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  1. Tuition Assistance Question!

    What is your career field? Is TPS or AFIT an avenue you qualify for?
  2. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    I agree Clark. The authors overall point was that USAF self-imposed limitations, some might say outdated and arbitrary limitations, on how to utilize their pilot force is an obstacle to mission success. On that point I agree; I fully expect AFSOC to acquire OA-X if the CAF does and it would be dumb not to use U-28/AC-130 folks for initial cadre. That cadre would be valuable, assuming they were good in their SOF platform, because of their experience not the trainer they flew in UPT. We put way to much emphasis on track select. Prepare to be triggered T-38 students & FAIPs: you still don't know shit about fighting! That said, the author failed to convince me on his more specific recommendations. Good conversation starter, and good on him for publishing his thoughts.
  3. B-1 (Bone) questions

    Mark1, your post is a lot to disgest. I am wondering if your experience with current LL fusion technology is limited to the MX on gunships or if you’re also familiar with the myriad other systems? Because seeing hot projectiles is really just a matter of spectrum sensitivity and imaging resolution (along with operator raining I suppose). That capability exists on platforms that aren’t 1960s H models. What am I missing? On another note, I’ve been out of the ops world for a few years but I’m glad the hubris of gunship superiority in all things is still alive and well! You guys saving the day while the rest of us are happily oblivious reminds me of fond memories. If you could shout at me with a shit radio while your feed is intermittent, then spend an hour trying to hit a single squirter, then not attend the debrief because of crew rest (even though I’m flying again in 10 hours and you’re off the next day) our trip down memory lane would be complete. Just having some fun bro! Don’t send your 28man alchoholic crew to kidnap me & shave my head.
  4. B-1 (Bone) questions

    NS, I agree 100%. Mark1 I am curious— what is your experience with fused imaging to make you think it is not a replacement? I haven’t seen a single thing LLTV alone does better. For the wider debate, PBARs post wins.
  5. One AD data point for others to consider: although my flight pay did increase to 1k as advertised, my flight pay TSP contribution was kicked off concurrent with the increase. As others have mentioned, track your pay!
  6. Syrian Su-22 Shot Down by US Aircraft

    Thanks for posting. From a capability perspective, the article implies a massed attack rather than swarming (nomenclature which indicates self-coordinating software, or a degree of autonomy). Nonetheless it's a great example of adversary TTP advancement. Wish we knew more about the "EW" measures their base defense folks used to counter the attack.
  7. Info on flight boots

    I’ve been doing a lot of running in boots lately. Highly recommend Lowa: http://www.gsaboots.com/footwear-brands/lowa/task-force-boots-shoes-mens.html that site has great prices if you have .mil email address.
  8. The new airline thread

    Are AETC IPs vulnerable to deploy again?
  9. Ordering Patches (name, morale, fun meter)

    Dave, I'll try you out. I just received my order from nametags4u.com and the product is not good; my name is almost illegible and the whole thing feels cheap. If you can produce at or above mardon quality, I think you'll start rolling in SQ cash Scrooge McDuck style. cheers.
  10. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Champ, bro....If CSAF doesn’t have the bandwidth to command, delegate. And if we can’t start fixing broke shit by firing weaklings masquerading as warriors because we fear potential second order effects, we may as well give up now.
  11. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    The system has built yes men incapable of saying no. If CSAF wants his free thinking approach embraced, he should fire commanders disobeying his orders. Until he does so, his words are as cheap as his predecessors actions. Incentivization is an obvious concept unfortunately lost on our over educated managerial class.
  12. Latest Movies

    Agreed. I assumed the original poster warped space-time, saw the summer-release movie, then posted his feedback here. I’m very disappointed to realize he was referencing the already released movie and not discussing future events; in the future I’d appreciate posters tell me whether or not they’re talking about the, uh, future.
  13. New BAH rates are out.

    Mark1, of all the the jacked up problems with our service, an antiquated system paying married members an extra few dollars is the thing you crusade about? BTW, as a married member I have, on four occasions, extended or departed early for deployments based on personal emergencies for other members— some married and some single. Your assertion that single members create less mission impacting family drama is without data. Have you forgotten they still have families?
  14. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I also think Moseley. He proudly prioritized hardware over humans, stiff armed RPAs and all things GWOT when it was obvious we weren't getting an easy win & needed to invest in the war. Mostly though, by his obstinacy and subsequent firing he enabled the takeover of Schwartz who embodied all things weak and pathetic about our service. That said, honorable mention goes to Welsh for the false hope things would improve followed by his double down on bureaucratic stupid while collapse accelerated.