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  1. CSO drop nights

    Wow, what's the setup for the Growler, i.e. one tour in the Growler than F-15E's or are they going to be permanently Growlers?
  2. 11-217: should it stay or go?

    Burn it and all the other redundant and pointless pubs. It'll save countless dollars and person hours (since saying man hours now days leads to an MEO hit).
  3. How do you feel about your airframe and mission?

    They're all too busy hitting on the stewardesses and enjoying the good life.
  4. Jeremiah Weed

    I hope his answer is "the vault, the bar, the strip club."
  5. Read literally 4 posts prior to yours...
  6. U-2 Dragonlady info

    So 2023 we'll see another U-2 extension letter I assume.
  7. CSO drop nights

    What do most CSO students these days want? Is it pretty spread out or is there a general consensus towards certain missions/airframes?
  8. That may be but how long until the others are backed up? If they simply just move all the students to different air frames it's just spreading the problem not making it any better.
  9. Let's not, already spent 5 years in Enid, I don't think I could take 3 more.
  10. I'm willing to bet it's in response to the B-Courses being backed up/critically manned. The UPT pipeline is more or less broken right now, we finally got AETC to sign off on a maximum class size because we couldn't keep up with what they were trying to do. We had to prove that until we get more manning we can't produce more (yea we all get that without more pilots we can't generate more IP's). And from the rumors I've heard about Holloman and it's manning, I wouldn't be surprised if they're doing something similar.
  11. Can confirm. Growlers were offered to a few Vance bubba's who were IFF complete. Only one of them took it, the others turned it down for various reasons. The guy who took it was an old student of mine. Sounds like a 3 year gig out at Whidbey with a 5th gen follow on is what he was told (not promised mind you, just told). Haven't heard anything about it dropping out of UPT though. On the UPT note I heard an interesting rumor about the drops changing significantly for a while. I guess the DLF OG said something along the lines of only 1 fighter per class from now on.
  12. It's almost like AFPC learned that if you stop sending people to a community for a while they start having a vacuum and need people again...that being said I give it another year or so before we swing back again.
  13. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Gotta keep feeding the military industrial complex, remember the DoD is really just a jobs program anymore, how useful or how much we need a piece of equipment is directly proportional to how much money it wastes in the process
  14. Reference my earlier post about T-1's and bombers. It's been a rumor since I was a student, hell we even had an O-5 type say it was happening a year ago. Fair enough on CBM bubbas, but if you look at Vance as well instead of 9 fighters its more like 4 or so with others going to bombers or other places.
  15. Looks like the "everyone gets a fighter" thing is winding down...maybe the AF realized you can't just throw bodies at the pipeline and expect it to work smoothly?