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  1. Speaking of real world analysis and logistics. A conversation with your bros that have been there (not just over) in the last few months may help focus the lens a bit.
  2. What are you, new? This isn't about which ones are better/more comfortable, it's more about just having a reason to bitch.
  3. If only we hadn't already learned our lesson about building one airplane for all services, then having to phix all of its phucking deficiencies. Is it to late to name it the Phantom III?
  4. From my understanding, that's how it was done back in the day. A fairly prolific poster on here went through UPT-H and ended up transitioning to the Hog and later became a WIC IP. I think I remember him mentioning some form fixed wing qual course. That said, I have no opinion on this because I don't know shit about flying helos. I'm sure someone else has better info about his. Anyone know whatever happened to Rainmain?
  5. Being done with OCS and "in the middle of processing paperwork" are two very different things. The professional courtesy comes in being upfront and honest with them about it and asking the questions, rather than simply saying you're taking your next option. Also remember, you're joining a unit of 35-40 officers (probably 70+ in heavy units), so losing one here and there is NOT that big of a deal to us. That sounds great in theory but here's how that plays out. You end up wanting to live close to family or your full time job, so you move there. Now you're commuting, say 2 hours to your unit, on top of having another job and family. Time goes on and it become more and more of a PITA, so you become more scarce. Scheduling get pissed at you, your boss is mad at you because you're participation, your family resents your time away, you get pissed because they're all on your back....everyone is pissed. Or you be upfront, take the one that is way more convenient...you live close, so you're a solid participate. You pop in on off days because it's close and you easily work around your schedule. Your boss is happy, scheduling is happy, your family is happy and you're happy...everyone is happy. Believe me, I've seen them both play out multiple times over my 20 years in the ANG. Another thing to remember in the Air Force/Guard side of things...noone cares about date of rank! 🤣
  6. Go to the unit which is your top pick and more convenient for yourself, your family and your dreams. You've already sworn into one unit, so it's ultimately up to them to let you go, but if they've done their due diligence, they'll have an alternate ready to go. Biggest piece of advice I can give you is to be upfront and honest and let the cards fall where they may. Personally, if we hired a guy that later was hired at his dream assignment, I would be happy for them and do what I could to them get there....and our alternate would be ecstatic. It might be good to get the bosses at each unit in the loop or talking to each other. We hired an enlisted kid from our base who already had a spot at another base (4 states away)...our SQ/CCs talked to each other and it was easy as that. The other squadron released him with well wishes. Unsolicited wisdom: I'm nearing the end of my career in the Air Guard and here are a few things you should digest and never forget, especially if/when you get a family. In the military, noone will ever take care of you, better than you will. Also, when you leave, there will always be someone there to fill the spot and the machine will keep turning. That's not saying you ALWAYS only do what is best for you or otherwise be a shitbag, just that sometimes you have to stick up for yourself and what you want. Best of luck! Based on your scree name, I assume you're former Army? If so, that type of attitude may be a thing over there, but it shouldn't be on this side of things. If that's the mentality within a unit, run (don't walk) away from them as soon as you can. If that's how they treat people with something like this, it will only get worse down the road. Why would you want someone in your unit that would rather be elsewhere?
  7. For the 35 bros in the room, can't you just turn the helmet off and fly a no-hud ILS/landing? For many of the reasons listed above, I try to fly a no-hud ILS and/or landing every month.
  8. SocialD

    Gun Talk

    Gents, We're looking to do a squadron/deployed group buy and still in the exploratory phase of things. Considering an AR lower (let guys figure out their own upper), a home defense shotgun or standard handgun. Anyone done a group buy recently? If so, we're looking for some recent experiences/contacts (good/bad/ugly) in both guns and customization. Thanks!
  9. A lot can go wrong if I end up somewhere without cables and needed them. One of our primary diverts is an AFMC/AMC base that hasn't had fighters in decades and they keep their cables, which is nice. However, if they didn't have cables, it would hardly impact our operations. What's worse for us is places that don't have retractable cables...a pain in the ass and almost caused one of our guys (and more than a few others) a ride up the rails.
  10. Well, that will certainly be a great "tell me about a time," for their airline interviews. Well done gentleman (persons?) !
  11. Oh great, MPF customer service is going to get even worse. It's already bad enough they never answer their phones as it is, now I won't be able to walk over there and corner them to get answers. They already appear to set their schedules around dropping off/picking up their kids from school, now they won't be answering their phones because they're helping little Timmy with his schooling during the work day. Yay customer service...
  12. LOL, the same phrase was muttered by a former DAL (or NWA?) exec. when asked why they were dismantling the ANC freight hub. I get to hear all about it every time we taxi past a cargo jet or a 747. On one of my last walkarounds (pre-covid), there were pallets upon pallets of UPS boxes being loaded in the belly to go to AMS...guess we are (errr....were lol) making some money of cargo.
  13. I hate that for ya man, tough times and this aviation shit is outrageously expensive. I can't speak to other units, and I've since stopped sitting on our interview boards, but we dropped our PPL requirement years ago for this very reason. We still require you to have soloed, but that's more to ensure someone has at least as some idea of what they're getting into. For us, as long as you've met the solo requirement, that's all we care about. Anything after that is cool, but doesn't mean much to me...this from a guy who interviewed with 600+ hours and a CFII. If it were me, I'd go the cheapest route to meet board requirements. FYI, I soloed with less than 10 hours and soloed most of my students at the 10-12 hour point (mainly because of the 141 syllabus). Unless his students are flying once every other week, 30 hours to solo and 80 for a PPL is A LOT! I get that many part 61 students can have long times between flights and start/stop training often, but those numbers seem high. Best of luck!
  14. Welcome back to the GA world, I started back up last year and have been having a blast, while making lots of new friends. Was driving home from the rents today and stopped by an airport because I saw a Stearman inside an open hangar. Wandered up to the hangar to say hey and walked away with a bunch of ideas for my Stearman (plus their offer to help), and a planned 3-ship Stearman outing next weekend. As I was leaving I ran into a retired UAL Captain I know, so we took his Cub up and bounced around the local grass fields. Great people that just love aviation. Did you say air conditioning? Little bit too much AC this day...hoodie wasn't quite enough!
  15. Yes, I highly recommend that every AF (and sister service) pilot go read this report.
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