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  1. Nearing 14 years in the AF/ANG. Haven't witnessed or directly heard about (within assigned unit) a single instance of racism, white supremacy or anything of the like.
  2. I'm at Vance and had heard literally nothing until an Enoid friend mentioned it 10 minutes ago...
  3. 100% agreed. So many sheeple just let it happen; including me, admittedly, not only being military but currently having an opportunity that could get snatched away very quickly, my efforts to push back on the madness have been modest at best. What was that quote from one of the founding fathers about those who desire security over liberty?
  4. Current 2.5 student. Can verify the frequency of stress and helmet fires.
  5. Thoughts on big tech (trying to) cancel Parler? https://www.foxbusiness.com/technology/parler-app-store-number-1-google-suspension https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/amazon-suspends-hosting-parler-its-servers-citing-violent-content-n1253648
  6. I could believe that. The USAF alone has recorded nearly 14,000 cases, although zero airmen have died from it. https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2184415/air-force-update-for-covid-19/
  7. A few weeks into 2.5 at KEND if anyone has questions, granted I'm a know-nothing student. Can confirm in generality that T-6 direct is/will soon be a thing.
  8. 37, single, no kids, 6 years ANG as a Nav and now student pilot. While many of the unit's new hires (even those much younger than I) are married with kids, I don't think my lack thereof is seen as particularly strange or stigmatizing. YMMV.
  9. Lol, AFSOC has tried to claim it's better than Hurby? That's rich. I spent 3 years there (Palace Chased to avoid spending indefinitely longer), left 6 years ago and haven't missed it since.
  10. Isolated in Enid and not up for studying 15 hours a day so why not update the timeline here: [Ex-AD, ANG Nav seeking Pilot slot with home unit. O-4, 37 with 12 years TFSC, needed ETP approved by NGB/A1 and AF/A1P. Have PPL.] Board: March 2018 <- canxed, pilots overmanned Board: April 2019 Hired, pending ETP approval: April 2019 FC1 Scheduled: May 2019 FC1: July 2019 (soonest available after finishing IN school) ETP submitted: July 2019 FC1 stamped, ETP updated: August 2019 ETP approved: 26 December 2019 Deployed: May-July 2020 (planned), he
  11. The guard. Granted, I posted without knowing exactly what those dudes did and I'm not up to speed on all the latest AD guidelines. Booted from WIC for leaving the local area on a weekend just seemed like an extreme consequence.
  12. One more piece of confirmation that people have officially lost their minds.
  13. Hello all, I'm headed to Vance for UPT soon and considering housing options. I recently had a guy tell me that O-3s and above cannot be forced to live in the dorms. He, a single O-3, was assigned a house (to himself...?!) on base and seemed to like it. Can anyone corroborate his statement? I've also had a couple recommend that I (single O-4) live in the dorms anyway to foster class cohesiveness. I'm not stoked on that idea but haven't ruled anything out. I've gotten recommendations for the Esplanade apartments off base as well, though looking on my own, the Edgewood Arms is closer and gets dec
  14. AFI 36-2105 is your friend. To my knowledge there's no "age waiver" per se; you'll have to request an Exception to Policy (ETP) if above the age limit. Reference chapters 3 and 5 of that reg. I'm fairly familiar with the ETP process as I successfully worked my way through it last year. You're welcome to PM me if you have questions.
  15. @Jetpower, who informed you about Banzai flight and how soon do you start class? Looking to gather any info I can about UPT at KEND as I have a slot in the class starting 15 July, so others are welcome to chime in here or PM. Thanks!
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