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  1. I'm hoping Jeff is still the great guy he was in UPT even as a 4 star. He was a classmate in UPT and the last time I spoke to him he was still grounded, but of course I'm not one of his troops. I noticed the one guy calls him Harrigan instead of his actual name. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6086258090001/#sp=show-clips
  2. Waving the BS flag on this one, no F-105, F-4, or P-38 and a 747 and DC-3 ahead of the F-15 and Buff. Obviously some cool old birds on the list, but Brabus nailed it, Pop Sci has no clue what bad ass means.
  3. It is hollywood so should be an easy write. Trump finally admits that he is a KGB operative planted in his family when he was a baby and recently activated to rule the USA. There is obviously much turmoil and Hillary agrees (of course for the good of the nation only) to ascend to be President in an emergency session of Congress that throws out the constitutional chain of command and line of succession bypassing everyone. Meanwhile Russia has been plotting with Cuba and Venezuela to finally end capitalism and the evil of free will and individual freedoms in general. Bernie, AOC, Booker, and a few others align with Venezuela which results in the entire Northeast and West coast voting (they again fell for the ... you can keep your freedoms if you want them) to join the new Socialist World Government. Most Naval forces in CA evacuated but because of a minor coup by high ranking military leaders in the West some forces remain behind with questionable allegiance to either side of the now split USA.
  4. The tweet had one of, if not, the fastest G onsets of any aircraft in our inventory back then. Thankfully it was a slow pig, so difficult to break it in half, but you could over G it pretty quickly.
  5. Escalating quickly with the UK now. I still can't get inside the heads of foreign leaders who want to piss of the big guys like this. They're like chihuahuas around Labs and any other larger breed.
  6. bfargin

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    Brick, There are some things that even a father and husband should just say NO to. I have to give you an Unsat for situational awareness, I hate to, but you should have seen this coming (sts). 😒
  7. bfargin


    The service organizations are quite experienced at filing VA claims. Reach out to the DAV, PVA, or AmVets. The PVA usually does spinal cord injured vets but I know people who they have represented who weren't paralyzed. Their service officers are usually excellent.
  8. bfargin

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    Not a new movie but I didn't see it posted here. I recently watched this movie and found it a bit disturbing (made me examine my heart/take stock and see some of my selfishness in decisions I make). It is interesting to see him struggle with his selfish desire to climb without safety equipment against the risk to his loved ones of dying in pursuit of his goal. A few times in the movie even the camera men had to look away in fear of watching him plunge to his death.
  9. I like how they want to move us further left while acknowledging that one, of a bunch of democrat run cities in ruins, is their target for "leftover funds". Gavel campaign spokesman: "....all leftover funds will be donated to get Flint clean water,”
  10. bfargin

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    I was so pissed by the time that movie ended I wanted to dig Johnson and Mcnamara back up and kick their ass just for good measure. As many of them pointed out, that was a complete shit-show from the beginning. Respect for the men who fought with their hands tied behind their backs! I became an AF pilot because of those men who fought in Viet Nam. In 1973 as a 10 year old I got to sit in an F-4 (18th TFW deployed) at CCK Air Base in Taiwan and speak with one of the pilots and it was game on from there.
  11. "I'm going to ask you for the fifth time to stop calling me a man, because quite clearly I am not." Well actually it's not clear at all dude.
  12. Actually he is (not even close to a conservative - but maybe partially a modern day repub). We're screwed from everywhere. As mentioned if Congress had the stones to do their job and if the Prez had the stones to veto a bill he didn't want, we'd all be better off. At least then the government would be doing its job as far as process anyway.
  13. Holy S&*t I'd throat punch my mom if she gave me that name and at the first moment possible go to court to legally change it to a real name. What a tool.
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