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  1. Are you volunteering as tribute to be the next casualty in a "mission" that has no objective other than to maintain a presence?
  2. Clancy had it figured out decades ago
  3. "Senior military officials have argued all year that a quick withdrawal from Afghanistan would effectively doom the peace deal reached in February with the Taliban." Do you think they honestly believe this "peace deal" is the real deal? That place is doomed.
  4. Had bad wreck in high school Lots of windshield in knee and arm joints. You could feel it in there most days and then just randomly sitting around you'd look down and see a piece breaking the skin and would pop out.
  5. Jonathan Kim (born 1984) is an American US Navy lieutenant (and former SEAL), physician, and NASA astronaut. A born-and-raised Californian, Kim joined the United States Navy SEALs in the early 2000s before earning a Silver Star and his commission. While a US sailor, Kim also received his Bachelor of Arts (summa cum laude) in mathematics, his Doctor of Medicine, and an acceptance to NASA Astronaut Group 22 in 2017. He completed his astronaut training in 2020 and was awaiting a flight assignment with the Artemis program as of January 2020.
  6. HH60 Whiskey is a prime example of barely "good enough". Bringing USAF into the 20th century with PR capes.
  7. This wasn't the run of the mill IFE. There was absolutely nothing a phone number was going to do in this situation to assist or help the crew or anyone else. These guys/gals were assholes and elbows troubleshooting and running multiple checklists. Just clear the airspace around them and leave em' be.
  8. All crew safe. Tanker put it down in a field. Pretty amazing. Looks like possible single engine? Hard to fathom. https://news.usni.org/2020/09/29/marine-f-35b-crashes-after-collision-with-kc-130-over-california-all-aircrew-recovered-safely
  9. Yes. In my flying career I have been briefed on multiple sister service safety investigations reports.
  10. They are available through the safety channels.
  11. Shaw F-16 report is out as well. Lots of lessons learned.
  12. Longest ADSC for enlisted is 4 years but the way I read the reg, there is no ADSC for what he did.
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