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  1. One of the most optimistic things I've ever heard a poor squadron commander say was, "we will not sacrifice quality of training." The hell you won't when the OG is pushing 8 week training cycles.
  2. No, the new wingman is not proficient in fighting a full-up adversary. It wouldn't be a problem if you were proficient in BFM leaving the B-course, but you aren't anymore. Then when you get to your ops squadron, you get one BFM sortie in MQT and you're off to fly red air for a year until your FLUG. In that year, you probably got somewhere around 8-10 BFM sorties total in 4-5 training cycles. That means every 3 months, you flew 2-4 BFM sorties that includes 1 each of OBFM, DBFM, and HABFM... just barely enough to get the cobwebs out before moving onto ACM. Oh, and you weren't flying with an IP. You were flying with a flight lead who can just barely debrief without ACMI who is likely imparting bad habits, WOMs, and misconceptions. Then you get to that one LABFM flight in the FLUG with not enough time to even accomplish 1 each of 3/6/9Ks on offensive and defensive (you usually cut the 6Ks). You can see where this is going... The end result is a guy who isn't that proficient at BFM. When you reduce the training syllabus, gaining back that proficiency after training will take a very very long time, if it ever happens. Hence, WIC spin-up focuses almost exclusively on BFM. If it were me, I would not have cut the BFM sorties. If anything needed to be reduced, I would rather move some of the missionized sorties into the simulator (gasp!) where you can face higher fidelity adversaries and more realistic S-A threats.
  3. That's a luxury AD squadron can't afford with the upgrade burden right now. As I was leaving my last ops squadron, they cut the MQT/FLUG syllabus to a single "low aspect" BFM sortie and one high aspect.
  4. A third good thing: Bannon's arrest for fraud.
  5. Primacy of learning is a concept Air Force leadership does not grasp. Learning to do something correctly the first time by getting the right quality and quantity of training is far more efficient than guys trying to relearn basic pilot shit in the midst of 5-10 years of upgrade training (MQT, FLUG/AC, IPUG, Msn Commander, Weapons School, SEFE, etc.).
  6. We already developed one. The YF-23 was supposed to be a long range companion to the F-22.
  7. Much credit to this guy. He's been slogging through the bureaucratic and political bullshit for years. I'm sure his time at the MDA wasn't a whole lot of fun.
  8. I would have done the same as them... but it looks like Bonnie and Rambo have never fired a gun in their lives.
  9. Buy a membership if you'd like to support what they do, not for any extra content. They already publish great stuff without a paywall. I only just recently started listening to some of their podcasts. Gen Dempsey gave a good interview. Whether you think it's "faux-edgy Beltway/academia groupthink" or not, what you're getting from this podcast is a look into the minds of senior leadership and senior strategists.
  10. Pilot or bust... that's one of the benefits of applying for OTS or the guard/reserves.
  11. Guys at Randolph are your best bet, but in case no one else answers, here's one from 2004. https://web.archive.org/web/20120329111254/http://www.t6driver.com/jsupt/jppt_jsupt_syllabus.pdf
  12. For sure. I started to write a diatribe about the inadequacy of our comm infrastructure and Big Air Force's focus on "the small things" meaning color of your sock when really "the small things" should mean being able to read encrypted e-mails on webmail, not having to fill out the same in/outprocessing checklist in 15 different ways, or the fact that it took me 48 hours to get NIPR access in a combat zone because of such problems as, "no sir, you'll have to sign the agreement digitally (pen/ink not allowed!) with your e-mail certificate" to get access to a system that I was just using at a base <1 hr away... a form, by the way, that will get filed away, forgotten about, and lost when the next sharedrive crash happens. ...but I deleted that rant.
  13. It's not that they don't care about you if you aren't a school select. A lot of school selects actually have to accomplish their master's degree through OLMP. I think that office is just grossly understaffed and underfunded, so you have to place a trouble ticket, send an e-mail, and then call them 69 times to get anything done.
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