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  1. Let’s examine the clues: - posts about his own mentorship prowess - posts his own strats - works at a non-flying training wing & is clearly better than everyone else - dumb enough to think changing a screen name but keeping same life details & writing style will fool us all. I think you’ve cracked this case.
  2. At first I assumed you posted this in the wrong thread. But he was a commander, and he did drop like a fly this year, so well played.
  3. Glad to hear that. Enjoy it, and congrats!
  4. How do you feel about the Clinton campaign paying a foreign national for a fake dossier filled with garbage hearsay to frame a president and subvert the democratic process? Or Obama asking for favors from Russian diplomats because he’ll have “more flexibility after then next election?” these are rhetorical questions. The broader point I’m trying to make is that there’s a lot of “allegedly” in your post but the actual transcript has been released and I don’t read it as quid pro quo. Yet we know these other violations were real, not alleged. So there’s an element of political hypocrisy undermining the narrative against our president, and invalidating the current complaint in the eyes of many people. Were in a tough spot as a nation.
  5. Good choice. Slicks are fun and you can usually cross flow to AFSOC later when you’re fed up with AMC. Shouldn’t take long.
  6. We’ll see what happens, but I think I’m enjoying your delicious scotch in 14 months. I plan to drink it from a brown beret.
  7. Drastic is an understatement. A Kurdish state in the current political climate is doomed to failure. They would be landlocked and surrounded by Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq now united as enemies because forming Kurdistan would require taking land from those four. Air bridge would be their only resupply, and that air bridge would require overflight from enemy countries with quality A2AD. Not a defensible geographic position. Complicating that picture, we are still NATO allies with Turkey. When the PKK commits another attack inside Turkey they could activate article 5 and require our assistance in “defense” against Kurdistan. It would be awkward. I like the Kurds. They gave somewhere around 10,000 lives in the fight against IS. Turkey was complicit with IS. They aren’t our friends. That said, we’re still in an alliance with Turkey. Right now we can provide covert assistance to the Pesh. If we support statehood, would we provide overt assistance for the Kurds against our NATO ally, thereby degrading the Alliance to the advantage of Russia? How would that play politically for POTUS? It’s an untenable situation with no good answer. I don’t want to abandon the Kurds but I also don’t want to fight a war against a NATO member for their independence. Scratch that, I’m game for fighting Turkey. But I’m finally mature enough to have SA on the reasons we won’t.
  8. Regarding bolded above... North DFAC at KAF has better than “decent food.” I’ll wager it’s the best chow hall in any AOR. They have 6 kinds of espresso. They have a dude who walks around handing out samples of grilled meat. They have a RipIt slurpy machine with 4 flavors. Don’t undersell it man! I’m not someone who likes KAF, but it’s a damn fine chow hall.
  9. I think it’s well past time to GTFO.
  10. That’s what we’re all asking each other since the 11 MDS series specifically allows you to fly without gloves worn.
  11. When are you giving us an ETP so we can continue not wearing gloves?
  12. That’s a bit harsh, although maybe I’m in the 90% and this is how I find out 😬
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