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  1. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    I thought that program was called IFT (Initial flight training). When DOSS took over, it went back to being called IFS (initial flight screening).
  2. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    The Air Force had to kill IFT because it was too great of a deal.
  3. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    You can be cool with abortion and gay marriage and still think that safe-spaces are retarded. Nothing inherently binds you to blindly follow a single party's doctrine.
  4. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Flight screening has been around for a long time. Before DOSS IFS, it was IFT (probably what you did). Before that it was T-3s at Hondo. Before that it was T-41s (Big Spring, TX?). Hondo was happening in the mid-90s. The T-41 goes back to the 60s. Not sure if there was anything else between those two or if everyone had to attend that training. http://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/129834/officials-announce-t-3a-firefly-final-disposition/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cessna_T-41_Mescalero
  5. Rated Package

    Look into order of merit for UPT selection. A substantial portion of the OM is commander's ranking. That's the only place those other activities to potentially come into play. If you're still in high school, choose a few extra curriculars that you will stick with and excel at. If you're in college, your time is best spent on not being a reliable cadet, having a good PFT score, and having a decent (3.0 GPA). It's a balance, though. Don't wholly sacrifice one category for another. I saw a number of guys in college try to be involved in everything the detachment did only to lose sight of the other categories and get kicked out of ROTC for a bad GPA. On the other end of the spectrum, "ghost cadets" also didn't fare well.
  6. Graduating in May, pushing for Pilot

    If you want to be a pilot, don't settle for anything less (if you can help it). Once you go nav or ABM, your chances of ever becoming a pilot are extremely small. It happens, but it will be even more competitive. Getting a PPL will help in a lot of ways. It'll give you insight into whether or not you actually want to be a pilot, it shows that you want to be a pilot, and in UPT it will give you confidence on the radios.
  7. What's keeping me from a job?

    Keep trying. You don't have enough evidence to conclusively say what "the problem" is (assuming there actually is a problem). If you're worried it's your personality, then just remember to be confident, but the weapons school motto is "humble, credible, approachable" for a reason. Try to embody those traits.
  8. Wing Re-Org Test

    How soon before air base commanders make a comeback to the CAF?
  9. I need some advice

    It's fun to bitch. There are some legitimate gripes, but I don't know a single pilot pining for a finance job.
  10. More Uniform Changes!

    I don't think this is true. The Massif jacket and pants are both approved for fighter aircrew wear.
  11. The Next President is...

    Didn't even click on the link did you? Sad. Allow me to help you out. This is a small portion of the polls combined in the graphic. It's pretty clear that more Americans favor the ACA than those who do not favor it.
  12. The Next President is...

    Probably because the majority of Americans have a favorable view of the ACA. http://elections.huffingtonpost.com/pollster/us-health-bill
  13. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    Yes. It was called "IFT." Wasn't the precursor to IFT, T-3s at Hondo? Like a dog chaising it's tail.
  14. Civilian T-6 IPs?

    Experiences vary wildy. I saw many students with "hurt feelings" get washed out.
  15. And if you graduated with > 3.5? Then it comes down to what Muscle said.