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  1. SocialD

    Retirement / Separation Considerations

    12301d vs 12304b...real world equivalent of the blue pill or red pill.
  2. SocialD

    Hurricane Michael

    Neil trap!
  3. What Herkbum said, and for clarification, SPP = state partnership for peace (google it). Of course it's highly dependent upon what country your state is partnered with, on whether it's a good deal or not. Ours happens to be in one of my favorite cities in Eastern Europe. If I hadn't got hired at the airlines when I did, I would have been lobbying hard for that gig. As always timing is key.
  4. As others have said already, yes they can. If you want a staff gig right now it's likely yours. Ping your OG, I'm guessing they are getting plenty of emails with opportunities. If your state partner nation is a good country, the BAO gig is one of the best kept secrets out there.
  5. SocialD

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Whatever came of that court martial/pilot?
  6. Yup, TONS of opportunities out there if you're willing to travel or leave your airframe. Our OG seems to send out emails monthly with opportunities. The really scary ones are the ones asking not just for IPs, but simply Flight leads to help AD squadrons. The Guard has some pretty awesome hidden gems, one I was willing to give up flying for 2-3 years to do...before I got hired at the airlines.
  7. SocialD

    Finance Problems

    Highly dependent upon your FM. I could go on for pages about fucked up shit when FM builds an empire. I would be happy if they could just figure out how to get it so everyone on the TDY could get reimbursed for rental car gas on their GTC, they didn't arbitrarily just reject vouchers without querying us, and they didn't seem to fight us on every little thing.
  8. SocialD

    Extension to Age Limit?

    Yup, lots of interesting peeps in the enlisted force in the Guard. I knew one who is a self made millionaire, a few who were legacy airline pilots, one who was doing their residency while still an E-6 and an E-9 whose company easily makes him more than a 4-star. We have some great people doing some pretty awesome things out there.
  9. Hmmmm, ALPA... Nice subliminal messaging.
  10. SocialD

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    ...at low threat CAS. The bad part is you’ve treated your people so badly that all your experience has left, leaving you to relearn the same lessons over and over…the hard/expensive way. You have active duty OGs begging the Guard to send experienced FLIGHT LEADS (not just IPs), to come help with their upgrades. Yes, this is EXACLY it! Just the other day we were commenting about our diversity (or lack thereof) and how much it’s impacting the tactical prowess of the squadron! DUBYA TEE EFF!!! Yes, yes it is! But please, keep denying the big bonus for 1 year orders, it’s really helping the situation… Also, keep denying us full ACIP even though we, as part timers, maintain the same currencies and fly as much as a full timer/AD guy. Yes, I love “deploying” for over 4 months to go fly TRAINING lines on NON-contingency orders (blue pill 12301D vs red pill 12304B). Made even better by sending me to a location with terrible weather and terrible navaids causing us to cancel more than we fly. Why am I taking this massive pay cut again? SO MUCH MEANING!!! I love the insinuation that I get no meaning from my Delta job. On the contrary I quite enjoy the gig. I get people (to include mil charters) where they want to go and I fly with lots of great people, including lot of former mil guys. On my last trip, at the hotel bar I ran into a buddy from an Afghanistan deployment. We hit the town with both our crews and had a blast. The hotel bar is like a reunion every time I go and is always fun. The crazy part is none of us worry about if we’ll have to fight to get paid properly or if we’ll have to jump through hoop after hoop just to make shit function normally. Then we all get to go home and spend a metric fuck ton of time doing what we want to do with our 18-21 days off per month. Bonus, I also have shit ton more money to do the things I like to do with my awesome amount of free time. I’ll tell you what, I do get some meaning out of all this. Today I get to go give an incentive ride to a top-notch engine troop who is a longtime friend from my enlisted days. This will be the most meaningful thing I’ve done in a long time…and I “deployed” this year. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get ruined by a “higher priority," since the AD technically has TACON (or some kind of CON) of our jets for right now.
  11. SocialD

    Extension to Age Limit?

    Cathy is still there?!?! Place is going to fall apart when she finally retires (I think she's already retired militarily).
  12. SocialD

    The new airline thread

    As a Maj coming off AD, AGR is a no-brainer and you're right it would highly depend upon the squadron. I'm talking a younger guys who just finished the FLUG in an alert squadron. We have Captains that still have 4 years until their ADSC expires (thus no AGR bonus for a while) who are making 60-70k more as a GS than they would as an AGR. They will work on a Friday (non workday for us) here and there and sit a 3ish alerts a month (AGRs sit 4-7/month). Even with that they only work an extra day or 2 more than most AGRs and sleep in their own beds more than our AGRs (ref...alert). I used to be the biggest hater of technician status. However, the 25% bonus and alert are game changers. If I'm a young guy who thinks they're going to go to the airline anyway I'm going technician, cash is King!