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  1. Quoted again for emphasis.
  2. Sarcasm detector inop? Though, my cynicism is rooted in the fact that all the people who went through the initial PTN program were well above average performers to begin with, who were cherry-picked specifically for that program. It was a “no-fail” program from the beginning, so of course the AF is gonna be quick to publicly tout its success and use it as a justification for further reducing sorties in UPT (UPT 2.5, anyone?). Just another excuse for the AF to cut corners trying to fast track its “leadership creation” problem. In all seriousness, good on this particular guy/gal. N
  3. Big whoop. I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.
  4. This day in age, I think it’s pretty obvious that if they didn’t get a fighter - they weren’t recommended for one.
  5. I’m still waiting for the person in AFPC that deals with common sense...if anyone knows someone or has a contact let me know...
  6. Thread successfully derailed. Move your comments about PME/shit nobody cares about elsewhere. Let’s focus on the topic that really matters here!
  7. Address what? How to teach the crew concept to T-38 grads? I don’t think it’s a big deal really. I was one. My initial qual partner was also a T-38 grad (there were quite a few of us a decade ago...thanks Gen Lorenz and your “universally assignable” policy). Yes, it took a few whacks across the knuckles or a jab to the back of the shoulder from the sim IP with his pointer stick the first couple of sims, but we had it figured out pretty well after doing a few of them. It’s not a very difficult transition when coming from flying a fast jet where you have to think miles ahead of the air
  8. Form landings have officially been removed from the T-6/T-38 syllabi in UPT now. Still practice form approaches though.
  9. Shack. That’s been my go-to topic of mentorship to the younger guys lately. Loyalty only goes one direction in the government: up. The bros look out for you, and hopefully your CC if he/she is worth a shit, but the AF doesn’t, and never will.
  10. I find it extremely difficult to believe the bean counters are like “we plan on having 69 pilots separating in November, Bob, let’s go adjust December’s payroll budget...” Come on. The bureaucracy can’t be that efficient. We still use DTS and MICT. Plus, they need experienced pilots more than those pilots need the AF, even post COVID (unless their plan was to get hired at Delta, but that can has only been kicked down the road a couple of years most likely).
  11. WTF? Why the hell would they need to “secure funding” for people who decided to pull back their separation paperwork? Am I missing something?
  12. Stop it! Your common sense isn’t allowed here! break break As to a stop loss...the AF doesn’t need to currently. This China virus has done the trick for them, at least for now.
  13. Wondering the exact same thing! Hopefully it won’t be quite as competitive as it was for the guys trying to get hired in 2014-15...not an airline guy so what do I know obviously. Curious what folks currently in the industry think about this one?
  14. Trust me, I’m tracking! I haven’t been this cynical in quite some time...maybe it’s my airline aspirations drying up right before my eyes that’s doing it.
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