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  1. Staff Jobs @ Pentagon w/ Attached Flying

    Given your background, would you be interested in flying with the 89th in Andrews while she works at HAF?
  2. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    I completely disagree.
  3. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    Interesting observation, I’ve noticed the same. Folks who left even as late as 2010 would discuss their service fondly after a few years of being out. Since about 2013, everyone I know who left has unanimously said their life is better and not a single one gives a damn about the AF. It’s been a markedly negative change.
  4. USAFA: Being masculine is bad

    Thanks for the follow up gearpig.
  5. Gun Talk

    It’s a pistol, hence the right folding SB “arm brace.” But shouldering is legal, and the brace is stiff enough for moderate use. That said, I’m planning to SBR this in due time. raimius, is that a zenith? Looks great! How is the suppressor mounted? Looks forward of the tri-lug.
  6. Gun Talk

    If you don’t care to read about guns, don’t open the gun thread. If you want to talk politics do so in one of the many thread venues which cater to that.
  7. Gun Talk

    Care to explain your logic?
  8. Gun Talk

    She is unable to shoot my ARs. 9mm is an easier caliber for her. What exactly are you confused about?
  9. Gun Talk

    Here’s a better review than I can write. yes I bought a 9mm, although the ACP also comes in 45. It was just under 2k. Magazines are stupid expensive so I only have a few at the moment. Cost and cost of mags are my negatives. Everything else is a positive. Match trigger, probably the best engineering I’ve seen on the internals of a firearm, shoots great on every kind of ammo I could find. I think this will replace my handgun for HD. Has AR irons on at the moment instead of the red dot because I’m toying with set ups. I prefer this to every other PCC I’ve shot, including P90, MP5, EVO, UMP, various AR 9mm, etc. I think the MP7 reigns supreme as the easiest shooting sub gun around, but those aren’t available for purchase so it’s moot. bottom line, if you want a compact PCC, you won’t find a better one. If you’re around VA or FL and want to shoot it, or anything else, PM me. Cheers.
  10. SGT Bowe Bergdahl Freed

    Do you think your employer would know or care if you were a felon? Dishonorable discharge is, depending on the state, equivalent to a felony conviction. It’s not good, and employers who do a cursory background check will know.
  11. Gun Talk

    Just brought this home today. I’d never heard of B&T until recently, did some online digging and found good reviews. I was in the market for something my daughter can easily shoulder and shoot so I grabbed this. Very nice engineering, I’m impressed.
  12. The Next President is...

    It’s interesting to reread these posts in light of current events. Looks like we were all being lied, misdirected and artfully deceived by those in charge.
  13. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    If they reason that a policy letter supersedes written regulation that's fine. We also have a policy letter from CSAF saying stop doing dumb shit. Who adjudicates which letter wins? Commanders. Not their front office or worker bees. This should, clearly, fall into the realm of dumb shit since you wouldn't be in compliance with the policy even if you execute their proposed COA (for arguments sake, assume you get <90). I recommend elevating this past the front office to an actual commander, and presenting it as simply as possible: I can't take the test early and still meet the requirement, so I'm planning to take the test a KRND. If they say execute, do so. Understand your desire to avoid appearing whiny, but you can attack this very nonsensical policy interpretation in a professional manner (which you're already doing); if folks are offended buy that, it's not your fault.
  14. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I assume you’ve pointed this out to whoever is directing you to test; what is their answer? If you cannot fulfill requirement of the reg by testing prior to PCS, what is the point of doing so? Can you take a PFT at your TDY location? Sorry to answer your question with 3 questions, but understanding their rationale is a prerequisite.
  15. SGT Bowe Bergdahl Freed

    His trial has confused me. I was informed that SGT Berghdal served with honor and distinction. What happened?