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  1. Unknown dude. I would guess that rated is probably out, sorry. That being said I know lots of people in the service who are either color blind or color deficient. So don't think it's all over, you may not end up in the job you want, but there are lots of fulfilling and awesome jobs still out there.
  2. Did the same thing in high school while wrestling. No surgery, same rehab you did. Can't remember if I told the doc that it happened when I first joined (12 years ago now), but never had any issues to date and no doc since has cared. It couldn't hurt to have your doc say it's good to go, but be cautious telling the military more than they need to know. Also, I just tell docs I dislocated a long time ago (mostly true), they ask if it's fine, I say yes and we move on.
  3. Gotcha, sounds more like a select lucky few will get to experience KRND vs KDLF/KEND vs a full up pipeline
  4. So the PIT squads will now basically be half PIT and half UPT? Interesting. Looks like the Randolph flying club is on its way out
  5. Forgive the ignorance, what does WIC for the U-2 look like? It is ground heavy with lots of intel briefings/study or does it involve a lot of flying?
  6. But at least the slides are green for the generals review!
  7. How are they doing UPT at KRND? Did they stand up another squadron or are the PIT guys helping out?
  8. I'm gonna guess it involves less flying and less sims all in the name of increased production. Oh and a healthy splash of VR and some buzz words.
  9. I wouldn't your money racking up as many ratings as possible, it won't make a difference if you have Multi and MEI, you're still going to go thru the AF training pipeline. If anything get a decent amount of instrument time and actually go fly in some IMC if able. I taught T-6's for several years and honestly thethe difference between a Comm Multi, MEI, etc and someone who had their Instrument rating was not much. Focus on solid basic habit patterns and good IFR skills. Instruments were always difficult for students, if you can make that section easier than you have a significant advantage. And besides if you go the heavy route you'll get plenty of multi engine time for free, so why waste the money?
  10. The only one that I have seen with any regularity are Vipers to Kelly. Usually drop in early to mid summer since they offer only one B-Course per year. Everything else is a crap shoot.
  11. At the end of the PTN article they mention they're going to be using T-6B's for the third class, is the AF buying some or did we manage to borrow a few from the Navy?
  12. Is this a first for Canada? Granted I didn't go thru Shep but everyone I talked to from there made it seem like mostly Germans/US got FAIPed
  13. Would someone mind expanding on shout tours and short tour credit, i.e. what are they and what benefits are there to doing them?
  14. @FLEA, sounds just like what I heard. Not too worried as my unit is only $50 per month, but this definitely seemed a case to good to be true, so I guess we'll find out in a year. And no dependents for me to Korea (or in general).
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