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  1. With a high emphasis on meeting you in person. Scores are great and all, but only one small part of the equation.
  2. Ugh, really? I don't care what your name is anyway...
  3. Even for mil guys, an upset recovery training course (UPRT) is definitely money well spent, especially if you fly any amount of GA. Big 2, to Hacker/Brabus posts...and yes tailwheel flying is where it's at, definitely makes you a better pilot. At a minimum, UPRT should be required training a commercial ticket. Also, check out the videos I linked above.
  4. Apparently, they need LEPs. May have to check some out from the squadron for my next PDX layover.
  5. Oh man, this reminds of some ridiculous shit wrt medals. I once got an MSM as a Capt because our (loaned to us from the staff) OG was passed over for O-6 the first time. He found out through his "bro network" that part of the reason was because he didn't have an MSM, because apparently every O-5 should have X-medals (WTF?!). So anywho...viola, a few months later, nearly the entire squadron gets an MSM, because "he doesn't want that happening to us in the future." Funny enough the next WG/CC (loaned to us from active duty) shows up and freaks out because I'm now a Major with 2 MSMs and no AF commendation medal. Guess who got to write his own AFCM...SO DIRTY! Silly me, I thought medals were meant to be for people who stood out and did good shit, not just another checkbox for promotions. The bull shit we worry about...
  6. On a positive note, the LAZ video video lead me to another video that could be a positive change. I don't know much about this program, but if it can be expanded and works, let's hope it takes off.
  7. "We send our worst pilots to helicopter training..." Helicopter pilots...
  8. LOL, comments are turn off for the youtube video, but the comments on the article are great. One poster instantly jumps to the "she was pregnant because she was raped," card. You know, because the only way girls in the military get pregnant is through rape... Total hit job, and she's not wrong. She's right that it's just a small portion of people, but it's not just women. A Chief friend is deployed right now and, just in the last week, has had 7 people fall out of their deployments. One girl has already been extended almost 3 months as the 4th replacement just fell off for one reason or another. We had a NCO that has been in for nearly 20 years and has NEVER deployed. She finally gets told she has to deploy and turns into a total train wreck because, "she can't be away from her kids that long." Guess who didn't deploy due to a sudden onset of migraines about a month before deployment... I'm continually amazed at the number of unplanned pregnancies and new found ailments that miraculously pop up just prior to a deployment. Edit: Just chatted with my Chief buddy. He said one of his sections only has 19 people and in that section alone (just in the last week), 5 people fell out of their deployment.
  9. Agreed. I found this one applicable as well. Sadly, my city just lost a fine, young officer to a senseless shooting. I can't believe that he didn't have a small hesitation due to the climate wrt cops right now...sadly it got him killed.
  10. I ran our UPT hiring board a year or two and have sat on 5 or 6 boards total. I can tell you, at least at my squadron, we don't put much emphasis on flying time. We used to require a Private but then we realized how ridiculously expensive it has gotten, so no we just require you to have soloed. After that, we really don't care much. Again, this is just one squadron...every unit has their own thing. Best of luck!
  11. A good start would be getting rid of the 24 hours new....err...entertainment media. I'm all for the press, but the mainstream 24 hour media sensationalizing every little thing that happens, is where molehills are made into mountains.
  12. If only we could select both the laugh and cry buttons.
  13. Last time I was there it seemed to be based on how many little rocks we could make out of big rocks.
  14. Oh FFS, I'm guessing Liz, or her children, haven't or won't spend much time over there.
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