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  1. What if the Growler MEZ pen'd? Are what if's open? On that note, I have noticed the younger Growler crowd is more willing to try "new shit" out and be the backpack. I'm glad they seem to be growing a pair.
  2. I think this is the same concept as a wider problem with the rate of UPT adjustments moving track/specialization earlier and earlier in the syllabus. Yes, there is benefit to devoting more time to specialized skills, even in the T-6 as is happening now. However, I think it's forcing decisions to be made at such an early point in their aviation career that they honestly have no idea what they want (or at least no relevant data to base it upon) Couple that with not having an appropriate cross-section of exposure to different MWS mentalities, and they're making ill-informed decisions at best
  3. https://theaviationist.com/2020/04/18/watch-rocket-accidentally-fired-by-chadian-air-force-su-25-frogfoot-nearly-hits-french-c-130h-at-ndjamena-airport/ Unfortunately assessable...from the article: The rocket missed a French Hercules but hit a house killing four civilians.
  4. Assume you had 60 days on 1 Oct 19, didn't use any yet this year (and won't be able to) ... and then this thing goes on for 18 months. There's your 120 days.
  5. If you want to just pull from communities, then why not BUFF/B-1 guys to fighters and AMC guys to AFGSC? At least the A-G weaponeering, SAM threat knowledge etc is there for the bomber dudes, and they are 90%+ T-38 trained as it is
  6. Don't know what awareness the guys mentioning F-35 first or as a "not many guard/reserve options exist" are smoking... F-35 is going to be the new pred porn, on demand asset and you will be gone ALOT (outside of stability of an AETC job, i.e. Luke/Eglin) However the Guard/Reserve options will be out there, VT just got delivered the 500th production F-35, and Fort Worth, Madison, Bama will all have them before you get an option to Palace Chase
  7. Also: https://www.darpa.mil/about-us/timeline/autonomous-highaltitude-refueling https://defensesystems.com/articles/2015/04/27/navair-x47b-uas-midair-refueling.aspx 2007 and 2015...turns out, refueling just ain't that hard
  8. Fly them over manned. QF-16 is optionally manned currently.
  9. Beats me. Certainly lots of smart ways to utilize them as you pointed out. QF-16 already exists so at least a portion of the mechanics are figured out. Airborne control, via whatever means I think is being somewhat explored in the "loyal wingman" realm. I always just worry that these good ideas get so distorted in practice and don't end up matching original intent. Plus alot of fighter pilot egos get crushed if they don't have the sensibility to realize risking $'s is always better than risking American (or other) lives
  10. https://www.flightglobal.com/military-uavs/us-navy-flies-two-ea-18g-growlers-autonomously-third-growler-used-as-controller/136532.article Navy turns Growler into drone, flies 2 unmanned controlled from a third manned
  11. Also it's pretty shortsighted to judge an airplane on appearance solely
  12. There are a bunch of Latin American nations who still employ the A-37B in their Air Forces, unless I'm missing something?
  13. Meanwhile, some CAF flying squadron commanders are now non O-5s ... no doubt qualified, likely with a line number to O-5, but it speaks to the straits we're entering. It used to be rare to see a Maj DO, then common... just saying it's setting a trendline
  14. No idea how they're really planning to implement it, but I would think the true advantage of the Valkyrie would be moot if you planned on just dragging it on your wing to a merge.
  15. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/30333/air-forces-xq-58a-valkyrie-drone-suffers-damage-after-third-flight-test Might get some delay due to damage on their third test flight "High surface winds and a malfunction of the vehicle’s provisional flight test recovery system resulted in a mishap," 550lb payload would be enough for 3x of Raytheon's newly touted Peregrine missile (~150lb each), or something comparable. I doubt being subsonic really hurts it from a tactical perspective.
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