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  1. Those days went away when they stopped letting a pilot run the PT program. They don't call them the good ole days for nothing. The old saying "this isn't your daddies ANG," doesn't even apply anymore...it's not even close to the ANG I joined 20 years ago. That's back when "mandatory fun" was genuinely fun and everyone WANTED to participate! Back when a trip to Alpena meant some awesome shenanigans when the entire wing would end up at the River Club. If those walls could talk... 😳 He's at the best base there is....retired! But the things of whic
  2. That's for AGRs. Add this to very long, but distinguished, list of reasons to be a DSG (Drill-Status Guardsman for you AD folk). Seriously, don't be full time!
  3. It does have it's upsides. Having a bar off base makes for much more fun times than one on base. This!
  4. Certain Guard bases. It has to do with our facilities being state grounds and alcohol not being permitted on state property. I don't believe it's every state, but I've been Guest help in two other states that have the same rules. It seems to highly depend on who TAG is at the time. If TAG is Army, then it tends to be a higher priority to enforce...
  5. This is my shocked face. Still going strong at Base X.
  6. Yet another reason being a part-timer is such a great gig. On another note...if you're looking for a way to burn some of that GI BILL, check out this place.  They have a VA approved, 141 program for your Seaplane rating.
  7. Ha, you assume that I care that the right has all the power. That said, I don't believe either party has any credibility to actually lose, so that helps keep me flippant. The far ends of both parties are complete clown acts right now.
  8. Just woke up on the other side of the world and heard "some people did something..." The internets are still cooking, so the lights must still be on. Are riots and protests a bad thing now?
  9. Idiotic fuckery has gone from linear to accelerating exponentially. I'm inside of 100 days to retirement eligibility. Planning on staying another year or so, but damn, retirement looks better and better every day! This was my first thought as well. The last one was filled with plenty of bullshit like you and pawnman reference. I nominate this thread as the place to post all the bullshit we'll likely be seeing in the next 6-9 months. Lol, that's kind of a running joke on our base. Illegal to have alcohol on base, but it's perfect
  10. You and I both brother! Are what ifs open? What if we had experience with getting involved in a decade+ long quagmire, that could provide us some lessons learned... What if there was this other super power who had gone into Afghanistan and had some lessons that could have been learned... What if war wasn't such a racket...
  11. It absolutely was a mistake. But at least we're not stuck in that fucking quagmire 20 years later, completely wasting our blood, money, time and assets...
  12. A twist to this conversation. Due to family/work, I plan on staying in my area for the long haul. Once I get out of the Guard, I plan on spending 3-4 winter months somewhere warmer....homie doesn't dig snow anymore. I'm thinking initially of trying furnished, month-to-month type rentals (for 2 adults), rather than owning. I want to be able to hit up different locations from year-to-year before I decide whether I want to buy at a specific location or just keep trying new places. Has anyone done the same? Has anyone found a good resource for such rental types? VRBO? Airbnb? Zillow? bitc
  13. Well the chicka and I did spent LOTS of time off work, stuck in side... But great Archer reference!
  14. Count me as another who has ate out more since covid than I ever did before rona showed up. Already had the rona, so not all that worried. Hitting up all my local food stores to help keep them afloat through this mess. A very popular small town bar/restaurant I frequent finally opened up in the summer and I was able to chat with the owner and his wife. They were nearly in tears talking about how much the community showed their support. People ordering way more food than they need, leaving big tips, or just an extra 20 here and there. Good people all around.
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