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  1. That’s what we’re all asking each other since the 11 MDS series specifically allows you to fly without gloves worn.
  2. When are you giving us an ETP so we can continue not wearing gloves?
  3. That’s a bit harsh, although maybe I’m in the 90% and this is how I find out 😬
  4. Thanks for posting. I’d never read that. Interestingly, according to that guidance the “1/xx shop chief” strat is valid, while the primary strat AFSOC uses appears invalid. We use a YG (year group) strat method and think it’s the bees knees, but other MAJCOMs apparently have no idea what it is. The whole system is so dumb.
  5. Sorry bro, that’s unfortunate news.
  6. So you guys don't plug in the puck, you just pair it? I don’t even know how it would plug into an iPad. We’ve been flying with squadron issued iPads and squadron ForeFlight accounts paired via Bluetooth to a Bad Elf puck since 2013. Works great.
  7. My squadron issues Bad Elf pucks for this exact purpose. It’s a Bluetooth pairing. Just enable Bluetooth on your iPad and sync the device. I much prefer it to stratus.
  8. Totally irrelevant if the SQ/CC is an evaluator. Stan/Eval is a commanders program. in your situation, I’m guessing the Q3 was for “airmanship” or some other catch all which is intentionally vague to allow the SQ/CC the discretion to Q3 as he sees fit (or is ordered to by his leadership). Fighting that is extremely unlikely.
  9. I don’t think killing Iranians is an appropriate level of response for them shooting down a robot. One of the advantages of RPAs is we can lose a few. Had they killed aircrew, let’s start collecting scalps. This is a perfect time to respond with non kinetic cyber options. Or non lethal kinetic options if those can be identified.
  10. Good advice, although a bit ironic given your various posts of the past few hours.
  11. Hosting someone to Q&A a thread is an interesting concept. We could do a reddit style AMA except over a few days so the responder has time to actually think about replies. Good idea! Unfortunately the rest of this post is less constructive. I gave you some feedback bro, take it or leave it. Cheers.
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