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  1. Wow that's really low! Thanks the response, I'll hit you up if I find a good property.
  2. Jon, For excellent credit score 700+, what's the VA rate right now? Is it still 3.25%? Thanks.
  3. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fannie-mae-freddie-mac-soaring-154600159.html Cha ching!
  4. Don't we gripe against big blue's corporate fitness policy of focusing on appearance instead of performance? And now we want body shame and speculate on some random person based on a picture?
  5. It means a lot. It was out of Pawnman's control but he should have had more breadth of experience and progression in responsibility. For the young people reading this, continue to work hard but make sure your duty title is commensurate or exceeds your rank/TIR/TIS. Know the key duty positions at each level of command as you progress in rank and you should be switching jobs about every 1.5 years. As much as we like to think that if we just keep working hard our boss will take care of us, the truth is your careers needs to be actively managed (not backstabbing) by you and your boss. Your boss's effort to take care of you depends on your performance, politics, favoritism, available resources, his moral compass and etc. No one in the military is ever too valuable to leave a position/unit/command. We are all replaceable.
  6. For flyers on the VML. Does your commander strat you in their ADP comments to the assignment team?
  7. Meanwhile in the airline world...
  8. Reminder: With the new prf format and categories this upcoming board is going to quite chaotic.
  9. I hope you cash at the WSOP. Edited: People here are not very nice...
  10. I truly believe promotion is based off potential to promote to O6 and beyond. If you seek mentoring with any senior officers, they will never advise/assess if your career choices/progression will take you to O5. It's always been about whether or not you will make O6. Combat/ops stink is only part of the O6 potential equation (for non-flyers it means even less).
  11. yeah I'm tracking that now. makes more sense.
  12. I received the PPT back in 2014, the PDF is more recent. SLIDES - PRF Comments and Stratification Guidance_as of 25 Apr 19.pdf AFPC Strat Guidance.pptx
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