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  1. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    Unfounded theory with no actual evidence: The efforts to turn enlisted dudes into pilots is a power grab by Chiefs. They will finally have control over actual Air Force operations by controlling the careers of the operators. They want the AF to look like the Army - crusty Senior NCOs calling the shots while mentoring/scoffing at inexperienced officer leadership. How I know this: the proposed solutions aren't effects-based, they're based on enlisted guys wanting to sit at the cool kids table. Enlisted pilots solve nothing. They won't hang around longer than better-paid officer pilots. They don't solve Delta's production problem (airlines want 4-year college grads anyway). Most importantly, they don't provide the decentralized decison-making ability/authority that we need in complex NKE-thrashed environments.
  2. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    The truth is somewhere in the middle. Some of those MC-12/HVAA/AMC guys would've been fine in a fighter; they weren't all bottom of the barrel, only 1-3 were getting fighters in some of those classes. However, figuring out now who would be ok now is tough. The AF already messed up its natural UPT sorting process 6-9 years ago when they knee jerk shut off all those fighter drops. Everyone saw this happening from the start, except the fools that made the decisions.
  3. Well I suppose the U-2 is ok, as long as it is "allowed" to transit through it. Still don't understand why the military has to beg for waivers from the FAA nerdery.
  4. Why are we worrying about ADS-B out on mil jets? Why do we spend one cent on NextGen/GATM/CNS-ATM/1801/EABOD compliance versus spending miney on mission equipment? Because we will "not be legal" in whatever host nation were pandering to?
  5. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    Attention any lurking senior leaders: get your shit together, go to congress, and stand on their desks until they give you $600m annually for aircrew bonuses. That's $100k more for 6k dudes. All of the harebrained ideas above will cost you way more than that; $600m is only enough to get 600 unqualified wingmen/copilots vs getting thousands of experienced guys to stay. Dont make this hard.
  6. How do you keep it charged? Power from the jet?
  7. What's the worst they could do? Fire you and make you work at FedEx? Seriously, use solid judgement to choose the easiest solution to meet mission needs and tell the haters to fuck off.
  8. 11-217: should it stay or go?

    We must keep the -217! Otherwise, what will AFFSA do? Other than provide "PhD-level" AIS grads. They no-shit said that. For a fucking 2-week course. http://www.tinker.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/388296/affsa-new-command-at-tinker-new-commander/
  9. Preferred COA: use bro-level individually issued iPads and leave all the min-req'd paper in the jets. Make students/Lts update paper.
  10. U-2 Dragonlady info

    Are you suggesting that one of the Air Force's measures of effectiveness should be its ability to successfully retire the U-2?
  11. Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Amazing. Even in a room by myself, the feeling of embarrassment induced by that song was so strong that I couldn't physically listen farther than "ABU top." Of all the crazy shit I watch on the Internet, this is the one I can't make it through.
  12. U-2 Dragonlady info

    To the world's best squadron. Tied only with the other U-2 locations. Ask some of your KC-10 bros if they'd ever go back.
  13. Promotion and PRF Information

    I'm disappointed that his bio has more than 2 references to being a pilot.
  14. Flight Pay increases

    So there's got to be a better way to sell this bonus pay problem. Let's go with nice round numbers: to pay an extra $100k/year to 6900 pilots would cost a cool $690M. That's kind of a lot of money, but it's only about 0.69% of the Air Force's annual budget. Literally a drop in the bucket. Imperceptible. Budget dust. BUT! The non-flying officers and Chiefs would have a shit fit at the pay inequality ("No Comm No Bomb!", etc), and while they should be told, "When it costs $69M to produce a competent Finance Officer, I'll pay you more also," that doesn't work in the real world for troop morale. Those guys would be even more depressed and hate us even more. This has to be approached as a financial benefit. I paid extra to outfit my house with LED bulbs (experienced pilots) because in the long run I save money on the time and effort spent on buying way more incandescents (new pilots) and - most significantly - save a shit-ton of money on electricity (upgrade training). Pay $100k extra to keep your experienced pilots and save $Millions per pilot on backfill training for his/her replacement. For very simple math that only takes into account the cost of replacing your experienced guy with a new SNAP fresh from UPT, that 8 years worth of $100k bonus money would only pay for 69% of a new UPT grad. Add in the immeasurable costs of continuous upgrade training for that new guy, and the benefit is astronomical. Next consider the time lost by the experienced instructors to train new guys that could be used to refine TTPs - you get the picture. This shit is easy, but I feel like there's a glass ceiling WRT mil pay. Congress - and our own mil leaders - just can't stomach the idea of having rich military guys. I think it's a jealousy thing rather than a level-headed financial one.
  15. Professional pilot kill recreation?

    I don't have a plane, but an unusually large number of other U-2 guys do. Everyone is dual qual'd in the T-38 and, even though there are lots of out and backs, cross countries, formation, and low levels, dudes still want to fly on the weekends. It's primarily because of Beale's location in the middle of the West Coast. Turns a 3.5hr drive to Monterrey into a <1hr flight, and the fun factor is way better. Professional pilots don't fly because it's better than their day job, they fly because driving sucks.