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  1. Promotion and PRF Information

    How is that any different then the situation now? Strats and awards (to a lesser degree) are the only things that the board cares about, anyway. The rest is fluff.
  2. Promotion and PRF Information

    I think it should be easier than that. No fluff in OPRs. Just strats. Give all of your people a positional strat, rank strat, and CGO/FGO strat. Do it annually to replace OPRs. I have never understood why only the top 15-20 percent get strats when we promote 90-95 percent to Major and 60ish percent to Lt Col. #80/100 Captains should be good enough for Maj. And it lets that individual know that while he/she will make Major, he/she has to make improvements to make Lt Col. This is a much better thing that to lump together the bottom 80-85 percent who don't get strats. And then no time-wasting bullets.
  3. Is there public data out there by airframe? I'd like to see a breakdown if it's there.
  4. Promotion and PRF Information

    So why is AFPC creating a huge backlog of selects? The 09' board is in Dec. So then 09' guys won't pin until 10-21 months from their board? That is just stupid. Just answered my own question.
  5. This is an interesting thought. I wonder if the AF could do some drug deal with the airlines. If I could get a guaranteed hire with the my choice of airline, that might make me stay for longer. I don't see why the airlines would ever agree to that.
  6. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    My commander tried to do this for our guys. Schedule a T-6 CT XC to Maxwell when we had guys there. Allow them to do some Saturday flying, at least once during their time there. It got shot down by SOS leadership. Apparently, that "wasn't fair" for everyone else, along with the risk they could divert and he could miss class Monday.
  7. Promotion and PRF Information

    Any ideas on why they would do this? Unless they are going to have a very high increment and fly through pinning on the 08' guys, I don't know why they would move the board to the left. Otherwise they would just be building a massive amount of Maj selects.
  8. If they did this, with guaranteed O-5 (unless there are major negative indicators), no non-flying deployments, no additional duties, and $50k yr bonus, I'd stay in. So I won't be staying in.
  9. Promotion and PRF Information

    How does the AF assign line numbers within a year group?
  10. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    So there I was. Doing paperwork in my office. I'm Flt/CC of ~60 folks, so I'm usually doing this about 7-8 hours of my 11-12 hour days. In walks the Sq/CC. He casually asks what I'm up to. "Oh you know sir, just the normal queep. Awards, OPRs, EPRs, updating trackers, you know." Sq/CC with disappointed face: "Oh, you mean taking care of your people?" Then he turns and walks out without allowing me to reply. That's how you take care of your people in the AF. With paperwork.
  11. Promotion and PRF Information

    Can anyone explain why the AF would change this?
  12. Poor argument. Yours is a false dichotomy. The AF doesn't have to choose between QoL and money. They can and should work on both. Also, you say America can't afford to increase the bonus. Well, if they triple the bonus from last year to $75k for 9 years, that's $675k. Depending on airframe, it costs between 4-15 times that much to replace that pilot, not to mention the 10 years of experience. In truth, the American people can't afford to lose experienced pilots. I understand that some who take the bonus would take it anyway. However, if the AF wants to retain talent, they have to increase the bonus to level where it will firmly be a part of the decision for all but the most jaded. At some point, money talks. And the nice thing is, the AF can work on the QoL issues at the same time.
  13. But first you need to make sure the sleeves are rolled exactly 6-9 millimeters from the crest of your elbow, making a perfect right angle.
  14. Screw Congress and screw the Air Force. They are openly saying the best way to keep us in the military is to manipulate federal aviation law, that was written with blood, to screw over military veterans. To make us less competitive with our civilian counterparts. F them. Then the Fers have the audacity to say they support the troops. Human pieces of Fing garbage.