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  1. "but the H said I had 7100!" AL and FRed determine that was a lie.
  2. dual system failure is pretty unlikely unless it was a catastrophic pdu or adg failure and even the you'd have the epu pump
  3. **not a -17 pilot** your experience will vary based on whether or not your base/squadron flies airland or airdrop
  4. as a former fighter crew chief who attempted the first method, for me at least, ops check bad, recommend the latter.
  5. 6x E-7 squadrons, with less tails to each, at more bases. Hill (or Travis), Langley (or McGuire), Lakenheath, Elmo, Kadena, and Tinker (w/depot). Real defensive suite. Maybe make it a white jet tour.
  6. This thread seems like it's mostly for nav studs, but would any 11x types want to weight in about life/flying there. Very curious to hear if it's a viable option for a second assignment or if it's a hard gig to get. Seems like decent living if you enjoy riparian activities (fishing, diving, surfing); flying can't be too bad with no student pilots right? Heard the T-1 pilots are mostly civilians, but the T-6 instructors are all mil, that correct?
  7. 442d FW has a sizable AD compliment
  8. this is guard only correct? there's no one getting sent after say being T-1 trained and T-6 FAIPing?
  9. update: in T-6s for the AD now, age waiver issue is ancient history, my old unit is now interested in having me come there but no one has any idea how that would work. still looking for advice/examples.
  10. just be glad they let our old asses into UPT
  11. gotcha and agreed. though i'm curious about BAI's etymology now. first remember seeing it written here. admittedly i was about 5 when it was published.
  12. the term has existed since at least the late eighties, but i haven't heard it used much.
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