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  1. nsplayr

    Elon Musk & Tesla EVs

    Can we chance the title of this thread to “HarleyQuinn Hates Elon Musk” just so the point is clear for everyone? FFS man, we get it...fill out a hurt feelings report and keep an extra on hand just in case. If you hate Elon Musk so much, @ him on twitter for a while, I doubt he browses these forums.
  2. nsplayr

    Elon Musk & Tesla EVs

    I’ll just leave this here and see myself out...
  3. Was it N.O. Xplode? Because that would be ironic as hell.
  4. Can confirm. Was instructed to place a banana in its own bin for scanning going through Pensacola a couple months back. And I have pre-check and showed military ID. It was baffling. Folks, if I wanted to use an airplane as a weapon, and I have a lot of training on how to do exactly that, x-raying my banana separately from the rest of my stuff ain’t gonna stop me. FFS TSA it’s the “ultimate one guy shits his pants and now we all have to wear diapers forever” scenario.
  5. nsplayr

    The Next President is...

    Make those IDs free and truly universal and I’m down. A 90% solution photo ID ( what we have now) isn’t acceptable. I won’t leave those other 10% of citizens behind. Election security and integrity is important, but in-person voter fraud is incredibly rare while citizen disenfranchisement is far too common and accepted.
  6. nsplayr

    The Next President is...

    This is completely at odds with protecting and defending the constitution man. It’s not up to you or me whether or not a fellow citizen should be voting or not, and it’s a betrayal of democracy to work to prevent citizens from voting. Why is it fire and brimstone from a lot of y’all to in any way limit access to firearms but it’s super blasé about denying citizens their ability to vote? If you are calling me hypocritical for wanting some limits to the 2A, I am absolutely saying the same when you casually shrug off the disenfranchisement of fellow citizens, and I’d argue the later is much worse. Plenty of representatives forms of government function without unfettered acccess to guns, by definition they cannot when people can’t vote.
  7. nsplayr

    The Next President is...

    Because those people are citizens of the United States and the law guarantees the right to vote for every citizen. It’s the entire core of representative government. I don’t know what else to tell ya man.
  8. nsplayr

    The Next President is...

    Whether you think it’s valid or not, there are millions of citizens that lack the type of IDs needed to vote. I am certainly invested in our democratic processes enough to ensure I’m registered and have the right ID and etc., but not everyone is like me, yet their vote counts equally if they are a citizen. Having the empathy to understand and accommodate people who’s circumstances are different than yours is important to me and most on the left, and in fact feeling a personal social responsibility to protect and promote the rights and wellbeing of others is at the heart of progressive morality, but I don’t necessarily expect most of you guys to agree or see it that way. My view of the second amendment is that its important that citizens have access to firearms in a way that preserves the safety of everyone. Where I might disagree with some conservatives is on the scope of what types of firearms should be accessible and if they should be carried in certain places or not, but the right to bear arms in the US is well established in the constitution and case law. I sincerely believe that the right to vote and the sanctity of that right is the most fundamental aspect of a representative form of government. Depriving people of their right to vote is one of the worst things the government could do to a citizen beyond killing them outright or inprisoning them unjustly. Do you disagree? Why? I’ve written a lot lately and y’all know my POV. Feel free to make a detailed and impassioned case for the opposite of what I’m saying, I’m genuinely interested. But just calling BS with no other inputs isn’t gonna really benefit anyone.
  9. nsplayr

    The Next President is...

    If we issue valid work permits to immigrants already living here who want them, and if we issue free, widely-available national ID cards to every citizen so that they can access public benefits that are only for citizens, then I'm on totally board. Progressive objections to current voter ID laws aren't based on some kind of esoteric opposition to secure voting or wanting non-citizens to vote. I want secure, interference elections that reflect the will of the citizens! Progressives object to recent efforts to enact and enforce strict ID laws because even though the concept is foreign and unthinkable to most of us, not every citizen has an acceptable ID nor the means to easily get one. Enforcing strict ID laws therefore deprives those citizens of their most important right as a citizen, to cast a vote equal to that of any other citizen. If we solve the underlying problem with an effort to get every citizen, and I mean every single citizen, free, legal, secure IDs, then great, let's require them at the polls to keep non-citizens from voting and let's require them to be shown in order to access benefits not meant for non-citizens. If the surface-level problem with undocumented immigrants is the concept of law-breaking rather than an opposition to immigrants in general, I vote we solve that very specific problem by legalizing more short- and long-term economic immigration. Strong market forces are attracting people to the US and we are greatly strengthened by them coming here, so let's not fight forces that compel people to cross harsh terrain under the guidance of extortionist, criminal coyotes. Instead, let's welcome people in the front door in a legal way and allow them to help make our country even better. FWIW I also want to secure the southern border, the northern border, and all ports of entry for national security purposes. I care deeply about the welfare of other people, even those from other countries, but I still lock my doors at night. I also support deporting immigrants who commit serious crimes; when you're a guest you have to be on your best behavior. All that said, and I'm on the progressive side of the Democratic party! I think there's lots that most of us can agree on in principle and there are many moderate Democrats and elected party leaders who are very much ready to play ball on comprehensive immigration reform that would require implementing some conservative priorities on this issue. But while we're talking about this, keep in mind that many conservatives have been against a national ID program in the past or even making state IDs more easily accessible to citizens who need them. Many conservatives are arguing for sharp reductions in legal immigration. Some on the far-right have quite explicitly said that they care about maintaining a white majority in the United States and therefore oppose immigration by non-white people. Plenty of progressives have also opposed national ID programs and have differed amongst themselves about how to secure the border and what levels of immigration will work best. I think there's work to be done by everyone to find a workable solution if we actually want to fix our immigration system rather than just use the problems with the current system every 2-4 years as campaign issues.
  10. nsplayr

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Copy, will push it more when I get in. Hope things are good for you and your new gig! #ThreadDerail
  11. nsplayr

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Everything is back at NGB waiting to get the stamp, then I guess a date will follow? Hard to say. Have checked in with Alex recently but he hadn’t heard anything new. I go on orders for the summer starting next week, so I’ll be able to poke around more frequently.
  12. nsplayr

    The Next President is...

    I think there should be a careful process to become a citizen, which we have, and that process should be open to all immigrants who aspire to be citizens. If we need to make some kind of special rules for naturalization that make it "extra-hard" for people who came here as undocumented immigrants initially, I'm open to that depending on the details. That is at the core of basically all bipartisan comprehensive immigration deals over the years - an uphill (but not impossible) path to citizenship for those who came here as undocumented immigrants, paired with significantly more resources to enforce the border and various legal immigration tweaks depending on which bill you're talking about. I'm also open to the concept that not all Americans need to be citizens, because that's essentially what we have now. There are people that have been living and working in our communities for 30+ years, and they are Americans just like me even if they are undocumented and I'm a citizen. To me, being an American is about what you do while you're here, not who you are or where you came from or whether or not you have a specific piece of paper. If that big-picture idea means we end up designing a system where we have long-term residents who are ineligible for citizenship, and they are ok with that and we as citizens are ok with that, great. Unlike the caricature often painted, speaking as a Democrat, I sincerely do not care what political party immigrants may support one day way down the road if they naturalize and become citizens, nor is it a deal breaker necessarily if we end up deciding that these folks shouldn't be allowed to become citizens at all (although I would push back on that). It's not a political play, it's a moral principle. Welcoming immigrants and especially refugees is the American thing to do, it's the christian thing to do if that applies to you, and it's the moral thing to do, at least based on the morals I live by.
  13. nsplayr

    The Next President is...

    I'm not really all about abolishing government agencies (Hi Rick Perry! What's it like running a department you wanted to abolish?), so let's call it "Reform ICE." And ICE isn't the same as CPB even though they are related and in the same department. I'm for a strong CBP, a vibrant USCIS (helps immigrants naturalize and become citizens), and a reformed ICE that focuses on helping make sure all immigrants here to work receive and use valid work permits, and that all employers enforce employment law. Maybe you can take Senator Gillibrand seriously without taking her literally, like I did with Rick Perry. "Abolish" in a political campaign often means "reform" once in government.
  14. nsplayr

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Unfortunately I’m still waiting for a slot so to speak. The Tennessee Air National Guard, southern hospitality, but also southern efficiency 😂 It’s all good, will happen soon and they’re taking care of me in the mean time. Re: light attack, I know a pilot and CSO who are non-fighter types that are flying round 2 of the expirament now. Hopefully the AF isn’t shy about letting 11U guys get back in manned cockpits...they’re gonna need everybody they can get the way the trend lines are going!
  15. nsplayr

    The Next President is...

    So now that we've aired the reductio ad absurdum argument of open borders, can we put it to bed? No one of consequence I know on any side of any aisle is calling for open borders or unlimited immigration to the US. The debate then is between a significant negative immigration flow, by lowering legal immigration to historic lows, working hard to completely eliminate illegal immigration, and deporting all the illegal immigrants currently in the country on the one hand, and some other upper bound on the other. My view is that our country has it at its foundational core the responsibility and privilege to welcome immigrants and refugees and that we should welcome as many as is practicable. The details of what that means are obviously up for debate, but I would start with much higher allowances for legal immigration, long-term work permits for all non-citizens already in the country who want them, tight border controls for national security reasons, and strict enforcement of labor laws and work permitting requirements when it comes to employers. In general, if an immigrant or refugee shows up at the door and wants to work in the US, we (within reason) should let them do so in a legal way, but we must prevent employers from hiring them under illegal work arrangements that undercut citizens looking for work. When employers hire illegal immigrants, they often underpay and abuse them, to the detriment of both those workers as well as every American worker who might be looking for a job but isn't willing to work in illegal conditions. If the vast majority of (or ideally all) foreign workers in the US had valid work permits and were not subjected to illegal work conditions, that's better for everyone, foreigners and citizens alike. This story was local where I live, and it demonstrates how our priorities around immigration aren't right IMHO: http://nashvillepublicradio.org/post/tennessee-town-grapples-fear-after-ice-raid-shakes-community#stream/0 This rural meat packing plant is working folks 60+ hour weeks and pays them $300 in cash weekly under the table. Not only is that well below minimum wage, the owner is also defrauding the US government by not paying payroll taxes (to the alleged tune of $2.5m). But what happens when ICE finds out? They raid the plant, arresting over 100 people, but notably not the owner of the plant. In a town of 3,000 people, more than 3% of their total population, all folks who are working and putting food on their families' plates, are suddenly rolled up but not ole' Mr. Brantley who employed and abused these people for years while stiffing the government on taxes he owed and repelled local citizens with the abhorrent work conditions and criminally low in his plant. The message being sent right now is clear: employee illegal immigrants, and you only stand to benefit from cheap, easily abused labor, and your tax bill is so much lower! No need to raise wages or improve conditions in order to attract Tennesseans who are citizens that might be looking for work. But if you dare to work without proper documentation, Uncle Sam is out to get ya. It's completely back-asswards and unnecessarily inhumane.