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  1. IDGAF if Maj Gen Wills “cares” about anything or not. He’s got a job to do, and it’s extremely disappointing that he doesn’t grasp the concept of increased retention pay being cheaper than the expense of replacing experienced guys. He also thinks he can’t afford to compete with the airlines, which is a foolish take on the problem. The truth is that he’s spending billions to train the airlines pilots for them.
  2. A year in jail? Really. For how much BAC? 0.03? Career over, marriage over, kids disgraced for something I’d bet you’ve probably done yourself once or twice at a much higher BAC and gotten away with...
  3. Korea’s BAC max is 0.03% now. Including, unbelievably, people on bicycles, scooters, and hover boards. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/06/28/new-law-drops-bac-limit-03-all-troops-stationed-south-korea.html
  4. What time do you show for your airline?
  5. Well they could at least double they pay and save money over training the replacements. Triple, I don’t know because the charts cut off with an upward vector.
  6. Records management? Is that a job in a squadron? What do they do?
  7. I think Tom Cruise has figured out the retention problem. Line flying O-6, qual’d in at least 4x planes simultaneously, and personal motorcycle storage right on the flight line. Edit: especially since the taxpayers will think this is reality anyway after this movie comes out.
  8. Lol, Alan Dershowitz was Epstein’s defense attorney for soliciting sex with minors in 2008. Now he’s named in this case. Usually I’m and innocent until proven guilty kind of guy, but in this case, yeah, it’s probably all true.
  9. That’s laughable at first look, but I actually get it. Every group has some kind of bureaucratic boogeyman threatening an action that’s never really happened. It’s their version of getting “violated” by some third world ATC. The old guys perpetuate the myth to the new guys until the newest guys realize there’s not actually a monster under the bed.
  10. True story: needed a midsize car for a 3-week TDY. Was already at location so I just went to the National desk, gave them my Emerald Club Executive number (because Amex), got a $630 estimate, and handed over my GTC for payment. Do the right thing, you know? As soon as the guy swiped the GTC, the estimate changed to $1250 because it automatically switched to the a government ”contracted” rate. So I elected to use my Amex to get the bill back down to $630, probably in violation of whatever kickbacks the JTR is supporting, but better for the taxpayer. There’s some kind of shady shit going on there.
  11. https://bad-elf.com/products/be-gps-1008
  12. AMC is a chickenshit organization, no doubt, but that guy was over the grass at 10-20’. The left truck landed well right of centerline. This wasn’t a case of showing off by a talented pilot in front of a crowd, this was (or looks to be from that angle) a heinous skills mistake followed by a poor decision not to go around.
  13. This is not at all surprising. I’m sure she had her Command Chief right there beside her.
  14. Serious question: What office is responsible for figuring out what the future looks like and what to buy? SAF/AQ?
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