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  1. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Strictly responding to the "microaggression" apology at the Academy. Senior military leaders do not know how to respond to social media criticism and demands. The conventional thinking is to immediately appease to the younger generation and the social media witch hunts because it will win internet points and avoid online backlash. This method is effective in temporary quelling the social media faux outrages (often not the core audience), but in the long run it erodes good standard and discipline, esprit de corps, and effective military command and control. The correct thing to do is simple, everything in the military comes back to the standards/core values. Defend the standards and the core values and you will eventually be absolved from the internet accusations (whether or not the person has the courage to do this is a different topic for discussion). Mattis is the only person I've seen unaffected by the social media and traditional media attacks. He receives generally favorable supports from military members and civilian alike, because he stick to his core values/principles, simple and truthful with his answers, and his body of work gives him credibility. When I think of the SECDEF I think of lethality, he only cares about lethality (have stated many times) and it's my job to support his priority. I cringe when I see senior managers create selfies and mannequin challenges (Debbie James) or the NSA Director wearing t-shirt and mom jeans in Vegas (Keith Alexander) in an effort to connect with the younger crowds.
  2. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I feel hazed and my feeling gets hurt whenever I received LOR/LOCs. Can we abolish the letters? The microaggression from my supervisor needs to stop now!
  3. Drone Pilots: We Don’t Get No Respect

    MQ1 started out as pure ISR platform, then someone had the great idea of adding hellfires on the wings and here we are.
  4. General assignments questions

    So for the folks that were around in the early 90s. What is this "all volunteer" assignment system that BK spoke of? Why did we get rid of it? Did it guarantee a good deal every 2 years? Anything close to Belgium to Hawaii to Ramstein to Aviano?
  5. General assignments questions

    Appears to be a step in the right direction. Curious to learn more about the new assignment process for the 11F and 12F bubbas. Trust but verify. Leaders, Coming to you with a special communication discussing several exciting changes that are imminent and ongoing to the way we conduct assignments. I apologize upfront for the length of this note, but lots going on for you to be aware of and we believe you and your Airmen will find these as steps in the right direction toward a more transparent and interactive system. Beginning on 18 Jan 18, Commanders/Senior Raters will receive 7-day advance notifications of assignments for their Airmen. All assignments (enlisted E-8 and below and officer O-5 and below) will now go in advance to your servicing Military Personnel Flight (MPF) who will disseminate that information to unit commanders/senior raters 7 days before the official notification to Airmen. The idea was identified during the "Revitalizing Squadrons" effort where commanders discussed being out of the loop and not aware of the assignments being given to their Airmen. The advanced notification will enable commanders, or their delegates, to mentor and discuss the pros and cons of the assignment with their Airmen prior to the Airmen receiving the official notification - ultimately giving commanders more ability to influence retention. On the 8th day, Airmen will be e-mailed their official virtual assignment notification, following current notification procedures. If we're doing our jobs correctly Commanders, more so on the officer side, will have had involvement in the process with recommendations and reviews of officer vectors, preferences, etc. This 7-day period is NOT intended to be a negotiation/reclama period above already existing assignment rule sets. That said, we at the Air Force's Personnel Center will remain attentive and agile to real world changes and adjustments that may need to be made but would expect those to be the exception and not the rule. While we've tested this one I'm still sure we'll run into a few glitches or unanticipated situations, so we look forward to getting feedback from you all. This is intentionally being put in play now to impact all of our upcoming Summer '18 cycle moves. In addition to the new notification, commanders and their representatives will still have access to BLSDM rosters, which are updated every 24 hours with a clear text "as of" date indicating any new assignments for assigned personnel. To aid MPFs/CSSs and Assignment Teams, Personnel Services Delivery (PSD) Guides and Base Service Delivery (BSD) Guides are being updated and news articles will be going out to educate the field on the new process. Assignment Webcasts targeting FSS/CCs, MPFs, AF/DPE, MAJCOM A1Ks, CCs, CSSs, and Airmen will begin on 17 Jan 2018 with exact times and dates listed below. Our POCs are #################### The second ongoing effort is a test of a new officer assignment system we call Talent Marketplace. This new system is currently being tested within our 11F (fighter pilot) and 12F (fighter CSO) communities with ~430 officers set to use the system to facilitate assignments during the Summer '18 cycle. The new system is designed to increase transparency and awareness regarding the positions being filled while allowing greater interaction and communication by the member, losing commander, and for the first time by the gaining billet owner. The technology being used and the system itself are a giant leap forward with a modern feel and interactive features that make it much easier for officers and commanders to make inputs. The system also helps our assignment teams by using algorithms to help develop optimized matches that we'll use as starting points as we apply "art" and our best effort to accommodate all requirements. Our team is working directly with those in these two test communities and we've been underway for several weeks. As we move into February and March and begin making matches, we'll come back out again with more information on test progress and our way forward to include potential expansion into other AFSCs in future cycles. To be clear and avoid any concerns, this system will NOT be a return to the "all volunteer" system we had in the early 90s nor will it magically fix our various officer shortages or retention issues. But it is designed to provide increased transparency and interaction that should lead to greater awareness and satisfaction with the assignment process. More to follow as we progress. The final adjustment to our officer assignment system is a transition from three to two cycles each year. This adjustment compliments the transition to Talent Marketplace and is designed to give us all more time to communicate, interact, and make "artful" assignment matches. Rather than having Spring/Summer/Fall cycles we will transition to only having Summer (report dates in June-thru-September) and Winter (report dates in Oct-thru-May) cycles. Under the two-cycle system we will move the same number of Airmen and Airmen will still move as required throughout the year. The major change is the reduction of one vulnerable-mover-list (VML) each year. For commanders and billet owners, this means one less VML in terms of workload each year. The transition should also increase the amount of advanced notification time officers and their families receive for their move, with some getting as much as 11-months advance notice. The two-cycle system will allow for more interaction and communication with our officers, billet owners, and commanders which is what the Talent Marketplace assignment system is designed to do. We'll begin transitioning later this Spring and will move straight to a Winter '18 cycle following the Summer '18 cycle. More detailed information will follow but wanted you to have a heads up now. Thanks for partnership as we continue to evolve our practices and systems to allow commanders and Airmen a larger role in the talent management process. We look forward to your feedback and questions as we progress with all three of these linked efforts. V/R, BK BRIAN T. KELLY Major General, USAF Commander, Air Force Personnel Center
  6. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I think the blame goes to the administration, who sets the overall atmosphere through the SECDEF and secretaries that are put in place. The chiefs are supposed to work with the secretaries to represent and advocate for the men and women in uniform and shield us from political "crap." But it appears the past few CSAFs failed spectacularly at their job. The previous round of service chiefs and secretaries have got to be the worst collection of services managers ever assembled to date. D James, R Mabus, E Fanning, J Amos and M Welsh. Welsh deserves plenty of blame but he was also dealing with James and the NCR politics. Perhaps should have resigned in protest? Moseley started the downward spiral, kudos to him for standing firm on the raptors (even if it's standing on the back of the airmen), but he really got fired by Gates (actually not bad SECDEF) for not providing enough tactical support. The nuke and the Nellis scandals just added gasoline to the fire.
  7. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Moseley. Openly said he chose hardware over people. No other services will you hear that philosophy. People is the most important asset in any organization. Not arguing Raptor's capabilities, but it wasn't an either or problem. Didn't want to rock the boat too much. Still got fired at the end.
  8. Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    Without any insights to NCR's thinking... To me this proposal along with other programs floated by HAF serve two purposes: 1. Collect data now in case they need to quickly ramp up pilot production in case of a national emergency (draft?). 2. Knowing these programs won't lead to any meaningful retention results, they can tell congress that they've exhausted their options to retain pilots, and the only choice left is stop loss (as mentioned previously by others on this forum). Just a theory
  9. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    Is the AIM-54 making a comeback?
  10. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

  11. Promotion and PRF Information

    My reference to IG was a general statement and not necessarily applicable to the Dyess situation (maybe/maybe not). It was just depressing reading about this one and the Langley AMXS situation over the weekend. When you include previously known incidents of AF toxic managers and IG investigation, there is a trend of real changes coming after the stories became viral via social media platforms. For the amount of time and money the AF pours into leadership development (PME, Phoenix programs, and etc.), social media/public shaming is the only way to get AF's attention. Now you see people going to social media (for small/big issues) as the first option because of lack of trust. I suppose this is just the era we live in, but totally not what I had envisioned when I took that first oath. I hope this clears up my post up a bit, sorry for the confusion.
  12. Promotion and PRF Information

    Am I the only person that is saddened by the fact that social media and public shaming are pretty much the only ways to get the 4-stars to address toxic AF management? Yeah the IG system is broken and you can't trust anyone to do the right thing anymore. What a shit show. This comment is better reserved for What's wrong with the AF thread.
  13. Promotion and PRF Information

    To be or to do...
  14. Promotion and PRF Information

    Just a bit angry because of the people I know that were affected by the 2014 force shaping fiasco. Good dudes getting passed over, RIFed, told to volunteer outside of duty hours in order to be on the RIF protected list. It all could have been avoided. Debbie James came from SAIC and was known as a downsizing specialist, so to prove her worth she decided to make the cut in one year, instead of doing it incrementally, because what worked in the private sector must work for the government right? Sure there are political pressures from the top to make the downsizing happen, but she could have stalled or at least make an appearance of trying to fend off the wolves. She was more than happy to "swing the axe" (borrowing Gen Goldfein's term). I say fire the people involved with the the downsizing because they didn't talk sense into the SECAF and they did a horrible job of planning and executing the downsizing. On a related note, I understand many flyers on here just want to fly and not do staff time because it's a shitty job. However, the "Staff" can use more the "Been There Done That" flyers to lead or guide the planning and execution of plans and strategies. You don't want to only push HPOs or unqualified folks into certain critical staff jobs for a year and move on. We would have no credibility in the Joint world and it would be detrimental to the fighting force.