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  1. The democrats are hell bent on keeping Trump as POTUS. I can't believe they are dicking this up again so badly, but they continue to slide further and further left and can't help themselves. Welcome to 4 more years of the "orange man". He wasn't my pick, but I'll take him again any day over the dems top two.
  2. If I had ever had a cup of joe from that coffee maker, there would be some serious non-judicial punishment administered to said airman that would potentially get me thrown in jail.
  3. I'm surprised y'all were able to get licensed in AL. I heard you had to have proof of marriage to a sister or first cousin to be licensed there.
  4. That's my issue with what we are doing ... "civilized" warfare. Screw that, warfare isn't civilized and sending fighters/warriors in with dangerous rules of engagement is ridiculous. Use diplomats to talk and work with each other to come to a resolution. If that's impossible use the stupid UN which we pretty much fully fund to "monitor". And if that still gets us no satisfaction and it's worth a bloody fight, then fight. Once the decision makers make the call for war, it should be war. If it's not worth fighting, don't start kinetic action and don't send our people into harms way. I don't know all of the facts in any of the three most recent cases (I've read the news but there are always 2 or more sides to every story) but still think the bar should be incredibly high to prosecute someone for war crimes. Dumbass stunts like posing for pictures with a dead guy aren't war crimes even if they show a lack of sound judgement. And, overzealousness in shooting who you think are bad guys, doesn't translate to a "reprehensible" crime to me.
  5. The whole situation with sending our men and women into harms way, and then judging them like we would a police officer here in the US, is complete feces. I'll side with the American soldier having to make a judgement call under duress every time. It would have to be so egregious that there was no doubt for me to even consider holding someone accountable to the extent of jail time (or even a reduction in rank). Don't send warriors into situation where you really want police or social workers. Note: I'm not talking about the obvious war crimes like rape or simply killing everyone you come across for "fun".
  6. I tried for about 5 years to buy one of the Tweets in the boneyard. Contacted my Senator, some other DOD folks I know, etc with absolutely no luck. Even contacted the State Department about the possibility and it was pretty much a no-go unless the US eventually decided to sell them as scrap.
  7. As soon as I saw that dude I wondered what his thought process was. "Hum, lets see, I'm a goofy looking bastard and I'm not having any luck finding a girlfriend, I wonder if I turn myself into a heinous looking woman if I'll have any luck?" And, yes I know I'm a big goofy looking bastard myself, but I know better than to imagine myself as a woman.
  8. This big time ^^.... I've been called the same from both sides, and I am way right of most so called conservatives today. The current POTUS is a DA in so many ways but many things he has accomplished are worth affirming. And while he is self serving, much like most of the past presidents have been, I think he really does love our country and I'm not sure I can say that about the immediate past guy.
  9. I'm good with emotion, but his whole speech was about getting rid of name calling and division and led off with jokes about POTUS. He stooped and got down in the mud, which is good in war and barroom brawls, but not before a speech about bipartisanship and working together. Just my opinion.
  10. Some initial cheap shots (even if deserved) that kind of diminished an otherwise excellent speech.
  11. It is very possible to be a convicted moron though. Having conviction and interest don't necessarily mean you know shit about the topic. I'm all for attacking ideas but think it is inappropriate to attack/denigrate the messenger regardless of age or mental acuity. Though in this case, her parents threw her to the wolves. As to the message ... Of course our climate is changing, as it has since the planet was formed. But the fear mongering and claims that humans are the main cause of it, is ludicrous and has no actual scientific (observable, quantifiable, and repeatable) evidence for support. The people who benefit from declaring that man is primarily responsible for climate change include everyone funded to study it, the Al Gore types who sell carbon offsets, the sellers of "sustainable energy" that takes more energy to produce than it offsets (e.g. windmills), etc. I'm all for us being more socially responsible and better stewards of our planet but I don't advocate using fear to manipulate and exploit. Lets continue to study and develop more efficient technologies that will reduce pollution. And, lets start with cleaning our oceans, which to me are the true tangible evidence of mans disregard for our planet. The Pacific's garbage patch is bigger than Texas!
  12. I don't know this commander so just my thoughts about surveys in general. I cringed a little at the survey. While there were definitely some critical comments there were also plenty of positive comments and ratings. I'm a university professor and we receive student ratings/surveys every semester and this sort of reminded me of one of those. Each semester there is the one student who thinks I was an ass for failing them and I get the 1 star across the board rating and associated snarky comments, and then there is the one student, who on paper anyway, claims I walked on water and was the best ever. I'd hate for my job to rest on the results of an anonymous survey. So, I'd hope the fire/relieve of command decision was based on more than just a survey with people whining about being made to do their job and not feeling supported. I get the human relationship aspect of command but some of the comments sounded like people needing s hug.
  13. I'm hoping Jeff is still the great guy he was in UPT even as a 4 star. He was a classmate in UPT and the last time I spoke to him he was still grounded, but of course I'm not one of his troops. I noticed the one guy calls him Harrigan instead of his actual name. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6086258090001/#sp=show-clips
  14. Waving the BS flag on this one, no F-105, F-4, or P-38 and a 747 and DC-3 ahead of the F-15 and Buff. Obviously some cool old birds on the list, but Brabus nailed it, Pop Sci has no clue what bad ass means.
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