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  1. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    Lol, right! They could start by not sending ARC Fighter squadrons on these bullshit TSPs, to go sit and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Use us to supplement the AD on deployments to actual combat ops and give the AD squadrons a break/spread out their deployments.
  2. My understanding is that our spare iPad will be assigned to each jet and kept at the ops desk. 1COs will ensure they're charged and kept up to date an handed out at step. I could be off on that, my discussion with OGV was a few drinks in before a roll call.
  3. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Political leadership 101: When you can't do something meaningful, do something visible.
  4. Latest Movies

    First In Jawbreaker Horse Soldiers If you haven't read them, they are 3 great books that cover the first few months of the war in Afghanistan. First In was written by the first CIA officer on the ground in the days following 9/11, and Jawbreaker was written by his replacement. They cover the killing of Mike Spann and the friendly fire incident during the Battle of Qala-I-Jangi, to name a few. All 3 books have some overlap but tell some amazing stories.
  5. Still no pay bump for this ANG guy. That's great, a good finance is worth their weight in gold! I wish I could say the same about our finance. I just wish I could go back to the days of paper vouchers, paper 105s, etc...
  6. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    If true, this could make an appearance in the conversation going on in the "Being masculine is bad" thread. An FEB for this, really....better do something visible! Hope this is just some bad rumor being floated. Sir, I was trying out a figure 8 cap, committed down track, red air drug, I aborted and returned to the hold.
  7. Airline hiring prep, gouge, advice

    To add to the post above. If you haven't already, it's never to early to start creating your binder o' justice. Some of this was completely unnecessary/overkill (High school transcript), but having this binder already made up, made life much easier when filling out applications and going to interviews. I bought a 3 ring binder, plastic sleeve protectors and made 5 copies of everything...just don't lose it. - Cover Letter (never needed it) - Resume (never needed it) - High School Transcript (never needed it ) - High School Diploma (don't think I ever used it for anything other than my GPA) - College Transcript (ordered 5 copies...AAL required sealed transcripts) - Driving Record - Passport - ATP Written Results - All DD-214s (ARC guys get multiple throughout their career) - OPRs - Form 8s - From 942 - Birth Certificate - Social Security Card - Aviation Certificates - FAA medical (Class 1) - FCC Restricted Radio Operators Certificate - Driver License - Letters of Recommendation - Voided Check (for you desired bank account) - Current proof of residence (mortgage/utility bill) - List of references, their address and phone number - List of residence history (with addresses, dates and contact info for any roommates) - List of work history (addresses, dates, phone number, name of supervisor) - List of civilian schooling (addresses, dates, degrees earned) - List of military schooling (addresses, dates, supervisors) - List of volunteer work (names and dates) - Military Graduation Certificates/awards (UPT/IFF/FTU/etc...) - Educational Awards - Marriage Certificate...and Divorce Certificate - Any information pertaining to arrests, driving tickets, etc... - I don't have a wife or kids so I'm not sure what all is required to get them in the system, but it could hurt to add in whatever is need to input them in the system during indoc (Birth certificate? SSN?). I just seem to remember everyone calling their spouses to track down the info during break.
  8. Airline hiring prep, gouge, advice

    Delta 330 FO - Hired in mid 2014. Once you get to a WB, expect to work 9-15 days/month for 69-90 hours of pay, while flying a line. With reserve it's 12-15 hard no-fly days, for 72-80 hours of pay. If you live in base, life on WB reserve is pretty awesome. Haven't touched a jet in 21 days and don't go back on call for another 6 days...my beard is getting out of control. Admittedly, it's the slow time of year...summer months you'll likely get used more on reserve. I highly recommend ECIC as they helped me immensely as they helped me get hired at 2 legacies. I never actually went to one in person, I only did the online preps and I felt that they were more than adequate. Also did a phone top-off prior to each interview. I've probably lost the pulse of the interview process, but can answer questions on the day-to-day life. My biggest piece of advice is to go wherever you can live in base. Living in base is the single most important item for QOL. I don't care how much someone justifies, "well it's an easy commute." It's still a commute and nothing beats driving to work. Always glad to answer questions and help. Pay...as always sucked on 1st year pay, but it's up to $88/hr in 2018 ($91 in 2019). Year 2 you'll likely be around your mil pay depending on your rank/bonus. Year 3, I have blown my mil pay out of the water...I'm a 16 year, O-4 that's still ineligible for the bonus (UPT commitment). That was with half the year on a NB and half on the WB. Albie Hagan posted these quite a few years ago, but they still ring true. Both are great posts. For any who don't know Albie is a former Eagle driver/FDX Captain/ECIC owner (I beleive). https://www.airlinepilotforums.com/military/56541-timing-your-exit-2011-update.html https://www.airlinepilotforums.com/hiring-news/73838-avoiding-square-corners.html
  9. Guard Promotions

    No. He had signed up at one point, but that course had expired and he never reenrolled. My class leader in SERE was a former harrier driver (O-4 type) converting to Hogs in the ANG. I'm not sure how much he fought the battle, but it's beyond ridiculous that the AF would not accept the Navy/Marine SERE. As you can imagine, his excitement for being there was pretty low, the instructors picked up on it, he still didn't care. It was pretty hilarious, while still sad... Best of luck on the waiver.
  10. Guard Promotions

    We just had another guy promote to O-4 via ROPMA, that had not completed SOS. Otherwise yes, we're required to have SOS completed.
  11. Watch to see what board of directors that guy ends up on...
  12. USAFA: Being masculine is bad

    MaCallen 12...I'm still new to his whole Scotch drinking thing, and still have my training wheels on. I'm already an asshole, I would rather be right and scold/punish the proper people, rather than worry about how I look. Our society is being played by the media, more so than the event itself. With the mainstream media, it doesn't matter if you're right, as long as you do something visible! To your last point. It didn't even happen at the Academy, so why scold a bunch of cadets who CLEARLY were not the ones that committed the crime? Has anyone in that audience given him reason to believe that they shouldn't be trusted? Why not just condemn the act, then promise a thorough investigation/punishment in the matter, without all the grandstanding. Again, gotta do something visible. I was never a zoomie, but I was a prior-e. Few things pissed me off more (even as an officer) or made me lose respect for leadership faster, than getting made out to be a criminal for shit I didn't do, nor had any control over. But as was mentioned above, they couldn't wait, there is political/career fallout to deal with.
  13. Thunderbird F-16 flips at KDAY

    Like rattlesnakes, they're something you should never fuck with!
  14. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Everyone is already in training, flying the line or over on APC. In one trip last month, I ran into one of my 37 FAIPs, two of my 38 IPs and my 38 SQ/DO. Small world.