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  1. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    You really think everyone over O-4 either sucks at flying or is a selfish careerist? That’s an uninformed comment.
  2. Gun Talk

    Agreed, he says all kinds of crazy shit. Which he might believe at the moment he is saying it, but who can know? Still better than Hillary!
  3. AFSOC Leadership Drain

  4. AFSOC Leadership Drain

    For context, what is the normal walk out rate?
  5. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Good reply. I didn't know the compounding nature of risk acceptance you guys were dealing with. Thanks for a legit answer. That said, accept risk and execute seems like the MLCOA forward until one of the potential catastrophes actually plays out in reality. Yes the stories you quoted me on came from a bud at Vance within the last month.
  6. Stuck at Kef

    dude good reference! That takes me way back.
  7. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    I'm not an AETC guy, but listening to my buds out there I have a similar impression. What am I missing about the T-6 systems? This seems like no big deal-- fly unpressurized and get done what you can breathing ambient air... sure there's a possibility of an instrument catching fire. Life is risk, flying more so. Not an optimal situation, but is the risk factor really higher than what other platforms accept? I'm genuinely asking, never flew a T-6. And the stories of FAIPs yelling at SQ/CCs during all calls, demanding the WG/CC contact POTUS to resolve this... does the T-6 situation warrant the level of unprofessionalism we're hearing about?
  8. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Concur. CSO = mission essential. Laze targets & slaughter. Nav = ....?
  9. The Next President is...

    Sounds like your mind is made up regardless of the findings. Am I wrong? Ok, fair. Although I'm uncertain Mueller will conclude POTUS is "innocent." As implied above, he may simply conclude there's not enough evidence for charges but that is very different than "innocent" and will not help the nation heal. I'm concerned our country, already deeply divided, will have fault lines exacerbated by a continued investigation without a definitive ending.
  10. The Next President is...

    From the link you just posted: "Rosenstein said there is no allegation in the indictment that any American was a knowing participant in the scheme, nor is there any allegation that the scheme affected the outcome of the election." Two questions: are you prepared to concede POTUS was not in cahoots with Russia to alter our election? And, ref the portion of your quote I bolded, do you think this process has restored faith in gov institutions? Because my faith in DOJ/FBI has been significantly degraded.
  11. Stuck at Kef

    I've spent a lot of time in Iceland. Blue Lagoon is fine if you have 24 hours. However, it's touristy and a tad gross; I won't be back. If you're at Kef or Reykjavik and have a day to kill, I highly recommend the Reykjadalur hot spring trail head. It's 45 min drive from the capitol, a 5-6km hike through unique Icelandic terrain which juxtaposes snow with greenery and boiling mud pits. It ends in a naturally heated creek, temperatures ranging from mildly warm to kill you hot. It'll only kill you if you hike north past the boards, as seen in pics.
  12. The Next President is...

    I found a problem with your plan.
  13. Gun Talk

    Anyone have thoughts on pistol optics? I've played around with them but never owned one. Now considering a G34 Gen5 MOS purchase (w/ optic)... and I'm curious how rugged a pistol optic would be over time. Do they get loose after so many rounds? Hold zero indefinitely?
  14. "Center the Bug"

    Concur. I used to sync my heading bug with course because my AP would kick off RNAV and revert to heading coupled sometimes. Seemed like a good idea to bug my heading given that system proclivity. Anyway, there I am chilling at altitude having an in-depth system discussion, the AP kicked over to heading sync, and I didn't notice until I had drifted far enough off course that center had to ask WTF I was doing. My inattention to course and subsequent ATC call out undermined my instruction. Now I use the heading bug for any number of useful items, but not course back up.