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  1. Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    I don’t think he’s saying that. Why are we wasting 6-9 months of these test subjects’ time with no upside to them or the Air Force?
  2. Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    Currently the longest enlistment term is 6+2 in the IRR. How can this possibly be seen as a good COA? Wider pay gap between enlisted and airline pay than officer/airline with a shorter contract??? Doubt anyone would stay past their initial enlistment.
  3. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    The “I don’t have to be a pilot” commercials probably aren’t helping.
  4. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    A 0 is less likely to have herpes though
  5. There’s an ADSC with the bonus. I don’t think a buy-out is an option unless they’re paying you to fail consecutive PT tests.
  6. Can anyone provide a referral offer on the Amex Everyday preferred that’s better than the 15k points public offer? PM me.
  7. Because the good guys leave to pursue better options.
  8. Gun Talk

    My bet is on the deep fryer at Burger King.
  9. Gun Talk

    Is this technically a pistol and did you have to do anything special when purchasing it?
  10. Texas Church Shooting

    I thought we were done with you
  11. I understand what you’re saying, but as a retiree, I would think your best option would be either the CSP with its low annual fee or the Amex plat at 550 with SPG, Hilton, and Marriott gold, Delta sky club, Centurion Lounge and Priority Pass, $200 in airline credit, $200 in Uber credit, $100 in Global Entry Credit, AMEX offers. Sapphire Reserved hasn’t piqued my interest in the least. To each his own, however.
  12. The TPG article you link states that the CSP and United Explorer (both of which have a ~$100 annual fee) qualify for the same benefit. No reason to get the CSR and pay that annual fee when you can get better benefits from the AMEX without playing any annual fee.
  13. On another note, I just got my 4th Amex Platinum (regular, business, mercedes and now Charles Schwaab). $800 a year in airline gift cards and $600 in uber credits!
  14. Luxury hotel collection is practically useless. You can book government rate directly with SPG, Hilton, or Marriott and still get the Gold benefits conferred by the Amex Platinum. You can’t book gov rate through the Chase portal.