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  1. 12xu2a3x3

    Changing/Switching airframes

    442d FW has a sizable AD compliment
  2. 12xu2a3x3

    Tanker to Fighter

    2, thanks
  3. 12xu2a3x3

    Tanker to Fighter

    this is guard only correct? there's no one getting sent after say being T-1 trained and T-6 FAIPing?
  4. update: in T-6s for the AD now, age waiver issue is ancient history, my old unit is now interested in having me come there but no one has any idea how that would work. still looking for advice/examples.
  5. 12xu2a3x3

    "We're not training commercial pilots."

    just be glad they let our old asses into UPT
  6. 12xu2a3x3

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    gotcha and agreed. though i'm curious about BAI's etymology now. first remember seeing it written here. admittedly i was about 5 when it was published.
  7. 12xu2a3x3

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    the term has existed since at least the late eighties, but i haven't heard it used much.
  8. 12xu2a3x3

    What should the Air Force be if it is so broken now?

    Going guard enlisted to active duty upt stud, I feel everyday like I'm driving the sole car toward Washington in Independence Day.
  9. there was beer for studs at vance drop from what i remember END 17-07 F-35 (fake out w/ F-16) F-16 x3 F-15E A-10 C-146 U-28 EC-130 Compass Call T-6 FAIP x2 C-130 x2 (Guard) C-17 to Hickam (T-1 FAIP fakeout) (maybe a second) KC-135 KC-10 to Mcguire KC-10 to Travis Saudi Eurofighters x2
  10. 12xu2a3x3

    Replacing the Eagle with Vipers?

    the viper on the left is that video was biggest piece of shit i ever worked on, still the least offensive thing shown
  11. after reading this thread for about a decade i finally went to my first drop night. reading back through the drop i remember the individual assignments but respect to anyone who can be there and simply remember them all. maybe it's a learned skill, we'll see.
  12. i'm AD UPT bound and i just spoke to the former FS/CC of my old ANG about the possibility of switching components again (back to guard) before/during/prior to UPT. previously their position had been "we can't get you an age waiver, so we can't help you even if we wanted to." well, i got one from the AD, i believe for medical since it was a delay in approving my flight physical. as a result the former FS/CC he offered to push the issue to help get me "home." any more info on that Capt's transition or any other recent examples? need to determine if there is a path before i make my case.
  13. is TFAP still an extant program in some form?