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  1. Hey, I've swilled beer in there. Granted, it was like 33 years ago; but it still counts.
  2. I want that X-Wing just to park in front of the local FBO and see what people do. LOL
  3. words, words, words... (or finding more useful things to buy) You mean like quality cold weather gear for maintainers....
  4. Love the near photo like quality of this art. Excellent work.
  5. Hope for the future; 17 year old girl gets PPL in spring of 2020, goes on to place second in a major STOL competition.
  6. Here's something that's well worth the time, 90 year old P-47 driver tells his story. Kind of long but well worth it. Living history from someone who was were there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo_irQ9bjzU&feature=youtu.be
  7. Welcome to the Check-of-the-Month Club brother. 🍺
  8. Home gym? Gimmie a break, I'm 14+ years into the "check of the month club". I want one of these....
  9. Put say... 6-9 T-6's at each MAF base like the old ACE program from YEARS ago. When I was a young maintainer at a SAC base in 1981 and we had something like 4-6 T-37s, for all the young Buff and -135 newbys to get some extra stick time. Why wouldn't such a program succeed today?
  10. Read it all the way to the end. Two points: A: Note the age difference and B: At least they kept it in the family....
  11. The RV series are badass and pretty good at a lot of things (speed, payload, fuel economy, etc...) river gravel bars might be asking a bit to much. Best to direct your question over at Vans Air Force dot net the the "General" or RV-14 thread. The VAF gang are a good group and would love to hep you with this question. If I had the money, I'd have an RV-8 done up as a P-51 (see my avatar picture) no questions asked.
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