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  1. WheelsOff

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Agree with Joe, but my experience was the same at McChord circa 2013-2015. Fortunately I was a copilot upgrading to AC during that timeframe, so I didn’t hold a job “important enough” to be responsible for writing OPRs/bullets/etc. But I did sit at cruise a lot with ACs who were nerding out on OPRs and 1206s on their personal laptops. What a clown show. There were some things I enjoyed, but in general I hated the MAF, and I hope to never, ever return before I can punch.
  2. WheelsOff

    The new airline thread

    I’ve got about 3 years left on my commitment. Previous heavy jet IP and current UPT IP, around 1100 PIC and 2300TT. Looking at some potential guard/reserve options and making the jump to airlines. Am considering trying to crossflow to a new (crew) MWS as a potential 3rd assignment (or in the guard/reserves as a PC option). My question is, does it raise any sort of red flags with the majors if they see a dude with decent time in different aircraft, but not quite as much overall PIC time? (I assume I would upgrade to AC a little faster than a younger/less experienced guy, but I’d still only be logging SIC for a period of time). I know things will look different in 3 years than they do now at the airlines, but just curious what current airline guys think...
  3. Anyone here from the 345th? Just had some questions regarding lifestyle in conjunction with an airline job. If so, please DM me!
  4. WheelsOff

    The new airline thread

    A dude who currently flies for them who knows a guy that currently has his app in...lots of 38 time in addition to an assignment or two in a fighter. Thanks for the rest chiming in to dispel the hiring rumors w/regard to USERRA...I too have heard some airlines have been scoffing it for years, but that others also haven’t...just trying to get a current pulse as I get closer to punching!
  5. WheelsOff

    The new airline thread

    Been hearing some rumors about some airlines that have started to not look quite so favorably towards part-time guard/reserve bubbas in the hiring process. I know officially it’s against USERRA to do that, but can anyone confirm/deny this is starting to happen out there? Also heard rumors that Purple specifically may be “discounting” T-38C time and treating it more like they do T-6 time...even though it’s multi engine, >12.5k GW? Someone please tell me I’m wrong?
  6. I was about to say them same. Better go easy, they get triggered easily.
  7. WheelsOff

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Check sarcasm detector. It was a poke at his distaste for Obama in favor of Trump, at the retiree’s expense, per the article.
  8. WheelsOff

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    He was the best OG/CC JBLM has ever seen. Tremendous. Never disappointed. Trust me, I guarantee it.
  9. Probably really should say “T-38 Beale” because that’s exactly what it is...with the caveat explained in the U-2 thread as someone has already mentioned.
  10. And how much you wanna bet his source was the MAF FB page? 😂
  11. WheelsOff

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    But isn’t it the point that this program is designed to attract the not-so-shiny penny types? The AF already has a retention measure in place for their shiny pennies and their large egos...it’s called HPO status.
  12. WheelsOff

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    Looking back to when I was a young copilot, I saw a lot of O-4/O-5 types who thought highly of themselves and championed the typical blue koolaid nonsense and poo-poo’d the guys that wanted out. Once they realized their AF careers had reached a dead end, they too were applying to all the majors. Hypocrites.
  13. Probably an actual B-2. That community wants young blood. When I was eligible to apply several years ago they came back and said my year group was “too old”. Haven’t ever heard of a T-38 with possible B-2 follow on in a UPT drop...
  14. WheelsOff

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    Gross. If I am forced to return to the Mobility Administration Force, I aspire to be that dirtbag major that flicks boogers at the rampant queep like that in favor of hackin’ the mish.