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  1. Yea damn I really wish we had that 🤔
  2. What you're proposing as a certainty (universal healthcare in the US = delay in curing cancer) is such a bizarre, unprovable hypothetical / red herring argument that I don't even know how to comment properly. Re: what the rest of the (developed) world has...I mean better average outcomes and much, much lower costs no matter which model they use? That's what they have. Some countries are almost entirely private-market, job-based systems, some are fully public for both payers and providers, and there's nearly everything in between. Some have rationed care and some have almost on-demand services. Some countries with good average outcomes spend a lot (well, not compared to us but still, a lot more than average), and some with equally good average outcomes spend very little comparatively. What they all, literally all, have is better average outcomes and lower costs than we enjoy in the U.S. If having "better research" and being the world leader in healthcare innovation is somehow inextricably tied to failing to deliver good outcomes to all of our people, and I'd argue it's not, it's a bad trade off. Great books to read: The Healing of America and Which Country Has The World's Best Health Care? Also bravo to us all for making any and all political threads eventually circle back to the same issues we've been debating since approximately 1945. 🍺
  3. Literally every single serious healthcare reform plan includes measures to reduce or control costs, including those that would achieve universal coverage, because as you said above, we can all agree that medical costs are high.
  4. I bought a beater / old man car (2004 Buick Lesabre) and parked it on base for over a year when I was drilling at a unit > 1K miles from my home with the intention of also using it there while I attended IQT for 3-4 months. Plans changed, I changed units, and I never attended that training, but I sold the car for almost exactly what I paid so other than some minor repairs, gas and an oil change I wasn't out much money. YMMV but that was my plan at least. Later on with my new unit, I was TDY for ~9 months for training. For that I just drove my POV from my home to each of the training sites and that worked out well other than choosing to drive a V8 truck 50 miles per day 5 days a week in California when gas was like $4.25 a gallon haha. #ShouldHaveBoughtAPrius #NotReally Can you just bring a POV if it's a continuous 2-3 months? Not sure how far the initial haul is, but I drove from TN to TX, then CA, then all the way back. Since I was TDY Uncle Sam paid the milage and I had travel days allocated so it worked out fine. I had finance help me out with a cost comparison worksheet in DTS that showed that a rental car for > 100 days would cost a bazillion dollars so POV milage was by far advantageous to the government.
  5. I'd rather smoke a "joint" while holding the rank of "Mr." than deal with any of the bullshit above haha.
  6. How did you go from DP on your 1-below to just a regular P on IPZ? 🤷‍♂️ May the odds ever be in your favor I guess!
  7. Growing up in AFSOC, I never knew exactly what the 23rd Air Force did. During my time at HRT it was activated in 2008, then inactivated in 2013 and I think literally nothing changed. Good job everyone; at least they fixed the glitch quickly on the bureaucratic time scale, which closely rivals the geologic time scale in most orgs.
  8. I remember running a gentlemen’s 12:30 and literally lapping more than half of my fellow test takers. ?!?! How?? Top 5 finishers out of a group of ~25...all ops. Like you said, big surprise.
  9. Not new but still funny. This kind of entertainment media...I say we keep this.
  10. If you know of anyone on these board who supports looting and burning let me know, I'd love to admonish them. Trust me, stupid anarchists are not people I support. I replied to you because it was the only post I saw that seemed to raise the idea of further violence. By all means defend you and yours...but let's all take a step back and try to de-escalate rather than further inflame.
  11. Yes, let's all not hurt each other. Let's not burn, let's not loot, let's not shoot, let's fucking try to come together and face the big challenges laid at our feet at this moment. Feel free to forward to any of your friends who plan on rioting - I don't know anyone who is.
  12. Hey guys, friendly reminder that we shouldn't fantasize about killing our fellow citizens over political differences! I know Hamilton just came out on Disney + and ole Alexander and Aaron did have a famous duel, but let's not shoot each other regardless of what happens this November.
  13. This was a good book I read as a young LT that makes you think about how our Constitution might be strengthened and modernized: https://www.amazon.com/More-Perfect-Constitution-Revised-Generation/dp/0802716830
  14. https://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/politics/505757-the-growing-need-for-a-modern-aircraft-platform-for-special
  15. Reminds me of this quote from a book I'm reading right now: "I call it the democratization of discomfort. There were whole swaths of people uncomfortable all of the time. Now we're democratizing it. Now more people across different races and religions feel uncomfortable." - Jennifer Richeson, in Why We're Polarized by Ezra Klein, p. 125.
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