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  1. Serious question- has anyone questioned the effectiveness of hand washing?
  2. Is this the dude who kept getting banned & changing his user name to come back?
  3. If that’s the goalpost, ok. Confirm your position is we can cease mask wear once cases plateau or decrease?
  4. When do we stop wearing masks? The goalposts keep moving.
  5. Any flying hours programmed for the 2 arriving? And what’s your delivery plan for the scotch?
  6. Tank, Happy 2021! How’s those CAA A-29s doing?
  7. My best tactically minded instructors don’t want to teach at the FTU. They want to fight and do ops. And I want to keep them in the fight inspiring and leading and teaching. It’s a fallacy to think I could send them to the FTU and they’d sustain motivation after I crushed their career aspirations because they were good. That’s how we lose our best, not how we fix broken systems. I have other great instructors who enjoy teaching the basics. Those are the IPs I wish I’d had when I was new and they are a precious resource. Managing instructors is a matter of matching talents to mission
  8. Concur that post accident discussions, if done with appropriate maturity, can be a healthy way to grow as aviators. However it’s also true that speculative discussions without facts often devolve into useless shit, much like eyewitness reports. Unhelpful. i go back and forth. I love to chat with experienced people who can offer insights I wouldn’t otherwise know into this crucial question: how could a couple professionals trying their best to avoid an accident still experience one? The answer is relevant to me today. Right now. And the safety process doesn’t satisfy. On the other h
  9. We should be focusing on the mission that UNITES us, not the race baiting academic trash that divides us. Diversity is not strength, unity is strength. And we’re strongest when diverse people have unity of purpose in defending our nation together, executing the mission, and crushing our enemies.
  10. I understand you’re not fond of President Trump. However, do you honestly assess Biden as mentally competent enough to be POTUS? He clearly suffers from declining cognitive abilities.
  11. I think racial segregation is a bad idea, ultimately destructive to unit cohesion and will degrade combat capability. Also curious if washouts from this class will “wash back” into regular UPT.
  12. People wash out of a UPT experimental class into normal UPT?
  13. Thanks Kiloalpha; I had intended to begin writing a reply but IRL things come up. I don’t know why I start engaging here when I never have time to continue! Just dumb I guess.
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