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  1. Sweet, so you're saying we're back to a one step process to get paid for UTA/AFTPs? I miss the days of the paper 105 cards (and paper vouchers). So simple and so easy! I would slightly retract my statement that nothing, over the course of my 16 years in the ANG, has made it easier on the part-timer. But in this case we're simply removing an obstacle that was needlessly put there and still are not back to how easy it was with a 105.
  2. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Ha, I could just imagine if they stop-lossed any of our, about to separate, part-timers. They'll give you 4 days of their choosing to get them 6 sorties (which is what most of us do anyway), if they don't get them, oh well. Watch alarm goes off at the 8 hour mark and they'll get up in the middle of the debrief and go home. If you want them to go TDY you'll likely have to activate them. PT test 5 months overdue, SABC CBTs overdue...huh that sucks. It would actually be comical to see...what a mess! After my last "deployment" (a TSP), I realized just how fucked we are. The MAJCOM was more worried that all our BS CBTs/red dot training was checked off than what we were doing tactically. Our priorities are so fucked! My 20 can't get here soon enough!
  3. The new airline thread

    For all the non-airline guys still learning/looking at the airlines, not all airlines have separate short call and long call lines, like AAL. At DAL, we are all long call unless specifically converted to short call (max of 6 or 7 a month). We also don't get paid extra (yet) for short calls, here's hoping it changes in the next contract. Dedicated short call lines sucked donkey balls as a commuter, but would be pretty awesome if you can sit short call from home and get paid extra. But yes sitting reserve on a WB is pretty awesome, especially during the winter. I generally bid a line because I enjoy the layovers, but the last time I bid reserve, I didn't turn a wheel.
  4. "Center the Bug"

    Clearly his circumstances were different, but I know lots of guys who've left one major for another (myself included). I met a Delta new hire a year ago that had been at FedEx for 5 years. I left AAL, and I know quite a few guys who've left various majors for other majors. One common element amongst them all was the option for home basing. Don't commute! If you absolutely have to, I'd probably go FedEx.
  5. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Last time I heard talk about a DSG bonus, it was something like 5k/yr. While it will be welcomed, I doubt that will do much. It's nowhere near enough to keep me in past my 20, but would help make up a little of the money I lose by dropping trips/reserve days.
  6. "Center the Bug"

    Eh, I found that being a chameleon is helpful. I don't have a "valid" reason for where I put the heading bug, so I just do whatever keeps the Captain (or other FO), from freaking out. As long as it's not dumb or dangerous, then life is too short to worry about such bullshit. If either of the others pilots are dickheads, then I may screw with them and do whatever they don't like, just for my entertainment. 1 degree off for the OCD types is pure entertainment.
  7. The new airline thread

    That's a bit much. Dude is just going with what he sees/hears a huge majority of the ARC guys doing after getting hired at the airlines. Guys openly talk about this stuff all the time and although I wouldn't want to do it, I get it. In same cases, my squadron included, these dudes are needed to fill vital spots in the squadron. The airlines have gutted many squadrons of a huge majority of their experienced guys...and it's only going to get worse. If some of our guys hadn't gone back on orders it would be nearly impossible to fill the alert schedule without outside help. I'm glad these guys are willing to jump on that sword, because have I have absolutely ZERO desire to go back full time. Even if I weren't still under my UPT ADSC, the current bonus isn't even half of what it would require for me to consider full time. Also, don't act as if any airline wouldn't hesitate to drop any one of us if they could/needed. Having run the numbers myself, if you're only going to get a part time retirement, I don't see much gain in going full time just pad your points. The $$$ I would lose by going full time, coupled with the time value of money, significantly dwarfs what little gain in (part time) retirement I would get. Obviously if you're going to be able to make it to a full time retirement, that changes everything. I'm just to far away from a full time retirement and I enjoy part time way too much.
  8. Deployed on title-10 and my flight pay is still fucked up! But not to worry, they worked expeditiously to take back an overpayment due to their fuck up. It's a good rehack of my distain for being full time.
  9. The new airline thread

    Holy shit, 2.5-3 years of "seasoning???" What the fuck are you flying, the millennium falcon? Sounds more like the squadron just wanting to ensure a full timer for a few years before they lose you to the airlines. I've ran the numbers a bit, and if you're just "getting close" to a retirement, it's not worth it. Hell, based on what I give up vs what little I gain, it's really not even worth it to stick past 20 to get my full 3 years as an O-5. Now if you think you'll be able to actually get a full retirement it's a different story.
  10. Tanker to Fighter

    I've seen it once circa 2009. Dude was hired to fly Vipers back in the day, but his squadron converted to tankers before UPT. He ended up flying T-1s and spent 4-5 years flying tankers before he got a Viper squadron to sponsor him. They sent him to RND for some sort of condensed 38 program then up to SPS for IFF. Washed out and re-instated at IFF. Ended up washing out toward the end of the B-Course. Good dude that seemed to try hard, just wasn't in the cards. For a grass isn't always greener anecdote, I know quite a few guys that are leaving fighter to go fly tankers/UAVs/etc... Some have to do with toxic leadership within their squadrons, others it's just a general ease of part time life kind of thing. A few more have just bailed on flying all together and filled Academy Liaison or AOC gigs. Either way, goodluck!
  11. The new airline thread

    - If you think you'll ever go to the airlines then you need to get your seniority number as soon as possible. Seniority is everything! - Dont' double-commute. - Don't commute at all. - Pre-planning 3+ years of MLOA is not something I would ever do. - See the bullet #1. - Many guys say they're not ready to be a part timer, until they become a part timer... Best gig ever! - Seniority is everything.
  12. Too Much Effort For $15 Lost Bag Tag, but...

    Hotel pen...clearly a solid airline pilot.
  13. The answer our finance shop got from NGB is essentially "checks in the mail..." Somehow DFAS figured out how to get the AGRs and AD guys the correct pay rates for 2017, not so much for the DSGs or technicians. Somehow the system figured out I was payed the $650 rate for a few AT days and back payed me for the $700 rate. It still hasn't figured out I need back payed for all my UTAs/AFTPs. Now in 2018, I'm due the $800 rate and I'm still being payed at the $650 rate. I was told to expect an additional paycheck every period to pay me the difference until DFAS can unfuck their computers.
  14. Blended Retirement System Puzzle

    Yup, I was aware of the 402g limit of 18.5k applying across all employers, but until your post, I did not realize the 415 limit was per employer. After doing some research, the bolded text above, and my previously posted example, are correct. Contribution limits do NOT apply when rolling over funds, such as 401a, into a Roth IRA. For example, last year I contributed $5,550 to my Roth IRA (via the backdoor...sts) AND rolled over ~$7,000 from my 401a, for a total of ~12.5k into my Roth IRA. I do this because 401a is after tax money in which gains are taxed, which is obviously not ideal. I just wait for my 401a money to post into my account then immediately roll it into my Roth IRA. I only pay taxes on the small gains it makes in the day it sat in the account before being rolled. It's often referred to as the "Mega backdoor Roth IRA." https://momanddadmoney.com/mega-backdoor-roth-ira/ https://thecollegeinvestor.com/17561/understanding-the-mega-backdoor-roth-ira/
  15. Blended Retirement System Puzzle

    Lol, I spend plenty...especially since starting the process of building a plane. I also spent a decent amount of time in Europe last year (and will again this year), not including my layovers in Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, etc... I'm just thinking this plan could allow me to funnel a decent amount of cash into a SDIRA (via the 401a -> Roth IRA), while still taking advantage of the 18.5k tax deduction for my TSP contributions. I plan on using this money to fund another rental property anyway, might as well do it with tax sheltered money. This is still a relatively small percent of my income. Being single with no kids helps.