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  1. Indeed....this is bone chilling, if true.
  2. Emirates is and always will be a dirtbag outifit. Their planes are modified to snitch on the pilots, even if they land one knot fast!
  3. I'm a part timer that goes to my base, 3 hours away, 4 days a month. I'm a Flight Commander and Instructor Pilot. When I'm not hammering out useless OPR's, attending Green Dot, CBRNE for the umptienth time, or banging out CBT's, I'm attending to the plethora of new guys and helping them with GT sessions and double turning on some flights. So no.
  4. Agreed. Windows 10 is a crap product. Epic Fail Microsoft!
  5. Ok so I still have a laptop that uses Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla, AND Google Chrome. I'm doing ACSC by Correspondence, and apparently, not only can I NOT access my base email from home, but I can't access Air Force Portal, AND Air University. This just started happening literally this week. However, my wife's laptop has Windows 10, and I have zero problems accessing Air Force Portal. Apparently, the warnings I'm receiving from Google Chrome is that Air Force Portal lost it's Security Certificate on MY laptop. Is anybody else having this problem as well? Did a memo come out stating that Air Force Portal and all other Air Force sites requite Windows 10, etc etc??
  6. ANG LC-130 IP, hit my 20 this coming January. Jetblue Airways First Officer since 2011. ERJ-190 from 9/2011 to 3/2017, now on the Airbus 320/321, based in Boston. Great plane, love to fly it. Jetblue interview questions is all TMAAT questions. You can also go here: https://www.mypilotcareer.com/
  7. So do we. We're still having problems with the Aero App. POS app. I use Jepp at Jetblue and will never go back. AMC made a big mistake discontinuins the Jepp App.
  8. TORQE is the aircraft callsign for the 774th. Need to keep it to five letters for ATC purposes.
  9. which is not necessarily a good thing. In my opinion, it violates military equal opportunity. Had a few friends who tried to change units, and their bosses hosed them behind their backs for no reason. Flame away.
  10. Guard units talk on a regular basis. Be careful because there could be guys who can find out if you're bailing, and drop a dime on you. Happens a lot here in the Northeast!
  11. Yup, that checks. I know my base can't hold onto a Dentist to save their lives!
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