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  1. BEs were always the best. Especially with a basic crew as God intended. No home station bullshit. No TACC bullshit. Just go somewhere and fly as required for a week. Fill the tanks every time, free gas for everyone.
  2. A bit of a drift from the Shaw crash topic, but still relevant. My time at Travis thankfully ended 6 years ago, but I remember a lot of wasted effort primarily designed to lick Travis’s own balls. 4x KC-10s would launch in both the morning and evening, all flying 5 hour sorties and burning 100k lbs of gas to maintain C-17 and C-5 AR currency. Entire AR tracks would be consumed by non-current reservists bobbling around in pre-contact for an hour solely for the extremely unlikely chance that someone would ask a C-5 (or a non-airdrop C-17) to do AR operationally. At the same time, mission commanders at LFEs are struggling to figure out fallout plans in case 1 of the half-full -135s no-shows. God forbid if the only one left is drogue-only. The idea that half of D$N night or NH may have to RTB early for lack of available airborne fuel is downright shameful. And now, reading that West Coast fighter units and FTUs don’t have enough tanker availability to maintain basic fighter AR quals, it’s even more apparent that the priorities are out of whack. Maybe it’s all fixed now, it’s been a while.
  3. How is there always a shortage of tankers at LFE vuls? I swear the -135 patches won’t graduate unless they gnat’s ass the fuel to the pound. Then someone’s TCAS breaks and the whole thing is a wreck.
  4. Life is much easier if you just hate all politicians. Then you can just call them out whenever they say bullshit rather than trying to figure out how to defend their ridiculousness.
  5. That battle came down to 4x counties in Florida. But this time Trump will have to overturn 4x states (assuming he wins NC and Biden wins GA) to reclaim the 37 electoral votes he’ll need. That’s why I say that it’ll never happen. It’s unaffordable and a horrible look for the Republicans.
  6. To be fair, all the close states are correctly colored.
  7. I’d guess the rest of the RNC is already doing discovery of their own, and will shortly stop supporting any lawsuits vocally and financially. Lawsuits in multiple counties in Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia? Nobody’s going to pay for that, and it’ll make them look like a bunch of litigious shits for 2024. edit: to be clear, this is only a prediction with no specific source
  8. Was responding to the idea that there’s nothing strategic in Eastern Iran by pointing out that the distance to the heart of Iran is similar to everywhere else. Never been a strat airlift pilot, so you’ll have to fill that TACC job yourself.
  9. Tehran is 550nm from Herat, 400nm from Kuwait, and 650nm from AlUdeid and Dhafra. Also, the route is significantly less defended. Maybe not worth the logistical expense, but it’s certainly not inconsequential.
  10. WTF am I reading? He wants to give WSOs some pilot skills? Just takeoff, landing, and AR, lol. If only we had a 100 year old training program to do that.
  11. Safe to say, here’s all the info you need: https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2375297/u-2-federal-lab-achieves-flight-with-kubernetes/
  12. Have you ever talked to the guys who work for contractors? Especially the small boutique ones that have a monopolistic sole-source contract for 100% of some random base function? Like when CE tells you they can’t fix something without a specific company present because otherwise it’s a contract violation. All those companies are run by ex-SNCOs.
  13. Is there a “just fly like a regular jet” mode?
  14. They’ve since apologized for the mistake and corrected it.
  15. TL;DR? Or at least a time stamp
  16. Hypothesis: it cooked the books enough to increase the production numbers for one particular leader’s tenure.
  17. They do. We did away with black t-shirts and now everyone graduates UPT.
  18. Senior military leaders often commit a perception error by assuming the rest of the world has been following their problems the entire time and will understand their solutions. Obviously, the man on the street has no idea about the micro-politics that take place in the AF, much less AETC. So when the opposing sides of the media discover that our attempt at solving perceived organizational bias is literally segregation, those AETC leaders are going to have a really hard time explaining their decisions in the one sentence they’ll be afforded.
  19. Again, it sounds like you guys could solve this mystery annually at Gunfighter Flag! Post results here.
  20. Sounds like some flying competitions will be in order. Same jets, one has a WSO in it.
  21. Heinous. Be sure to cite the root causes in the AIBs.
  22. Machines do difficult things easily and make easy things difficult.
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