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  1. Had iPhones for years, then switched to the S7, now the note 9, and I couldn't be happier. If you really want to nerd out on your phone, you can unlock developer mode which lets you tinker with a few other things. Camera is insanely better.
  2. Not to worry, guys over on other aviation forums/FB groups have already figured out it was a false flag operation so we can get involved in yet another war.
  3. 100% agree with losing your cool = lost credibility. That said, the few times I've dealt with DOD civilians have mostly been extremely frustrating. The most painful being a particular USAFE base civilian who seemed to not have to answer to even the WG/CC. Sure this dude has "served" a long time, but they sometimes lose sight of the real mission and/or are doing "tactics" from 3 rewrites ago. It's made worse by civilians whose view on the ARC is still that of years gone by and thinks we know nothing...worked out great when our people ended up teaching his people how to do their fucking jobs.
  4. We've had a few sign the bonus, I'll ask at drill today if they've received the cash yet.
  5. Farts and darts vs no farts and darts.
  6. Shouldn't have been that big of a surprise. Our (ANG) mx force is ridiculously experienced and skilled.
  7. It's that Wiley's 180? RVs are awesome. I know the owner of this badass RV. He's not a Viper guy, just loves/appreciates what the military does and sees it as a tribute to the military. Great dude that built an immaculate RV-8, with a ridiculously awesome panel. That thing can fly full coupled ILS approaches and even has a freaking go-around button (only need to add power). What's crazy is that everything you see on there (patches/numbering/tail letters) was all hand painted...no stickers. You can't see it, but it even has the refuel door painted on the spine.
  8. In a club flying 172/Cherokee 180/Cherokee 6 and as long as the pre-buy goes well, I should have a J-3 Cub next week. Hoping to make it out to Sentimental Journey in a few weeks. Planning on flying to the Stearman Fly-In in Galesburg, IL in September and maybe Oshkosh. I think there are only 2 of us in my squadron who love GA. YouTube Trent Palmer if you want to watch some great GA videos.
  9. You hired a lawyer for a $300 fine? How much is the lawyer costing you? Not sure why you'd have your phone in your hand while driving and NOT be looking at it. I love giving the .gov the middle finger as much as that next guy, but the time and effort of fighting something like this would greatly exceed the value of $300 dollars. That said, I've ran and been on 5+ UPT hiring boards, the subject of tickets has never come up. Not sure of what state, or other hiring boards would say about an open ticket.
  10. Leave reg mainly. It can be mitigated, but you still have touch work every 4ish days (depending on how you swap alert) to stay stay legal. Other than that, as long as you've done the proper paperwork like Smokin mentioned, I haven't seen any good/logical reason why someone couldn't do this. I've had a few leadership types at DAL quote things like AirGuardian mentioned, as well as a few other minor things which are all totally bogus. What it boils down to is there were a few management types that just can't stand the thought of dudes being paid by two masters. Sadly, the worst one (now removed from that position) is a former AF Reserve pilot. On the other hand, I don't understand why you'd want to ruin the best gig going (part-timer) by trying to work both gigs full time....WAY too much work!
  11. And this is a main reason my last sim partner (fellow FO) left the Navy even though he was on the fast track to command. I guess making more than an admiral (before adding his pension) to work 12 days or less a month in the right seat of a WB isn't a bad tradeoff.
  12. How long until we see another commander drop? The twitter comments are priceless!
  13. What he said! Wait, actually yes please do switch...then send us your Snipers.
  14. If true, that's great to hear. After reading your post and reading the reg again I guess I see it, but it seems to be a grey area. I actually like grey area because we'll interpret it the way that seems logical as it is read and works best for everyone. That said, it's not very clear and there are several units (just that I know of) that are not interpreting it the way A1 conveyed it to you.
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