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  1. SocialD

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Not true. Nothing worse than showing up to a mandatory drill thinking you're finally going to attack the great queep monster, only to see all the AF systems you need, "down for mx." VPC/Outlook/DTS we're all down last drill...apparently no one in the military works weekends. If the PFT is truly going back to the squadron, I highly doubt I'll ever wear my AF PT gear again.
  2. SocialD

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    I have yet to see our TAG disapprove a curtailment....though I suspect that will change soon, if it hasn't already.
  3. SocialD

    NFL Ratings are Way Down

    Imagine the ratings drop if fantasy football went away.
  4. SocialD

    Flat Rate Per Deim - Gone

    This cost me ~$3,000 on my last 3 month trip overseas. We weren't allowed to go find our own places due to "logical/security" concerns. Would have helped make up for the massive pay cut to go fly CT from an overseas location.
  5. SocialD

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    This, and so many other reasons, is why I'll always advise my AD bros to go to the Guard over the Reserves. I have to laugh when they decide to go from AD to full time in the Reserves at the same base and then act suprised when it's same shit/different patch... ANG squadrons that are on their own base and not attached to anything AD, are the last bastion of hope. Sadly, even that is fading. To add another anecdote, we've (ANG) had a few guys curtail their AGR while on the bonus. I wouldn't be surprised if the Guard starts to play hard ball with this though. Pretty much every full-timer has left is is planning to leave ASAP. Some have even gone to the regionals to get their hours faster. Many have come back on order but usually take the small bonus, "just in case."
  6. SocialD

    Finance Problems

    Bringing this thread back from the dead. Finance guy, are you still on here? Maybe others have figured out a work around? This is WAY down the list on bitches/gripes/complaints, but something I'm currently dealing with. FG or anyone know why we "must" have to have a car on our orders to be reimbursed for rental car gas? Shouldn't anyone on the TDY be able to be reimbursed w/o wasting man hours on amending orders? Since we lost the ability to blanket "variations authorized" our orders, this has become an ass pain. Inevitably we end up with a 4-ship in a car that needs gas (thanks LTs) and noone has a car on their orders. Sure pay cash and turn over the receipt, but half the time noone has cash anymore. Seems like we're unnecessarily handcuffing/creating more work for ourselves. Hell even planning who gets a rental car is a pain. Has to be a AGR or someone on AT orders only (no split AT/ST, no technician status, no half time AGRs, and no part-timers)? Why can't it just be a single fucking account labeled XXXFW rental car? I'm sure there is a valid reason somewhere, but it makes planning much more of a PITA when we have swapouts, people showing up at different times/locations (flyers vs airline, advon, etc...), and guys going in AGR/Technician/ST/AT/Part time status. In the grand scheme of things nothing major, but seems like this would be an easy way to make TDYs a little less painful. Might not even be an issue for AD types.
  7. Some of the regionals will likely pick you up without an interview. Depending on your previous quals, chances are you'll spend less than a year at one before being picked up at a major/cargo carrier. I was not out of the cockpit, but the majors weren't hiring yet and I needed total time...going to the regional is one of the best things I've ever done. Best of luck! Not sure if it's related but in the last two days, I had a few of my AD buddies (who I thought wouldn't get out) reach out to me about the ANG/Airlines. Sounds like this change to the AFI is making the rounds pretty quickly.
  8. Wait....what, No CCIP!?!?! So no BSA phase anymore? I see what this is...a plan to finally push out the old timers! Next thing you know they'll stop putting guns in jets and make it against regs to practice BFM...missiles are lasers and have a pk of 1. I jest...mostly. I agree that it's not a bad thing to reevaluate our training and look into new ideas, as long as it's for the right reasons. However, putting a 30 hour T-6 pilot in a massively power jet that is the Block-30 (w/o AGCAS) seems like a worse idea than an underpowered Block-42 (w/ AGCAS). Either way, I have faith in the IP cadre down at Kelly...lots of great dudes down there.
  9. The other FO on a recent trip was a reserve IFF guy and talked about this program. He mentioned that it emphasized LOTS of AI/sim time, so maybe 30 hours is correct... If they're willing to put a stud in a Viper after a handful of hours in a T-6, nothing would surprise me.
  10. SocialD

    The new airline thread

    That's a tough question to answer. At Delta, being able to drop trips is highly dependent upon the staffing in your particular category (Base/plane/seat)...which can change drastically in a years time. When I first started on the 73, I couldn't drop a thing and had to hope for someone to take it off my line. As time when on, staffing improved and trip drops were more prevalent, but not always an option. On the WB I'm on, we are overstaffed so I can drop at my leisure. Also, WB reserves tend to spend A LOT of time at home. Even in one of our busiest months (June), I only went to work 6 days. The other thing WB provides is generally more pay for days gone. Ex....on the NB a 3-day generally pays 15:45 (though they're slowly creeping up), whereas on a WB they're generally closer to 17-19. Next month I have two 3-days that pay 26:10 a piece. I don't even think we have 4 days on the NB that pay 26 hours. My two cents...If you want to make the most amount of money per days worked, look at SWA or get on a long-haul widebody as soon as possible. That said, having flown the 737, I can't imagine having to fly it for the rest of my career... Even at just shy of 6 foot, it's pretty damn uncomfortable. However, it's hard to deny the flexibility of a single plane fleet provides for the pilots, not to mention what they can make per day worked.
  11. SocialD

    The new airline thread

    I'll always tell my friends that if they live in a city that a particular airline has a major base then go there. If you're going to commute, go to FedEx, for many of the reasons in Robots post. DH's on each end are awesome and amazing for QOL of a commuter. Hopefully you guys never cave to PBS because many of those trips could dry up as PBS is an efficiency machine! Other than that, the worry about dealing with pax is severely overblown by cargo guys. My interaction with pax is limited to seeing them as I walk back to the bunk for my break. When I was on a NB, it was limited to saying goodbye for 5 minutes as I checked out for hotties...unless it was the last leg of the day/trip, then I'm gone at break set! If we ever have issues with one, either the FAs take care of it or we call the cops/a company specialist. Shut the door and surf the interwebs while it's going down. No doubt, there is no shortage of innovation, it's the regulation that moves at a snails pace. Fuck, we've been trying to get a tactical arrival into our base (fairly close to a class b) and you'd think we're trying to restructure the entire arrival/departure corridor of ATL or DFW. 5 years laters, we've made little progress due to bureaucracy. Hell we were told, just trying to lower a MOA below 6k would take 6-9 years of environmental studies/bureaucracy. Ever hear of NextGen? What Hacker said! Companies won't spend shit on technology unless it's guaranteed to save them money. Heck I've been told that our former CEO wouldn't invest in something unless it could pay itself back in 12 months or less. They settled on shitty ass Surfaces (that were terrible) until they were forced to go to iPads due to Jeppesen saying they wouldn't support the surface anymore (at least that's the rumor). If anything, where I see this start to take hold is in long haul ops. 4-pilot crews dropping to 3, and 3 pilot crews dropping to 2. I mean today the only radio call I made from 20 West to 50 west was an SELCAL check...the rest was just bsing with the other guy. Would I want to do it single pilot....no f'n way! Like many things, it's super easy, until it isn't... Honestly this is one of the things that I could see unifying every pilot and every union (ALPA/Teamsters/APA/SWAPA/etc...). Could you imagine every airline and every cargo carrier going on strike at once? I honestly think that would happen, if companies tried to go single pilot. I'm in my early-mid 30s and I'm really not worried about single-pilot/no-pilot ops.
  12. While there are many months that I take full advantage of this, realize that not all airlines have this capability. Even at Delta, your category needs to be staffed properly (enough reserves), or someone willing to take your trips, for you to just drop trips. I think both AAL/UAL have a limits on what you can drop down to...50 hours maybe? I think at UPS someone has to take the trip from your line. That said, I've dropped my entire schedule every month this summer and picked up what trips I wanted. I've even already dropped my entire August schedule. This wasn't always an option on the 73, though I could almost always get rid of a trip or two. DI360....if noone has told you about options other than flying for an airline, there are a decent amount of opportunities out there. Admittedly, you have to live in base for them to be a great deal, but there are lots of jobs that will keep you home almost every night. Assistant chief pilots, duty pilot, sim instructor, project pilot, etc... We have dudes in all of these positions with as low as 2 years on property. Unlike other airlines, our duty pilot (think super SOF) is a FO position...whereas I believe UAL it's a Captain. You'll work more days than the average line pilot, but most are home every night, minus maybe a 2 or 3 day trip every month. Unfortunately for Delta, the majority of them are in ATL, so hopefully you like humidity, waffles house and sweet tea. On the upside, they all pay extremely well. Either way, best of luck finding what you're looking for.
  13. SocialD

    New AMC Commander?

    It's going on in ACC as well. At least one Guard fighter squadron has had an AD O-6 as a WG/CC in the last several years.
  14. SocialD

    The new airline thread

    May - 13 days June - 6 days July - 9 days August - 12 days (I'll likely drop my entire schedule and pick up trips on days I actually want to work. So maybe drop that to 9 days). All for between 13-18k Gross, not including 401k/PS/Per diem. Before my last trip I hadn't actually gone to work in 21 days, without taking a day of vacation (to include all of July 4th week off). If you can sit short call from home, WB reserve is where it's at! I'll caveat this with the fact that Jul & Aug are actual lines and not reserve. Another caveat is that my June/July schedules would reflect more days of work, but that's because of deadhead days that I deviate from and stay home. For example, today I'm getting paid to sit at home...my trip doesn't sign in until 1830 tomorrow at JFK, so I'll just DH over there tomorrow afternoon. Also, I don't have a wife or kids so I don't mind going on trips here and there. Spending a few hours sipping wine at the base of the Acropolis or Pantheon isn't a terrible way to spend a day "working." That said, I spend more of my time in Amsterdam, which also doesn't suck. Delta 4 yr WB