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  1. Just got a new LES to partially correct the discrepancy...I'll make sure not to spend that extra $8.69 all in one place!
  2. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    https://theaviationist.com/2017/11/16/we-have-flown-in-textrons-scorpion-jet-heres-what-we-have-learned/ Good new write-up of the Scorpion.
  3. USAFA: Being masculine is bad

    Yes. If someone accuses me or someone I love of wrongdoing, I want the accuser to be taken seriously. I don't want a potential victim to be dismissed out of hand or viewed skeptically in all but the most egregious, bullshitinous situations possible. "Hey, nsplayr raped me with his enormous 14" cock." Ok guys, we can dismiss that one out out of hand straight away... I also don't want preemptive justice to be doled out before an investigation is complete. Nothing drives me nuts like mass punishment for groups when individuals allegedly messed up. If I or the person I love did nothing wrong, that will come out during the investigation inshallah. And I get it that people are judged, sentenced and executed in the media before any investigation happens. That part of our culture should change too, just like the part of the culture that inherently doubts when someone accuses powerful, well-liked people. Both of those changes will be hard and won't happen right away. Best bet: do the right thing and treat everyone with respect and don't do shady shit. Don't fuck your secretary, don't have offshore accounts in the Bahamas, own your mistakes and shortcomings, tell the truth on your taxes and to your parents. It's worked for 30-some years and counting, similar and counting for my wife and single digits and counting for my kid so I guess that's my standard pre-flight briefing for life in our family.
  4. USAFA: Being masculine is bad

    To clarify my post previously, that's a risk I'm willing to take. When people are telling me the truth that they were victims of a crime, I want to support them and seek justice for them after due process. If it turns out they were liars, like in this case at the prep school, perhaps I look a bit foolish. I'm ok with that. The alternative is to be skeptical of real victims, and I think powerful people being skeptical of victims are part of the problem. When the occasional liar comes around I get to feel smugly vindicated for having doubted them from the get go, and while that may feel better for me and my ego, that's not better for the system overall compared to the alternative above. Selfless leadership sometimes meaning you need to sacrifice your ego in order to do the right thing, and that can be hard for analytical people, myself very much included. Being wrong very publicly is one of my least favorite things in fact (hello 2016 election!). However when you're in a situation where you're a leader and someone comes to you with a problem, that's a risk I'm willing to take in order to support that person in a time of great need. As far as the general's speech goes, I listened to it again to refresh my memory and I did not think he was accusing or lecturing the cadets and staff members present. He laid out in very clear terms what the policy of the USAF was and his view that if you can't treat people with dignity and respect, then you should get out. And for those seeking some sweet vindication, that's exactly what happened in this case. The alleged victim, who ended up being the perpetrator, couldn't treat themselves or their fellow cadets of color with dignity and respect, and he/she "got out." I didn't hear about anyone get crucified, no mass diaper wearing, in fact no action taken one way or the other before the investigation was complete. If anyone was boots on the ground and knows different feel free to speak up. I saw a leader stating very clearly the values of the organization, and then doling out appropriate justice after the investigation was complete.
  5. The AFSOC Mission Systems Support Center run by Digital Dagger would be a good POC on AFSOC's EFB program. AFSOC.MSSC@us.af.mil. They do all the MDM for the command. Customer service quality is hit or miss for random CGOs, so I'd recommend reaching out high-level if you want good quality advice on things that may be useful to your corner of ACC. In terms of classified use, when I left AD AFSOC U-28 land, (summer 2014) we could bring our EFBs into the vault for briefing/debriefing with specific EMSEC controls, but we did not actually store any classified data on them. We has foreflight installed and subscriptions for all crew members.
  6. PRK and LASIK Information

    As another data point, I had LASIK done at Keesler AFB in July 2011. Very similar stats to Hopefulflyer above...I was 20/200ish before the procedure, sat up in the chair immediately following at 20/15. Today more than 6 years later I'm between 20/15 and 20/20 depending on how hard I try on the test. Zero complications and I was in the casino the next day post-op (that afternoon/evening you feel pretty beat up). In general the LASIK recovery is a cake walk compared to PRK, at least from guy I know compared to my own experience.
  7. USAFA: Being masculine is bad

    Here's maybe a different view re: "I had a gut feeling this was a fake." Even if that's so, I think it's the right thing to do is to err on the side of empathy and gullibility rather than cynicism and smugness. In a situation where someone comes to you and is upset because they say they've been the victim of a crime, I'd rather believe them and support them in the short-term and seek justice (after due process) in the long-term, even if later I'm the fool for having believed a liar. Empathy/Gullibility Upside is you show good moral character, you do the right thing by both comforting a real victim and helping bring about appropriate justice if what they say is true Downside is you look foolish if they are a liar Cynicism/Smugness Upside is you get that satisfying, "Told ya so!" moment and can bask in some rightly-deserved schadenfreude if they are a liar Downside is you are a huge asshole and part of the problem if they are telling the truth I'd rather be possibly foolish than possibly an asshole. I'm going to default toward empathy rather than protecting my ego's need to always feel right. All that being said, I'm with those of you saying punishment shouldn't be meted out before all the facts are known nor before the accused is actually found guilty. Taking swift, preemptive, CYA action, especially when applied broadly, isn't a great idea IMHO. Hell, there's even an ironic quote in my signature block here making fun of someone for excusing blanket punishment... After re-listening to the General's speech just now, he wasn't accusing the cadets of perpetrating the alleged crime. It didn't even happen at the Academy proper where he was speaking. He said, "If you can't treat someone with dignity and respect, then get out." I couldn't agree more. It just so happens that in this particular case the accuser couldn't treat themselves with enough dignity and respect to rise to the challenge, tried to play the victim and in turn victimized other cadets, and now they've gotten out.
  8. ^^ the website for reference is https://scra.dmdc.osd.mil/scra/#/single-record
  9. Gun Talk

    @Justonethought is like so operator guys...he's operator AF.
  10. Also a guard guy, same ole flight pay on LESs with check dates out to 8 Nov. Is this seriously not like 2 lines of code in the pay system somewhere? SMH...I had big plans for that extra $1.67 per day!!
  11. Of note when comparing CSP (Chase Sapphire Preferred) vs CSR (Chase Sapphire Reserve): CSP gives 2x points on travel and dining for the $95 annual fee. CSR gives 3x points on travel and dining, a $300 travel credit per year (defined quite broadly), up to $100 credit to sign up for Global Entry, for the $450 annual fee (plus $75 per additional card). Do the math on how much you spend on travel and dining and how you value Chase points to see which is worth it for you. My math says CSR and so that's what I use.
  12. Good Kill just reeked of stupidity from the trailer so that was a hard pass, but after my dad told me that he really thought Eye in the Sky was good, I gave it a shot. Big mistake. My alternate title for that movie is, "Two War Criminals and 25 Dickless Idiots Conduct an Airstrike." I had to apologize to my wife afterward both for making her watch the movie and also for having to put up with me ranting the whole time...
  13. Fly EW off a boat with a bunch of seamen...gee, where do I sign up?? Never saw the appeal...
  14. Promotion and PRF Information

    Maybe the same reason why there’s not AT days loaded in the system yet for the new FY? Or why this year’s ROPMA results were delayed 3 weeks longer than normal? Seems like things at NGB and DC in general aren’t firing in all cylinders, which honestly is not surprising... Good luck...hopefully you at least get your $$ CAO 1 Oct!
  15. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    One of the results of OA-X/LAE is the combat fly-off between A-29 and AT-6. Not sure what exactly we need to test here based on A-29 flying previously under Imminent Fury and the OV-10's work during Combat Dragon but I digress... Another result very likely will be a light ISR expirament, based in no small part on the Air Force's very positive view of the Scorpion's performance and potential during LAE: https://www.defensenews.com/digital-show-dailies/air-force-association/2017/09/21/light-isr-the-air-forces-next-experiment/