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  1. https://www.defensenews.com/breaking-news/2020/09/15/the-us-air-force-has-built-and-flown-a-mysterious-full-scale-prototype-of-its-future-fighter-jet/
  2. uhhello

    Gun Talk

    #3Maglula 9mm UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader/Unloader: Best for Durability. This has done the trick for my glock and sig mags with zero issues. Its great.
  3. uhhello

    Gun Talk

    The stock 10 rounder requires a solid push to lock it in. I can get the release with my thumb about every 10th time. I don't carry a second mag right now currently so its not a huge issue. Love the gun other than those two issues though.
  4. uhhello

    Gun Talk

    I have about 300 rounds through my 365 and the slide lock hasn't improved. I can't release it with my finger.
  5. For those interested. Lots of amplifying data http://www.pickyourbattles.net/
  6. I thought we're supposed to be believing ALL women now?
  7. First moderana dose down the hatch. No issues 4 days later. The Gates Foundation is on the hook to replace teh battery every 3 years, which is nice.
  8. Even if it's not killing a high enough amount of folks to warrant concern by VMFA and the like, it is destroying our economy along with our healthcare system. Wife had a friend who had a stroke, she had to be flown by airplane 4 hours north of the major city we live in to one of the few remaining ICU beds in the state. Our healthcare workers have been doing this for 9+ months now. It's not sustainable. What's going to give first? The denial of raw data and science is mind boggling. Our school district has been trying its hardest to stay open as much as possible. The city district
  9. While I agree, we already have the ability to vote out whoever we want. Nobody does. https://www.opensecrets.org/elections-overview/reelection-rates
  10. Consistent food is a hell of a drug though
  11. If it's actual hostility and not good ol' ribbing, then he's a douche. If it's not, lighten up.
  12. Do you have to sync the app with the chip or does it do it automatically?
  13. Damning indeed. Best part was the first passenger helping get the LM's leg loose and then he vanishes. You can tell which statements were written with lawyer assistance.
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