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  1. di1630

    What's your favorite mission?

    Cheer up...you guys still do a terrific airshow plus with the QF program you’ve exceeded all expectations.
  2. di1630

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    Just saw the Mythbusters episode of the U-2 flight a few years late. Really cool. If anyone hadn’t seen it, worth the time. Not sure I could do 6-9 hours in a space suit. Hats off to you guys.
  3. di1630

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Can anyone give me rough estimate costs for some of the competitive designs? I’m working on a project.
  4. How F-d is an organization where a dude asks not to promote and gets congratulated for not doing so. Congrats man.
  5. di1630

    The Next President is...

    Providing a military salute in response to someone who gave it first? Seems ok to me and I hate those Commie bastards. Listen, I’m sure you are convinced Hillary would have gone in there on a menopausal rage and a week later Bill could have a NK comfort girl after his trip to the Pyongyang McDonalds but that’s not how this stuff works. The left once again imploding. Sad.
  6. di1630

    What's your favorite mission?

    What you like the most will change based on your experience, how many times you’ve done it etc. A few hours ago I was doing a 500kt low level through the mountains for 30 min followed by 30 min 2v1 DACT. When I was young I would’ve given my left ball for that flight. Today I wanted to land, debrief early and go pick up my kids from school. After ~3,500 hours and 16.9 years, what things I look forward to flying have completely changed. I’d have traded today’s flight for an out and back to get a good meal. Overall, I’d say providing support to a TIC in the Koranghal from an alert launch was the coolest rush ever. Nothing has compared to that or come close. Killing bad guys is as cool as it sounds. My *overall favorite “rewarding job” 3 years was as a T-38 UPT IP. Right now, it’s all about lifestyle so where my family lives and work/home balance is key. Lastly, I have friends who got their #1 fighter out of UPT and were miserable. I also have friends who dreamt of being fighter pilots and got a heavy who are loving life. Have a good attitude, realize no airframe / mission is perfect and don’t be a blue kool aid drinking d-bag...it’ll work out for you. Now I’m gonna go flog myself for liking my AETC tour.
  7. di1630

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    No way, we’d be much better off just making a ton of faips vs that solution.
  8. di1630

    What is right with the Air Force

    Yeah but let’s not forget the generation gap. Face it, a lot of young guys are millennial p-ssies. I had a young guy telling me how bad life as a new guy for some addt’l work he was assigned, I had to explain to him that having to talk to retired pilots about new aircraft technology that took up his xbox free time wasn’t the same as constant deploying then TDY plus the myriad of other crap that jaded my generation. Bottom line, I crush young guys when they complain because they are too inexperienced and stupid to know any better.
  9. di1630

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Why is anyone surprised this guy made full bird? I bet he did a hell of a Xmas party as a Lt and got in the HPO track.
  10. Just got an email. Is the option to renegotiate new? I took it in 2014 til 20 yas. 3 yrs left + I gotta sign on for 3 addt’l = $140k net.... Is it wrong I didn’t consider it for a moment?
  11. di1630

    The Next President is...

    Yep, the dems are off their f-ing rockers. I met up with a very liberal but sane family member who was touring around Europe with her ultra-lib husband and two ultra lib couples. She had warned me not to talk politics because how much they all hated trump. Fine by me. We sit down at dinner in a nice European restaurant and within five minutes one of wives was talking about Trump and Russians because a Vodka based drink triggered her. I kid you not, wacky. Out of the blue, “that sounds like a drink Trump and his best friend Putin would order.” All dinner she kept up comments. Wasn’t sure if she was trying to get me into an argument or what but I never caved. Finally the conversation turned to subjects like their bead art and all their issues with their adult unemployed divorced kids trying to move back home. Dems....
  12. di1630

    Tanker to Fighter

    Back in the 90’s it was more common. I flew with some awesome guys who went from herks to F-15C and A-10’s. Even a helo guy who went to fighters I found they had great perspective and probably appreciated their fighter more than others who knew nothing different.
  13. di1630

    Columbus T-38 down

    Agree, it’s a trainer, not much care about sustained turn rate. Rvsm rules took away a lot of high alt options anyhow. I felt much better stretching fuel with decent avionics that had divert bases/profiles at the push of a button. As for pmp...I flew c models without it and with it, no huge problem either way. And for student training, the tones and cues were a huge step up. Being a purist is great. Hell, I dropped bdu-33’s from at-38’s using Stby pipper, cool to say I did...zero relevance in 2018.
  14. di1630

    Columbus T-38 down

    Huggy what’s your reasoning? I thought the t-38c had terrific avionics for 2003. One thing I never understood is why any t-38 got anti skid. I watched them test it in 2007 so I know it was being looked at.
  15. di1630

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    C’mon, this is a f-22 with some serious thrusties. Either a monumental rotation f-up or engine issue is all I can figure. Ground effect, gear door drag n/a