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  1. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    Is the AIM-54 making a comeback?
  2. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

  3. Promotion and PRF Information

    My reference to IG was a general statement and not necessarily applicable to the Dyess situation (maybe/maybe not). It was just depressing reading about this one and the Langley AMXS situation over the weekend. When you include previously known incidents of AF toxic managers and IG investigation, there is a trend of real changes coming after the stories became viral via social media platforms. For the amount of time and money the AF pours into leadership development (PME, Phoenix programs, and etc.), social media/public shaming is the only way to get AF's attention. Now you see people going to social media (for small/big issues) as the first option because of lack of trust. I suppose this is just the era we live in, but totally not what I had envisioned when I took that first oath. I hope this clears up my post up a bit, sorry for the confusion.
  4. Promotion and PRF Information

    Am I the only person that is saddened by the fact that social media and public shaming are pretty much the only ways to get the 4-stars to address toxic AF management? Yeah the IG system is broken and you can't trust anyone to do the right thing anymore. What a shit show. This comment is better reserved for What's wrong with the AF thread.
  5. Promotion and PRF Information

    To be or to do...
  6. Promotion and PRF Information

    Just a bit angry because of the people I know that were affected by the 2014 force shaping fiasco. Good dudes getting passed over, RIFed, told to volunteer outside of duty hours in order to be on the RIF protected list. It all could have been avoided. Debbie James came from SAIC and was known as a downsizing specialist, so to prove her worth she decided to make the cut in one year, instead of doing it incrementally, because what worked in the private sector must work for the government right? Sure there are political pressures from the top to make the downsizing happen, but she could have stalled or at least make an appearance of trying to fend off the wolves. She was more than happy to "swing the axe" (borrowing Gen Goldfein's term). I say fire the people involved with the the downsizing because they didn't talk sense into the SECAF and they did a horrible job of planning and executing the downsizing. On a related note, I understand many flyers on here just want to fly and not do staff time because it's a shitty job. However, the "Staff" can use more the "Been There Done That" flyers to lead or guide the planning and execution of plans and strategies. You don't want to only push HPOs or unqualified folks into certain critical staff jobs for a year and move on. We would have no credibility in the Joint world and it would be detrimental to the fighting force.
  7. Promotion and PRF Information

    cough *stop loss* cough CH did warn people a while back... Edited to add: Snide remarks aside, it's a pretty insulting move to the people who busted their ass to progress to the next level. Congratulations, for the majority of you folks, it doesn't matter how hard you worked to get that strat, you are no better than the person in the next cubicle over. The few HPOs know who they are and won't be affected. What matters is the AF will have plenty of "selects" to send to the various lower tier NAF/MAJCOM/Joint staff billets to appease the screaming commanders, who've had to hire extra contractors, and approve UFRs as stop gap solutions. At the end, these "selects" will likely not advance to O-5 and be happy to retire as O-4s. Air Force solves the manning problems it created and everyone is happy. This is just another example how you and I are just a number in the big blues' eyes. One solution fits all, which is natural for a large bureaucracy. It'd be interesting to see the number of people who decline the promotion opportunity and just leave the service. All I gotta say is the people, civilian or military, who were been involved with Force Management policies since the Debbie James days, needs to be fired immediately. But we all know that will never happen. Accountability is not one of our Core Values and is only a theory taught at Maxwell. Or maybe, they are doing this in anticipation of major event(s) happening throughout the world in the near future...but what do I know? CH was right all along... /Rambling off
  8. Leadership at the 'Deid

    Sad thing is, in my corner of the USG, key info are often withheld from the O-6s/GOs by their deputies (GS-15/O-5), for fear the boss will get mad. I just don't understand this line of thinking. Whenever I try to alert the boss to potential bad news on the horizon, the deputies will quickly jump in and stutter something meaningless and change the subject. It's like we are not allowed to talk about issues in a meeting unless it's absolutely positive. Just kick the can down the road until it blows up and blindsides everyone. WTFO?
  9. North Korea at it again

    https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Pyongyang-provocation/Japan-prepping-for-evacuation-of-tens-of-thousands-in-South-Korea http://nypost.com/2017/09/04/japan-planning-possible-mass-evacuation-amid-north-korea-threat-report/
  10. Promotion and PRF Information

    I wonder if sitting in the school house vice being at one of the test squadrons working on sexy programs made your PRF less competitive? In my experience, the FTEs and even the human factors O-4s did well from having that ops stink.
  11. Promotion and PRF Information

    FWIW, our O-6 recently mentioned to us that they are now looking for combat/deployment time on the Lt Col board PRF.
  12. North Korea at it again

    Well...that's next week!
  13. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Actually, I thought the promotion board exercise was flawed and outdated. As of few years ago, we were still doing paper exercises that led to the conclusion that a coffee making/party planning USAFE staff/exec was more accomplished than someone who deployed a lot. Also the cadre was perpetuating the myth that the board only had ~30 seconds to review/score before moving on to the next package (STS), despite showing everyone a separate AFPC video highlighting the updated computer scoring system and how the O-6s had much more time to scrutinize and deliberate the PRFs/OPRs. people really need to learn to get away from the cool acronyms and dumb down the bullets for the masses...
  14. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Nothing is worse than partying with good dudes at SOS and then finding out they got RIFed while at SOS. Flight morale went into the tank and shit got awkward real fast.