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  1. https://www.wsmv.com/video/3-air-national-guard-members-killed-in-plane-crash-near-mcminnville-airport/video_43e3f416-4769-5eb3-98fb-b2ecef61f019.html I thought one of the current members of the BNA Air Guard unit might post this but my hometown unit lost three of their members last week.Information from a couple of unit members, it sounds like they were well liked and respected. Sad news for Nashville and the 118th. They used to fly 130s but are now a RPA/drone operation.
  2. "I don't challenge her intelligence. I don't challenge her vision and her direction she wants to take the wing," one person testified. "... Col. Grant has definitely made this wing a better place in terms of its warfighting capability for the joint command downrange. However, [her] leadership style has limited her ability to take the wing to where it could have been." So is this posted because of the pissing and moaning of subordinates or her leadership style? They became better at their primary mission even if some feelings got hurt. I know I'm old, but that was standard ops back 30 years ago. I acknowledge that people don't have to be dicks to get the job done and there is a middle ground on holding idiots accountable and/or being a total prick vs. helping people achieve and excel through encouragement and mentorship.
  3. That was an awesome TDY to Homestead though. Parasailing into Biscayne Bay and getting retrieved by the helo was a blast. One of the best training TDYs ever!
  4. https://theaviationist.com/2020/08/14/icarus-aerospace-unveils-a-new-tactical-air-vehicle-family-of-aircraft/?fbclid=IwAR3gRTZCtbfNGqoCvtH60DZONzVVSxzm0IG6JBVWdygjDVl2nsVP1kybyx4 I haven't seen this one posted here (at least couldn't find it). Forgive me if I missed a previous post about it. Claims a ceiling at arou nd 50K feet. Their claims: -Up to 3 times more electrical power generating capability -Unmatched payload -Fastest cruise speed -Inflight refueling -360deg AESA RADAR -Network Centric -SWARM Capable
  5. bfargin

    Gun Talk

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/9th-circuit-ends-california-ban-172126816.html I never thought I would see this kind of decision from the 9th Circuit.
  6. https://babylonbee.com/news/biden-excited-to-find-out-who-he-picked-for-vp I saw this "article" but a different meme I saw made me laugh.
  7. Good stuff. I didn't expect to sit and listen to the whole interview when I saw it was over an hour long, but I did and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was starting UPT at Willie about the time Huggy was starting at Del Rio (I was 86-08 and since he started in June I'm assuming Huggy was 86-07). It was interesting to hear his story and to steal a famous line, I'm looking forward to "the rest of the story". Steve, thanks for doing the work to capture and record the stories you preserve and to you Huggy for sharing your experiences.
  8. No shame in knowing you'd rather not serve in the military if stuck with drones (my feelings exactly if they had been around when I went through), but I wouldn't necessarily say it out loud. Just stress your desire to fly military "fast" jets and stick with Guard/Reserves.
  9. Def not "light" on education (GA Tech BS and MS in Physics and PhD in Math) but perhaps a little light on advanced responsibility work experience. But, any ad hoc/think tank type experience gives you great visibility and has varying degrees of responsibility attached to them. He must have excelled where he was planted.
  10. Steve yeah, I meant the tall one. My bad (not sure whether to apologize to the Scots or to the gentleman from Lancashire). It's been a while since I lived in Scotland (1994-5) but in my memory, he sounded like the Scots I hung out with (slurred and muddy sounding). I had to listen pretty closely to understand 1/2 of what they said for the first couple of months. I spent a semester in Manchester adjacent to Lancashire but that was back in the Fall of 1992 snd don't remember that type accent (but I was in school at MBS so maybe the master's degree students I interacted with weren't quite as British "redneck" sounding).
  11. If so, it will be leftist for both occasions. I can't imagine any conservative rioting. Now as Brick said, if they come for us we'll stand firm and kick their teeth in, but we won't riot because it's not in our DNA.
  12. The sad thing is many of our amendments that "better" or "fix" the constitution were/are terrible (and utter disasters when interpreted wrongly). So even with a difficult bar to get over, we still have some turds that made it. Think 14th (somehow interpreted that if you illegally or just tourist visit the country (either one) and have a baby on US soil it is somehow a citizen. YGBSM the most ridiculous interpretation ever! Everyone knew the intent and that was solid, but comeon. Nobody can argue reasonably that is what that Amendment meant/means. The 16th is unethical at best. Tax consumption, but for the government to tax/charge someone to work is completely unethical. Passive income might be game, but not a persons labor! The 17th basically took away tons of state power and rights and pulled us slightly away from a representation democratic government and more towards the mob rule democracy. Our elected officials are supposed to be there for a short time and then come home to work again. The present system allows them to sit in DC for 8 years plus sucking gov teet and screwing us all. They are also supposed to show some restraint and wisdom with their decisions and not fall prey to the mob mentality (but that ain't happening either). The 18th - yep it was a thing once 21 - because of 18 22 should have been a part of 20 and should have included all elected officials. I guess FDR did one thing right and made us realize we don't want numbnuts in office more than 2 terms 23 unnecessary. draw the district lines so that DC didn't have any residents but was just the land around the white house and capital buildings and have the white house residents assigned to one of the surrounding states for voting purposes. Not convinced 24, 25 or 26 was needed but I guess interpretation/clarification might have been needed to prevent idiots from proposing laws that would restrict voting rights/access etc.
  13. I've read a couple of opinion pieces from fellow NFLers as well as an interview, and they all said basically what B.L wrote. He's good enough to be a third stringer at most teams (maybe even second at some) but the top/big pay he is demanding and the drama he would bring to the team aren't worth it to any team.
  14. It drives like crap (mushes around curves and has no acceleration to speak of), but is still fun since it is similar to my college car (1977 model).
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