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  1. tac airlifter

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Awesome idea.
  2. They don’t change the result for you, they might for another reader. My corrective comments were for the benefit of others. I don’t blame any AGR who passes on 130 advising. I hope none are forced into it. Homestar is making a mathematical statement: there are less 365s. Some of you are reading into his tone words that he is not saying. FWIW, I think 365s are crazy, but if they must exist should be filled by volunteers only. Although the threat of being non-vol’d is mathematically less now than a few years ago, it’s still a real threat and a huge disservice to our personnel. back to thread topic: the bonus is no where near enough to entice people to stay given what we put up with. People are and afterthought in our organization and if we want to keep people, we have to fix that aspect of our culture. Since we can’t, because we are broken and stupid, we have to pay people a ridiculously huge amount of money to stay and put up with that shit. Turns out we can’t do that either.
  3. It’s not about “defending the assignment.” It’s about not spreading incorrect second hand information on a platform many folks use as a primary tool to gather information. Whether advising is a good deal or bad deal depends on you. Mine is a good deal for me personally, but I’m not a 130 guy. if you have specific questions I’m happy to talk over PM.
  4. You don’t know what you’re talking about. First, Afghan aviation will not fall apart as soon as we leave. It’ll be super unsafe, but they will find a way. Second, INs are no longer tasked for the deployment. Third, the requirement is going from 6 x C130 guys to 3, and forecast to hit zero soon. I know of no C130 non-vols. Fourth, copy there is a green on blue threat and thank you for the history lesson. However your characterization of the environment is misinformed despite the events of 7 years ago. Finally, I know the anecdote of an ate-up active duty commander doing room inspections on some AGR mission hackers minding their own business is emotionally appealing. But consider the possibility said AGR dudes were such disgusting slobs they attracted rodents by their poor hygiene. I wasn’t there. But I did see an AD commander on his hands and knees scrubbing piss stains off the floor of an AGR members room to clean it before another AGR guy occupied it the next morning. Two sides to every story. I don’t blame anyone who passes on an adviser gig, especially in the AGR. I’d recommend against using your third hand years old info to argue facts with a guy currently doing the task in question.
  5. Sun Tzu said there is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare. Best part about IDE/SDE is learning from the curriculum that we are in fact, doing this wrong. The great mystery to me is how we teach people the right thing yet so many graduate and immediately do the wrong thing. All of the generals responsible for our failures have read that quote. Yet here we are.
  6. tac airlifter

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Shack. We are the most educated force in the history of the world, yet we’re losing wars while experienced people walk out in disgust. Our entire effort at education has failed us: every O5 has a masters yet we do the dumbest shit, repeatedly, and value the inexperienced BTZ over the experienced APZ. We've created a military force where combat experience has no value. Career success can be had without combat success, and combat success doesn’t necessarily equate to career success. WTF are we doing?
  7. tac airlifter

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    And not fighting in any of those locations, whereas other AFSOC aircraft are burning MF’ers in many. That was my point: LAA for AFSOC in this entire thread is about fighting. If we give it to the 6th, it won’t see action and that’s a shame.
  8. tac airlifter

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    You're right, that is a more professional way to say what I mean. Valid spear, I'll take the feedback. Regardless, we have a bet gentlemen.
  9. tac airlifter

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Do you think the USAF already has a light attack squadron? I don’t, because no one in the USAF is fighting with light attack aircraft. Yet we have the 81st fighter SQ. Advising with A29s isn’t combat, even when doing it in a combat theater; I’m in a position to have a valid opinion. This whole thread is based on a desire for the Air Force to acquire light attacked aircraft to use ourselves. Regarding CAA, I don’t want to argue, we won’t agree. Suffice to say yes I am intimately familiar with those missions sets and no it is not actual fighting (minus very rare exceptions) regardless of what theoretical authorities exist. Look at what AFSOC strike assets did to ISIS, that’s fighting. Sell CAA as fighting to someone else, I’m not buying it. at the end of the day, I think there’s no operational LAA in AFSOC by 2021. You think a single A29 used by the 6th to teach other countries how to fight = AFSOC LAA. We fundamentally disagree on terms, but I’ll still accept the bet because I don’t mind buying scotch for a bro. So either way I win! See you in 2021.
  10. tac airlifter

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    You’ve got to have a timeline bro... AFSOC has been promising this for years at some point we have to circle a date on the calendar. Using your criteria above, I’ll never get my scotch. No loopholes! Also, I notice your position changed from “AFSOC doesn’t need as many LAA, lead command, designated mission set...“ to now “AFSOC might get a single LAA for the 6th.” Sorry, CAA isn’t combat. I’ll say you win if AFSOC actually has LAA that they’re fighting with with in what, 2 years? I’ll even say you win if AFSOC is standing up an operational LAA squadron in 2 years... they don’t have to be IOC or FOC for me to pay. But they can’t be play fighting like CAA, they have to be actual pipe hitters. AFSOC aquiring a single aircraft to teach afghans/Nigerians/whoever does not meet the intent of this thread. I’ll submit my position for the wider audience to adjudicate.
  11. tac airlifter

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Excellent. Terms? I think AFSOC still has no LAA by 2021. Anything past that is vaporware anyway. I’ll collect (or you will!) Jan 2021.
  12. tac airlifter

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Are you confident enough to bet a bottle of scotch?
  13. tac airlifter

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    No. AFSOC not buying unless CAF buys.
  14. tac airlifter

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I had a narrative only PRF for my IPZ PRF. All bullets, including the push line, were written by my losing senior rater. The student MLR reviewed my records along with everyone else at school to decide P vs DP; that was literally all they did. The board does not care whether your PRF is NO or originating from your senior rater. Hope that sheds some light on your situation.