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  1. di1630

    The Next President is...

    If I hear another “but Europe does it”.... Sadly The US provides Europe its defense enabling them to put more of their high taxes towards sub-par healthcare systems since again, they don’t have to do things like defend themselves or NATO allies. I’ll start looking to Europe for solutions when they fund their own defense, don’t pay $6+ per gallon of gas, don’t steal 50% of citizens incomes etc. etc.
  2. di1630

    The Next President is...

    Yeah man, I’m out there because I’ve lived on the economy of a country with all the awesome free health care, gun control, free college etc etc. It’s not so awesome otherwise it’d be working and I wouldn’t have neighbors asking me if I know how their kids could get to the USA so they can have opportunity. Why would anyone give up all that awesome free sh-t?!! WHY?? CNN says it’s awesome...it’s Democratic socialism...everyone gets free stuff..safety nets, it’s terrific. Oh, it’s because it’s not free. It’s paid for with high taxes, fees on everything, loss of economic opportunity, lower std of living etc.
  3. di1630

    The Next President is...

    You see what media wants you to see regarding Europe to help the dem narrative. My leftist friends would sh-t themselves when the realities set in of $7 a gallon gas, 50% income tax and raising a family of 4 in a 900 sq ft apartment was the standard. Oh and everyone has an awesome free education and a degree in art or history. Helps them when they wash dishes. I had some dem-socialist loving relatives visit not too long ago and they got to meet with my “native” European friends and hear the realities of how crappy things are for working class and how they want to move to America. Really eye opening for them at the time but now they off vacation and are back in their 4,000 sq ft home paying low taxes and driving their SUV so socialism looks fun again because why shouldn’t everyone have nice stuff for free?
  4. I would stay voluntarily bonus free past 20 as long as I have the freedom to turn down the 365 or bad deal. Accepting a ADSC past that mark just gives bonus free work and all leverage to the USAF. I will hit the VML with 2 yrs and 2 mos left on my ADSC so chances are I’ll put in my paperwork for separation rather than accept another adsc. This is where the AF will miss out...people willing to stay with their freedom in tact but forced to separate rather than be under the thumb of big blue.
  5. I think there will be a defined list of ADSC additions for each event. A new jet with 3 yrs after TX should not be the same as an IPUG. We’ll see how many people bail before they sort it out.
  6. I think A1 severely screwed the pooch here. A lot of people were caught off guard including AFPC dudes. I doubt Fingers read the doc line by line. At some point you gotta trust that you’re leaders working for you understand there is a retention issue and can make decent decisions to help the problem....that didn’t happen here.
  7. The USAF is about to learn the hard way (again) that pilots and their families will pay a big price for their freedom. This will not help retention, I already know guys awaiting requal orders who will decline them if this holds up.
  8. Dudes, operational flying has changed, we need to update how we train. Most new jets don’t even have CCIP bomb capes. Hell, even in the hog most stuff is PGM. BFM hasn’t been used in usaf combat in 40+ years. Should a new F-35 pilot understand BFM...sure, should they be to the level a 1980’s viper pilot needed to be at? Do they need to dedicate hours at the range to practice with their 169 rnds of gun? I was at UPT last time the sky fell when fix to fix was axed....geezus, you should have heard the experienced old fighter dudes talk about how sh-tty of a product we could expect etc etc. A lot of time/gas is being wasted everyday in the USAF getting proficient at obsolete or soon to be obsolete warfare. I’m thrilled people care enough to look into updating things.
  9. That’s a good way of looking at it. I’m willing to stay put til retirement vs PCS my family to a AETC base. I think everyone needs to really know their options and the regs to weigh options here.
  10. Anyone here seen the ADSC AFI 36-2107 is new...gone is the note saying requal/pit won’t buy ADSC so it looks like any TX or PIT will buy you 36 mos. Read carefully.
  11. di1630

    Concept aircraft

    Where are the weapons?
  12. I’m thinking no debt, 1 mil in investments, military retirement plus healthcare and an extra $50-60k or so to bring net income to $100k. Reason I ask, I was looking at how much I really spend on a family of 4 and we live well spending around $80k annually. Just wondering if I’ll go to the airlines and miss out on family events to have money to buy stuff I don’t need or die with a ton of money in the bank. I don’t want to be the richest man in the cemetery but I want some security. Must of all though I don’t want to miss out on my kids while I’m stuck in the Middle East or on layover. Just weighing options.
  13. Hypothetically, if you were debt free, kids college funded, decent investment balance with a military retirement, what would be your annual net income number you’d feel comfortable leaving the workforce entirely for just to pursue your hobbies?
  14. di1630

    Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Copy, common sense stuff any mid level captain could probably recognize on how to organize F-22’s for efficiency but we are stuck with management that blows so this is no surprise.
  15. di1630

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    This type of thing has been tried in allied air forces and all our fears have been realized....great pilots not able to promote while sh-tbag political types that fly min and only look out for themselves get promoted. Seen it firsthand