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  1. Majestik Møøse

    Extension to Age Limit?

    Let us all know how you do in UPT! I assume since you’re the only Private Proctologist in the world you’ll be pretty easy to PID. Downgrade for planning right off the bat.
  2. Majestik Møøse

    Extension to Age Limit?

    Make sure you invite your best Nav buddy to your UPT graduation so he can pin your wings on. Immediately afterwards kick him solidly in the balls and ask him to get you a soda.
  3. Majestik Møøse

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    Wait, you’re serious? How many T-6 hours? Skipping T-38s and IFF? This can’t be real.
  4. Majestik Møøse

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Rife, I think you mean.
  5. Majestik Møøse

    Do T-6 students practice SFO's or forced landings

    There was a heinously bad chick in my T-6 flight. Somehow got through contact with luck, sort of made it through instruments, then washed out of low level phase because she still couldn’t fly an ELP on recovery. So I’d argue that those failed ELPs saved a plane at some point in the future because she never flew it. ELPs are a screener. Is it a required skill? Probably will never have to dip into that bucket of knowledge for real in your career. Do I want a guy in my squadron that can’t figure them out when 90% of everyone else does? Hell no.
  6. Majestik Møøse

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Because the hyper-emo left isn’t complaining about weed.
  7. Majestik Møøse

    T-38 Down @ DLF

    ...so “roll inverted and pull” isn’t a valid COA during an EP? I need to get back in the books.
  8. Majestik Møøse

    What is right with the Air Force

    DTS is getting better, some of the screens like the per diem one have been reworked. But the requirement to login with a CAC on a windows pc must go. It’s 2018 and I can move $thousands of my own money around with my fingerprint. Move DTS onto an iPad, use current location to check in and out of per diem locations, take photos of receipts, book flights/cars/hotels using personal cards and points programs.
  9. Majestik Møøse

    “Red is the new Green”

    You cut out the queep at home. All of it. No more burger burns. No more fundraising of any sort. No more booster club. No one in the squadron hears about an award or medal unless they’ve won it, as determined solely by the CC. No one is ever informed about a volunteer or “professional development” opportunity. Hire civilians; one per shop can basically handle all of the admin in Training, Mobility, Stan/Eval, and Scheduling. Certify the largest office space in the building as a vault, make Comm give you some SIPR laptops. If there’s only one entrance and no windows, go for open storage. Ask the Wing to force the Comm/Sq to do the work for you. Tell the NAF or MAJCOM when they don’t. The Sq/CC takes stands like that because he’d rather tell the boss “no” than look like a pussy in front of his guys on the line. The guys on the line create that culture. The current push-pull for your time is “Flying vs Queep vs Deploy vs Personal.” It could be “Proficiency Flying vs Improving Mission vs Deploy vs Personal,” and that’s solely up to your community.
  10. Majestik Møøse

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    My green boots are almost brown now anyway.
  11. Majestik Møøse

    “Red is the new Green”

    There are tanker squadrons out there that don’t have a classified space in the building.
  12. Majestik Møøse

    “Red is the new Green”

    So here’s the spear: both tankers have a bit of a rep for scoffing tactical planning and employment. Typical tanker dude: “Just plan me a track that’s safe from danger and tell me when to be there. Somebody else knows what those threats can do and the AWACS will tell me to scram if I have to. Well maybe, but I honestly don’t even care so I’m not even going to try to load HQ. Make sure you prioritize my receiver timing for me and give me enough fuel. If any of this plan doesn’t go perfectly, I will bitch about it publicly on the AOR freq but not attend any debriefs or further planning sessions. Where’s dinner?” At least it was that way in 2014, maybe things are better now.
  13. Majestik Møøse

    Future of E-8 JSTARS?

    There is no plan to retire the U-2.
  14. Majestik Møøse

    Naviator Android App

    It’ll make the bad drivers better and the good drivers worse. Overall accident rates will get better, but good drivers who currently pay attention will be lulled into complacency (Children of the Magenta stuff) and their cars will crush children frequently enough that many people will decide that self driving cars aren’t worth it. Cars will swerve to avoid trash, won’t be able to figure out mud and snow, can’t figure out construction zones, and will flat out never see things. And that’s when they’re new. Take them out of California to the 3/4 of American states that see 100° summers and -10° winters with 80% humidity, add 5 years, and they’ll work about as well as your 5 year old cell phone does. Right front lower camera not working? Car bricked, see your friendly dealer for an exorbitant repair estimate.
  15. Majestik Møøse

    Naviator Android App