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  1. There are informal "no contact unless felony level or above" orders for a lot of police departments.
  2. Nothing is negative if we've already locked in 2.75 and are about to close right?
  3. I would imagine retaining a qualified pilot now days would get a pass in any situation.
  4. “Gen Webb determined all 19 AF activities are mission essential (e.g., UFT, UNT, URT, FTU) . As such, all students need to move.“ The official memo should be flowing tomorrow, if not, Monday. Hopefully it will have more details.
  5. Two mortgages now and one refinance. First with USAA and then NBKC with the refi through NBKC as well. All 3 were "sold" without notice from what I can remember. I don't remember changing payment plans either which makes no sense.
  6. But come on? No ball turret or waist gunners?
  7. You're right. Then do away with the military discount. I'd be good with that. Why? I've used it alot and its worked great. I don't go in expecting a discount. If its there and available I'll use it.
  8. Get over it. You aren't entitled to anything.
  9. Some of our recent propaganda
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