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  1. SocialD

    The new airline thread

    Mostly agree with JeremiahWeed with an exception or two. PBS is only as good or bad as your contract language and you can still have some of the niceties like trips touching, etc... the pilot group just has to be willing to expend negotiating capital to get them. There are plenty of other efficiencies gained by PBS even if we still had trips touching. When I say all this, I talking about carriers who currently have PBS. If your carrier is currently LOT, I can't see any reason to give it up. That said, even at 92% in my seat, PBS works great for me as a reserve bidder a majority of the year. Based on my experience with LOT bidding, I highly doubt I would be able to execute my current bidding strategy without PBS. Even the months I bid a line, my strategy is largely based on how our reserve rules work wrt trip length. Even at my low seniority I was able to get 20-31DEC off this year, while getting my preferred trips.
  2. SocialD

    The new airline thread

    Wow...dudes over here absolutely lose their minds when schedules aren't published by the 15th (2 days earlier than contractually required). I'd be ok with it if it meant having some of the contractual items that allow for your secondary lines.
  3. SocialD

    Joe Baugher Aircraft Serial Numbers

    Not sure of the accuracy, but I had heard over over 50% of the F-105 production run was lost in Vietnam. I also think the early ones also had an issue with randomly blowing up. Still would loved to have flown on. Awesome website.
  4. SocialD

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    If that doesn't work, give it a few months and try first.last@delta.com.
  5. SocialD

    The new airline thread

    Awesome, glad to hear that got changed. It was seniority based when I was there in 2014...not fun getting booted off the last JS out of town after a reserve block.
  6. SocialD

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    There is a 69th Fighter Squadron as well. Of course it's in the ARC now.
  7. SocialD

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Code 2 FCR, still good for red...it's my last day out here for the month and I'm on probation. We have a swing shift now...thanks AD for sending your LTs and some MX jobs. I feel like when people click on this thread, they should just be directed to the CC's dropping like flies thread.
  8. SocialD

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Guys, stop drawing dicks...this is serious business!!! Navy: We temporarily grounded and gave paperwork to the guys who drew the giant sky penis. AF: Hold my non-alcoholic beer!
  9. SocialD

    The new airline thread

    As others have said, besides non-rev, most carriers have a discounted ticket program. I've found DALs is pretty hit or miss with Orbitz sometimes being a better deal. We also have a perks program that has all kinds of discounts on various things for travel (hotels, rental cars, cruises, etc...). If you're still MIL, I would look at grabbing the AMEX platinum or Chase Sapphire Cards as the fees are waived while your still AD or on AD orders. They offers some additional perks like pay for global entry (must have IMHO), some travel expenses and club access. Might even be worth it once you're flying for an airline, especially if you commute. I've had pretty good luck with non-revving, but it's usually just me and a chick, traveling with kids might be more stressful. At DAL we can reserve the JS for pleasure travel a few days out and once you sign up for it, it's yours, unless a FED or LCA kicks you out. I think all other carriers are similar, though when I was at American it was still strictly seniority based and senior dudes could/would kick out last minute (terrible, but that may have changed). Some things I have learned from non-rev travel; - If there are multiple flights a day, try to show for the earliest flight. - Travel on off days/seasons (each market is different) greatly increases chances of success. - Seek out the oddball legs when trying to get to Europe (IND/CVG/RDU to CDG come to mind)...they almost always have open seats. - Even if the flight shows negative (or no open seats) I often get on. - Figure out how to use ID90.com and get a ZED fare BEFORE you show up to the airport....painful lesson for me. - If it's important, just buy tickets, we make plenty enough money. - Be willing to call it a failure and make an impromptu vacation out of wherever you end up. I've actually found these to be quite fun. - NOTHING in Europe is worth riding in coach...come back back tomorrow when 1st class is available lol. To add to Torques post. ALPA App - You don't have to be a member or even sign in. It has a section that tells you how to JS on every carrier out there. It also has a listing of all the KCMs, their locations and hours. FlightStats App - Great for finding flights between two destinations. Individual carrier apps - I've downloaded them all and found them useful from time to time. Aside from the above, I find the following useful for non-rev travel Mobile Passport - Great for getting through international security. It's quick, free and easy to use...I often zip through security and have to wait for my crew to get through Global Entry. Hotel tonight - Not bad/not great. Good for finding nearby hotels if you get stuck. CityMaps2Go - Great for foreign locations.
  10. SocialD

    The new airline thread

    I couldn't agree more with your 3 bullet points. You most certainly should not feel the least bit guilty about doing legit mloa that may happen to fall on a holiday. Hell, I had to drop a holiday trip because I was thrown on orders for a deployment earlier than expected...and Guard standard, I didn't get my orders until a week out. This isn't what I'm talking about. It's habitual shit that happens month after month (and two months running to drop holiday trips when seniority/staffing doesn't allow). I get it, some people give zero fucks about anyone other than themselves, that's life. It's just shitty when there are dudes that habitually use it to give themselves super-senioirty, while the rest of us are out there get to deal with the increased scrutiny while trying to do the right thing.
  11. SocialD

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    ...Side bar... Standing at the ops desk last month with a fellow pilot...he has 20+ years and I'm at 17+ (both prior-E) and neither of us had a fucking clue what the ARMS A1C was talking about when mentioned calling SecFo. Makes sense now, but that was the first time we've heard that term. We're both life long guard guys, so maybe we're just sheltered. ...Back to your regularly scheduled programing... What's wrong with the AF/ARC, is that they talk like they have a crisis on their hands but they won't, or are way to slow to, institute logical changes. On the ANG side, we also get to fight "optics issues" wrt to solving this manning problem. Anyway, do we have a fucking crisis or do we not? If I were a tin-foil hat guy, I would almost think they're purposely dragging their feet to justify stop loss.
  12. SocialD

    The new airline thread

    To add to the above posts by Sneedro/JS, they seem to be raising he eyebrow at blatant shit, not going back on long term orders. Stuff I've heard of getting dudes highlighted is using one day of MLOA (per trip) to drop their entire schedule then picking up trips that gives them weekends off (multiple months). Dropping MLOA and working at their contractor gig (really stupid). Dropping a trip that spans Christmas with one day of MLOA to sit SOF...perfectly legal, but really? A few of the things I've personally seen that are probably low-level and I doubt get highlighted unless it's habitual. All perfectly legal, but fits solidly into my bro fuck column and makes the rest of us look bad. - Doesn't pre-post MLOA. Gets a coverage trip (forced to work) over Christmas. Drops trip with a day of MLOA on day one. Picks up a shorter (highly lucrative trip) that starts on day 2 of the original trip and gets him back early on Christmas eve. - Last week of the month. Dude (who lives four states away and hasn't flown a trip yet in the month) gets assigned a trip on long call. One hour later trip is dropped for MLOA. Guess who got to go fly that trip... - Bids 3 day reserve blocks then drops MLOA on the middle day of each block...days that can't be dropped normally due to staffing.
  13. SocialD

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    The forum for Academics is down the hallway on the left.
  14. SocialD

    The new airline thread

    If true, DAL hasn't gotten the memo. They've continued to gut our squadron of full timers, even when a fair amount of the previous hires have gone back on 2-3 years of orders. There are also a fair amount of us who have no desire to go back on orders that are balancing it out for you future hires, come on over! 🇺🇸
  15. But did he have to land it gear up as well? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.popularmechanics.com/military/aviation/news/amp27761/belly-land-a-10-warthog/