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  1. SocialD

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    I agree that you're a jackass if you brag to the WG/CC about not owning a uniform, especially if you get a stipend. I also agree that it's severe jackassery to make you ALL your people come in for an inspection because of one dude. I'm going on 17+ years and aside from my mess dress (which was paid for with a one time stipend), I've never paid for a uniform in my life. I've never owned a set of ABUs and will likely never own a set of OCPs, unless they issue me a set.
  2. SocialD

    Navy Pilots on Strike over OBOGS Issues

    A major defense contractor did little (without serious amounts of cash) to help fix their ugly baby???? This is my shocked face... So glad we still use LOX.
  3. SocialD

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    I'll be very surprised if Tricare is still there when I hit 60 (part timer retirement)...at least in anywhere near it's current form. I'm fairly confident the pension will be there, although they may have long stopped yearly COLAs by the time I get there. Like social security, when I run my retirement numbers, I assume it wont be there. If they happen to be there, all the better.
  4. For the guys looking to get out of AD...If the squadron requires more than 4-5 days/month, look elsewhere. It seems like no big deal now, but when you grow up and get a real job (even an airline gig), anything more than 5 days/month is ridiculous. IMHO, 7 days/month is an unreasonable and unsustainable expectation. Of course, I'm not talking about TDY...just month-to-month expectations.
  5. SocialD

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    This is my shocked face at the shoot, then aim mentality the military always takes in these cases. Don't worry, if it turns out to be unfounded, they'll be sure to print the retraction on the bottom right corner of the back page of the AF times...and his career will still be ruined.
  6. SocialD

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Depends upon the state. I know a Lt Col in another state that did not do SOS or ACSC (golf clap!)... Then there is my state, which puts you down as a DNP if you haven't done ACSC. However, we have had people ROPMA without it, so there's that. It can get really muddy when the state doesn't recognize the federal promotion...or something like that. Another squadron in the state had this happen to a pilot. From second hand info, he was paid as an O5 but had to wear O4 rank (unless on title 10, lol). If true, that's what I call 2 birds, one stone! Like 2020 said, the difference is ballwash, or about $400/month for me. Due to my enlisted time, even if I promote right away (not likely due to control grade issues), I'd have to stay an extra 2.5 years to retire with a full Lt Col retirement. Given how quickly the situation is deteriorating in the military, I have zero intention of staying in a day past 20, so it's really not worth it to me. Edit: Just opened my email and see my GTC was shut off for non-payment...from a voucher I signed quite a while ago. Lol, guess I can't go TDY anymore. The AF is so fucked! The donut of misery shows ~1,000 days until retirement.
  7. SocialD

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    All because of some ridiculous internet outcry...what a fucking joke! A great case of, if you can't do something valuable, do some things visible. Dude will look back on this and realize he is far better off not being a part of this toxic, bullshit laden sinking ship. Retirement can't get here fast enough.
  8. SocialD

    The new airline thread

    In Fresno?
  9. SocialD

    Viper Mishap at Lake Havasu, AZ

    By the book, it's long enough by 1 foot...in practice, it doesn't always work. I'm just saying that we likely could have paid for chutes many times over with the money spent on losses/repairs. In our airspace, we're almost always out of a one-to-one, with a chute we'd like have 1 or 2 options. Our home airport has 2 runways but only one long enough, so we're always single runway ops (read: carrying extra gas/lost training). A chute would allow us to use the other runway and drop our bingos to give us more training time in the airspace. Moot point now, but it seems pretty short sighted by the AF to not buy the system, when they're already making them for so many other countries.
  10. Man, they're still attacking that 1,500 hour requirement. In 2012 I was a first year regional guy and my base pay was $19,000 ($21/hr). At the same airline, it's now $37,000 ($41/hr) + $17,500 if you stay a year (somewhat pro-rated if you leave early). If nothing else this rule has forced the regionals to pay a basic living wage. This is a good thing...let's hope the military is not successful in killing this requirement.
  11. SocialD

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    All that is required for a part timer to get a good year is 50 points (you get 15 for just being in). This is exactly what I would do if I were in my final year and AFRC/ANG tried to play these "annual" mickey mouse games of a blanket stop loss. A while back, this used to be a fairly common practice with the soon to be retired guys. No one saw it as douchery, just standard and expected. I expect that this will become a fairly common tactic once again. With the addition of the AD guys into the squadron (and their added sortie requirements), it will likely be welcomed by scheduling as we can barely get guys RAP as it is. Having said that, I wouldn't recommend the "Braveheart" approach unless you really have leadership that deserves it. LOL. EDIT: Remembering JADEDs posts a few pages back, this is what I would do if I were him.
  12. SocialD

    Viper Mishap at Lake Havasu, AZ

    Glad the pilots ok. How many jets have we run off the end in situations like this and high speed aborts? How many have been lost because there were no runways long enough within gliding distance? Off the top of my mind I can think of 6 or 7 losses. ...what would have been the cost of having/maintaining chutes like so many foreign buyers have?
  13. SocialD

    GA Aircraft Flown

    RVs are awesome planes and I had the order form filled out for an RV-7. However, after talking with quite a few builders I decided to hold off, maybe down the road. Orbit gave a pretty good description above about the various RVs. I'll add that I really wanted the RV-9 but after lots of research figured you're much better off with the RV-7. They're pretty close to the same plane, but the 7 is aerobatic. This is huge for resale value! If you like the Kitfox, you have got to check out this guys videos. His day job deals with filming/expensive cameras, plus he lives near a bunch of BLM land, which means he can land anywhere can make awesome videos. Also, check out the Rans S-7 or S-20 if you're interested in an alternative to the Kitfox. I've flown with a few Captains recently that have built the S-7 and they love them. I've flown both, they are a blast to fly and they're essentially the same plane, but the 7 is tandem and the 20 is side-by-side. I ended up going with the Rans S-21 and my wing kit is showing up to my garage in a few hours. I don't really care to fly aerobatics in an aircraft that doesn't have an ejection seat, and would rather bounce around the local dirt strips, with the occasional weekend trip. It's relatively new, but much of his stuff is being reused from other kits he has designed. It's STOL-like but will cruise around 155mph @ 75% with a 180hp motor. For me the build time/complexity was a huge factor, and that's another place this plane excels. Given that it's all aluminum (CNC milled parts...read very little drilling/deburring) and built mostly with blind rivets, they're forecasting 500 hours, not including paint. Based on a few bloggers that have already started their wings, that seems fairly accurate. On top of that, there are very few times where you need another person there to help you, which is key since I live by myself and don't want to have to always bribe my buddies to buck rivets for me. Here is one that is already built. It's hard to tell in the pic, but the doors and roof are all lexan...great for visibility. Cargo space is pretty awesome and is easy to access due to the large door and seat that fold down quite a bit.
  14. SocialD

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    PM sent. Moving this to GA thread.
  15. SocialD

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Same...I'm receiving the first part of my plane kit tomorrow. Not an RV though.