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  1. Stitch

    Increasing SUPT Commitment

    I bet your very active in your Homeowner's Association and was the kid who always reminded the teacher they forgot to assign homework on Friday afternoons.
  2. Stitch

    Latest Movies

    T-45s at Jacksonville teaching guys to land on moving boats and that kind of stuff...
  3. Stitch

    Latest Movies

    Well that explains a lot. Thank you sir. However, just one more question if you will: Mav had a "Stellar" career but no tour flying clown jets at JAX? Interesting....
  4. Stitch

    Latest Movies

    Ok, here we go.... Top Gun came out 33 years ago. So let's suppose Maverick was a real guy. In the movie he was a Lt (O-3) that would put him in the Navy about 4 years or so at that point. Add the 33 since and now he's at 37 yrs service give or take. Which, from time-in-grade/service alone would make him 3/4 star flag rank (and yes, you can just make out O-6 eagles on his shoulders in the picture, which begs another question; 37 years and only an O-6? Maybe he went Reserves, IDK). Anyway his last combat “mission” would be seeking funding for toilet paper at the enlisted “A” school he commands where they pigeon holed him till mandatory retirement because he pissed off to many folks along the way. Not to mention a starring role during the Tailhook incident in the early 90s. Meanwhile, “Charley” has left him for another woman. And Iceman, his arch nemesis, is making $350K annually on top of his Check-of-the-Month club cash driving jumbos on international routes for Delta, while flying Warbirds on the weekend airshow circuit banging hot chicks half his age in spite of the fact he's old and is a fat slob.
  5. Stitch

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Serious question: On average how much would a brand new 2 Lt on flying status make per month/year? I had a young guy who really wants to fly ask me this and I figure this would be a good place to ask. Yes, he's aware of the "challenges" of being an air force pilot (drones, non-flying jobs, queep, etc...) and the AD vs. Guard situation.
  6. Stitch

    The Next President is...

    To bad many here won't get it. (Especially the first picture)
  7. Stitch

    GA Aircraft Flown

    Wrong sir. It IS a cult! Got a ride in the back seat of this awhile back https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/25226591/2011-vans-rv-8 awesome little airplane. If I only had the cash, it'd be mine...
  8. Stitch

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    RV-8's are bad-ass...
  9. Stitch

    Headset questions for PPL and beyond

    For your PPL BUY a good mid-priced headset. One that is yours, not some schoolhouse communal headset some other dudes been sweating all over the ear seals and lipping up the boom mike. Ugh. Used communal headsets for 20+ years as a flightline maintainer not exactly hygienic. Once in Mother Blue's employ you'll get issued a nice shiny new one that's compatible with military radios (single plug, civilian headsets have a dual) For PPL flying I've had the same DC 10--30 headset for about 10 years, may not be the most comfortable headset in the world but it works great. Went with the DC because they also made/make the headsets we used on the flightline and we abused the crap out of those things and they kept on going and easy to repair when required. Your mileage may vary, but whatever you do get your own friggin headset it's worth the piece of mind and hygiene.
  10. Stitch

    NCAA Men's BBall (WTF?)

    Did he? I know the Wing King invited him down for a ride, but the rumor-mill INTEL I got his ride got WX CANX'd due to some freak snow storm/weather event of some sort. Bottom line: Don't fuck with Toro, he has connections...
  11. Stitch

    F-18 Down at Key West

    Thoughts and prayers.... RIP Brothers