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  1. Heard a rumor recently, but am not knowledgeable on the right pubs to investigate myself..
    My UPT ADSC expires in two years and I want to separate at that time. I’m currently in an X-Band and expect I’ll get tagged for a deployment. My vulnerability period runs from 8 months prior to 2 months prior to my ADSC.
    Day one of my deployment can fall anywhere in that 6 month window, and I can expect a 6 month deployment. I’m told I can get tagged for a deployment up to 12 months out. But, I can’t apply for separation until 12 months prior to my ADSC. 
    Which means there’s a large window where I can tagged with a deployment that will take me past my ADSC, without having had the opportunity to drop papers and since I’ll have been tagged with a deployment, can’t separate til I return. 
    Does this sound right to you guys? I’ve heard this from a few individuals and get lost in the AFIs when I attempt to figure it out. While I don’t really want to do a non-flying deployment, it is what it is.. I definitely don’t want to extend past my ADSC. Palace Chasing is the only thing I can think of that may protect me from this situation. 

    X-band means nothing. They can deploy you as long you have 6+ months ADSC left.

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  2. I think ATM fees and CA fees were cancelled because OCONUS M&IE were designed to include them. I’m not sure though.

    Yes, use what was actually charged on your Citi statement. Don’t forget the 1% currency conversion fee on all foreign transactions.

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    I’ve been wondering if the foreign transaction fees may be justification to use a personal card instead of the GTC. I have multiple cards that don’t charge FT fees. Wouldn’t using them be advantageous to the government?

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  3. This seems irrational to me. There are far fewer 365s for rated officers now than there were 5-6 years ago. 
    Im not saying that the threat of 365s isn’t causing people to get out, because I continually hear people say it’s a factor. But it’s kind of like saying you won’t go to the beach because people get killed by sharks. 

    In the past two years, I’ve seen three guys get tagged with 365s just over a year prior to their UPT ADSC or retirement eligibility date. I’ve seen several others volunteer for a 180 in order to stave off a 365. A 365 is a serious kick in the junk, especially if the job is worthless, unfulfilling, or could easily be performed from a CONUS location.

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  4. Just got a call. "Man, can you help with with my PRF/ROP. It's late to the group and the Gp/CC wants my PRF now." I told the fellow DO the group exec doesn't know what he is doing. The eligibles don't do their own ROPs. I helped him out of course. I told the DO if the group exec needs any help just to ask. It's obvious the exec is just forwarding emails from the wing exec.
    Nothing like a bud having to hammer out a 2 BPZ PRF/ROP on a Sunday during football with the Gp/CC on his ass. 

    How dumb are you?

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  5. Copy, yea I wasn’t sure if you referring to BTZ or ITZ.  I haven’t heard of anybody ITZ while in school getting passed over but your statement checks with what I have seen for BTZ while in school. 

    I think it was for the FY16 board that somebody FOIA requested and then compiled the full board stats. For IPZ, if you were at school it was 100%, staff was in the 90s, Wing/Base level was around 50%.

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  6. So did he get sacked because he wasn’t a FAIP, or because the F-16 costs a lot more to operate than a T-1/6/38? Sounds like he did nothing different than happens on a typical CT or student x-country.


    Edit to add:


    I recall on my first T-1 out and back our FAIP insisted on going to Centennial. When we got there, his dad and girlfriend met us. Dad took us out to lunch and he took off with the girl friend for the next 60-90 minutes.


  7. I may be too skeptical, but I’d truly like to see the data used to green up the spreadsheet with these “results”

    Remember, we’re still looking at a YG that was offered RIF and VSP. Many of my friends got out in 2014. When we get to the 09 YG and beyond, where it will be their first opportunity to vote with their feet, expect abysmal take rates.

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  8. I’m a reservist and I don’t know where to look... What was the FY 2018 Aviator Continuation Pay (pilot bonus) take rate? Is the take rate broken down by MAF, CAF, AFSOC, etc?

    I checked a week or two ago and it wasn’t released yet. It’ll be on RAW on afpc secure. Not sure if reservists have access.

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  9. I was recently told that deployment history is now masked. Any truth to this? If so, that’s a crock of shit. We’re booting people over their inability to deploy, but not recognizing those that do (especially when non-flying deployments may result in needing a requal, causing one to have an extended period where they’re not doing their primary or add’l duties).

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  10. Food for thought today...

    Accurate. In my career I’ve had two great Sq/CCs and four who’ve ranged from piss poor to adequate. I’ve always laughed whenever a Lt has told me “we have a great commander!” Never listen to an Lts recommendation on CCs, beer, cars or Strip Clubs (or anything else for that matter).

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    I have an issue with this. If the engine was "secured" and feathered and it says not to turn into a shut engine in the -1 and he did, that's completely on him. If he just flew straight ahead and gained flying airspeed they wouldn't have stalled.
    The most important part of an any EP is to maintain aircraft control. It was less than 2 minutes to impact. He destroyed a completely flyable airplane.
    This doesn't mitigate other factors, but that crew crashed the airplane.

    In a multi engine aircraft, there are very few emergencies (maybe fuselage or wing fire) where turning back for an immediate landing is advisable. Ultimately it was a mx issue that started this chain of events, but the situation was not so severe that the crew should not have been able to break the error chain and safely recover the aircraft.

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  12. Additionally, getting some of the HHQ shoe clerks to think outside of TDY's to CONUS locations and what it takes to go to some of these places has been extremely difficult.  Required to wear civilian clothes...we need a civ clothing allowance for our E's.  The retired MSgt running XP shaking his head "No," since they can just go buy it out of pocket.  WTF.

    Uhh, there are a lot of Es who already need civilian clothes for foreign travel who don’t get a clothing allowance. Why should Cyber be any different?

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