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  1. Right...it's nearly impossible to compete when guys figure out they can get out and make significantly more whilst working significantly less. Even Guard squadrons, minus maybe the ones that are in BFE, are even struggling keep their full time jobs filled.
  2. This sounds like an AF that cares about you...
  3. We have that in our ANG Fighter squadron. I've only done my initial assessment, but hopeful it will help.
  4. The fact that they have the A320 on there and don't have the 757 is immediate loss of credibility! Hands down, the 757 is the most badass airliner I've ever flown. Ya know...as badass as airliners can be anyway.
  5. I don't think Gazmo is a long term mloa type of guy. Maybe he was saying that he liked working a total of 4 days this month for 88 hours of pay as a line holder, like I'm doing this month 🤣.
  6. Ha, I wish. While we have some phenomenal people working in our FSS, they still can be a royal PITA. I walked in one day to get my CAC renewed and there was no-one to be seen. Wandered around, found the FSS Chief. She investigated and it turns out everyone was on leave to drop their kids off at a state military kids camp...the one remaining guy got sent out that am on an emergency TDY (for personnel lol). The chief was as dumbfounded as I was and lost her shit. I could also write a book on just our finance shop. I just prescribe to the line of thinking in your second paragraph. If you do those few items I mentioned, everything else will work itself out. I remember when I left Luke, they wanted me to log into some online program and out-process using some ridiculously long, drawn out checklist, which involved stopping at the library (I didn't even know they had a library) for a signature, as well as the chaplin or something. Fuck that, I grabbed my AFE gear, my flight records and medical records then jumped in the car and started my drive home. I never heard a word about it, so clearly it didn't matter. A helpful tactic is to walk into a shop and tell them you have to be out the door at X time for an appointment (works on car salesman as well). If it can't be finished by that time, just send the rest to my email and I'll get it back to you when I come back to work.
  7. Things that might get you a call. Going out on MLOA longer than 5 years on orders that are not exempt. Saying you're on MLOA but actually working at your civilian contractor side gig. Consistently using one day of MLOA on each trip to drop all your weekend trips and then picking up weekday trips (when you 2-leg commute to your mil gig). Dropping so much MLOA that you don't get consolidated. Dropping a trip so you can go in and SOF for half a day on the day after Christmas. Dropping a trip to take Stan Eval tests the day before Thanksgiving. I dropped MLOA between Indoc and sim training. I took a week of MLOA immediately after finishing OE. I've taken MLOA over holidays. I dropped 8 months of MLOA (spin-up/deployment) while still on probation. I had to extend MLOA over the Super Bowl (in the company's mind that's a holiday) due to a broke dick jets and all the married guys in a hurry to get home from a dreaded 2 whole weeks of TDY. I've dropped trips last minute for MLOA. I've even had to call the CPO to have MLOA removed from my schedule. With all that, even at big scary DAL, I haven't heard a single word about any of this. Bottom line in the middle, just take what you need to get your sheit done and heed the advice of Brabus Johnson. Unless you're attached to an AD base, you shouldn't need an entire week to in-process. My in-processing consisted of dropping my medical record at medical, flight records are ARMS, flight gear at AFE, a few forms at finance/personnel/comm and I was done in time for the lunch push.
  8. Yup, I understand that. I'm talking about squadrons, just like mine, that are forcing part-timers to ROPMA to O-4 then O-5, unless there a "chosen" one. Maybe we're lucky in that our part timers tend to not hang around as squadron bums forever, but very few guys are forced to ROPMA for anything other than not doing PME. One bases leadership looks at it as "paying your dues." Then again they also have had numerous dudes leave to fly in the heavy squadron in their state while other said fuck it, I go find a non-flying gig...
  9. Ultimately, it's up to your TAG. I know a guy who made it to O-5 without SOS or ACSC because he wanted to be at a unit that can never fill spots. Our previous TAG had a hard-on for PME, however the new TAG says no PME required for O-5 but you'll be going to ROPMA to make it happen. I understand some states/units require guys to go to ROPMA (even for O-4) as a matter of practice, which I'll never understand why you'd willingly do that to your own people. My base has always been; have PME, TIG requirements met, not a shitbag, promotion paperwork goes in. We rarely have to force guys to ROPMA and the few I can think of were simply for not doing SOS orACSC. Having prior-e time, waiting for ROPMA would have meant delaying my retirement 3 years, so ACSC was well worth the pain.
  10. What herkbum said. PV and ROPMA are how we get promoted. We have to have up to date OPRs but no PRFs (maybe for ROPMA). Our base has recently started requiring interviews for O-5, but not for O-4 or below. Herk may have better insight into what happens next All I know is it's sent up to state or NGB then it's usually 6-9 months before federal recognition happens which means you can pin on.
  11. Makes sense...I've never even seen a PRF.
  12. Holy shit, this is what OPRs are "supposed" to look like? AD kids being sent to Guard units as a first assignment are FUCKED! Well...besides pretty much having a guaranteed job in a few years when they can get out. I guess I don't understand this and it seems to be a complete devaluation of medals. I once got a MSM (as a Capt) because the OG at the time was passed over for O-6 the first time for not having a MSM. A few months later, the whole damn squadron got MSMs so this didn't happen to any of us. I guess he thought he was "taking care" of us. Fast forward a few years and we get a WG/CC from another base. Now a Major, he loses it when he sees that I have 2xMSMs and no Commendation medal. Guess who now has a commendation medal. Again, what a fucked up system! Note: Before this I had never heard that it was customary that Capt get AFCM and Majors get MSMs.
  13. Finally brought my Cub home yesterday. Winds kicked up way earlier than expected...was just glad to her on the ground in one piece. There was zero wind today so I spent the afternoon on the grass. My dedicated crew chief has a T-Craft based at this grass strip...don't think he appreciated me texting this picture when he was working today LOL.
  14. Man I'm jealous, that's a good buddy to have! The panel of the Cub makes it evident that he takes good care of his planes. Post pics of the Stearman if you have some. Hoping to acquire one down the road. Was his Stearman owned by the current President of the Stearman Restores association? That dude is a real under achiever...he was a Navy rescue swimmer, then Seal, then decided to be a 160th SOAR pilot and now flies crop dusters. http://www.westpointcoh.org/interviews/a-career-filled-with-detours-from-seal-to-night-stalker http://readyfortakeoffpodcast.com/rft-284-navy-seal-cropduster-mike-rutledge/
  15. Awesome! Few things better than cruising around at 500 feet with the door open and being able to smell fresh cut grass. From what I can see, that's a nice looking Cub. I have a handshake agreement to buy a 1947 (Ponca City) 90 hp Cub. It was restored around he same time as the one you flew and has about the same hours. Was supposed to be delivered last Thursday but storms, then schedules got in the way. Hoping to get it this Sunday.
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