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  1. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    The easy answer is most European countries simply don’t care much about A/G and are clutching the Cold War A/A emphasis mentality. Most would be shocked at how poor the A/G capes are across the board. French and brits are the best but still lag us. Most would be shocked at many of our other allies in the A/G spectrum. Sad part is they don’t know how low their capes are because they are a solid 30 years behind in some areas. All they know of CAS is OEF so imagine how they think of it as a mission. CSAR...non existent. But they think they know what’s going on..on paper at least and that’s what matters.
  2. The new airline thread

    Yep, a month ago first year pay sooooked at $56 per hour...up to $86 even out pacing Delta. Even regionals are up to $40 first year with bonuses which is still bad but up 30% or so. Just pointing out that the Airlines are recognizing a need and paying for it. USAF, well, that’d be unfair to non-rated. Rumor has it the big airlines are about to increase further.
  3. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    The problem with anything Europe is that the bureaucracy/joint work just drags the entire process down. Let’s take the EF. Terrific airframe / power plant per as designed in mid 80’s to be a Cold War dogfighter. Delays delays delays, cost overruns and more delays.....here we are in 2017 with a fighter that is awesome....for 1997 A/A. Power/maneuvering.....terrific. Radar...Captor billed as the worlds most advanced mech scan radar....awesome for 30 years ago. Captor-E Aesa...great, but not funded and years behind so we’ll see when it gets installed. Tranche 3 Eurofighters are rolling off the line at about $110 million per copy. Luckily most decent allies have gotten theirs and the F-35 is stepping in. Only people ordering them now are the Arabs. Austria is returning theirs and suing. Europe produces/buys military jets to create jobs. That’s the focus, not actual capability. Luckily they learned their lesson and allies who missed out in the F-16 in favor of the EF2K are buying F-35’s. I’m loving the EF guys who hate the fact that they are being pushed into A/G multi role, are getting destroyed by the fatter, slower and less maneuverable F-35 in the A/A arena.
  4. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Never EVER ever join a European program....look at the Eurofighter and Gripen. Europe couldn’t produce a F-22 equivalent today. Their EF’s still roll off the line with mech scan radars. Let’s just get ready for 6th gen.
  5. KC-46A Info

    The Italians are flying KC-767’s in OIR...how different is the kc-46? Seems like a std govt shitshow.
  6. The new airline thread

    “2”...I was just getting ready to post that my preferred post af-career airline just upped their pay scale significantly.
  7. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    I’m not an Academy grad but what “if” the academy became a place that groomed pilots. I’m talking 69%+ get an aviation sciences major, full up flight education like an Embry riddle flight program for the military. Why are we giving free education to history majors who want to be finance officers?
  8. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    I enjoyed the read but realistically I’m just wondering if you are going to get the train moving to modernize EM in 2017. It seems by the F-35 that our focus isn’t on fighter EM. Has there been a A/A fight since Vietnam where EM has been the deciding factor? Not trying to take away from your work. I’m just trying to picture a B-1 crew applying the concept vs telling them what seems obvious....if you are in front of escort and an A/A threat pops up...run. 1964 EM in fighters was everything but today a highly capable EM fighter can be easily defeated by better technology which is where our focus has been. Let’s say hypothetical an F-35 vs a Eurofighter.
  9. Jeremiah Weed

    I think they offer a lower proof for sale in states where hi proof is illegal. I saw a 90 proof in a square bottle
  10. Future T-38 replacement?

    Well there are foreign IFF students who do BFM plus Avionics simulated TI plus simulated TGP work all while dropping bdu’s. I’ve gotten to work with them. It’s sad that the worlds greatest military is behind in training techniques and hardware due to bureaucracy and egos. I’m NOT suggesting we do away with CZ BFM etc. just saying it can be done better because I’m seeing it.
  11. Future T-38 replacement?

    Easy there Nancy, not knocking A/A so don’t get your feelings hurt by a few jokes about gun kills on blimps and drones. I think it’s time our IFF updates from a 50+ year old jet and acknowledges some factual/statistic and likely realities.
  12. Future T-38 replacement?

    Easy there Nancy, not knocking A/A so don’t get your feelings hurt by a few jokes about gun kills on blimps and drones. I think it’s time our IFF updates from a 50+ year old jet and acknowledges some factual/statistic and likely realities.
  13. Future T-38 replacement?

    Having to use shooting down drones as the baseline for your community A/A needs speaks for itself.
  14. Future T-38 replacement?

    Right up there with “just wait until China!” The USAF leaders said no gun necessary less than 5 years after we were dogfighting in Korea with F-86’s = mistake. Here we are what, 40 years+ since the last USAF gun kill? Not counting blimps and hogs shooting helos. Time to train smarter.
  15. Future T-38 replacement?

    Ahhh, how many times have a heard this one. I get it and agree that A/A cant be neglected but I’ve seen primary mission capes suffer because mis prioritization. In the USAF I’ve worked with squadrons who are barely familiar with some A/G mission aspects that are far more likely to occur than A/A given their hardware/location but they hold onto their “heritage” to their detriment. It gets worse with (many) the Europeans who over emphasize the A/A mission and have very little legit focus on A/G. Step into a European LFE and its A/A centric with all A/G simulating 1984 WW3....then laugh when they are unable to do anything resembling SCAR, opposed CAS, CSAR, work with a FAC or stray from the black line AI. And god forbid you ask the A/A to support the A/G mission. Point being, this mis priority of training emphasis is all over the place from UPT skills up to and through huge NATO exercises. Get a trainer that can train for the future. The T-38 was designed for century series fighter prep.