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  1. Thanks guys, did some more digging throughout the day and didn't find anything that supports what the coordinator has been saying. I'm gonna press to test once more and if I get push back I'll elevate it, my leadership is in the loop and has my back which is nice, I'll repost what goes down in the end for anyone who runs into a scenario like this Thanks again
  2. I just got an OCONUS assignment and am currently working through the EFMP/overseas clearance process for my family. My son is enrolled in the EFMP and my wife is pregnant with our 3rd child. All of our paperwork is near complete and is ready to be sent to the overseas location for review, but is being held up due to the pregnancy (she is due in two weeks). Our coordinator at my current base is saying they need to make sure the pregnancy goes well before they start the coordination with my gaining base. Any truth to this? It doesn't make sense to me to not at least start the coordination
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