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  1. Is that GCAS post ejection? It makes a pretty distinct pitch up post ejection. Doesn't seem to be just from the CG.
  2. ORM check box. Makes their plan look better on paper, they're still going to do what they were planning to do originally.
  3. Doesn't look like any sort of fire started.
  4. Pretty amazing there was no fire.
  5. The masks aren't accountable items nor are they inspected. They aren't AFE equipment after they hand it to you.
  6. The mask isn't AFE equipment
  7. They're all so fucking crooked. I don't think it's possible to be around for long and not be.
  8. uhhello

    Latest Movies

    They could have turned the music down just a skosh so that you could hear the actual people talking every now and then. Other than that, its awesome.
  9. Got it from a birdie https://www.scribd.com/document/402800029/Report-from-the-Special-Counsel-Investigation-into-Russian-Interference-During-and-Before-the-2016-Presidential-Election?fbclid=IwAR1XxltpbI9NWDXurIeW69-cOun1tVGQjR-WC9ct_9DjYxOUHzKcgyxc75A
  10. That's the orignal that went out and is now being reported to not be true/accurate.
  11. Iā€™m an active duty flyer with a waiver for kerataconus. Every 3 years I have to go to ACS and go thru the same battery of tests purely for tracking and baseline issues so that the big blue gets a better look at the way ahead with this issue. The FDA is moving ahead with the eye drops deal using UV light but the docs say it will be years before AF starts allowing it if it is approved
  12. There were operators at the controls of both of those industries.
  13. That's hilarious. 1 job for every 50 lost at best case.
  14. Yeah, Joe tried twice to press him on that but didn't follow through.
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