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  1. The silver lining of this whole thing is we all get to skip PT test for an entire year! Vegas buffet line here I come!
  2. I am pretty certain the manpower cuts were unrelated to the a-10 debacle. The cuts were mandated for all the service branches and started in late 2013. For the af it was accelerated because Debbie's hiring was based on her downsizing experience with saic. She wanted to show the world she was a pro at downsizing. I had so much hope for Welsh when he came on board, but I didn't see much leadership from him. He promised the officers a vector but never produced one because he got sidetracked with the sexual harassment scandals. He passively aggressively got rid of blues Monday. Just generally stayed out of controversies. The force definitely accelerated the downward spiral under his regime with the focus on volunteering and selfie queen tours. It was sickening.
  3. From the same article... ""We take preparing for worst-case scenarios seriously, and that planning has paid off," Lt. Gen. Brad Webb is quoted as saying in the release. " 🤔🤔🤔 hmmm....
  4. https://www.jbsa.mil/Information/CDC-Novel-Coronavirus-Response-Support/
  5. That's what she said. ----Michael Scott
  6. Call me cynical, but I won't give senior leaders any passes. They have been groomed since day 1 of their AF career to be in this "leadership" position. Senior "Military Leaders" ought to know how to make the best possible decision in tough situations with a lot of uncertainties. They have held various leadership position and key staff assignments and should have "seen it all." Hence I can't accept the notion that "no one saw it coming." Besides, previously there were SARS, MERS, African Swine Flu, and a couple of others viruses. Even if the Commander hadn't seen it, his SG and Public Health SMEs should know all about it. Obviously I don't have all the facts, but I'm curious to know how did they arrived at this decision to continue training. Which, I think will be reversed in a week or less.
  7. I get it, we have to maintain readiness. But if the DoD just issued stop-movement and encouraging people to telework to minimize service members' exposure to the virus, then why are we continuing to send new recruits into high risk environments? Not only does this increase their chance of getting exposed, we are also launching them out to different bases for follow-on training like a disease-infected mother-ship launching spaceships to colonize different planets. In theory, the basic trainee gets infected right before graduation, PCS undetected, gets to new base and infects new populace. I've been to places like Sheppard, it's just another breeding grounding, only slightly better than BMT. AETC's policy just seems to counter any USG effort to contain the spread of the virus. I mean, we are releasing prisoners right now to prevent the spread. But then again, it's AETC afterall, what do you really expect from them?
  8. I can see that herd immunity is inevitable and maybe the only way to get over this. BMT is definitely not closed system. Basic Trainees go to the mini-mall next door and the exchanges. The DLI (Foreign military members learning English) is in very close proximity to the mini-mall and the dorms. The Saudi students love to go bars and clubs every night in their new Mustang V8. The inter-agency MWD training also takes place in close proximity to the mini-mall and the dorms. Reid clinic nearby is usually packed with sick trainees as it is, can't imagine how they would handle an outbreak. You can't practice social distance with basic trainees at Lackland, and all it takes is one.
  9. Continuing BMT and OTS just sound like a really really bad idea. Especially for BMT. Can't expect them mitigate the stress environment too drastically. Granted they have newer dorms now, but you are still packing a bunch of people into confined spaces, who are constantly stressed, which causes weaker immune system. This is how virus/disease spread. Just really not a good idea. The healthcare system is strained as it is, why take more chances? PCSs are not happening anyway.
  10. We have the technology to build the next Airwolf if we wanted to. Shit has been using AI to ID adversary aircraft since the 80s! Supersonic helicopter with retractable missile launcher and guns for A/A and A/G msn? Pssshhh, child please. AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Cyber, Airwolf, and etc. The issue will always be the government is inherently bureaucratic, not suitable for private sector agile innovation...*unless* the innovation is urgently needed during a time of war/crisis. Because that's when the USG will bust down doors and red tapes to get the end product they needed. There is a reason why we have acquisition regulations, lengthy safety and technical review boards, contracting officers. To ensure an even playing field and standards are met before and during the acquisition process. We are not building plastic DJIs out there with no factor of safety and mil-specs. Also see the JEDI contract/mess. Another factor is the private sector tech startups are run by 20-30 year olds, who are intimately familiar with the technology. Government *SENIOR* leaders barely have enough time to read power point slides and make decisions from there. They might be able to recite some buzz words at ACSC or SOS like AI, big data, data fusion, next-gen to impress the junior officers. But do they really know enough or have the political will to really innovate? Last year, a certain prominent USG agency hired a new CIO, and his first order of business was to ensure SSNs are protected during e-mail transmission. Really? That might have mattered maybe in the 90s... So yes, while we without a doubt have the capabilities to build whatever we can envision, the bureaucracy is what will kill any true innovation. Sorry for the generalization and rambling...
  11. Eagle 2 sponsored by USAA. Fly, fight, win, deposit or The AMU mustang 2, aim high and get an online degree with us
  12. Production wise for most of the movie it tried too hard with the military cliches and emotional triggers. AD/Veteran may nitpick at the technical details/inaccuracies. However, the story itself is something else. 90% of the acting was average at best. The emotional tolls/impact to the families and veterans were highlighted very well (especially at the end). Overall, didn't care much for the production but grateful for someone to make the movie and pays respect/tribute to not just a war hero but veterans in general. I was in a large theater, it was only about 3% filled but you can hear the audience sobbing through out the movie. Interested to hear the review from a PJ's perspective.
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