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  1. I have operated the majority of my career this way, so far not too many bad things have happened. And besides for housing, worst case they try and make you break your lease, but being totally honest that's probably too much effort for some civilian running the housing office so you'll likely be fine.
  2. I dont know, I've seen some rather tall/large people cram into the Viper.
  3. Are these students guaranteed a fighter for going through the fancy syllabus or did they just luck out?
  4. Huggy, I'll be totally honest I can't think of anything right now besides fix-to-fix that I would cut out. Even to the day I ended my FAIP tour I was arguing for more training in order to expose the students to more things earlier in their careers. I honestly miss formation takeoffs and landings, they were always something fun that you could do decently but took some practice to do well. That made me laugh about HUD out being a dual only item. If only they came from a plane with no HUD 3.6 weeks earlier...
  5. Shack. Furthermore EP's can drive fingertip flying as well. I had a pretty severe MMC/electrical fail a while back and had to rejoin on my lead to get below the weather and back to the field. I didn't need to do a form approach/landing since the ceilings and vis were good but the ability to get below the weather and trust your flight lead is definitely an important skill.
  6. I love that the AF has to have a "planning phase." Use the same design from Columbus and Vance. Done. But hey waste time and money, it's the AF way.
  7. Did they ever get around to building sun shades/shelters for their jets or are we about to go through the whole dumpster fire of sending everyone else's jets to them again?
  8. In a previous squadron when the drop from 75 to 60 occurred we had someone who took 2.5 straight months off. We all thought he had PCS'ed because no one had seen him in so long.
  9. Activity equals achievement.
  10. We've bought a whole 2 of them...cool. How long did it take to get this far? Whether it is a SOCOM operation or not this project is years delayed and will get so mired in more red tape that it will never reach full potential/operation. I foresee the AF sticking its hand in the acquisition of the jets and slowing it to a crawl eventually forcing its cancellation.
  11. This program is never gonna happen. The AF will keep kicking the can down the road until Congress gives up
  12. 11 graded events (T-6 sims/flights) is not a lot of data to pull from and judge someone with though. I mean I've flown with dudes who took that long to completely get over airsickness so they could really start performing in the jet.
  13. I don't personally know what the path is but there most definitely is one. Back when I taught T-6's we averaged about 1 CSO per class from a variety of air frames. There is a commitment, 2 years seems right but I'm not sure. Most of the dudes who came through UPT were mid ish Captains, so about 6 years in if that gives you some perspective. As for the age limit, dude there is a waiver for everything, no $hit I had a student who was 40 and going through UPT. Make them tell you no. And if they do, go find a Guard unit (that's what the one guy did). Congrats on getting picked up for CSO! No small accomplishment. Don't shun the Navy though, I know plenty of great Naval Aviators. Out of curiosity what mission are you passionate about that the AF does that the Navy doesn't?
  14. That's a surprisingly fast/short syllabus to track kids. What's the feedback been so far?
  15. Unknown dude. I would guess that rated is probably out, sorry. That being said I know lots of people in the service who are either color blind or color deficient. So don't think it's all over, you may not end up in the job you want, but there are lots of fulfilling and awesome jobs still out there.
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