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  1. This is a fantastic and regrettably out of print text on the F-111 in Straya: http://airpower.airforce.gov.au/APDC/media/PDF-Files/Historical Publications/HIST22-From-Controversy-to-Cutting-Edge-A-History-of-the-F-111-in-Australian-Service.pdf Lots of interesting takeaways, this one in particular stuck with me: "Plans to retire the USAF F-111Gs as part of the Clinton Administration military forces drawdown coincided with the Australian Government considering its options to extend the life of the F-111C fleet beyond 2010. " Does make you wonder if their doctrine will drive them to a bomber acquisition. Presumably they'd plus up the 6 Sq Growlers by converting the 1 Sq Super Hornets if they purchased a bomber. Incidentally, if anyone is on exchange in the RAAF or for that matter has joined the RAAF please shoot me a DM.
  2. "F-16 Center of Excellence" did the Army name this?
  3. Pair of truly bizarre questions: could I go to: UCT as an AD 11x? (I get the "why the hell would you" is another matter) I'd guess most of the "well over 30s" in UCT are guard/reserve types like UPT. Is there: a.) a path b.) no path because no one has tried, or c.) no path because there isn't supposed to be one or could i go to: The Navy to be an NFO if I'm already a rated USAF pilot? I know their max age is 26 waiver-able up to additional 48 months for those in the military (I'm older than that). It's not a 1:1 change, pilot to pilot, so i would need their version of UCT correct? probably just have to keep being a pilot right? Thanks!
  4. You’ll have plenty of time to make impulsive purchases as a Lt
  5. https://airforce.defencejobs.gov.au/joining/can-I-join/citizenship/overseas-applicants
  6. They won't care about that bouncing around, at least not like you did. In and out of college maybe, but it's whole person concept. You're probably a good candidate to interview with all you've done so far. Go to BMT/Tech School, be a good troop in your shop, finish you degree and keep flying if you can. You truly shouldn't have trouble getting interviews. Hack all those beans and get ready to start interviewing.
  7. well, she’s got a name: T-7 Red Hawk
  8. They should threaten to give them to Willow Grove, Hancock and Ellington if they want AD big blue to get off their ass.
  9. imagine if we were failing to interdict the ho chi minh trail but with this acquisition process.
  10. i'll remember this when i do your gradesheet in a few years
  11. some Sandhill Crane at Dogface just felt a feather on it's neck stand up, uncommanded no less
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