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  1. The only way I'd go back to that part of the world is with a fully nuke loaded B-52/B-1/B-2 but I know a couple of guys who enjoy it over there.
  2. Plus Negatory is comparing mainstream democrats to "right wing" extremists who aren't conservatives. Talk about total nonsense. There have been no conservative groups rioting and robbing!
  3. bfargin

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    I didn't see any feedback on "We Go in at Dawn". Did anybody see that? Thoughts? Comments? Is it worth watching? Sorry if posted and I missed it.
  4. I'm guessing and hoping he is totally trolling us and laughing with scotch in hand, otherwise serious concern right now (and not just for the vehicle).
  5. Maybe its appropriate for the WTF thread to go completely WTF
  6. Plus the dems are waiting for the rest of the dead votes to be counted. Landslide for Biden!
  7. Kamala needs to sit down and have some serious mentoring under the direction of Dr. Thomas Sowell. It is ridiculous for any grownup to think this is rational thought.
  8. Trying to be a smartass, but stating the truth. FDR was a complete douchebag and a socialist to the hilt. Almost every policy that he advocated for and got passed by Congress was socialist in nature. He was the ultimate big government bureaucrat who didn't do anything but increase the size and reach of government. It took us years to roll back some of those taxes, but sadly, most of his programs are ingrained into our governmental fabric now.
  9. You guys do realize that it's not the two numbnuts they put out front who are pulling democrat strings, right? The leftist are pulling all of the strings by using the "face" of the party (who are of course more than willing to do the bidding of whoever props them up). Both current parties are pro "big-government bureaucracy" and love spending tax payer's money which is why we continue to increase our federal debt. The leftist continue to dominate the democrat side and have all but pushed out traditional liberals who at least had respect for individual liberty and responsibility, the rule of law, etc. There really is a push by the emboldened left to reinvent our country but thankfully at the local level in most parts of the country we aren't buying it. Sadly, many people in population centers are being fooled into embracing feces that will come back to impact all of us.
  10. Some interesting thoughts on current events and the actual battle for the soul of our country.
  11. yeah that was pretty much a complete clusterflock
  12. 2 solid, actionable suggestions
  13. For the good of the country we don't want it in the center of where it currently is. For the past 20 years plus Democrats and Republicans have both moved entirely left. We need democrats to be liberals and not leftist and republicans to be conservatives and not liberals. There have always been and will always be those on the extreme fringes (both right and left) but currently those voices seem to have more say in matters than the reasoned thoughtful people on both sides of the aisle.
  14. Added to the points above, you would be fighting an enemy (communist china) that cares even less about its people/troops than our country does. When you have no concern for your people, it's easy to send them en masse to their deaths.
  15. https://www.wsmv.com/video/3-air-national-guard-members-killed-in-plane-crash-near-mcminnville-airport/video_43e3f416-4769-5eb3-98fb-b2ecef61f019.html I thought one of the current members of the BNA Air Guard unit might post this but my hometown unit lost three of their members last week.Information from a couple of unit members, it sounds like they were well liked and respected. Sad news for Nashville and the 118th. They used to fly 130s but are now a RPA/drone operation.
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