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  1. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    This is sad to read about what could be such a great job....however as I take stock of things and look back, when I was a Lt, many of the D-bag capt/maj types we all hated and hoped would never be in charge are now wearing eagles and stars. Most of the guys I looked up to for their skill, attitude and bromanship are out altogether or in the guard/reserves. Sadly, from a line flying FGO perspective 10 years later, many of the young guys being pushed and groomed for success are the ones that are simply going to carry on the current problems as they look to maintain the system that got them where they are. Of course there are exceptions on both sides but it’s a damn shame.
  2. Stuck at Kef

    I enjoyed the Inverness area. Lots of distillers and scenery with the lochs and back roads. Some good military history as well with the colloden battlefield. Edinburgh was a great city. Highly recommend staying near the historic center to walk around although I stopped at too many bars so didn’t make it far.
  3. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    The Europeans in general make the USAF look competent which is scary.
  4. The new airline thread

    Question: how little could you realistically work for an airline if you wanted to maximize time off? Say 50-60 hours credit time or is there a min and rules in place to ensure it?
  5. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    There are plenty of people sharing airspace over undisclosed locations doing the square root of F-all who could be conus instructing and teaching new pilots while seeing their families/friends at night vs spending months without a beer. 10 min ago I had a young Capt complaining to me about the worthless missions he’s been flying and how little he sees his wife. He’s 4 years in and already salty, disgruntled and disappointed with the reality of being a fighter pilot in 2018 vs what he expected. It’s still better than most jobs out there but when better pay and lifestyle (airlines) is available and the thrill of flying fighters is checked off with little hope of improvement, I 100% understand why dudes jump early.
  6. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Just remember, we have enough pilots to fly F-22’s to bomb poppy processing huts in Afghanistan....this crisis is a crisis on paper and meeting numbers set on what we theoretically need to theoretically fight a theoretical war. Once they are unable to send people to drill holes in the sky for 6 months over the desert I’ll worry slightly...til then, helluva a show.
  7. Help with a Divorce

    This is all interesting. Could any of you guys seen this coming and lead turned hiding assets/giving money to family etc or are there safeguards in place? How about getting a VA disability vs pension? I dated a chick who’s parents were getting divorced and the dad ended up in a small basement studio while the wife kept the new house and moved her 30 yr old boyfriend in. Ever since I saw that I wondered if there could be strategy involved for the working dude to even the field.
  8. Contractor UPT

    Treat/pay pilots better/different than shoe cler....I mean..support personnel? That would be unfair. But you are 100% correct.
  9. The Next President is...

    Why no one other than the left listens to the left: “If you don’t think Trump helped the Russians hack the election you must love Russia and Putin ”..goes with..”you want a secure border, you must hate Mexicans”..or..”you are against illegal immigrants, you must hate all immigrants who ever came here”....”you didn’t like Hillary, you’re sexist!” I’m middle of the road, don’t like the dems or GOP diehards, but the left has gone full retard all over the map whereas at least my GOP friends were predictable in their “Obama wants my guns” argument.
  10. The Next President is...

    I made the mistake of turning on AFN news today deployed while MSNBC hardball with Chris Matthews was on.......geeezus....the BS and attacks I was hearing was 100% Aimed at getting dems riled up. Conjecture on theory on top of emotional pining for outrage. Really sad to watch but I urge people to check it out if you want to realize why the left is so batsh-t crazy about this stuff. Got it, Russia tried to influence our election 2018 style using newer techniques but they’ve always tried to do the same in the past. Their success comes in getting the left to act like a bunch of childish unAmerican , ungrateful victimized miscreants who won’t stop complaining until their butthurt for losing the 2016 election is acknowledged and atoned. The left is fulfilling Russia’s ultimate goal of dividing/weakening America with their unrelenting whine fest about Trump.
  11. New SOS in-correspondence

    And I forgot the morbidly obese ~250+ pound female major waiting to separate due to health problems who filled in as our instructor trying to motivate us for PT.
  12. New SOS in-correspondence

    In mine, we had a logistics girl who hung all her home station awards in her room then invited us down to see them. She then accused the pilots of cheating because we had the highest test scores. But the kicker was the girl who cried after failing two tests and saying she didn’t understand how she could be doing so poorly as she had been CGO of the year at LA AFB. Shoe flag is highly educational to see/understand “some” of your fellow officers and why shit is so broken in the USAF.
  13. The Next President is...

    Sooooo what you are saying is you want to honor the Democratic Party heritage and dress retro like it’s members did in the past?
  14. The Next President is...

    I wonder if you 3 liberals on here can get a waiver to march with your pink vag hats?
  15. Today the diff between a maj and ltc retiring at 20 years is ~$6k before taxes. Over 40 years that’s $240kish....hardly half mil