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  1. Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    Pilots and drafts don't go together anymore. We'll be out of airframes long before the draft selects the first pilot for whatever training is left to be had.
  2. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Yeah, give that brief with a straight face.
  3. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    "fix it"? You mean withdraw all troops from there? That's what it would take to fix humans.
  4. Mine was just waived on a new card. Last month.
  5. Latest Movies

    Thanks :)
  6. Latest Movies

    Don't spend money on it. 7.5 hr or more Airline movie only.
  7. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Cops are Arming Group A so they shoot twice a year on primary weapons. That doesn't make it any better.
  8. Does the AMEX annual fee refund automatically apply to new cards picked up after the initial card fee waiver?
  9. Pilot watches

    That is very sharp looking. Very fitting.
  10. LICW TDY

    Also, CTO still booked the travel anyway. If my AO approves then what is the point of them saying its not "legal" but booking it anyway.
  11. LICW TDY

    Yeah, just did a bit of googling and the city pair fare from orf>lhr is $478ish. Tucson area>LHR is $800ish. JFK>LHR is only $300 so it would be saving money. I guess I'll call CTO Monday and explain more.
  12. LICW TDY

    I don't know why this is an issue every time I attempt it. I get told 18 different things by 16 different people. Attempting to go from LHR>JFK>ORF. Langley is my TDY location. Then am going to book my own (miles) to Tucson for a couple days leave. Optimum would be to fly home (LHR) from Tucson. Attempted to do that and CTO said the following FLIGHT COMMENTS: CANNOT FLY ON GOV RATES FROM A LEAVE LOCATION DELTA WILL ALLOW A STOP IN JFKAmended my tickets to pickup the Heathrow return from JFK. Then they kicked back for this.** CANNOT FLY OUT OF JFK YOU MUST HAVE A ROUND TRIP FROM ORF THE AIRLINE WILL ALLOW A FREE STOP IN JFK BUT YOU MUST FLY ORF JFKSo basically they are telling me I have to fly out of ORF which is stupid and probably costs more money. Can someone crack the code for me?
  13. VA Loans

    PCS into DM in late January. Timing for a TDY early November will allow for a stateside trip to look at houses. Is greater than 60 days from intended move in too ambitious to see something and put an offer down with a closing of late mid to late January?
  14. Was he back flying sorties after reintegration?
  15. I have reached out to my local folks but wondering if there are any outside sources.