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  1. You may have heard other students and IPs saying, “If you ain’t first, you’re last,” but that’s just not true. You can be second, third, fourth...hell you can even be fifth.
  2. @FLEA if you hate the flight suit so much, just wear the 2-piece. The rest of us don’t have the same problems you’re experiencing.
  3. We want lighter weight suits and helmets, but those Space X ones look like shit to me. Plus, there’s no parachute harness, LPUs, helmet tie-down, survival stuff, or helmets that turn. I also want to see one rapid-D in the chamber to 70k’.
  4. There are also the ejection seat min/max weight limits, which can’t really be fixed with adjustable pedals.
  5. Amazing. Seven of those guys never even made it to general or astronaut.
  6. Complex solutions are the hallmark of a poor problem solver. There are plenty of skills to learn in any trainer that would translate directly to tactical employment in a follow on aircraft.
  7. They were built in 3 batches; all of the ones built in the 50s are in museums or were crashed/shot down. Of a batch built in the 70s (the much larger R models), 4 remain which have been updated as S models. The newest batch was built between 81-89, which brings the currently operating total to around 30. NASA has 2 more of those. Edit: in looking through it further, I thought it was interesting that some didn’t make it into active service until after the Soviet Union dissolved.
  8. Don’t act like those documents, or any others, are perfect stone tablets handed down from God. It takes continuous improvement from all players to make us all better.
  9. Yeah, tankers ain’t fighters ain’t bombers ain’t airlift ain’t U-2s. Vectors to an ILS is an example that makes sense for jets that sometimes need to land in an unsanitized area. His point is that every community can mail it in and get lazy in their own way.
  10. There’s not enough evidence to draw solid conclusions here, especially as low-SA non-players, because no investigation into Crozier’s actions happened before he was fired. Which is pretty much the reason for the whole argument. It was a knee-jerk emotional firing by the SecNav. There'll probably be an investigation now...
  11. 69. Repeated attempts by all parties to problem-solve using public opinion.
  12. Put a trash bag over your head with a rubber band around your neck, that’ll keep that shit out.
  13. That’s it for every group of people in the world.
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