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  1. SPG Amex, while it lasts, would be a good option. 25% bonus on 20k transfers to airlines and transfers 1:3 to Marriott points.
  2. Senate passed the house version with amendments. I didn't see any amendment striking the House's 50k bonus, so hopefully that made it though. Hopefully a full text of what the Senate passed with amendments will be published soon.
  3. Promotion and PRF Information

    Will this include APZers? That'd be nuts but it would suck for the dudes unlucky enough to commission in the wrong year.
  4. You can get the numbers on RAW through AFPC secure. The numbers are indeed pretty bad (as of 5 sep). Tier 1 (11F) was below 40%, and Tier 2 (11B, 11M, 11S) was barely above. Keep in mind these numbers include the 1 and 2 year takers.
  5. From what I can see, nothing has been passed in the senate yet. You can read the SASC version that's been put to the Senate floor if you google 2018 Senate NDAA. Search the PDF for aviation and you'll find the tier info.
  6. 24hr lodging "rule"

    Worse than Green Dot?
  7. AF Form 8

    Checkride evaluations. Or when you fûck up badly (or not so badly, one guy I know got a Q-3 for racking the slide on his M9 and losing the bullet) and it's officially documented in your flight records.
  8. Last I looked, the Senate version looks to have no raise, and will actually limit the amount for a given "tier" based on that tiers manning level and prior year take rate.
  9. Leadership at the 'Deid

    Do tell, what was your headgear choice?
  10. You can 7 day opt if the three years ADSC for training or the two year ADSC for PCS takes you beyond your current ADSC.
  11. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    So far he's met with airline execs and sent out memos on empowering sq/ccs and allowing sleeves to be rolled up. There are still many steps he can take to try to unf*ck the Air Force without needing to go to Congress, but he has chosen not to take them.
  12. Here's an idea. HAF could offer the bonus with a 10% increase annually. 30K, 33K, 36.3K, etc. there would be an opt-out clause if Congress doesn't raise the AVB ceiling. This would show the AF is serious about making changes, while putting the onus on Congress. 0.69% chance this happens.
  13. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Fingers Goldfein missed that class too...
  14. 24hr lodging "rule"

    Try winning that argument with finance...
  15. Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    I'm starting to wonder if GypsyGhost is just another General Chang troll alter ego. Are FEBs published? Can anyone track down a corroborating story?
  16. The Congressman is back yo

    Well $50/150 doesn't do crap to keep up with inflation, but I'll take a little extra beer money.
  17. Mattis to the rescue?

    McCain didn't even have the common decency to give him a reacharound...
  18. He was asking for the purpose of bringing it up at the HAF meeting. I wouldn't count on it happening, and certainly not anytime soon.
  19. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Out of the closet and in the stairwell!
  20. 1801 Handling Question

    We were still doing 175s last local I flew. But we could fill out and file an 1801 through G2.
  21. 1801 Handling Question

    I don't. I deal with my flight manager at Scott who takes care of all that shit for me.
  22. 1801 Handling Question

    Do you really want to take on more queep? I'm glad somebody else deals with filing for me. I had to self file through G2 once and it's a pain in the ass.
  23. Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    Am I the only one who doesn't understand half of what this guy is saying?