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  1. disgruntledemployee

    The Next President is...

    Maybe some of you eat this stuff up. Perhaps, you're confident your horse will win. I'm actually nauseated for our future. I'm turning off the TV and watching some Netflix. I'll wake up tomorrow and maybe I'll care to see what happened. I need a beer. Out
  2. disgruntledemployee

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Having been in Hot, Africa Hot (realz Africa), the 2-piece is the bikini of uniforms. Back home, bag all the way. It was a defiance at one point in time (Blues Monday) and is my rebel uniform. Want to thow a subtle F.U. at the man, sport that verboten patch. That and pull and zip and I'm off to work. So, occasions dictate the clothes, wear accordingly. Out
  3. disgruntledemployee

    Hurricane Michael

    I vote Bergstrom, err, I mean Austin. The dive bar scene on 6th is outstanding. Out
  4. disgruntledemployee

    Retired C-130 Pilot killed in private plane crash

    Damn. One of the biggest personalities of the 198th. I can hear his voice as he talks at a debrief, one of his grand stories of killin snakes in his duck blinds, pearls o' wisdom while riding the crew bus, or how the Shirt was riding his ass about his sideburns (Whit was the DO then). A toast to the dude of 130s Out
  5. disgruntledemployee

    AFPAK Hands- Opportunity Beckons

    I selected the topic and front/center was the 2nd quote, so I added the OPs 1st post on top, you know, for chronology. Irony? Foreshadowing? Bad Karma? Out
  6. disgruntledemployee

    New AFPC commander a pilot

    Yeah, but were they really pilots? I sat in the back of the plane one day while McDew subjected the earth to his soul crushing landings. I closed my eyes, braced for impact, and let out a Jesus! as I expected the gear to collapse each time. Tr'ble, just tr'ble. PS: No idea on the others, so flame elsewhere. On topic tho, who better to implement the programs on pilot assignments and retention than those most hurting, a fighter pilot. Question is, is he still a fighter pilot? I think it would be a more interesting experiment to take an 18yr Lt Col pilot, one about to get out, and make him/her the chief of AFPC. Out
  7. disgruntledemployee

    EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program)

    If the names are on the orders, doesnt matter how many milkmen are involved. One more thing and I didnt think much of at at the time, but a doc we were seeing (military) handed us our kids medical records. Not the "hey, turn these in" kind of give, but here, these belong to you and your kids, use them as you see fit. Puzzling at the time, but helped later on with leaving EFMP. BTW, all kid issues were overcome and nobody would ever know what we had to work through if you met them today. Side short story. Wife made lots of contacts regarding local specialty treatment services while kid was getting help. She talked with EFMP about all these resources as we were about to PCS and was quite agitated that they had no clue on what existed in their own area. Out
  8. disgruntledemployee

    Space Corps Good or Bad?

    Na, the Rebels will game the system 1st by trying to take their test on the moon. Starfleet will reply by requiring everyone to return to earth every 6 months, but will see that as too costly, and will try to institute gravity regs. The Italian foreign exchange dude will mock his fellow spacemen as he sips Space Chianti on Mars... the red wine for the red planet. Out
  9. disgruntledemployee

    Aviation Continuation Pay (ACP - The Bonus)

    If they have degrees. His scheme wont survive 1st contact when enlistments are up and the AF has shit on them. They'll take their very valuable skill and get real paid. The Es that go pilot will be smart enough to get the degree while they can. The pay jump for those guys is even more. AF better have a supp flight pay to make them par or else. He must be thinking that keeping Es would be easier than Os. He'll be wrong. Out
  10. disgruntledemployee

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Its not that hard. Besides, your not supposed to write your PRF. As I was retiring, I told execs nay to the PRF inputs, when fired right back that they would do it as ordered. I recommeded blank out of the unit. It worked... for about a week. I told execs to be very creative and have lots of fun. It was a keeper and proud of the cheekiness displayed. The one liner that the HHQ sent up was hilarious in that they misused "there" ilo "their record." For final OPR, it was less than 6 months and I didnt care and convinced the chain that I didnt want one. That way when they try to non-vol unretire me, they'll see the glitch which will overload, trip, and hang up the machine till it tosses me aside and moves on. Ahh, good ol days Out
  11. disgruntledemployee

    EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program)

    Fight. Everyone needs something medically every year, and seeing an eye doc on glasses is nothing "Special." EFMP is for those that require specific special care like a Developmental Pediatrician or many of the therapist types that may be hard to find. If you filled out the screener saying no, then that should be it. Roll in with the boss on the lunacy and this could work its way out in no time. Also, ask for a reg reference saying you have to enroll. BTW, EFMP approval process for PCS is excruciatingly painful and slow. We ended up disenrolling (no small feat) as we knew better what we needed and how to get it. Good luck Out
  12. disgruntledemployee

    Space Corps Good or Bad?

    It's called NASA. When we start installing port holes for the men to shoot out on our spaceships, then we can start a military space force. Or when the aliens attack. Either one works for me. Out
  13. disgruntledemployee

    Leaving family behind for UPT?

    We had our 1st kid during UPT and I did well enough to get something I wanted to fly. There was a guy with a family that wasn't there with him at UPT - struggled and almost didn't make it. Another guy with about to be new wife who didn't move too, he washed out. Our class had lots of married guys and even with kids. Staying together is best. Always. So, either do it together or not at all. And we had plenty of guard guys in my class too; all but 1 were married, and all brought their ladies. Out
  14. I think that more distance from an O-6 the better when it comes to Sq/CCs doing their job (some Gp/CCs are an exception and let their Sq/CCs run their own show). More time was spent trying to feed and care the OG than was spent trying to work for the folks. Ever talk to someone running a GSU where the big boss is hundreds/thousands of miles away? Now at the wing level, I can see more of a CC and DO tag team construct coming. "Joe, you make sure the operations of the wing runs, and I'll so all that commander stuff." Lastly, I can see some interesting dynamics between ops and mx. Many a place where we had great working relationships with our MX counterparts, but got fucked up by the group level fighting. It's like a big family get together where everyone's kids play well but the parents just bitch at each other. Out
  15. disgruntledemployee

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    The first thing I did was remove all that velco from the pockets. I probably removed more from other areas. Overall, for a hot, dirty place, the 2-piece worked well. As for boots, at the time greenies were mandatory, but after a few weeks of desert dust and mud, they were semi-permanently tan. I did enjoy my boonie cap though, even flattened it to look like this guy hat! Out
  16. disgruntledemployee

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    I could have sworn I just heard the many Horses of the Apocalypse. And even better than AMD going stateside, it'd be a fine job for a gaggle of civilians. They love inflexible processes. Out
  17. disgruntledemployee

    Gun Talk

    I have a mix of regular aluminum and Magpuls. I then wanted something that will stand the test of time (i.e., if anyone ever banned future sales, they'd last forever) and picked up a few stainless steel mags. Out
  18. disgruntledemployee

    Queep Contractors, we got some, do you?

    And that was my last point. If the AF sees the money it has to pay to lick itself, maybe they'll stop doing it. Nah, they'll just make the sq do it again (free labor). Out
  19. disgruntledemployee

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    But the chineses already have the keys, ruskies too. Oh well, probably makes it easier for them to catalog and index. They must go ape shit trying to figure out Operation Donut Friday. Out
  20. disgruntledemployee

    Queep Contractors, we got some, do you?

    Spend the time fixing the glitch, take care of them well until then, and hopefully they'll take even better care than you. Show them what it means to bend over backwards to take care of things. Push feedback to CCs and up. I've had the pleasure and displeasure of working with non-mil and contractors are a mixed bag. Nice thing is that a contractor can be easily replaced and saw it happen (very quickly too). But a civ/cntr in training as the backbone, day to day guy... priceless. A civ in scheduling, nice. A civ doing all that other bullshit, like those dumbass 6-mo inspection checklists, that'll pay for itself. My idea, make all execs in all levels civs and you'll have mind numbing, glass breaking, career shattering, OMFG the world is ending, reactions!!!! But who knows, if the AF sees itself paying more for queep, maybe they'll get rid of it. HA! There's my joke for the year, had you all going, huh. Out
  21. disgruntledemployee

    Gun Talk

    Yep, I too like to shoot in "Full semi-auto." Out
  22. disgruntledemployee

    AFSOC Leadership Drain

    Yep, I worked with an spec ops O-6 and he tried to stay in the game. But he too saw the effort was futile and now flies something that Boeing makes and crewed with flight attendants. He probably would have been a decent general. Out
  23. disgruntledemployee

    Gun Talk

    The average age for school mass shooters is likely much younger. I can envision states, even a Congress and President, enacting an age 21 rule. We already age restrict alcohol, which occurred because parents and communities were tired of their teenage kids dying in drunk driving accidents. It won't stop school shootings, but it may reduce them. That's why they'll try. However, how many kids break into the parents' liquor cabinet? Out
  24. disgruntledemployee

    The new airline thread

  25. disgruntledemployee

    Gun Talk

    It's a complete new process under a separate CMP entity, and its a bit involved. Look at the CMP website for news and links. Start jumping Out