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  1. Agreed. Has anyone ever filled out a GO initiated survey that mattered? I spent an hour on the pilot retention survey years ago only to hear, 10 months later, AFPC had “lost” the survey results. None of these are worth the time.
  2. All 3 were prosperous before and without politics. Is that true of our current class of career politicians? But I do agree with your last sentence.
  3. Historical sidebar, but your 3 examples are totally wrong. Lincoln- soldier/lawyer. Jefferson- plantation owner/ lawyer. Reagan- actor. None of the examples you gave were career politicians; all had successful careers before and outside politics. As Reagan said “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.”
  4. What are destination jobs? I’m trying to get smart on all things airline. I’m currently ignorant.
  5. Are old/obese white people or more or less vulnerable to C19 than young otherwise healthy people of color? I haven’t been following the science closely, appreciate any data you have. And since discrimination based on ethnicity is on the table now, what other areas of society is this practice acceptable?
  6. All of the leftist arguments for “common sense Gun control” are disproved by their selective enforcement of current laws. They love talking universal background checks, but can’t endorse legally pursuing a guy who committed a felony by lying on his background check.
  7. I’m not implying anything, just seeking to understand your views. I note that instead of answering, you assumed an implication to my question and then called it wrong. Ok. Since your original argument was based on moral superiority (“Being vaccinated shows I give half a fuck about others”) I thought you’d have consistency of thought or application. I don’t require convincing on the efficacy of vaccines writ large, nor do I need a reminder that in the military I’m going to follow orders. I’m pro vaccine and have a three page shot record. I’m merely curious at all the (inconsistent) mo
  8. To fully persuade me of your perspective, please share your opinion on abortion and euthanasia. Philosophical consistency is highly convincing.
  9. That makes sense. However that’s in line with Tucker’s opinion (although his presentation was caustic). He criticized GOs by name who champion efforts to prioritize diversity at the expense of lethality. So I was confused why you were critical of Tucker while also agreeing with the meat of his point. It’s challenging to isolate ideas for discussion from the personalities & styles which present those ideas.
  10. I’m confused by your post. Are you for or against the new policy of ignoring flying experience as a factor used in selecting USAF pilots?
  11. Exactly right. If the vaccine works, let’s ease restrictions for those who have it. If it doesn’t work, why would we force it on anyone? people would trust the experts more if their guidance had any consistency or logic.
  12. Dude I totally agree that less time out of the jet is good. No issues with the new policy allowing pregnant members to fly. My “splitting hairs” is just for accuracies sake.
  13. Yes I am aware. Now that I’ve answered your question, kindly answer mine: Did I ask about training lines, or did I ask about combat lines? recommend you read the original question from arg, which specifies combat lines, then read the reply, which indicates pregnant women can fly those aforementioned combat lines. Hence my inquiry.
  14. Are you saying women can deploy and fly combat missions while pregnant?
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