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  1. Have they? I know they renamed a bunch to AFMANs. Nobody has been able to give me a straight answer as to what that changes.
  2. 30 years is a long time for legislation to catch up. We're only a few years into even thinking about driverless cars and look how far it's come. There will be changes.
  3. I find these videos hilarious. They never show the lead up. Not a fan of any of these "celeb news" folk but I can't imagine they don't get many peaceful nights out with the family that don't involve running into the random left/right wing nut who needs to give his input to you.
  4. Going to be the asshole on this one. Nobody forces you to fly exhausted. You can't equate having a couple drinks at a bar and choosing to drive home "buzzed" with flying in the AF.
  5. There is an entire lawyer industry built on beating DUI charges
  6. It's called POTF in AFSOC and some Rescue squadrons. We get a trainer, physical therapist, social worker, and in some places a nutritionist. Some squadrons have better luck than others getting dedicated gym/workout areas close to sq building. In my experience that last few years with it, its great for the guys/gals who already worked out. The hard part is getting the folks who didn't get involved.
  7. I got there in early December with Kadena as a C model crew chief. We broke two wing pylon/wing mount points doing the max climb out procedures for the security threat. Got a ride along in the chase car in January'ish if i remember right. You are correct about the buildup. It was very interesting to see the gradual grow into a sprint style buildup at the end. I knew shit was serious when it looked like EVERY fuel truck in the middle east was lined up for miles and miles coming in the gate. I'm guessing that compound to the southwest of the base is the compound where everyone was housed. It looks a lot different as well.
  8. I was last there in 2003. Looked on google maps today. There isn't ANYTHING left. It's all gone. Just the big hangars and what not the Saudi's built.
  9. Good thing they sent the A-team. Nothing like a go around to keep up the element of "surprise". Hover about 20 feet too high. Team roping onto each other. Can't believe they keep poking the bears.
  10. You got issues with current day charlie?
  11. Is that GCAS post ejection? It makes a pretty distinct pitch up post ejection. Doesn't seem to be just from the CG.
  12. ORM check box. Makes their plan look better on paper, they're still going to do what they were planning to do originally.
  13. Doesn't look like any sort of fire started.
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