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  1. You will absolutely get picked up.
  2. I think Carole’s first husband is still alive and living off-the-grid in Central America with the $15M in gold and silver he “stashed” in various locations down there.
  3. Second core value, people. Just do 20. Payoff is yuge.
  4. Most comprehensive, thoughtful, and truly insightful post I have seen here in a long time. If the leaders behind the glass doors truly internalize these few paragraphs...
  5. Uh, Geesh. Thanks. It's not a mess. It is a disaster. Complete disaster. Supposedly stop loss will not happen. Supposedly.
  6. Ok, I'l be your huckleberry. Look, there's a ton of blame to go around. The good news: we have a current CSAF & SecAF who "get it." The bad news: layers of leadership between the CSAF & the common man simply will not break out of their stovepiped thinking. CSAF: "Stop doing stuff that doesn't make sense." Wg/CCs: "Until regs change, keep doing the stupid stuff." For instance, despite the mandate from CSAF that Majors are 100% for the next 3-4 years, Wings are still required to produce narrative-only PRFs for guys going to schools. Why? "Because that's what the regs say." Just one example of many where leaders can't think for themselves...JUST SAY NO!
  7. I will quote myself, since I actually typed something useful for the first time ever on this forum (as General Chang): "Key positions of influence" "All levels, Lt Col through Lt Gen" Never said, "Only rated officers," or anything about "Captain and junior FGO support mission positions." Never said "Only promote rated officers to O-6." Yes, we have a pilot shortage. Yes, the bonus take rate is atrocious (because the bonus is slap-yo-mamma, spit-in-your-face pathetic. $60K/1-9 years, pilot's choice on duration AND re-signable until the day you leave or retire? Umm, that's a way to BEGIN the conversation involving more important topics than money). Yes, pilots that did stick around are bailing at year 20 instead of competing for Colonel at year 21. Yes, morale sucks and there's no short-term solution on the horizon. Got it. HOWEVER, if AF rated officers don't truly start taking control of the "1s" and pronto, there won't be much left to save. I agree with your last major paragraph above. Only way to work toward that is to start where I suggested: Ops retakes personnel policy in the Air Force. And one last thing...don't ever imply that I'm a personnelist. Makes my skin crawl. Can't take it anymore. GC
  8. There are days I would rather be slinging hot dogs at 7-11. More and more each passing year.
  9. Duck/Viper, Thanks for the replies. Solid posts. GC
  10. Ok guys, serious post for once (yeah, shut-up haters; you loved it the past couple of years). Tony recently published an article on his site about dealing with toxic leaders to fix the Air Force. I look around my aviation community (remaining unnamed to protect the guilty), and I just don't see it. Guess I'm either lucky, clueless, or one of the culprits (again, shut up haters. Actually trying to be serious here). Who's in a community out there that actually breeds multiple toxic leaders? Is there a root cause or is it a conglomeration of problems? Is your community on the upswing or trending downward? Conversely, who is in a community with leadership that really "gets it" from Sq CCs on up? What are they doing right to sustain the greatness of your aviation community? Really think about these answers. They could make a difference.
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