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  1. VA Loans

    I closed a conventional-into-VA refi with Marty a couple of weeks ago and their team did a great job. Lots of random paperwork stuff came up in the process but Ashley G. was outstanding at communicating and would call, email, text or stay late to take care of things if they popped up at the last minute. I talked with Marty directly on a couple of occasions and he explained everything to me and helped me compare what he could offer vs another lender. Looking forward to doing an IRRL with Trident when rates support doing that in the future. I referred one of my IRL friends who also had a smooth closing, and I second that recommendation here.
  2. You've got to look into that Situation ASAP 😎
  3. The book by the GSE Elevator guy is really hilarious, highly recommend.
  4. North Korea at it again

    ::cough cough:: Israel would be a difficult case for a "no aid to non-legacy nuclear powers" policy... That policy would also be pretty hypocritical for India and Pakistan (the latter which you left off your democracies of Asia list), since they only got their nukes relatively recently and are not signatories to the NPT themselves. The who situation is fucked with zero even passable options, and it's been a shit sandwich handed down from POTUS to POTUS for many, many years. IMHO the best way we can demonstrate that a negotiated, non-nuclear third way exists for other countries out there that oppose the US/West is to uphold and respect the JCPOA with Iran. They are a bad actor just like DPRK and we're not suddenly friends now, but negotiating that agreement in the first place and living by it and enforcing it now shows the world there is a third option other than US-led regime change or nuking-up.
  5. Questions retracted, answer retracted.
  6. Which course did you take?
  7. I was hoping someone would reply to this effect. I left AD 3 years ago and work at the same place where CH now works in additional to my guard gig. Good company many mil folks would recognize, great work culture at our particular division (many retired/former mil), lots of growth right now as he said. We're in the defense/tech industry and located in a city I love with some folks working elsewhere in a couple of mostly desirable locations. I do mostly 40 hour weeks with some surge as needed and about 25% travel +/- 15% depending on the time of year and other business factors. I take home IVO what I did as a flying O3 > 8 years give or take. As others have mentioned, unless you're a fed or work at the airlines pay can vary quite a bit even for people doing the same job based on background, prior salaries and negotiation skills so it's not real smart to be more specific with dollar amounts. Protip: don't under-sell yourself and make sure you look at net rather than gross, because a higher gross salary as a civilian will not always give you a higher net after you factor in healthcare and different tax treatment. I was a CSO so no airlines for me. BA/MA in International Studies with a good reputation in my community and some valuable connections, but nothing special in terms of AF paperwork i.e. I was never the XX/CC of anything. CH is indeed playing about 3 levels up from where I am, but his background and responsibilities at the company warrant that. Retiring as an O6 is not a requirement to work where we work, and if anything the ideal person is an E6-O4 with a background in one of the following: computer science, building/troubleshooting networks, radios and sensors, or government IT/IA/security or acquisitions. Fair disclosure, two high-up company leaders (one of whom is my direct boss) flew the same airplane that I did on AD and knew me through the bro network if not directly. I got in touch, they needed someone for a job I could do and I was getting out right at about the same time so things worked out. I can't say that's exactly a repeatable process but I guess the keys for me were: A) be the best XX you can be and work well with others so when people bro-check you, you get two thumbs up, and B) be willing to relocate and learn new things as required. I did get a few hits on other positions (full-time guard, D.C. agencies, etc.), but this was the best choice all things considered. If anyone is technically inclined and especially if you flew the U-28, MC-12W, AC-130W or AC-130J, PM me and I'm happy to make intros for good dudes.
  8. Promotion and PRF Information

    Double-post, my bad
  9. Promotion and PRF Information

    So I'm a nerd and wanted to analyze the source of the weakness in CSO numbers compared to the board average. I looked at 2016 Lt Col and 2017 Lt Col IPZ stats since back in 2015 the DP/P % was significantly different and thus harder to compare apples to apples. In 2016, CSOs were fairly in line-ish with the overall board selection rate (70.5% for CSOs vs 74.1% for the board). In 2017, CSOs were significantly underperforming (61.4% for CSOs vs 72.6% for the board). BL conclusion: about 1/3 of the difference is a lower rate of IDE + P dudes being promoted compared to the board average, and 2/3 of the difference is a lower rate of DP allocation for CSOs compared to the board average. Problems with the analysis are the small number of years (2) considered and the overall small data set (total # of CSOs on AD isn't that large), making definitive conclusions harder to draw. Overall there were about 22 CSOs who didn't make it in 2017 who "should have" for CSOs to perform at the board-average promotion rate. Is that a systematic issue or a few handfuls of dudes not quite being awesome enough? Hard to say. Pilots and mission support are easier to draw conclusions on since the numbers are larger...smaller data sets are more likely to be influenced by a few outliers. Super-duper BL: if we're in a rated manning crisis then we shouldn't be under-promoting rated aviators, that seems pretty obvious...the AF has no room to complain of 12X shortages now or in the near future since they've recently under-promoted CSOs and provided lower bonus numbers.
  10. In that case I'll alert my bank to expect an incoming wire of $3,431,764.34 very soon But do we need to financially incentivize then to stay? There is a 12S bonus, so the AF says yes. My opinion is that all bonuses should have been open to free agents from the start rather than just FY17 UFT-expiring folks, so while I'm glad they're adjusting for some bonus tiers, I'd like to see that apply across the board.
  11. The bonus PSDM was corrected again today (change 3) and now includes bonus options for non-contracted and contract-expired aviators. Maybe someone out there is listening finally... Not sure on the ROE of posing the actual doc here but it's out there on the portal...PSDM 17-39 corrected 4 Aug 17. New Details Tier 1 (11Fs) who never entered into a bonus contract and UPT ADSC is expired: 5, 9 or up to 24 YAS payments of $35,000 per year Tier 1 previously signed a bonus contract that is expired: contract at min up to 22 YAS and max 24 YAS @ $35K Tier 2 (11B/11S/11M) who never entered and UPT ADSC expired: 5 or 9 years @ $30K Tier 2 previously signed but expired: same as Tier 1 but @ $30K Tier 3 (11R/11H) who never entered and UPT ADSC expired: 5 years @ $28K Tier 3 previously signed but expired: same as Tier 1 but @ $28K Tier 4 (11U/12U/13U/18X): 5 years @ $35K if UPT/URT ADSC expires in FY17
  12. The Next President is...

    Here's something I heard from very few on the right when President Obama was in the seat...credit where credit is due. Things I think President Trump has gotten right so far: Mattis at DoD McMaster as NSA (second time's the charm right?) Shulkin at the VA The economy is so far continuing to add jobs and the stock market continues to go up despite already being at record highs when he took office Signing the new VA reform bill Signing the recent Russia sanctions bill You're right to say that the DJIA number is not something any President has any control over, but if you want to keep score that way I'm good with it. DJIA closing 23 Jan 2009 (before Obama takes office): 8,077 DJIA closing 31 Jul 2009 (6 month performance): 9,171 (+13.54%) Overall Obama two-term DJIA performance: 8,077 to 20,094 (+148.78%) DJIA closing 27 Jan 2017 (before Trump takes office): 20,094 DJIA closing 28 Jul 2017 (6 month performance): 21,830 (+8.64%) [-4.9% lower than comparable performance under Obama] Overall Trump term(s) DJIA performance: TBD. A comparable increase to Obama would see a DJIA close on 20 Jan 2024 of 49,989...let's all hope that is possible.
  13. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    To be fair, this was during the Korean war and those overnight patrols were necessary to keep the base secure from a possible sneak-attack Chinese invasion
  14. U-28s keeps you in AFSOC but gives you a 2/3 shot at HRT vs CVS (with 2 out of 3 ops squadrons being in FL). I would like to think that coming off of several years at Cannon already they would slot you for a HRT squadron but then again that's obviously not guaranteed. Other options you should probably consider are U & J model gunships which are HRT-only. Since you mentioned C-146s, the pilots I've known that flew them have only said great things, other than being based at Cannon. I loved my time flying in the U-28 community and the mission set is probably as close to the MQ-9 as you're gonna get. As long as you're not a douche your experience in the Reaper would be greatly valued. I'm actually in the middle of going the opposite direction as you, former U-28 CSO now future MQ-9 pilot in the guard, and I think the more cross-pollination we can get between those two communities (and the gunships), the better.
  15. More SARC briefings soon.

    Humm, yes, it does appear that way, my bad. As I'm now browsing the more esoteric things Tricare covers, an "external vacuum appliance" to treat erectile dysfunction is covered. Gentlemen, line up for your artificial BJs, courtesy of Uncle Sugar! https://tricare.mil/CoveredServices/IsItCovered/ErectileDysfunctionTreatment