the system out there isn't taking care of people.
  5. Was that video a bait? Did you actually watch it?
  6. Yeah, I personally know multiple fighter pilots who have turned with other nations’ aircraft in the last decade. Way more than I ever expected. Thats what happens when the ROE is basically “you stay on this side of the river/point/airfield, they will stay over there. Except sometimes they won’t. But don’t let them not. But don’t do anything about it if they do. Got it??”
  7. No, they really are being organized by one small group. I get that they may capture the beliefs of a portion of America, but it doesn’t change the fact that this didn’t start organically.
  8. I don’t disagree with you but forced quarantine of health individuals has never been constitutionally debated as far as I know. That’s the weird thing about a disease that spreads asymptomatically.
  9. I hate this convo. There is seemingly no move to win. And there isn't even a move to not play. At least we will always have our cush gubment jerbs... Right?
  10. Also relatively easy fix, mask everything but the most recent 3-4 years or so.
  11. Yeah I can sort of see the argument. But in my mind it’s a zero sum solution - money all comes from the same proverbial pot in the end. Would 10k extra for guard/reservists be a better investment for America/the big AF than 10k for active duty pilots? What does the AF need more? With all the new perceived benefits that already exist from being in the guard/reserves, I feel like this would just be more of an incentive to leave active duty. I know for me personally this would only make me want to join the guard more. Unpopular opinion maybe, but we already know that AD can’t compete with stability or homesteading that exists with the guard. If AD offered better pay, maybe that would entice people to stay. Make AD bonuses 45-50k. Currently, the only thing AD beats the guard on is 2BPZ promotions if you are one of the chosen ones. I say this as someone who is definitely joining the guard for family reasons, regardless of money.
  12. Real question. Why should a part timer get the same bonus as someone on AD? Or is this just arguing for rate (pay/day) to be the same?
  13. I recognize your points, but this rhetoric is just the same thing. Only highlighting positive things while whitewashing anything that could be argued to be divisive, illegal, stupid, or ignorant only contributes to this partisanship. I saw a stat that like 85% of Democrats support impeachment and 87% of republicans don’t. The Russians disinformation campaign via Facebook and news outlets to throw us against one another seems to be going swimmingly.
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