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  1. RUMINT: AD FTU F16s to Kelly Field

    Yeah, just imagine if MWR got into that business. Too expensive, lots of paperwork and no fun... then they'd just siphon off any profits to prop up failing ventures just like how they killed off the Aero Clubs.
  2. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    So the $6.90 question is.... which one; Super T, AT-6B or some off-the-wall bizarre rabbit they will pull out of a hat?
  3. Wing Re-Org Test

    Early 90s through 2002ish. That was the set up everywhere back then, MX troops under the OPS squadrons they work with/for & deploy with; with a few bases as exceptions. Give it time, someone 10-12 years down the road will decide to put all the MX folks under an O-6 to "make things better/more efficient".
  4. Gun Talk

    What is this, some sort of super secure center console for the car for storing stuff i.e. firearms, cash, Hope Diamond, booze, porn, etc...????
  5. Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Stumbled on to this... A different kind of UPT video...
  6. John Young Gone West

    First commander of the Space Shuttle flew west 5 Jan 2018. Fast facts: Naval Aviator, flew F-9 Cougars & F-8 Crusaders on fleet tours aboard USS Coral Sea & USS Forrestal, Navy TPS Grad, 42 year career with NASA, Flew on Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle missions. From his Wiki page: John Watts Young (September 24, 1930 – January 5, 2018) was an American astronaut, naval officer and aviator, test pilot, and aeronautical engineer. He became the ninth person to walk on the Moon as Commander of the Apollo 16 mission in 1972. Young enjoyed the longest career of any astronaut, becoming the first person to fly six space missions (with seven launches, counting his lunar liftoff) over the course of 42 years of active NASA service. He was the only person to have piloted, and been commander of, four different classes of spacecraft: Gemini, the Apollo Command Module, the Apollo Lunar Module, and the Space Shuttle. We don’t make guys like this anymore. Thoughts and prayers to family and friends. Whole Wiki page here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Young_(astronaut)
  7. Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    Then he'll get tagged for another six months of TCN escort duty at some deployed shithole and lectured by some shoe about how important that task is to accomplishing the "mission"...
  8. Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    Don't forget Bay Orderly Dorm Manager's Bitch, Pee-pee watcher, Weeds n' Seeds and other basewide bullshit details...
  9. Leather Flight Jacket

    Wear it to pancake fly-in's, OSH and such in post mil GA life flying RVs, -172s, etc
  10. Florida ANG

    Jeremiah Weed by the case & a good quality Scotch like Glenlivet or Oban. If you're gonna butter em' up, do it right... Noobs.
  11. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    Ahhh game day at Bitburg 1986... complete with cheerleaders, tailgate parties and beer! Fun, fun. Only downside to USAFE football was losing flightline guys "TDY" to the gym for months at a time during the season. Heard many a rumor that Wing Kings would trade players like the NFL, I guess winning the USAFE Trophy (or whatever it was called) was a big deal on their OER.
  12. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    Agree 100%. While they may not care a group of fans burned/trashed/shred jerseys/posters/whatever those items represent money already in the bank. But once the big dollar sponsors DirectTV etc... start to go away, that'll have em' singing a different tune.
  13. Shadow Boxes

    While at Edwards in the late 80s there was an instructor at the TPS who had a cottage industry making coffee table shadowboxes. Whole thing was laid out like a runway & airfield with runway headings, accurate taxi lines, parking areas, etc… along with little models of the different jets complete with tailcodes and flashes retiree flew. Add in all typical medals, badges, patches, odds n’ ends that end up in boxes (STS). He sold a shit ton of the things. Thought they were pretty cool.