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  1. tac airlifter

    Gun Talk

    http://soldiersystems.net/2019/04/01/us-army-selects-bt-for-sub-compact-weapon/ B&T makes great guns, and I highly recommend them. Also hoping the AF follows the Army & gets a piece of this contract! It would be far more practical than an M4 in many circumstances.
  2. What is the origin of a prohibition on aero club management discussion?
  3. You’re 100% spot on. I spoke with Chief Wright recently and was underwhelmed. He genuinely believes that quote. Results don’t matter, only attitude. It’s based on the theory that a proper attitude will eventually produce results, but he can’t articulate that and within a bureaucracy lacking accountability the quote is correct on its surface. Gents, the USAF will not improve the way it treats people. It doesn’t care about you. They hear your comments, and don’t care enough to pay you better or change their policies. People on these forums are generally aircrew with a culture of caring about results. The Air Force does not care about your results and they don’t care that you care about results. They just want you to act happy and smile and have a thin waist, they do not care if you lose wars. The sooner you grasp the nature of our service culture the sooner you can be at peace with your decisions within it, or your decision to leave it.
  4. The effect you’re predicting is the effect CSAF intended to create. Original complaint from SRs was that folks ID’d as school attendees at their board would stop working at the level which brought them there. They were made men; some even PCS’d and displaced strat plans by different SRs. Complaints about the previous system which precipitated this change were from WG/CCs. By reserving a sizable portion of school slots for 3rd look, CSAF ensures folks continue working for it and we’ve had more time to assess their potential for higher performance. Also, those selected are selected by their current WG commander, not someone else’s pick forced upon a new WG. By creating “DA” CSAF has preserved the process by which WG/CCs can posture their #1 pick for BPZ (which traditionally doesn’t go to a 3rd look member). Time will tell if it’s a good change or bad. I personally think no process tweaks can fix a fundamentally broken culture. However I understand the logic, agree in principal, and you can’t fault the man for trying. Cheers.
  5. Curious what you mean by “full on stupid.” Yes, by 2013 we had successfully crushed the culture of the cowboy, plane crashing early days. That was on purpose. By 2013 we were better at the mission and more lethal. Quantifiably. Nowadays they’re better than we were in 13, and isn’t that the objective of leaving something better than you found it? We should all want the new guys to be better than us, and we’ve failed if it isn’t so. What they did in 06-early 08 worked for the reason you described (small teams, selected by name) but that mission environment was unique and those guys mostly weren’t good at building it bigger when that was required. Things had to change. Free whisky on me if we cross paths. Good stuff too, I won’t go cheap on you!
  6. Dude that is absolutely hilarious.
  7. I’m estimating here, I think we’re about 70/30 IPZ SQ/CC over BPZ for ops sq commanders in AFSOC. And about 60/40 school grad versus not. Those numbers are pure anecdotal guesses from my niche view. Also everyone is considered for command unless you specifically opt out. That said, even if you make the list you might not be matched within AFSOC. If you aren’t matched, you can still be offered any number of commands outside AFSOC but there’s no blowback in turning one of those down.
  8. Some communities are “all in” meaning there is no applying for command.
  9. Vertigo I have no idea what that meme is supposed to represent.
  10. This is all very helpful. I appreciate you guys sharing your knowledge.
  11. They don’t change the result for you, they might for another reader. My corrective comments were for the benefit of others. I don’t blame any AGR who passes on 130 advising. I hope none are forced into it. Homestar is making a mathematical statement: there are less 365s. Some of you are reading into his tone words that he is not saying. FWIW, I think 365s are crazy, but if they must exist should be filled by volunteers only. Although the threat of being non-vol’d is mathematically less now than a few years ago, it’s still a real threat and a huge disservice to our personnel. back to thread topic: the bonus is no where near enough to entice people to stay given what we put up with. People are and afterthought in our organization and if we want to keep people, we have to fix that aspect of our culture. Since we can’t, because we are broken and stupid, we have to pay people a ridiculously huge amount of money to stay and put up with that shit. Turns out we can’t do that either.
  12. It’s not about “defending the assignment.” It’s about not spreading incorrect second hand information on a platform many folks use as a primary tool to gather information. Whether advising is a good deal or bad deal depends on you. Mine is a good deal for me personally, but I’m not a 130 guy. if you have specific questions I’m happy to talk over PM.
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