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  1. 11-217: should it stay or go?

    ^^^ This x 1000
  2. Airline hiring prep, gouge, advice

    ANG LC-130 IP, hit my 20 this coming January. Jetblue Airways First Officer since 2011. ERJ-190 from 9/2011 to 3/2017, now on the Airbus 320/321, based in Boston. Great plane, love to fly it. Jetblue interview questions is all TMAAT questions. You can also go here: https://www.mypilotcareer.com/
  3. So do we. We're still having problems with the Aero App. POS app. I use Jepp at Jetblue and will never go back. AMC made a big mistake discontinuins the Jepp App.
  4. The cadet email thread

  5. Nothing else has changed in regards to the amount of AFTP's per quarter. You now have to request the days, get them approved and then e-sign them. Yes, this blows big time. The 105's were doing just fine.
  6. C-130 down in Afghanistan

    TORQE is the aircraft callsign for the 774th. Need to keep it to five letters for ATC purposes.
  7. which is not necessarily a good thing. In my opinion, it violates military equal opportunity. Had a few friends who tried to change units, and their bosses hosed them behind their backs for no reason. Flame away.
  8. Guard units talk on a regular basis. Be careful because there could be guys who can find out if you're bailing, and drop a dime on you. Happens a lot here in the Northeast!
  9. Yup, that checks. I know my base can't hold onto a Dentist to save their lives!
  10. from guys i work with at Jetblue. They feared losing their ATP's. Said guy wouldn't give up the ghost. Unless we're talking about a different person.
  11. Be careful with this guy. He got busted a few years back and got decertified due to shady practices. The FAA was looking to go after some his customers and decertify them as well. Just sayin'
  12. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Don't do it. PM me if you wish. Jetblue's hiring window is open right now
  13. Wrongful Firings: Latest John Q. Public post

    From a coworker at Jetblue who worked with Kaiser said he was exhonerated and was given a job at AMC so he could get his 20 and get out. Rat was put in a job at a ROTC detachment. Yikes!
  14. The deal with going back to 48 AFTP's, at least from what I heard, was that finance computers cannot calculate anything past 48. Sounds like a computer glich to me. Anybody heard this too?
  15. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    As a guardsman and airline pilot, I now live in domicile (Boston) with Jetblue. Moved to live in domicile about a year and a half ago. Reason: QoL, period, plus my career in the Guard was stagnating. My seniority allows me to bid day trips and pretty much days off that I want. In regards to mil leave, I take it only when I need it (deployments). I usually bid my UTA/AFTP's on my days off, and still manage to have a decent amount of days off with the family and pay the bills. Again, like with everybody else said, YMMV. I don't think I could commute, but if I had to, I would (i.e. we merge with another airline, etc.). There are guys I fly with who commute to both their job with us, AND to their Reserve/Guard jobs. My head nearly explodes when I meet these guys. Not trying to show off, but merely point out that airlines are coming full circle from their 11 year suck period. PM me if you want details.