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  1. “Here, we got your jewelry back. Only had to kill the robbers and two bystanders to do it!”
  2. All a very interesting debate. Answers should only come from realistic problems. What’s the likelihood that a particular system or procedure will fail you in a current war? What’s the likelihood in a future war? If said system fails (or is denied), will it raise your risk a notch during certain phases? Maybe that’s acceptable and not worth the training costs to mitigate it. However, if a targeted attack on your Achilles Heel isn’t likely but would result in a F-Kill for your entire MWS, then it’s probably still worth it to train to it.
  3. I didn’t apply for school, but if I did it would’ve been to one of those foreign ACSC deals as a backup to what I primarily want to do. I would’ve appreciated the ability to say “no thanks.”
  4. Referring to the dudes that are actively trying to rework your syllabus as “Bobs” is a little disparaging.
  5. Dude, don’t give that guy’s opinion an ounce of credibility.
  6. What’s the draw for you guys to do ISTs to the AF?
  7. If I ever have to be the IO that writes a 150 page report on why some BGen extended her TDYs by a day to attend retirement ceremonies costing the Gov a whopping $690 per occurrence, I’m doing whatever I can to eject from the AF. The amount of effort that went into that exhaustive investigation boggles my mind. There are so many real tactical problems out there to be solved, and so many $billions wasted on bad acquisitions, and some poor guy devotes all his waking hours to this.
  8. Well that’s a surprising outcome from a “tribunal”.
  9. Do you have any pictures of those?
  10. SNCO pilots would be able to “only fly planes” just like like SNCO maintainers get to “only fix planes”.
  11. No one is getting RIF’d anymore. Fly as much as you like, excel in your primary duty, get promoted if you stay in. Virtually automatic to Major. Also, it’s not like career enlisted dudes are immune from staff jobs.
  12. Not enough. Across both types, they can do SAR, MTI, and SIGINT, all of which are very underutilized. Tactics isn’t just threat reactions.
  13. Lol, not at all. Any enlisted guys that want to be enlisted Global Hawk pilots, listen up. You’ll need a bachelors to be competitive in the selection process, so get that. Then, instead of applying for enlisted pilot, apply for OTS instead as a 11X, 12X, or 18X. Then you can go be a Global Hawk pilot for 2x the money. Or you can even fly something else if you want.
  14. To many enlisted dudes, sending their best qualified guys over to the officers’ team would be akin to a Democrat going to work for a Republican. They identify more with being enlisted than they do about being individuals with upward mobility.
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