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  1. While Congress certainly shares blame, I call bullshit on this. If the AF really wants to pay us more, and it’s just mean old Congress stopping them - then why in the name of God does the AF elect to pay LESS flight pay than Congress authorized them to pay?
  2. flyusaf83

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    When I was checking into my ops squadron after my FAIP tour, I got chiefed in the hallway for having an AETC patch on my leather jacket and not an ACC one. I said something to the effect of “Copy that, thanks” to the chief. She got butt hurt for me not apologizing about the patch and for not taking it off right away. Another NCO came to me later that day and told me she was bothered by my reaction. I told him to tell her to come and talk to me if she has a problem, and I could not care less about the patch, and I’ll buy an ACC one as soon as the BX restocks them. But I will be wearing my leather jacket in the mean time. AETC patch and all. She then went to the commander about me being an arrogant officer in need of correction. Luckily, the commander didn’t give a shit. But good hell. We make life so damn hard on ourselves. I don’t think the AF can handle something as simple as multiple uniform options, because we have promoted and empowered the douchiest amongst us. Zero chance we don’t fuck that up.
  3. flyusaf83

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    For me, the bag is one of the things I love about my job. I’ll be pissed if the AF takes that too. I’m not a shoe clerk or some Army dumbass. I’m a pilot. And I want to look like one, even if the AF riddles me with a bunch of nonner BS.
  4. Agreed. I think the AF should adjust the bonus. You should be able to take it halfway into your UPT commitment. So take a 8 year ADSC that begins when your UPT commitment ends. But start the bonus payments right away, beginning year 6. That way you’d get a lot more takers.
  5. Will there be another PTN class now? Or will the AF wait to see what kind of product they have first? It will take at least a couple years to see how PTN pilots stack up against their traditionally trained peers, IMO. I’d also think it would be smart to have a class of non-handpicked studs as well, before the AF goes balls deep on the concept.
  6. Well.... if we are talking about the Nav bonus... all of it then?
  7. flyusaf83

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Raise your hand if many of the days you drive into work, you dread the fact that your day will be littered with stupid unimportant bullshit that has no tangible meaning.
  8. flyusaf83

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Cute video. Still a complete lack of root cause analysis, though.
  9. flyusaf83

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Our leadership, both Congressional and AF. For example, In our latest T-6 PIT safety day, we were told by the OG/CC that leadership understands that there is a realistic chance that by continuing to fly the T-6 with the current rate of UPEs, there will be eventually be class A mishaps and fatalities. However, the AF is also bleeding pilots and has decided to grow their way out of the pilot manning crisis, meaning increasing pilot production. So they have conducted their strategic risk assessment and have chosen to accept the risk of flying bad jets so we can churn out pilots. They are willing to accept some smoking holes in the ground, rather than stand down the whole fleet for a few months and lose a few hundred pilots.
  10. flyusaf83

    What is right with the Air Force

    This reminds me of last time we deployed. We took a 777 contracted rotator out to the desert. All of us were waiting for hours of course in the pax terminal. There was this sadistic Lt Col who was the deployment office chief. She shrieked at us every 15 minutes about her arbitrary Nazi rules of when we could use the bathroom and get water, over the course of 3-4 hours. I’m not exaggerating when I say this lady’s yelling voice would make that Frau chick on Austin Powers cringe. Finally, it was time to board. She said she’d board us by rank. Lt Cols first, then Majors. Us Captains figured we were next so we got ready. Then a twist. Airmen next. Then NCOs. Then SNCOs. Ok, whatever lady, just let us on the damn plane so we can go to our desert paradise already. Nope. Lts next. Now it’s just the Captains. When it’s just us and her, she gives us her SJW speech. She says we are the group that typically comes first in the AF, so she boarded the plane to take care of the ranks that are typically not taken care of. She said we should be happy to board last and take the worst seats. After being locked in a warehouse for 4 hours needlessly, none of us were really in a mood for a lecture, but whatever. We finally board the buses to the plane. When we walk on the plane, the flight attendants point us towards first class. The contract airline has a policy of filling the plane back to front. So us entitied Captains all rode first class the whole way to the desert. Best case of instant justice I’ve seen. Though I’ve always regretted not taking a picture of all us Captains in first class and sending it to her with a thank you card.
  11. flyusaf83

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I say, have them written! Why pass up an opportunity to churn out more queep as an exercise in true AF leadership. I have found that squadron/group/wing execs and CSS personnel are far too focused on things like flying, personal lives, and spending time with their families. They need the PRF practice. Then, after the PRFs are completed by every management level, burn them to the ground. Maybe we should instead just trust the wing commanders. PRFs are unnecessary waste, and our top managers can use some bullets saying they saved man hours, even though said man hours have already been spent on the burned PRFs. Screw it. Engineer the bullets for our time-saving overlords anyway and earn them another star! Then, the board can completely disregard the wing commanders. Damn. Those PRFs would have been useful since we now have to sift through thousands of records because we have decided that a faceless board of bureaucrats is a vastly better entity to judge an officer than a silly local commander. In any case, since we burned the PRFs and don’t trust commanders, we have to review the records for 6-9 stimulating months. But hey - extra queep for management! Im convinced this practice queep makes us a more lethal Air Force. Everyone wins!
  12. flyusaf83

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Geez. Glad they fired the commander before figuring out WTF happened first.
  13. flyusaf83

    Space Force

    I see the benefits as follows: 1. Space will be priority for the SF, rather than a side job of the other services. 2. We will finally be more military-ish than another branch, and can make fun of them for being pussies, and still make fun of the other services for being gay retards.
  14. flyusaf83

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    My heavy ACC community was similar. Flying was an afterthought. Queep was the mission.
  15. flyusaf83

    Space Force

    I’ll bite. Why?