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  1. 1. Don't lie. There are now unemployed looking guys at prison time for lying about VA disability to FAA. 2. Just for PITA factor, I would stay away from mental health stuff. But, take care of yourself, and refer to num 1 above. There are plenty of pilots on SSRIs, getting counseling, etc. After Germanwings there is a tad bit of hysteria about pilots lying about mental health. 3. Sleep apnea is no longer as big a deal as it once was with FAA. But you will have to travel with a CPAP, and it tells on you. If you need it for rest, by all means go for it. Just be aware of what you're signing up for. 4. If you're able to fly in AF, you shouldn't have a problem maintaining an FAA physical. Its kinda amazing what conditions that will still allow a class one.
  2. Holy fucking shit, that 'stache! The bar has been set much higher https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/04/india/india-pilot-moustache-intl/index.html
  3. That is an interesting question I've never considered. I'm really having trouble thinking of one. Only thing I can come up with is the scenario is that you like where you live, don't want to commute, and there is a regional domicile you can drive to, very quickly. That's about it. Even with that, regional contracts are at the whim of the majors they contract with, so that domicile could disappear at a moment's notice. I agree with Social about travel benefits. You'd always have higher priority on your own metal anyway, if you wanted to travel beyond where your regional goes. If travel is your thing, there is a lot to be said for cargo, and getting miles for deadhead. ACMI for that matter. Or big picture, I make enough money that I can just buy the damn tickets.
  4. Every time we have tried to non rev, it has worked out. I'm not mentally good at it and tend to stress, especially with kids involved, but it has always worked. On the rare occasions we had to be somewhere and couldn't take the risk, I bought (and SWA was cheaper than my own carriers discounts). Non rev has gotten us some experiences we just wouldn't have had if buying tickets was the only way (NYC in a day, etc). International seems easier than domestic. I've ruined travel for my oldest for life with first class across the pond. Not here to tell anyone what to do with their money, but after a few years at the airlines the pay is enough that we can afford more than I could on active duty. When I did "have" to buy tickets, it wasn't a big deal. In general, we travel a lot more than we ever did when I was in the military, non rev is a big part of the reason we can do that.
  5. Meh, if he'd been an E5 I think they'da found a way to string him by the nuts
  6. Court martial a capt for manslaughter when a soldier dies during an ON dz drop. Give a Col a plea for non consenually grabbing a jr enlisted. Fucktards
  7. My 2 cents. I hate Apple , for no good reason but it is what it is. Been a samsung guy for years and have decided I am done with the brand. Had too many problems, not happy with reliability. Now, if you happen to be the sort that gets insurance, maybe not a big deal. Also, the way they build phones they are very difficult to repair. Was very surprised to see the difference in repair costs for apple vs samsung. My kid has a pixel and I'm very impressed. Will probably go with one of those eventually. Am contemplating Google Fi. Not sure how well it'll work where I live but I'm sick of paying Verizon as much as I do.
  8. I don't feel like it, can you give cliffs notes?
  9. Interesting. Not my favorite guy but flew with him once when he was an O6 and was taken aback at how good he was. Wasn't expecting it for some reason. Guess things atrophy
  10. Don't really have an opinion on this, but what does ethnic homogenousness have to do with anyhing?
  11. They cut it back in 12 I think it was. For "working age" military retirees they lopped the COLA. One time catch up at 65. It passed as part of a larger bill. Saw Ryan give many a speech in defense of it. Was eventually repealed, but they've done it once.
  12. Interesting. I go to Lowe's quite a bit and always see contractors vehicles in lot, and contractors inside buying mass amounts of stuff. Where do you shop?
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