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  1. Splash95

    Increasing SUPT Commitment

    This is satire, right? (check the last sentence)
  2. Splash95

    Age waivers?

    Also I've personally gotten encouragement in my efforts toward UPT at age 35. Depends a lot on the unit.
  3. Splash95

    B-1 (Bone) questions

    You guys are both right in some respects. As of just a few years ago, the hubris is quite well. I knew gunships would be a rough fit when I got orders there (rock bottom on my dream sheet) and frankly struggled throughout much of my 3 years in the assignment. So I'm likely as far away from a knee-jerk gunship apologist as anyone who spent significant time in the community would be. That said, I don't recall any occasion where we did not have SIGNIFICANTLY better SA than everyone else, despite being saddled with equipment as ostensibly aged and inadequate as we had. Mark1 isn't a very popular figure on the board right now, but his points about the USE of the equipment on the gunship vs newer/fancier installations is spot on. Without knowing much detail on AC-J development, I'd hope and expect that it's a marriage of newer tech, similarly rigorous training, and maybe a moderation of the overarching "we're awesome, everyone else sucks" mentality. Cheers
  4. Splash95

    New BAH rates are out.

    Right, I think most of us single guys realize that deployments are tougher on those with wives and/or kids. That's why I and, in my experience, many bachelors try to raise our hands first for trips to the sandbox (as well as stuff like alert weekends, super late or early shows and "bad deal" TDYs). It's a reasonable give and take.
  5. @HookEmAll Similar situation; DSG on orders (deployed) and have been getting all kinds of random, token LES amounts in the past month. Word on the street is they are starting/attempting to fix the glitch for us.
  6. Splash95

    Age Waivers

    @PlanePhlyer and @gthsd87, PMs sent.
  7. Splash95

    AC-130 AFSOC Questions

    Euro: Correct, EC's use CANS rather than SCNS. It was pretty weird to get immersed in SCNS during the FTU and then learn a completely different system once I got to D-M. Chicken: I would assume sh1tting on 551st students (and, before the 551st, 19th students) for any number of valid or not-so-valid reasons has been part of the gunship culture for many years. Maybe now that Spectre is retired and many of the current cadre "grew up" in the W, that has changed a bit; or maybe not.
  8. Splash95

    Shhhh...Don't talk about the A-10

    That link doesn't work either.
  9. Splash95

    AC-130 AFSOC Questions

    Fair enough. I only took part in the Cannon side of the community apart from a TDY or two to the promised land of HRT. In my experience, the standards were VERY high, many crew members (as you mentioned) either washed out of IQT/got Q3'd soon after/got quietly shuffled out of the community, and I didn't get any sense of an acceptance of lesser quality in comparison to the Florida days of yore. Still, my perspective is admittedly limited. In regards to the broader topic of this thread, gunships will likely be at Cannon for a long time to come, but I believe those who operate them will continue to be well-trained and professional regardless. Also, for what it's worth, I deployed less often in the AC than I did in my previous non-AFSOC platform.
  10. Splash95

    AC-130 AFSOC Questions

    Have you operated gunships out of both Hurby and Cannon, or otherwise what's the basis for that statement?
  11. Splash95

    Palace Chase info

    Posting here since I can't find a dedicated health care/insurance thread: Is Tricare Reserve Select generally the way to go for ANG members? Background: O-3, unmarried/no kids, good health, PCing in a few weeks. Much appreciated.
  12. Splash95

    Palace Chase info

    I just asked the TAMP question as well, and my AD MPF told me they couldn't even answer the question until they "ran" my ID at my final-out; they said they could run it right then, but that would make my ID stop functioning. I've also read here that I definitely get TAMP although the MPF will tell me I don't. Any authoritative source for that? On a somewhat related note, do I get 5 years of free VA health care since I've been deployed, or am I reading that provision wrong? Thanks for the help.
  13. Splash95

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Sq/CC stated today in a CC call that AADs are now masked until the O-6 board. Or (for the cynics) until the next CSAF takes over...
  14. Splash95

    Palace Chase info

    Approved. 2007 12S, <1 yr ADSC left, FY14 PC with position number. Welcoming the return of that feeling of excitement and possibility that has accompanied all but one PCS/extended TDY of my career.