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  1. uhhello

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    No, the program was pretty stupid from what I gather on the AF side. These were brand new fresh out of basic Airmen. A couple were in the linguist pipeline I believe. Nobody had a degree. You are correct in that none finished but I don't think there was actually a 'finish line' on this.
  2. uhhello

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    Where are you getting your data? I have a pretty direct source who says 1 self eliminated, 4 completed program and of those 4 2 were recommended for commissioning programs. Are we talking different programs?
  3. uhhello

    Hurricane Michael

    Why hasn't the coastal areas taken the far east approach to the annual storms they deal with. You go to okinawa and everything is cement or the equivalent. I was at Tyndall for first assignment and we hangared 2-3 times for pending storms. We would put 10-20 F-15s in the available hangars and head to the dorms to party.
  4. uhhello

    Hurricane Michael

    MI-26 is a bit over 40k but still not even close to enough barring major stripping mods
  5. uhhello

    Hurricane Michael

    Nothing government is insured as far as I know.
  6. uhhello

    Hurricane Michael

    Think of the infrastructure costs saved. Rapid response availability. Build the wall then build these carriers. Dibs on the spark tank suggestion
  7. uhhello

    Hurricane Michael

    Guys, the answer is already out there.
  8. uhhello

    Latest Movies

    Wasn't impressed with First Man at all. The flag hoopla was much to do about nothing. I counted at least 30+ shots of USA or the flag proudly displayed. Even showed it in the landing scenes.
  9. uhhello

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    The "no stopping" for the A2CU will be corrected in an update message. HAF has said the A2CU will be treated exactly like the ABU/OCP uniform in regards to off base stops.
  10. Ha. Hilarious but mostly true. I hate dogging on them because there are some really good dudes, even on the rescue side who get it and just want to do the best at their mission. Then there are the rest who won't fit in too well to the AFSOC side I think.
  11. Whos GA? Haven't seen those guys in about a year on our birds.
  12. No I get it but with newer tech and not frankensteined shit that we have in the 60, I think they'll be alright. At least off the bat...if they ever get it fielded.
  13. What mission equipment would it need? With current tech being used I can't see anything more than a couple thousand pounds at most.
  14. uhhello

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Yup. I'm with you.
  15. uhhello

    Latest Movies

    That has some pretty amazing one liners in it. Alot of them 🙂