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  1. AMC is a chickenshit organization, no doubt, but that guy was over the grass at 10-20’. The left truck landed well right of centerline. This wasn’t a case of showing off by a talented pilot in front of a crowd, this was (or looks to be from that angle) a heinous skills mistake followed by a poor decision not to go around.
  2. This is not at all surprising. I’m sure she had her Command Chief right there beside her.
  3. Serious question: What office is responsible for figuring out what the future looks like and what to buy? SAF/AQ?
  4. Hey man, the bandwagon is going the other way right now
  5. “If it appears that any aircraft in your vul is about to complete a ‘sky penis’ immediately call ‘knock it off’.”
  6. Those P-38 shots were next level
  7. Are you talking about the zero/thin clients? I’ve recently experienced them on NIPR and SIPR, and they are computing cancer. They require a network connection to a central server to operate at all. Way worse than the laptops. Every login is like the first time. The lagging keyboard and mouse inputs are screen punching bad. It’s a 100% worse Air Force comm experience, if you can believe that. If your base is talking about getting these, push back with all your might.
  8. Oh no argument there. I’d take the over.
  9. You would think that saving the CSAF’s life would help guarantee job security and funding for your programs.
  10. It’s not cost effective (or even possible) to build/acquire a supersonic LO drone fleet that will accurately represent what an enemy may have in 10 years. What is possible: mixed in with actual Aggressors are virtual enemies accurately displayed on Blue Air sensors. Mesh networked, executing canned actions or making AI decisions, and represented by whatever intel we have about them. New threat models appear quickly and are updated as required. It would be expensive AF to make it work on all the radars, but a lot cheaper than replicating a 100-ship LO threat using actual air breathers. AKA LVC.
  11. That’s the crux of why fans are mad about this season’s writing. Even though the GOT world gives writers the ability to explain away physically impossible plot tools (the scorpions, fast traveling) using “magic”, they choose to ignore both physics and magic.
  12. Clark, have you ever dealt with acquisitions? None of that UCAS shit exists, and the F-35s they want to use we’ve already bought. A Stingray tech demo is a far cry from an 8-ship of F-35s. You’ll be retired by the time someone figures out how to get an 8-ship of supersonic stealth drones to take off and land from Nellis.
  13. What do you expect for someone with a senior officer qual who insists on getting first pick of the sorties? And based on the last episode she has a poor understanding of how far she can trespass a WEZ.
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