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  1. Been living rent-free in this man's head for years and I didn't even know it haha. Kinda sad when someone goes off the deep end like he did TBH. Proud traitor* over here, glad to be in the company of so many others in this august forum *normal person
  2. Yet another success story. Thanks to everyone at Trident. Smooth closing, just like my last 2 with them. I only came down half a point because they did such a great job last spring for me, but it was still worth it. 2.25% with no points and no hassle. I think I paid, literally, $69 at closing and spent about 20 minutes with a notary. Highly recommend.
  3. This is quite literally a big part of Biden’s immigration plan in a nutshell. As I’ve said a bit before, I’m even more of an immigration maximalist than your typical Democrat. If I were King for a day I’d sign into law the “Mas Trabajo Por Los Todos Act of 2021” and get some smart folks to translate that into Chinese, Vietnamese, French, et al so everyone knows that the USA is open for business and ready for many new workers and eventually citizens. But I’m perfect willing to take steps in the right direction. Expanded refugee entries, expanded guest worker program, pathway to citize
  4. Just so you know, MattY has a face for radio and a voice for print if ya know what I mean. He's incredibly annoying to listen to IMHO even though he's a successful podcast host (The Weeds), so try not to be turned off if you listen to the book on Audible haha...I know I would be! I like his work but I literally hate his voice. I'm not sure that characterization is fair but making sure folks are integrated is an important aspect of successful immigration. Luckily the USA is pretty uniquely great at that! We're a creed-based nation with barely any truly "native" population and we're alre
  5. I actual have a personal jihad against self checkout at stores, especially grocery stores when I always seem to have a ton of items in the cart. I do not work at the grocery store, nor do I want to! Self checkout in grocery stores is more convenient for the store, not for me. FFS, I do not want to self checkout at a tiny kiosk when I have a week's worth of family groceries, but usually all but 1 of the "normal" lanes will be closed. I want to see the Grocery Store Clerks Full Employment Act (GSCFEA) of 2021 passed post-haste!
  6. LMK if you want to actually read the book itself & discuss! I disagree with that characterization and in fact think the opposite is true; China and India are trying desperately to become richer & more like Western nations in terms of per capita income and purchasing power, and the entire point of Yglesias' book is that if/when that happens, America will inevitably decline in importance unless we get significantly richer (very hard to do), or significantly bigger (easier than you might imagine). I would very much like America to remain the #1 nation in the world for the rest o
  7. I'm reading this book now and so far it's excellent. I support allowing far more immigrants into the United States and firmly believe it will make the country richer, stronger and better for everyone. https://www.amazon.com/One-Billion-Americans-Thinking-Bigger-ebook/dp/B082ZR6827 TL;DR: The hypothesis is that America should try hard to stay #1 in the world, and growing the population significantly is one of the surest ways to stay on top. Policies that support families having as many children as they would like as well as policies that encourage more legal immigration can get
  8. From what I saw being Air Guard and witnessing Army Guard get vaccinated at the same time, it looked like everyone had a DHA Form 207. On that form you either check the box that you want to receive the vaccine or that you don't. See attached (must open in Acrobat Reader to work right). DHA Form 207 Blank.pdf
  9. @VMFA187 Like I had previous mentioned, I originally wrote an angrier post but deleted it and tried again. Just another data point to add: I lost my grandpa and great-aunt to COVID, and my mom and I both unfortunately picked up the virus attending the funeral. Hopefully you're keeping a running list of all the folks here who have loved ones who died so you can, ya know, update your worldview.
  10. Ya know I wrote this whole angry reply but I deleted it. Here's what I think: A) I'm glad COVID hasn't affected your family much; count yourself as lucky. B) If you want to end the pandemic-mitigation measures, I hope you're getting vaccinated ASAP and encouraging everyone you know to do the same. I sure am! C) I would tread a bit more lightly re: "Well I don't know anyone who died..." because many, many of us do and it's kind of a dick move to base your entire world view on the extremely narrow lense of your own personal experiences.
  11. Hey y’all, just reporting back that I got my first dose of the vaccine and I’m happy to say I’ve got full bars of 5G already and I streamed the game last night directly into my eyeballs. It was fantastic! Roll Tide. J/K obviously, but everyone please go out and get the vaccine as soon as you can so we can end this terrible pandemic. Science FTW.
  12. I swear to god we had damn-near solved queep during the early weeks/months of COVID, and now we have purposely allowed it back into our organizations. After finding out what was truly mission essential and what as not, I'm just floored at the number of people that gleefully welcome back all the self-licking ice cream cones, asskissing briefings & awards, and plainly non-essential tasks back in to our everyday lives.
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