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  1. Sunglasses: Conservative, clear, slightly tinted, mirrored or photosensitive lenses are authorized. Ribbons: All or some ribbons and devices will be worn on the men’s service dress uniform. Sleeve rolling: The FDU/DFDU will have sleeves worn down, cuffed, or tucked under at the wrist when performing aircrew duties in-flight. Sleeves may be rolled under or pulled up if not performing in-flight duties; if rolled under or pulled up (using velcro to hold in place), the sleeves will end at, or within 1 inch of, the natural bend in the elbow, when the wearer’s arms are hanging naturally at their side.
  2. I’d support honoring Mr. Rat with his own dedicated, Google-indexed thread, just saying...
  3. Based on a google search of “Col Patrick Rhatigan” there are a shit ton of results from Wordpress, Medium, Scribd, etc that just contain the text from his official bio. Looks like an unsuccessful attempt to bury his infamous JPQ article in the results.
  4. After tying the sleeves, Velcro the ends to themselves so they stay tied.
  5. I hate to get all conspiracist on this, but the article quoted only a female program manager and a female pilot, both of whom are claiming bathroom issues with the bag. This is the PC spear that will be used to kill the bag if we don’t point to real problems like what matmacwc brings up: Along with buttons, baggy pockets, drawstrings, and whatever suspender setup the 2-piece flight suit program office wants to spend millions on. My baseless suspicion is the same as it’s always been: Chiefs and non-flyers are behind this push for no other reason than jealousy and lack of control over pilots.
  6. The study’s conclusion was that cost per trained pilot continued to decrease even as the bonus was increased through 100k.
  7. I think he wants to be simultaneously qual’d as a Reaper pilot and a RC-26 MSO. He doesn’t want to be a RC-26 pilot.
  8. Typically I don’t give much credence to Rogoway, but that article was ok. Seems like a profit-focused aggressor company wants to use the smallest fighter they can get away with. Makes sense; they’re not hauling ordnance around and don’t want to spend extra on gas. They also want jets that are easy to modify with aftermarket parts made in the Western Hemisphere. MiG-29s don’t fit either of those bills.
  9. If the contract Red Air companies aren’t biting on this “good deal,” it probably doesn’t make financial sense. Jet warbirds always seem miraculously cheap for the initial buy, because they cost that much all over again every year to operate.
  10. C-17 is a McDonnell Douglas jet, like the KC-10. They share some parts, and they both call them slats. Made in same plant.
  11. “A combination of U2 and other imagery sources has been critical in reconstructing the canal systems in the imperial core of the Neo-Assyrian Empire (ca. 911–612 BC) in northern Iraq (Ur and Reade 2015). The city of Nimrud, located along the Tigris River, served as the empire's capital for generations, and was one of the largest cities on earth for its time. The incised, shifting nature of the Tigris and the height of the town on the terrace above the floodplain meant that Tigris water had limited irrigation use in the absence of water-lifting technology; canals were necessary to supply the city with water for consumption and for irrigation of royal parks and gardens. In this semiarid region, irrigation systems fed orchards and fields in Nimrud's sustaining area. Like desert kites, an aerial perspective has been central to the study of the Neo-Assyrian Empire's irrigation systems because the remains of their large canals are frequently invisible on the ground, and many of them remain difficult or impossible to access due to the ongoing geopolitical situation in the Republic of Iraq.” They got boss-level imagery analysts over there.
  12. Tyking, don’t take the sport bitching on this thread as an absolute measure of what being an Air Force pilot is like. It really is the best damned job in the world, we’re just all pissed because a handful of doucher bureaucrats continuously do their damndest to ruin it. That constant fight wears people down, the airlines look like a relief with all the money for nothing angle, so every indiscretion seems like the world is ending. “No morale patches! Fucking hell, the good old days are gone!” “Wait, now the CSAF is doing mustache March? That’s it, I’m shaving it off and heading to Delta!” Which they have the option to do of course, because they’re an Air Force pilot. Guard, Reserves, AD; you can’t really fuck this up. As long as you fly well, work hard, and be a bro, you’ll be fine. Just don’t join the Navy.
  13. USMC has 457 fixed wing aircraft of all types. That’s how many KC-135s we have. They’re not in the same game we are.
  14. Calling an O-4/5 line IP an Average Joe is why the enlisted hate us, just saying.
  15. “Why do we have to train this way? This isn’t how we do things in the desert!”
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