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  1. Ok? I’m not sure what being 15 has to do with this. The thread is about women being drafted into the military. And I provided an example of women in the military. But I’ll let you know how I feel when my non-existent daughter turns 15 and doesn’t get drafted or join the military...because she’s 15.
  2. Maybe it’s not representative of society at large but I’ve had co-ed bathrooms and showers on multiple deployments and it’s been a complete non-issue.
  3. Are they actually taking it though? Has there been any guidance to say the flight suit is being phased out?
  4. Agreed, if the PF is task saturated it’s definitely helpful to delegate radios to the PNF (or other tasks for that matter) but 99% of the time it seems to make more sense to keep the radios with the PF.
  5. Valid but "today's war" has been going on for 15 years now and will continue for the foreseeable future so I would be willing to bet we would get lots of good use out of the Scorpion in today's war.
  6. There is nothing about the T-38 track that prepares you to drop bombs so why does it matter?
  7. Haven't heard of any straight to guard out of UPT guys going through UPT yet but generally non-fighter/bomber guard guys go T-1s with some exceptions.
  8. You sound like a woman who just realized the guy she's been sleeping with doesn't want a relationship.
  9. What a surprise, convenience on the part of AFPC trumps actual unit, mission, and personnel welfare.
  10. Pretty sure it doesn't work the way you think it works...
  11. I'm pretty sure a couple years ago they (unexpectedly) threw a bunch of CV-22 assignments to FAIPs
  12. Valid...but nowadays if you SIE from UPT, especially after dropping an RPA, there is a 0% chance you would be retained in the Air Force.
  13. He's an American hero...in more ways than just destroying drones.
  14. Do you know if the Viper was on an IFR or VFR clearance at the time?
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