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  1. Two mortgages now and one refinance. First with USAA and then NBKC with the refi through NBKC as well. All 3 were "sold" without notice from what I can remember. I don't remember changing payment plans either which makes no sense.
  2. But come on? No ball turret or waist gunners?
  3. You're right. Then do away with the military discount. I'd be good with that. Why? I've used it alot and its worked great. I don't go in expecting a discount. If its there and available I'll use it.
  4. Get over it. You aren't entitled to anything.
  5. Some of our recent propaganda
  6. Yup. Really wish they'd make the south gate open all day at a minimum. Vail is exploding though. We've been here just under two years and there has been so much built in that time alone. Infrastructure is not there to support it of course so it could get interesting.
  7. Would stay away from Rita Ranch. It's headed down hill. Lots of newer housing areas in Vail and closer to the betters schools within the Vail School District. Most people with families don't live in the "city" unless you go the charter or private school route. I'm out in Vail and if the south gate is open I can be at my desk in under 20-25 minutes. Oro Valley up in the northwest is another option but that is a crappy stoplight commute.
  8. Stand by that part of the probe surface is too high and forward to impact. Could be wrong though.
  9. That wing is a lot farther forward from the jet than it looks. I don't think it hit it. Look at the crew's lack of reaction.
  10. I don't see the impact?
  11. uhhello

    VA Claims

    I just thought I wasn't reading it correctly.
  12. uhhello

    VA Claims

    That was introduced last January 8th and hasn't had any action on it?
  13. His take is the great majority. The stupid just gets amplified by social media and 24 hr news cycle.
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