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  1. nsplayr

    AD CSO to ANG

    I know a friend who is doing it at age 34. He’s a CSO already in the guard unit that’s sending him to UPT. Not 100% sure of the details, but given the AF’s need for pilots, now is as good a time as ever to apply.
  2. Funny story, glad you asked. Yes, they will ask for your PCSM score, and depending on how crusty you are, your AFOQT pilot component will be too old and not usable for generating a PCSM. They will tell you to take the AFOQT again. BL: Don’t do it. I refused. That’s the biggest load of utter bullshit I’ve ever heard of. I have a PPL, re-took the TBAS (45 mins and pretty painless), and have been an officer for more than 11 years and a rated aviator for more than 10 years. Don’t tell me I have to take a 3-4 hour but-roll test to see if I qualify to be an officer, GMAFB. Luckily, my OG/CC went to bat, called up San Antonio, and got the requirement waived for me and another former Nav in the same boat. I had a 3rd buddy in the same situation, but despite my success story, he took the cowards way out and just re-took the AFOQT 🙄 The system will only remain broken so long as we accept it with our actions. CSAF said stop complying with stupid shit and I’ve never seen a clearer example. This dude could not abide that level of stupidity. If you or your chain wants to talk to my leadership about exactly what they did and who authorized it PM me.
  3. I got the TFCSD waiver signed recently with 11 years of prior commissioned service. Former active duty CSO, then Guard CSO, soon to be RPA pilot. The unit wrote the letter and handled the process, all I had to do was get them to hire me. Cavet that it took over 2 years for my package to be complete with all waivers signed, but that’s more of a hit on the Guard training bureaucracy than the TFCSD process specifically. Good luck!
  4. nsplayr

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    In AFSOC at least we have had the option for 2-piece multicam flight suits for a long time. After working exercise plans for a little while, we ended up giving guys the gouge that on a CONUS exercise, it was smart to wear bags as the crew. When one of the team dudes comes into the planning room and wants to talk to the Air Force guys, the bags make it a lot clearer who that is. Personally I see the upside to the 2-piece and have enjoyed the benefits of the Billy Badass combat shirts and quick access for times when ordnance needs to make an emergency egress while deployed. That being said, they can take my green bags from my cold dead hands. Looking cool (and sounding cool on the radio) is at least 69% of the job of an aviator and I won’t have it any other way. If I wanted to join the Army I would have just eaten a few more crayons as a toddler 😎
  5. nsplayr

    The Next President is...

    I mean, you don't have to believe me, but I honestly didn't have a problem with Gorsuch, Alito or Roberts. I had a big problem with the way Gorsuch was named to a seat held open for nakedly partisan reasons, but he seems like a good guy. I don't agree with his judicial philosophy, which is largely shared by all the conservative members of the court, but that's nothing against him or them personally. I was very concerned by the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, and especially by his demeanor during the second hearing. It's not clear he can remain nonpartisan when under pressure, his argumentative tone with some of the Senators questioning him was unbecoming, and it's pretty clear to me he was lying under oath about his drinking habits in high school and college. Those drinking habits wouldn't on their own be that problematic given his life since then, but lying under oath will always be a big deal. But, he's confirmed now, so not much can be done about all that. I still wish Kavanaugh had been withdrawn, but I hope he turns out to be a good justice. Given his age, he'll be on the court until I'm a crusty old retiree on Medicare, so fingers crossed.
  6. nsplayr

    Space Force

    https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2018/10/04/report-trump-may-fire-air-force-secretary-wilson-over-space-force/ BLUF: Secretary Wilson May get fired over slow rolling Space Force 😑
  7. nsplayr

    The Next President is...

    Go ahead and vote, if this is the guy the GOP wants then they should have the votes to get him. Remained true the whole time. Glad at least some kind of investigation happened at a bare minimum. Still would not vote for him and his testimony during the second hearing was very problematic from my point of view.
  8. nsplayr

    The Next President is...

    In Kavanaugh’s case it’s the Senate and the President. For elected leaders it’s the voters and sometimes the parties. Corporate leaders typically answer to boards and shareholders. If it’s a criminal matter then it’s usually police and prosecutors. Why are you asking? Feel like I’m not picking up what you’re putting down. Got it, slippery slope into mob rule where accusations alone are judge, jury and executioner etc. etc., that’s clearly not the case here nor in the vast majority of instances. Kavanaugh will get to defend himself and frankly it looks like the senate GOP has zero interest in the outcome of the hearing on Thursday because they scheduled a committee vote on Friday morning so 🤷‍♂️
  9. nsplayr

    Seven Day Option

    Nicely played sir! As always when dealing with Big Blue...YMMV.
  10. nsplayr

    Seven Day Option

    My experience was: You cannot 7-day opt if you have greater than 2 years ADSC on the RNLTD to your new assignment, you don't even have the option if you have > 2 years retainability Once you have a separation date set as a result of executing a 7 day opt, you cannot Palace Chase. You can however Palace Front if you plan on going to the Guard which will help assure as seamless transfer and no breaks in service (worked for me) You're also not eligible for things like VSP, which I unfortunately missed out on since I already had a separation date set; not applicable right now but recorded for posterity The clock does start on notification. I was notified by an AFPC email while deployed approx. 4 months prior to my RNLTD and had 7 days from that time to decide Big Blue can absolutely send you anyways - I was sent on my assignment with 11.69 months of retainability, i.e. far short of the "normal" 24-month minimum for a PCS That being said, I think most people end up remaining in place and serving as required at their current duty station, at least that's what happened to some other folks who 7 day opt'd the same assignment I eventually had to go on Definitely get smart on the appropriate regs, and if you can, gain the support of your SQ/CC and functional manager for your desired COA May the odds ever be in your favor!
  11. nsplayr

    The Next President is...

    Re: Kavanaugh, you'll get to hear more about it on Thursday apparently. My credible evidence is that the accuser told others about the incident years ago, initially came forward anonymously i.e. not seeking spotlight, and is now willing to testify under oath publically after her identity was revealed. What does she have to gain by going public on this exactly other than death threats? Let's have one standard for abuse and enforce it no matter who the person is. If what Ellison did or what Kavanaugh did is serious enough and true, then they shouldn't be in positions of power. I'm perfectly happy for Democrats who are abusers to resign alongside the Republicans who are abusers. Can you say the same? If it's a criminal matter then let the justice system do its thing. But politics is politics and no one needs to vote for, support, nominate or confirm someone that has credible allegations pending against them. There are thousands of political leaders (or judges) that live stand-up lives of public service and can fill the positions vacated by those who rightfully resign or withdraw. If Dr. Ford's testimony isn't compelling and these allegations fall apart, then Kavanaugh can pass go and be confirmed; if the opposite is true he should withdraw and the President can nominate someone else.
  12. nsplayr

    The Next President is...

    McConnell has no reason to rush. A) held the Scalia seat open for so long, B) GOP will control the senate until at least January and likely 2 years beyond that. Even if Dems win back the senate in Nov, and it would be pretty hard to do so this cycle, it’s not like those new folks are sworn in right away. I get that you’re saying the GOP wants to hurry, but I genuinely don’t understand why. And I don’t care about he parties being squeaky clean when it comes to process because neither is, I care more about the nominee being squeaky clean as a person. The last 5 recent nominees basically were and were confirmed pretty quickly with votes from both parties.
  13. Predicted. From the RAND study, page xiv: "The method uses a two-stage modeling approach. A first stage uses a flexible machine-learning algorithm (Generalized Boosted Models) to predict sexual assault from a range of individual service member characteristics, as well as the observable characteristics of the installations and commands. A second stage uses a Bayesian multilevel model that combines the prediction from the first phase with random effects for each installation and command. The overall prevalence estimate for a given installation or command is then computed as the predicted probability of sexual assault averaged over the Bayesian posterior distributions for all of the individuals in the installation, with each person weighted as a function of the portion of the period he or she was assigned to that installation." So...I'm not a statistician but I'll guess and say it's voodoo. BL: check your 6 and don't engage in illegal fuckery while at UPT.
  14. nsplayr

    The Next President is...

    A good round-up of why more women don't come forward after being abused or assaulted. Here's my proposal: investigate every allegation and punish those who are guilty, regardless of party or status or anything else. As a man who respects women, I'm happy to have a society rid of men who don't. I loved Al Franken as a Senator, but he groped some women and that's not gonna fly anymore and he resigned. Could have stood for an investigation there perhaps, but he did the right thing if he did what his accusers said. Like I mentioned before, these type of allegations didn't come up against Roberts, Alito, Sotomayor, Kagan, or Gorsuch. Nor did they come up against McCain or Romney, or Palin or Ryan. Or Bush or Cheney. So rather than a widespread tactic of the left, I'd say credible allegations of sexual assault have come up against far fewer people than you'd think if it's really all just a liberal hit-job. Come to think of it, I can think of one other high-ranking GOP leader who has been credibly accused of, and even bragged about sexual assault on tape though...humm...weird 🤔 He won his race though, so this rarely-used liberal super-tactic doesn't even appear to be very effective... Look, I'm not sure what happened with Ford and Kavanaugh, but we should find out before we confirm him to be a Supreme Court Justice for the next 30+ years, don't ya think? Kavanaugh denies it whole-heartedly, which is what an innocent person would do, so let's have him, Dr. Ford, and other relevant witnesses testify to their stories under oath and sort it out; there is no rush. If he didn't do it then by all means have the vote and he will be confirmed. It's not really about the politics here because if the President pulled him tonight and replaced him with another equally conservative nominee that's an upstanding citizen, I'd still be pissed that they're replacing Kennedy, but I would not fault the GOP-controlled Senate for confirming them because y'all have the votes. Elections matter. Holding hearings and voting on nominees is what the Senate is supposed to do from what I recall in civics class...paging Judge Garland... "Plowing ahead" with Kavanaugh, as McConnell so articulately said today, is foolish, short-sighted, and an example of exactly what most of us hate in politicians. No regard for the facts, no real effort even made to find them out, just push ahead with your predetermined agenda no matter what and don't let the other side ever "win." The worst case scenario for the country is Kavanaugh is confirmed and then more info comes out about this incident, or other women come forward with additional credible accusations. Why risk that potential debacle? But none of y'all probably care about my late-night thoughts on all this...I'm basically just shouting into the void here. I hope he didn't do it as he claims, because we don't need someone who committed sexual assault on the Supreme Court.