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  1. For the ARC guys in the room...while a PITA, after running some numbers, I found doing ACSC (correspondence) worth it. Even though I won't be getting my part timer retirement until I'm 58ish, the payoff is fairly substantial. Couldn't care less if my ID/retirement paperwork says maj or lt col. I knocked most of it out over a deployment or while on airline trips. Of note, I'm a prior-e that is eligible for lt col at 18 YOS so I'll only need to extend a small time to hit my three years. Thankful for a unit that doesn't do bullshit like keep make their Majors and Lt Col ROPMA. In that case, there's no way I'd do ACSC...I'll refer back to Shazaams gif.
  2. I've know of one squadron that does this, and frankly I'm surprised it's still in place. Our former OG looked into this and concluded that he couldn't legally institute such a policy. He felt that, in the end, he could just be exposing the Squadron/Guard/AF to IG/legal issues if someone wanted to pursue it. I agree that there are some valid reasons it, but don't think it should be a hard/fast rule. But whatever works for the local leadership at the time. Funny you use the alert tasking as a reason...you guys often calling in dudes for the ever present Mexican Air Force threat? 🤣 It was thanks to alert that we've had people actually live further away. Some sacrifices on their part, but it allowed them to keep momma happy and still be good participants.
  3. We've had a full timer that lived 4.5 hours away and did great. We've have part-timers that lived 1.5-2 hours away that struggled. It's all up to the individual. In the scenario presented by Nunya, aside from being a perfect test on if you consider yourself a commuter, 2am is entirely to late to be at the base anyway! The lead needs to learn to be more efficient during night weeks. I would have left after the second computer didn't work...it's going to cost the .gov another pay card to log the paperwork when they unfuck their computer systems.
  4. Losing the 3 for 1 on alert was the biggest killer in part-timer participation for alert. The shitty thing was when they took that away, they made it retroactive to a month or two prior. We had had a part-timer sit 7 days (paid 21 under the old system) in that period and this change retroactively made it 8 days of pay...and they came to collect that debt. I don't believe that dude ever sat another day alert after that fuck job (don't blame him). There were a few nuggets in there that where Sikora was spot on. Under the current system it's tough to entice them to sit alert. If only they could figure out a way to allow us to roll off alert then log two pay cards to fly CT that day, we'd get a lot more part time help as this would be a much better use of our part-timers time on base. Until then, the full timers will continue to carry the burden...for a while, then they'll go to the airlines. I'm the last to defend some of the things these guys were doing, but some of the above linked article is certainly out of context. Like them "getting paid at home," which was the day they could be called in to cover alert....though, if they're out of the area then that's a clean kill. Tanker guys "sit alert" at home for a few days at a time. Perfectly within the rules but they're still getting paid "at home." Also the crew rest thing, wrt alert, if a fucking joke. Some of the squadrons I've sat alert with had their dudes working their normal jobs (though not flying) all day long while on alert status. so how is that different than a guy working on the CT all day then rolling to alert?
  5. Good early lesson to the LTs on trusting the AF only so far. Still going to fighters, so good deal either way.
  6. Lol, that's funny. 14 hour flight followed by 4 or 5 drinks = no proofreading, but that's just quibbling. Copy shot. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  7. Reminded me of some good videos. While dated videos, if you've never flown airlines, they're actually pretty good videos. There are about 3 or 4 of them and they're all really good and still very relevant. Children of the Magenta Line.
  8. You absolutely can, by simply turning off the autothrottles (buttons on the throttles). Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. Having flown the 737/757/767 and now the 330, this is why like the thrust lever situation in the Bus. If you want to Go-Around you simply push the thrust levers all the way forward. No buttons to inadvertently hit, which is somewhat easy on the 757. If you accidentally "bump" the thrust levers on the bus, you'll simply get a ding and a message that essentially says "hey dummy, put your thrust levers back where they were."
  10. If your home squadron leadership is worth a damn they'll help guide you through the process. Find a place you'd like to rush and talk with your home SQ/CC, they should help facilitate via CC to CC phone calls. If not, just start reaching out through the bro network. Join the pilot network on FB, LOTS of ARC guys on that website and you'd be surprised by the amount of people willing to help out.
  11. From my 18 years at the same Guard base, it'salmost a certainty. One of the great things about the Guard is retaining amazing talent with quite a few of our enlisted personnel serving 30-40 years. On the flip side, at times we have more drama than a group of high school girls that just found out Susie made out with Sarahs boyfriend under the bleachers last week. Case and point...talk to your VT bros about the "source" for all the VTdigger articles from last year.
  12. Was this something initially in the bill but then taken out? All of the stuff on the IRS website for 2018 says it's still a think, but not sure for how long. I hope it stays for the guys who commute. https://www.militarytimes.com/pay-benefits/mil-money/2018/02/15/reserve-guard-members-lose-travel-expense-tax-deduction/
  13. I picked up a GS last year that paid a grand more than that PER DAY. I lose more than 4k every month I go on orders, and missed more money in GS's (due to mil duty) that what I made in the Guard last year. This won't sway anyone, but some may take the extra cash. Loved that little nugget. Pretty much ruled out most of us prior-E's...or about half the damn Guard pilots. I wouldn't take it at this point anyway.
  14. Pretty low, but always a possibility. Even our low altitude safe escape maneuvers have a * to them. No way to account for catching a lug/etc... Not today golden BB!
  15. Not sure of your situation, but there are tons of Guard squadrons throughout the Midwest, I would seriously consider switching units if this is a long term move. Depending on the circumstances, commuting to the Guard will get tiresome and old VERY fast. Best of luck! USERRA provides many protections from your employer for military duty. You are not be required to take any vacation days from work to perform military duty. You're allowed to drop military leave on days you're not necessarily being paid by the military if it's to get you in position for duty. In your case, I would drop military leave Fri-Mon. If you get push back from your boss, I would inform your military leadership and/or contact the Department of Labor...a call from a USERRA lawyer works wonders. Dept. of Labor USERRA Not for drill weekend. Getting to drill is on your own dime and time. They will provide you with lodging over the weekend (Fri/Sat), though it will depend on the unit if they'll get you a room for Sunday night. You're generally not on "orders" for drill weekend, so no airline tickets. I'm not even sure we have money to provide tickets for people to fly out for their 15 days of AT orders....you're assumed to live in the local area. However, you will be given a ticket to begin/end a TDY or deployment. One small consolation (if it wasn't taken in the latest tax change) is you can write off many of the expenses incurred if you live XX distance from the Guard base (100 miles I think). Be sure to research this or talk to your CPA.
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