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  1. Like so many things in the military.   I've recently run into a few interesting examples of this where some places can do things while others can not do the exact same thing...all because of who is doing the auditing and how they are interpreting the laws.  Beyond ridiculous!

    It would help if the laws were interpretable to begin with. The JTR has so many contradictions that two competent people can read it, and come up with entirely different answers, with neither being objectively wrong.

    DTS/JTR are also not designed for aircrew. I once flew a mission where I stayed in expensive locations, but went 3-4 days straight airborne at 12am. This caused all those days to be “en route”. When we finally had a location that counted for Per diem, it was Gander, at something like $41.

  2. Because you’ve been directed to use DTS for hotels and transportation?

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    This. Your AO may approve it, but there’s no guarantee.
    Likewise, I’d be cautious about using Airbnb for lodging. The JTR mandates staying at places that meet fire code, and there’s a memo floating around that says Airbnbs should not be used due to the fact that their standards/compliance are not verified.

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  3. I hope you guys get promoted!
    But. (Devils Advocate)
    You committed to 20 as a major by taking the bonus. Do you think the bean counters want you to promote? Plenty of O-4’s taking over as DO nowadays. No reason to hand out more money when you already took a little extra and signed a contract....

    You’re not committed if you decline continuation.

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    When it shows on your duty history and you have a TR from the school...it isn’t masked.

    It’s masked as far as the official numbers/AFPC static reports indicate. Obviously the board

    Is able to see who is in-res between narrative PRF, TR, and student status on their career brief.



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  5. That's kinda my point. Wealthy people still live in and buy stuff in Texas, so I don't think the decrease in spending every materialized.  Are the poor worse off in Texas than if they were in any other state? Don't know.  The big plus to me is that everyone participates.

    Sales tax isn’t high in Texas. 6.25% IIRC.

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  6. We pay more interest servicing the US debt in a single week than the amount requested to fund the border wall. That said:
    1.  Establish term limits
    2. Eliminate borrowing. Create an exchange to trade existing debt.
    3. Eliminate income tax and implement a consumption tax. Undocumented families of 10 ppl living down the street all become tax payers. 
    4.  Eliminate pensions. 

    A consumption tax would be regressive (and thus never gain the backing of the Ds). Additionally, it would discourage spending which would have severe implications for our economy.

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  7. Dumb question after reading this article:  If I have a Roth IRA, contribute the max, file jointly with my wife who doesn't work, am I limited to $120K or $189K?  It says individuals are limited to $120K but is that individuals filing by themselves, or would it apply to me since the IRA is in my name and I'm the only one earning an income?

    With a combined income of less than 189k, both you and your wife would be able to contribute the $5500 to each of your IRAs.

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  8. Did Military One Source get rid of the free H&R block program?  I can't find it anywhere on their site.  They're pimping some new system called MilTax but I can't even find a link to access that. 

    I logged into my HR block account and it has a banner at the top for militaryonesource/miltax, so it looks like MilTax is just a new name.

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  9. I didn't want to de-rail the GTC discussion, but if you have the Chase sapphire reserve I would suggest getting the Hilton Aspire card, there are some great benefits to it.  $250 dollars for airline fees but I have gotten gift cards with American Airlines with no issues.  $250 dollar resort credit at Hilton resorts.  A free hotel stay once a year.  And probably the best perk is automatic Diamond status with Hilton.  
    Chase waives the annual fee for AD.  I am not sure if we can share referral codes but I would happily share mine via PM to get 20K hilton points.  

    Hilton is AMEX, dumbass. I’ll give referrals via PM

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  10. Part of the reason the MAF sucks in a lot of places is: Phoenix Eagle.  Many of the MAF’s leaders are part of this self licking ice cream cone of careerism.  On the other hand, most CCs I’ve met on the CAF side are Weapons Officers.  Kind of shows the difference in priorities and why we rightfully often get shit on by the CAF.  
    Fortunately, I’ve seen this trend start to change in the MAF.  Quite a few weapons officers getting picked up for command.  Many other “non-special programs” officers are also getting picked up and some of them didn’t even do in-residence IDE.  

    The very worst people I’ve worked for in AMC have been patches.

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  11. That’s weird, because I’ve had two friends in my squadron and 06 YG get tasked with 365s. AMC may have cut their 365s, but HAF and joint tastings (which MAF guys are eligible to fill) haven’t decreased from what I’ve seen. If anything, MAF guys are getting more 365s because the CAF and AETC are better able to stiff-arm deployments.

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  12. My point is some of you sound like a bunch millennial idiots. The number of deployed billets has dropped in unison with the drawdown of forces in the region. People listing 365s as the main reason they’re getting out have a much, much smaller chance of deploying on a 365 than they did 5 years ago. You’re more likely to get your short tour by deploying with your airlift unit, or sitting at the Deid with your tanker than from a non-vol 365. 
    Ops tempo issues? Fair. You wanted fewer 365? Fair. But quit using 365s as an issue. It simply isn’t the issue you make it out to be. 

    You must not be up to date on how short tour credit works in modern times.

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  13. 10 hours ago, Herbi05 said:
    It's true! Teeth issues are really very sensitive. Brushing them twice or thrice is essential to maintain oral hygiene. Sensitive teeth need more care just like mine. My friend suggested going for [dentist plug redacted] for all problems. Took mom for root canal therapy last month and was satisfied with their counseling to get fillings done.

    Interesting first post/thread revival.

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  14. Heard a rumor recently, but am not knowledgeable on the right pubs to investigate myself..
    My UPT ADSC expires in two years and I want to separate at that time. I’m currently in an X-Band and expect I’ll get tagged for a deployment. My vulnerability period runs from 8 months prior to 2 months prior to my ADSC.
    Day one of my deployment can fall anywhere in that 6 month window, and I can expect a 6 month deployment. I’m told I can get tagged for a deployment up to 12 months out. But, I can’t apply for separation until 12 months prior to my ADSC. 
    Which means there’s a large window where I can tagged with a deployment that will take me past my ADSC, without having had the opportunity to drop papers and since I’ll have been tagged with a deployment, can’t separate til I return. 
    Does this sound right to you guys? I’ve heard this from a few individuals and get lost in the AFIs when I attempt to figure it out. While I don’t really want to do a non-flying deployment, it is what it is.. I definitely don’t want to extend past my ADSC. Palace Chasing is the only thing I can think of that may protect me from this situation. 

    X-band means nothing. They can deploy you as long you have 6+ months ADSC left.

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  15. I think ATM fees and CA fees were cancelled because OCONUS M&IE were designed to include them. I’m not sure though.

    Yes, use what was actually charged on your Citi statement. Don’t forget the 1% currency conversion fee on all foreign transactions.

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    I’ve been wondering if the foreign transaction fees may be justification to use a personal card instead of the GTC. I have multiple cards that don’t charge FT fees. Wouldn’t using them be advantageous to the government?

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