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  1. Address what? How to teach the crew concept to T-38 grads? I don’t think it’s a big deal really. I was one. My initial qual partner was also a T-38 grad (there were quite a few of us a decade ago...thanks Gen Lorenz and your “universally assignable” policy). Yes, it took a few whacks across the knuckles or a jab to the back of the shoulder from the sim IP with his pointer stick the first couple of sims, but we had it figured out pretty well after doing a few of them. It’s not a very difficult transition when coming from flying a fast jet where you have to think miles ahead of the aircraft, to a slower one where you share cockpit duties with another pilot. And that’s not intended to be a jab at the T-1 grads; most of them were pretty good pilots in my community. Also, T-38s have sent guys to bombers for decades...their FTUs are more than well adapted to teaching the crew concept to a bunch of fighter pilot wannabes.
  2. Form landings have officially been removed from the T-6/T-38 syllabi in UPT now. Still practice form approaches though.
  3. Shack. That’s been my go-to topic of mentorship to the younger guys lately. Loyalty only goes one direction in the government: up. The bros look out for you, and hopefully your CC if he/she is worth a shit, but the AF doesn’t, and never will.
  4. I find it extremely difficult to believe the bean counters are like “we plan on having 69 pilots separating in November, Bob, let’s go adjust December’s payroll budget...” Come on. The bureaucracy can’t be that efficient. We still use DTS and MICT. Plus, they need experienced pilots more than those pilots need the AF, even post COVID (unless their plan was to get hired at Delta, but that can has only been kicked down the road a couple of years most likely).
  5. WTF? Why the hell would they need to “secure funding” for people who decided to pull back their separation paperwork? Am I missing something?
  6. Stop it! Your common sense isn’t allowed here! break break As to a stop loss...the AF doesn’t need to currently. This China virus has done the trick for them, at least for now.
  7. Wondering the exact same thing! Hopefully it won’t be quite as competitive as it was for the guys trying to get hired in 2014-15...not an airline guy so what do I know obviously. Curious what folks currently in the industry think about this one?
  8. Trust me, I’m tracking! I haven’t been this cynical in quite some time...maybe it’s my airline aspirations drying up right before my eyes that’s doing it.
  9. Those 12 extra students we’re gonna graduate over the next few weeks while we continue to put our families at risk is totally worth it.
  10. Talk to as many IPs from the different MWS’s as you can. I didn’t do that when I was in your shoes but wish I did prior to assignment night. I foolishly put down what I thought I wanted largely based on hearsay from others without talking to some of the IPs that flew some of the jets. That said, put down what you want, in the order you want...not what people ”think” you should put. That was my advice I always gave studs when I was their Flt/CC. Anyone that tells you that you should rank things a specific way can **** off. It’s YOUR dreamsheet.
  11. To the cream of the crop, cherry-picked talent they’ve managed to recruit...the absence of a HUD is “beneath” them.
  12. Been hearing rumors of a 2 year PC getting approved out at Travis...? Also, do you need to include the intent to hire letter with the PC paperwork? I assume not required per se, but would definitely be helpful (especially if asking for a good chunk of time off)?
  13. Bump. Although more of a USERRA question: An O-4 getting out and going ANG/AFRC at their UPT commitment (roughly 12 years total service) wanting to get a line number ASAP but also get their 20. What’s the best way/strategy to make this work without burning through the 5 years of USERRA too quickly? Ideally I’d like to get through probation and pick up a year (or two) worth of orders on an AGR/full-time status, but then that only gets me to the 13-14 year mark and now only 3-4 years of USERRA left to burn... Sorry for the noob question but trying to understand how this all works.
  14. I’d bet money on it. We have one here in UPT right now actually. What’s your source?
  15. There was a post about this year’s bonus on the MAF FB page, but it got deleted. Too many cynical responses/GIFs I think. Bummer...it was some good bathroom reading material.
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