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  1. flyusaf83

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Geez. Glad they fired the commander before figuring out WTF happened first.
  2. flyusaf83

    Space Force

    I see the benefits as follows: 1. Space will be priority for the SF, rather than a side job of the other services. 2. We will finally be more military-ish than another branch, and can make fun of them for being pussies, and still make fun of the other services for being gay retards.
  3. flyusaf83

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    My heavy ACC community was similar. Flying was an afterthought. Queep was the mission.
  4. flyusaf83

    Space Force

    I’ll bite. Why?
  5. flyusaf83

    Promotion and PRF Information

    When will they release line numbers?
  6. flyusaf83

    What's your favorite mission?

    No need, I’m in the same boat. Gray jets were fun for the reasons you stated, but I have gotten far more satisfaction out of being a T-6 driver in UPT and now in PIT. I loved helping young guys the basic skill set they will use for the rest of their careers and seeing the light bulb turn on. PIT is less fulfilling that way, but the flying and squadron is great. Family life is great. SA is a good city. I feel way more like a real pilot in AETC than I ever did in ACC. I know that’s sad.
  7. flyusaf83

    What's your favorite mission?

    I enjoy flying as little as possible, to give myself “white space”. White space, as I have learned from management, means time not uselessly flying, but sitting in my office doing fun things. Fun things like help a copilot come up with 60-90 bullets for an awards package that I found out about yesterday and is due by COB today. I find that using a thesaurus and using little tricks to massage more fluff into bullets in order to use all the space on every line in a desperate attempt to appease my vanity while being dishonest about the actual work we do is thrilling. Its the worst when flying gets in the way of my real job. Since flying doesn’t help me get strats, I like to avoid it to the max extent possible. I strive to plan parties, volunteer for dick-watch, support mission support troops by doing their jobs, and volunteer to help others learn to stop their inner rapist. If I do these things well, I can go home after a long days’ work, and masturbate to my OPR strats in good conscience, like a good AF officer.
  8. It sounds like he is, whether he honestly believes it or not.
  9. “Kwast and his instructors succeeded in “carving out a rather significant portion of the syllabus,” finding ways to incorporate new technologies and methods of instruction and overhaul how the Air Force builds new pilots without sacrificing standards, Goldfein said.” Just saying you’re not sacrificing standards doesn’t make it so. You can’t slash 20% of the training and say you’re producing the same product.
  10. flyusaf83

    What is right with the Air Force

    Completely disagree. When a new pilot or nav would get to my last Sq out of IQT, they would feel immediate pressure to saturate themselves in everything non-flying. Gotta find bullets for that OPR, and flying could only be 2-3 of them. They also got speeches from Sq leadership about how your wings don’t matter, it’s about being an officer. Meanwhile, they have very limited flying and training opportunities to fly and get better. They get pulled off the line for a week at a time to look at urinating penises, and other stimulating additional duties. Most were shocked at how little flying matters in a flying squadron. Maybe things are better in your neck of the AF. I truly hope so.
  11. flyusaf83

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Then why the F did the AF give WG/CCs discretion? Maybe a WG/CC could be in a better place to analyze an individual with negative indicators and make a more informed decision about their potential to perform at the next rank. I ask again.... just why in hell did we get rid of PRFs if they are going to go though everyone’s records more thoroughly? Good hell, who is running this clown show?
  12. flyusaf83

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Just why in the F would someone cheat at SOS? Anyone who wants DG that much should choke themselves.
  13. flyusaf83

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I thought the latest is AFPC isn’t approving any palace chase apps outside of 6 months of ADSC left.
  14. flyusaf83

    Promotion and PRF Information

    My favorite part about the 09’ fiasco is that the board didn’t have any PRFs and that whole 100% opportunity to promote. I guess this “simplification” made the board more difficult and time-consuming. I’m guessing they felt the need to sift through everyone's records, and disregard the “P” from the Wg/CCs. Oh, and our PRFs were written anyways. So much time saved.
  15. The AF released a press release, giving his name and picture to the press. Your point is invalid. The AF made no attempt to respect his privacy, they did the exact opposite. So let someone submit a FOIA request. Don’t rush to the press in an attempt to save face for the AF. “See? We did something. We fired this guy. Focus on him.” Protect your people, not your image. Valid, but do you need their name and picture? Why not just fire the guy, and say a commander was fired (if anyone asks)? Here’s the thing. The AF, in the minds of most of its pilots, lacks trust. It’s about that word leadership likes to use when crushing morale - optics. This is another case of bad optics. I don’t trust the AF to respect me and my privacy if one of my airmen (or me) screws up. Maybe this guy deserved to be fired. More than likely, he’s a scapegoat for an embarrassing story. I believe that because I have seen gutless moves by AF leadership time and time again. Throwing people under the bus to protect the institution, or higher leadership. Regardless, there’s no reason for the public shaming. Do you need any more proof that you’re wrong?