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  1. Make a tik tok explaining your decision and how happy you are for yourself
  2. I've got a set. No problems for the last year or so.
  3. She's female, "did two tours in Iraq", isn't hard leaning either way, and was on Rogan 🙂
  4. uhhello

    Gun Talk

    Quibbling. There is zero justification or legality for homeboy to roll down your street and shoot at you with ANYTHING for not obeying an order issued less than 15 seconds from being shouted out. I would have had the exact same reaction as the people filming.
  5. I don't know. Kind of got the hot in a "have dogs set upon you before blasting you with a ZSU" look
  6. Yup. Pretty easy to sit at home or wherever drawing a full paycheck while flying a few lines here and there.
  7. Oh we're being serious here?
  8. Your privilege is showing
  9. Not much of a mission to hack when half of the boat is lining the halls sick
  10. There are informal "no contact unless felony level or above" orders for a lot of police departments.
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