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  1. tac airlifter

    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    These are my problems to solve but I’m not empowered to solve? I’m responsible for outcomes without being given the authority to implement solutions? If you consider the amount of time, money and effort we spend educating General Officers, it’s truly astounding to hear them utter this kind of crap. One good thing though— at least they’re showing you the way this works now, at SOS, while you’re young. “I micro-manage, hoard authority, stick to the status quo, secretly reduce your strat for thinking out of the box, and blame you for screw ups only I was actually empowered to fix” will be a commander you work for in the USAF. So recognize the broken organization for what it is, and make your life choices accordingly. It’s good to show the young the absurdity of what awaits them higher up.
  2. tac airlifter

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Guess what? There were plenty of "unlawful" options in Bagram too. And they were exploited far more than in UPT. I don't think anyone is asking for sympathy, it's just a fact of life in a coed organization. Always has, always will. I agree with you if we’re just recognizing that coed work means human nature will do its thing. We aren’t going to ever stop commanders from banging subordinates. But we demand they don’t do it, and should punish them when they fail.
  3. tac airlifter

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I copy the frailties of human nature. However, I have zero sympathy for an officer who puts their personal passions above the mission. I get it, not many dating options in del rio. Also not many options in Bagram. Get used to it.
  4. tac airlifter

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Fair enough! I should have asked what is unique to flying T38s that would make a T38 trained student more desireable for SOF LA? From my POV, an experienced gunship or RPA driver would be a better fit than someone without a strike background who happened to fly 38s. But not having flown the 38, I don’t know what I don’t know. Ergo, I’m asking.
  5. tac airlifter

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    What skill from UPT T38s applies to SOF LA?
  6. tac airlifter

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    There are ongoing efforts to acquire systems with greater standoff that our partners can employ cheaply.
  7. tac airlifter

    The Next President is...

    I’m not describing taxation. I’m saying “free college” isn’t free and the idea that a commodity someone must pay for is “free” sits at the heart of our philosophical disagreement. Yes words have meaning. “Free” that you pay for and I receive isn’t “free” at all.
  8. tac airlifter

    The Next President is...

    Seriously, I tried reading your post and seeing things from your POV. But it’s just so obvious— you say “not socialism: free college for everyone.” It just simply isn’t true. There is NOTHING free. Everything comes at a cost. You’re describing the government taking wealth from one person and giving it to another. One person pays the cost, another benefits without paying, and the state is sole arbiter. It never works and can’t work, humans reject it.
  9. tac airlifter

    C146 Wolfhound Info

    What an odd post. You've met the 10% rule criteria, well played.
  10. tac airlifter

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    AFSOC is rife with tribalism and hidden agendas. Bashi is right- the AC mafia has crushed light attack inside AFSOC. They hate small airplanes and they hate competition for collecting scalps.
  11. tac airlifter

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Yup! I wear AF PT gear once a year when I take my PFT. That’s it.
  12. tac airlifter

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    JW, good perspective. I enjoy reading different opinions.
  13. tac airlifter

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    I remember being a new 130 CP and talking on the radio while the other guy flew. If anything unusual happened, the pilot spent time telling me what to say then I’d say it. To me it’s CRM degrading. Anyway, when I was a 130 IP I liked to have the PF talk. Every CP seemed to prefer it, and we’d stay engaged by swapping legs. When I went to fly something more tactical, the standard was PF talks because there’s a lot for the PNF to do. It makes sense if the PNF is busy. Understand it’s a standard in many communities and been done that way forever. Not sure those are good reasons to continue, so I was curious what the advantage is to that method. Sounds like “keeps the CP awake” is it?
  14. tac airlifter

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    I think if you’re flying you should talk on the radio. I’m curious why people teach/practice the other way.
  15. tac airlifter

    The Next President is...

    Some of our enemies live in caves, some live in upscale residences. They would definitely say they are winning. I don’t disagree. Regarding the thread topic... what am I supposed to be worried about regarding Helsinki or the FISA papers release?