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  1. YoungnDumb

    Choices: What should I do?

    First of all, don't FAIP to Laughlin. Just don't. Second, if she did get FAIP'ed I would be extremely skeptical that she could jump year groups or anything to come and meet you, never heard of it. Most likely is that she would stay in her year group but get an early departure (so 3-9 months prior to her 3 years post PIT). Finally, just because someone wants to FAIP doesn't mean they will. In all my time I only saw 2 people who had FAIP as #1 get it. You have to be a good pilot to get FAIP'ed and the squadron has to not hate you.
  2. YoungnDumb

    KC-46A Info

    Is it also scheduled to go into the hangar for repairs/fixes/upgrades the same day?
  3. YoungnDumb

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Can't even say I'm remotely surprised.
  4. YoungnDumb

    Revised CSO training scheme

    The more things change...
  5. YoungnDumb

    Vance AFB information

    Moved from Vance a few months back (spent 5 years there) and I didn't live on base but quite a few friends did, so I'll be speaking on what I saw. The married UPT houses (with great exception) were nothing special, 2-3 bedrooms with garage and/or carport. Decent sized, but not huge. All houses have their own back yard that is medium sized, lots of parks and a few dog parks on base though to help mitigate this. The base is small so you can walk to pretty much everywhere you want pretty easily (read drunk stumble back from the club). There are 2 blocks or so of newer housing, no idea who those go to (besides the obvious O-6's), had a pair of friends from UPT who lucked into them but besides that pretty much everyone else I knew lived in the standard older house. Maintenance seemed okay, never really heard any complaints about it. @MooseClub, if you're an O-4 I would live off base. Vance is small so there isn't a lot offered on base for the family. Reasonable housing can be found pretty much anywhere North and West of the base (avoid everything east of Van Buren). Anywhere in town is at most a 10-15 minute drive or less.
  6. YoungnDumb

    Revised CSO training scheme

    Interesting article, I'm curious about the early track select and its long term ramifications.
  7. YoungnDumb

    CSO Training Length

    ETCA is also horribly outdated/out of touch so take with a grain of salt
  8. Good luck with your degree but know that even if you briefed this to the CSAF or Congress nothing would change, bureaucracy is to entrenched.
  9. YoungnDumb

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Likely before my time there (12-18), unless it's a recent development
  10. YoungnDumb

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Never seen a SP naming during my time at Vance, think it may be more of a Laughlin thing.
  11. YoungnDumb

    KC-46A Info

    My money is it ain't happening this year, and likely not even until spring time.
  12. YoungnDumb

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    If you have to ask, you already know the answer.
  13. YoungnDumb

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    While valid, it sounds like another excuse to keep delaying it. They say it'll be released in early 2019, any bets on it not occurring at all in 2019?
  14. YoungnDumb

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Honestly at this point I'm giving up hope on the light attack thing, nobody high up is willing to pull the trigger on it, and at this point it feels like we're just spending money to spend money.
  15. YoungnDumb

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Just reposting so the conversation can move along from the previous debauchery.