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  1. sputnik

    The new airline thread

    Every time we have tried to non rev, it has worked out. I'm not mentally good at it and tend to stress, especially with kids involved, but it has always worked. On the rare occasions we had to be somewhere and couldn't take the risk, I bought (and SWA was cheaper than my own carriers discounts). Non rev has gotten us some experiences we just wouldn't have had if buying tickets was the only way (NYC in a day, etc). International seems easier than domestic. I've ruined travel for my oldest for life with first class across the pond. Not here to tell anyone what to do with their money, but after a few years at the airlines the pay is enough that we can afford more than I could on active duty. When I did "have" to buy tickets, it wasn't a big deal. In general, we travel a lot more than we ever did when I was in the military, non rev is a big part of the reason we can do that.
  2. sputnik

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Meh, if he'd been an E5 I think they'da found a way to string him by the nuts
  3. sputnik

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Court martial a capt for manslaughter when a soldier dies during an ON dz drop. Give a Col a plea for non consenually grabbing a jr enlisted. Fucktards
  4. sputnik

    IPhone to Galaxy S9+

    My 2 cents. I hate Apple , for no good reason but it is what it is. Been a samsung guy for years and have decided I am done with the brand. Had too many problems, not happy with reliability. Now, if you happen to be the sort that gets insurance, maybe not a big deal. Also, the way they build phones they are very difficult to repair. Was very surprised to see the difference in repair costs for apple vs samsung. My kid has a pixel and I'm very impressed. Will probably go with one of those eventually. Am contemplating Google Fi. Not sure how well it'll work where I live but I'm sick of paying Verizon as much as I do.
  5. I don't feel like it, can you give cliffs notes?
  6. Well hell, now she might be a Senator
  7. sputnik

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    A win is a win
  8. sputnik

    New AFPC commander a pilot

    Interesting. Not my favorite guy but flew with him once when he was an O6 and was taken aback at how good he was. Wasn't expecting it for some reason. Guess things atrophy
  9. sputnik

    The Next President is...

    Don't really have an opinion on this, but what does ethnic homogenousness have to do with anyhing?
  10. sputnik

    Retirement / Separation Considerations

    Jesus. Sorry man, hope it works out
  11. sputnik

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    They cut it back in 12 I think it was. For "working age" military retirees they lopped the COLA. One time catch up at 65. It passed as part of a larger bill. Saw Ryan give many a speech in defense of it. Was eventually repealed, but they've done it once.
  12. sputnik

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    Interesting. I go to Lowe's quite a bit and always see contractors vehicles in lot, and contractors inside buying mass amounts of stuff. Where do you shop?
  13. sputnik

    The new airline thread

    Delta is pretty good on that. As Hoss said, you get almost 900k for "free" (have to pay tax on imputed income) and I think can get up to 1.5M for a pretty decent rate. As I was getting ready to retire I looked at getting a 1M policy from Navy Federal. I opted not to once I realized what Delta offered. A couple years in....kinda wish I had. Not that I think I need more, nor do I expect to leave Delta anytime soon. However, I don't like having all my insurance tied to my employer. Can't speak to the other majors but I expect they have similar insurance options. Only you can decide how much you need, and if you want it all tied to your employer.
  14. sputnik

    VA Loans

    Closed a few years ago with National Bank of KC. No issues. However..... Got a letter from tax assessors office saying I'd underpaid my property taxes last year, and I had 30 days to resolve it before they put a lien on our property. The kind of letter that gets your attention. Wtf, had a lot of mortgages over the years, this is a first. Call NBOKC, they say they are aware, not sure what happened, be resolved soon. Silly me, I thought I'd get a phone call. Instead I get a letter I had to read 3 times before I believed what I was reading. In summary, they paid it, it wasn't their fault, in the future I need to handle this myself. Yes, I need to figure out how much they are going to underpay my taxes out of the funds they collect from me for that very purpose, and pay them myself. I call the "if you have any questions" number, listen to an inane amount of crap I don't care about so I can talk to a person only to find out their hours suck and you can't leave a message. Here's a message, I'm getting a new bank assclowns
  15. sputnik

    Gun Talk

    Been 10 years since I bought anything from CMP and Im retired. Any idea of they keep records or do I have to jump a bunch of hoops? An issue 45 would ve very cool