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  1. YoungnDumb

    New AFPC commander a pilot

    Valid on all fronts, I've once again earned my username.
  2. YoungnDumb

    New AFPC commander a pilot

    I get what you're saying, I''m just pointing out that giving him white jet credit is a bit far reaching.
  3. YoungnDumb

    New AFPC commander a pilot

    One year as a Deputy OG does not qualify as "white jet" time. 1/3 of that was probably in PIT, and I'll guess he was attached to the IFF squadron, not any of the UPT ones.
  4. That one will be slower to change but I bet it will. All the partner nations have to agree on a syllabus before it can change is what i've gathered over the years.
  5. Interesting, give the T-6 bros a little slack though, it's a fairly crazy syllabus rewrite for them. It'll be interesting to see how this affects the toner/38 bros once the new guys start "tracking" their way. Any word on how they are going to divvy up T-1/T-38 slots? I had been part of some discussions of it before I left but never heard the final. The big hang up was if you have a stellar stud but no 38 slots (or T-1 if thats what the kid wants).
  6. YoungnDumb

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    "...without causing an unacceptable delay..." So this program has been ongoing for years and COIN ops have been going on far longer and the AF is just now getting around to this...if this is an "unacceptable delay" what constitutes an acceptable delay?
  7. There are spots open at UPT? I'll believe that when everyone isn't behind.
  8. Why are we still FAIPing people to Laughlin? Can't they FAIP their own kids?
  9. YoungnDumb

    Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Well we can't provide mass if we can't get a 40 year old airplane in the air.
  10. YoungnDumb

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Damn. Just damn.
  11. YoungnDumb

    Trends in Air to Air Combat

    $20 says nothing comes of this (and I hope I'm wrong).
  12. Yup, only 1-2 fighters for the T-1 bros...
  13. YoungnDumb

    Trends in Air to Air Combat

    As much as I would love to see that, I doubt it, the AF will use it to pump more money to the F-35
  14. What's old is new and what's new is old. Read old pages on this thread for explanations
  15. YoungnDumb

    Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Check my username, very aware of such. It was asked sarcastically/in a vain attempt to interject some humor. In my case, beggars can't really be choosers, I'll take what I can get.