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  1. Depends totally on who and where you're sending them. The more austere locations will take anything you send. Candy, wet wipes, toiletries, magazines, and etc. I've deployed to the more built up bases and if it was an enduring location for our mission set there would be a giant closet filled with years worth of toiletries. I've also deployed to bases with nothing but 10 tents and a TOC and the bi-weekly mail delivery was a godsend with whatever bullshit showed up.
  2. uhhello

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    I think ballzy is the wrong word. Had one of the Warrants come talk to us about his experience that night. Clusterfuck of epic proportions.
  3. But if we don't fight them over "there", we'll fight them "here".....
  4. Yeah, she gone. Fill that pool back up baby 🙂
  5. Didn't even notice. Do E-models routinely engage afterburner on one engine on the tanker?
  6. Can anyone shed some light on what would lead to this configuration?
  7. Who chooses where an aircraft stops for crew day/fuel? Reading a lot of ignorant shit on FB by non AF trying to spin this Trump hotel in Scottland into this grand conspiracy by the White House to bolster the hotel's bottom line 5 people at a time.
  8. Most of the original articles had the actual memo/policy from the govt. It definitely raised questions.
  9. Have they? I know they renamed a bunch to AFMANs. Nobody has been able to give me a straight answer as to what that changes.
  10. 30 years is a long time for legislation to catch up. We're only a few years into even thinking about driverless cars and look how far it's come. There will be changes.
  11. I find these videos hilarious. They never show the lead up. Not a fan of any of these "celeb news" folk but I can't imagine they don't get many peaceful nights out with the family that don't involve running into the random left/right wing nut who needs to give his input to you.
  12. Going to be the asshole on this one. Nobody forces you to fly exhausted. You can't equate having a couple drinks at a bar and choosing to drive home "buzzed" with flying in the AF.
  13. There is an entire lawyer industry built on beating DUI charges
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