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  1. Sure is. I saw a similar post on FB that wasn't on .mil and I confused the two. My mistake.
  2. Until I see it from a .mil website, I remain skeptical.
  3. I could be wrong, but I think "100% Promotion Opportunity" is how we promote 1st Lieutenants and Captains. In other words, the board meets only to review the records of those who might not be "Fully Qualified"--meaning those who have received a DNP or have a UIF. When everyone meets the board, they're only promoting those who are "Best Qualified." Bottom line, unless I'm wrong, this means that unless you receive a DNP or have a UIF (or some other unfavorable report), you won't even meet the board--you're promoted.
  4. https://mypers.af.mil/app/answers/detail/a_id/34476 Direct link to the AvB PSDM (CAC Required).
  5. zmoney

    SOS/ACSC information

    You'll want that done. Most units like to hire folks whose records can at least promote to major. Without PDE, you'll be virtually unable to promote. Caveat: I'm active duty. I know folks on the reserve/guard side and this is what I've heard from them.
  6. Reading the article, I got the sense that the CSAF wants to reduce my ability to find civilian airline employment.
  7. zmoney

    Leather Flight Jacket

    I got mine from the Pops website. Like others have said, you'll pay a premium, but it's worth it. I had my brother-in-law take the measurements as instructed on the site and a few weeks later I had my custom jacket. If you can't get there in person, the website is a good substitute.
  8. It was in a Guidance Memorandum published to AFI 36-2301. The memo seems to have disappeared though... probably expired and was removed. That probably wasn't intentional, but that's probably what happened.
  9. Thanks for all you do! On multiple occasions, when I've needed an HF phone patch or an HF check, you guys picked up and USAF HF Global (C/S: MAINSAIL) did not. You guys rock.
  10. zmoney

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I attended the long course a few years back. I thought the course was too long, but I enjoyed socializing with my flight and reconnecting with old friends. I didn't think the formal course material was that great, but the classroom discussions usually made up for it. As far as the think tank, the one during my tenure seemed to be a waste of time. The participants from my class said the staff had already drafted a solution and used the students to research and develop support for it. Best of luck. Hopefully your positive energy will help effect positive change. When you get back, make sure you share your thoughts on the course with your peers.
  11. zmoney

    Non-Availibility lodging/letter

    I think you're right about that... If you are stuck on base, it does hose you pretty good.
  12. zmoney

    Non-Availibility lodging/letter

    If the member can secure lodging cheaper than the 75% or 55% rate, they keep the money they didn't spend (although it sounds like Altus finance is confused about this). In the example I gave from the JTR, the member would be "banking" $13.90 a day. The purpose of flat rate per diem is to create a financial incentive for the member to find cheaper lodging. This often means entering a lease, which is the reason why a receipt is not necesary under flat rate per diem--you must only certify that lodging costs were actually incurred. The confusion likely arises because the JTR does not state explicitly that "you keep the difference." The member (and finance) is left to infer this by the statement "the fixed rate per diem may not be reduced further even if the actual lodging costs incurred are less than the lodging portion of the reduced per diem." Again this ONLY applies to flat rate per diem TDYs--TDYs in excess of 30 days.