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  1. I don't necessarily disagree with you about shortcomings in our scope, but some of this is a bit misleading. It's important for prospective candidates to understand the numbers. I'll also preface this with the fact that we'll likely never be the widebody airline that is UAL. Also, when looking at the numbers, UAL has about 2k fewer pilots and AAL has roughly the same number of pilots. Our parking of jets is mostly the 747s (which everyone is parking) and some of our ERs. While we are plenty short on WB airframes, we're still adding 350s and 330s to the fleet. A decent amount of our ER flying is moving up to our 330s which is a good thing. Despite our "lack" of scope and "parking" of aircraft, I've held the 330 for 4.5 of the 6 years I've worked for Delta....yes I'm aware UAL has a 1st year guys on the 777. We also have 1st year guys in the left seat....there is a reason for both. Your numbers wrt our "top rate," leaves out the fact that we don't band like UAL and AAL, so our 330/764 pilots are not included in that number. For some reason, many at DAL are adamantly against banding our 330/764 with the 777/350. But for reference my 330 rate at DAL is 209/211, my rate at UAL would be 219 and AAL would be 213. Sure it's a few bucks less an hour, but it's disingenuous to leave them out of the numbers. Having recently compiled all the data from AAL and UAL buddies, I figured I'd share. It's tough to really nail down the UAL numbers since they band their 75/76 to their 764 fleet and neither AAL or DAL do. But a few UAL 75/76 buddies gave me their best guess, based on the number of 764s in their fleet/trips in the bid packet (ie...not all their 75/76 pilots are always getting paid that rate), so take it for what it's worth. UAL ~31%, AAL ~20% and DAL ~20% (only 7-8% at the 350/777 rate). That said we have a few more WB Captains (including 330/764) than AAL and about 50 shy of UAL. The reason for that is we do our long haul flying with 2 CA/2 FO, while UAL/AAL mostly do 1 CA/3 FO. Clearly they beat us big time in the WB FO department. Another factor that helps us along is that both UAL and AAL utilize their WBs on domestic route much more than we do, so that brings down the crew ration a bit. Having left AAL, my "crystal ball" time to WB Captain is pretty much the same at DAL and AAL. Again, I don't necessarily disagree with you, but it's important to know the true numbers, rather than the standard cockpit rhetoric. As Karl said...go to the one that lets you drive to work.
  2. Are you sure you don't work for OSI? Head over to the WTF thread for plot thickening posts. Which brings me to my next point...watch putting your dick in crazy! Same. They won't let little things like facts get in the way of their predetermined outcome.
  3. I also have no issues with management being rewarded handsomely...if they produce without leaving the company a dumpster fire and not fucking over their worker bees. If they do those things, then they should actually be held responsible/accountable...not gracefully walked out the side door with $62 million in severance and a slap on the back.
  4. But hey, management bonuses were paid out and the stockholder got their money, so it's all good...
  5. It's the same reason 737-8/9s have to fly so fast on final...it's a bandaid. They're milking that cow for all its worth.
  6. Ya, that was just a play on the old joke that somewhere along the way, Boeing fired all the engineers and hired lawyers. I find your post to be spot on.
  7. The only reason for the this rusty coat hangar abortion that is MCAS is Boeing trying to squeeze blood out of the turnip. Here's hoping more heads roll and they reevaluate the engineer to lawyer ratio on their books. This is what happens when you care more about profits (and investors) than the people who provide those profits. It's mind boggling that someone can saddle a company with a clusterfuck like this and bail with millions.
  8. But seriously, glad you had a good experience. I've never had any issues other than just trying to get the mil leave lady to understand my combo of orders/pay cards when returning from a deployment. My first time out was for a deployment at 8 months on property but I was off probation. Just got a call asking if I understood how the whole process worked and they pointed out where to look when I returned.
  9. This got me interested so I took a quick beak. Our (DAL) 2nd year E190/CRJ900 Capt rate is $168/hr and 12 year rate is $182. However the E195 rates are $198 and $214 respectively. My rate as a 6th year 330FO is $208/hr..I know which one I would bid lol.
  10. Ya, I used to have a bit of faith in a CDI and/or OSI, then I saw a few investigations run their course... I'm not saying there is no way this happened, but it definitely piques my interest when they had to dig up shit from 10 years ago. Also, the fact they just let him retire tells me their evidence was shaky at best. Sorry but this one smells funny. But then again, I have absolutely zero faith in our justice system. Stay quiet and get the best lawyer money can buy. Read this little gem. I can assure you there were likely many more where the accused weren't so lucky. Upward trend in unfounded sexual assault charges.
  11. Of course it's a massive IF this incident actually happened. If it were an open and shut case, there would be no need to dig up shit from a decade prior...color me skeptical. I have zero faith in our "judicial" process in the military. Guilty until proven innocent, and even then... Don't trust the process, if you ever find yourself in this situation, don't say a word and hire the best civilian lawyer money can buy.
  12. Reserve or trips with overnights at home?
  13. Nice! A buddy signed his last June and hadn't heard a peep. He called over to personnel and they found out his had been canceled by NGB for some reason. He was told he had to resubmit...so there's that.
  14. Eh, you can find good spots pretty much anywhere you go...hell, I even enjoyed living in Wichita Falls, TX. While "avoid if any landing in ATL" is an integral part of my bidding strategy, I also know that VA ave does not represent the entire area. I have a few buddies that swore they'd never live in "base housing," but have since moved there and absolutely love it. If you're willing to take gigs like sim IP or duty pilot, you can make a shit ton of cash AND be home every night. There are a few places I wouldn't mind moving to, but the idea of commuting just makes that unpalatable to me (full disclosure, I live 8 minutes to Guard, 45 minutes to my family and 60 minutes to the employee lot). Others find commuting to be a non-issue to live where they want. Being happy by living where your family wants is huge, but there is no denying that there is a real cost in $$$ and time at home with said family. That's the beautiful part of this job, there is a little bit of something for everyone, you just have to decide if it's worth it to you. My advice if you want to commute (to pax carriers) is to get on a WB as soon as you can hold a line and never look back.
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