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  1. @pilot I was explicitly not making an argument one way or the other on the facts. The reason I responded to you was that you essentially dismissed Bacevich as a Trump-basher / Obama boot-licker & nothing more, and I thought that was unfair given his credentials and long record of consistent thinking and writing on US foreign policy. Read widely, deeply and even read people with whom you might be inclined to disagree. Start your list with well-credentialed voices that have relevant expertise - I would put Bacevich in this category. Probably good advice for life in general.
  2. FWIW Andrew Bacevich is a self-described conservative with a view of US foreign policy that is deeply skeptical that military power is an all-purpose salve that it's often used as. This has put him at odds at times with the current President as well as both of his predecessors. He's also a retired Army Colonel who served in Vietnam who earned a PhD from Princeton and lost a son to combat in Iraq. All this to say: read him for yourself and figure out if you agree or disagree with his thoughts. I don't count myself in the camp that agrees with him reflexively, but I respect his thinking enough to at least read his writing on occasion. My recommendation is to start here, published in 2008.
  3. Bingo. Fixing the pilot shortage: Cheap + Good = actual innovation in UFT that produces more, better aviators to man the future force Good + Fast = retention of current pilots, i.e. pay a much bigger bonus (and also fix QOL & leadership issues) Cheap + Fast = this is clearly what we've chosen, see orange section below
  4. Pending further investigations, the problem here almost certainly isn't what anyone in the Air Force did, it's that the President has not divested his personal financial stake in and control of numerous businesses. While serving as President, he personally benefits from these businesses that both create the perception of corruption as well as break what I think is pretty clear language in the constitution & subsequent court cases and DOJ guidelines about the President taking money/gifts/etc. from foreign powers (i.e. emoluments). Jimmy Carter put his family peanut farm in a blind trust when he was elected, and DJT should have done the same with his businesses. The fact that the President has made millions off of stays and events at his hotels that very likely would not have taken place were he not President is the issue - this stuff with the USAF is another (small) straw on this particular camel's back. A couple dozen airmen staying at Turnberry pales in comparison to what takes place at the President's DC hotel on a weekly basis.
  5. Gotta hand it to British Tabloids, they often have an excellent sense of humor.
  6. So like...a T-6? Why would you buy some unproven aircraft with a Ukrainian engine rather than the aircraft damn near every pilot left in the AF already trained on?
  7. I found myself the specific next assignment that would have kept me in for 4+ more years of AD, and was still told, "No, FU, PCS to Cannon." Oh well, see ya guys then I guess 🤷‍♂️ Been in the Guard almost 5 years now with a good shot to be on orders as long as I want, as well as the option to just DSG and fly the line occasionally if shit goes sideways. The grass is definitely greener. Go Guard!
  8. Great story, thanks for sharing. Side note: the aerobatics champ was assigned to a bomber...lol, even in WWII there was no justice!
  9. I recently-ish did ROPMA to O4 and did not have a PRF that I as aware of. Then again, my old unit also sent me to that board without telling me (I was under the mistaken impression I had another year), and also with my package (sts) missing my 2x latest OPRs. 😆 Aaaand I still got picked up so hey, anyone with a pulse has a chance in the Guard baby! It was a 96% selection rate for my AFSC at the time (12S) on that board, so I'm glad to know I'm not in the bottom 4% of my peer group. That being said, while I did get picked up, I also max performed O3 by doing the full 7 years which was obv less $$ in the bank and also put me well "behind" where my year group bros who stayed on active duty were. ROPMA giveth and ROPMA maketh thee wait I guess is the moral of the story. Another random datapoint from the peanut gallery: 7.269 years active duty (AFSOC) and 4.69 years in the Guard (AFSOC and now ACC) and I've never seen a PRF. Only people I know who had were either execs or were themselves being promoted to O4/O5 and were "doing it live."
  10. There are both pretty close to what you asked for in terms of dimensions and are sorta like fancier versions of the big pubs bags we got at Nav school back in the day: https://www.pilotmall.com/collections/flight-bags-accessories/products/the-ultimate-multi-tasker-from-crew-gear https://www.pilotmall.com/collections/flight-bags-accessories/products/balistic-nylon-rolling-flight-case-on-wheels
  11. Not sure if it was fully FAA-compliant and all that, but I may or may not have heard of a couple of OV-10s with MX-15s on them before... https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/22343/those-suped-up-ov-10-broncos-that-took-on-isis-in-iraq-are-being-sold-off
  12. I had a separation date set and deployed less than 6 months from that date. Returned approx 6 weeks later and started terminal within 5 days. 2014 timeframe from CVS so YMMV. No idea on the regs because no one tried to stop me, they just have me weird looks as I simultaneously ran pre-deployment and Air Force outprocessing checklists 🤷‍♂️
  13. My class had 12 MQ-9 guys after the drop, and the IQT allocation was 9x Holloman (all AD), 1x Syracuse (AD), and 2x March (both Guard). Studs were asked to rank IQT options but told to expect Holloman UFN.
  14. Great info above. I'm finishing URT next week and basically concur with everything above, although I did not go to Doss. Feel free to PM with any questions if you are heading to URT soon.
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