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  1. i do not believe this happened
  2. Sir join me up here anytime, I’ll have you sign my copies of Magnum and Beaufighters
  3. Putting a cabinet on the bailout chute quite literally sealed the deal
  4. That’s 100% more bailout capability than the E-3G
  5. my friend was TA at Balad and said those dudes just wheeled a main tire over to his truck and give him some cash and a thumbs up and left it over him screaming at them to come back.
  6. wild to think that a year ago people though we might be going back to a single track syllabus and yet, here we are with a 1 and a half track syllabus (not including helos)
  7. that's alot of CSO slots in to fill in Oregon.
  8. Or do widebody ISR, we have both endless orbiting and endless vault study (optional-ish)
  9. go talk to IPs who've flown them
  10. Korea is the only place I have been so drunk and yet lucid enough to have the thought, "I cannot believe how fucked up i am right now."
  11. i was there when i was enlisted, there was a curfew and i was at kunsan and yet, i still had the time of my life. truly excited at the prospect of going back, without all that but i have approx 69k steps between me and the U-2 let alone being able to go back to korea. it's good to hear there will be shit to do there other than getting wasted; while this is an absolutely essential and time honored tradition in the land of the morning fog hangover and drinking rice wine out of a dog bowl, it would be nice help the junior among us at least be able to do literally anything else. there great
  12. truly enjoyed my time there and would love to go back if I can get to the U-2
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