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  1. The idea of using the Osprey as a cargo plane type mission is a gross overspending to accomplish a mission in the worst way possible. the Osprey has a very real capability to assaults do special use type aviation (forget its low organic self Defence caps) and an ability to go further than other rotor platforms without needing somebody to produce a 130 with baskets. That said, it’s not nor has it ever been a cheap flight hour or MX platform because it’s flexibility over traditional FW/RW is bought with dollars and time. If you have enough of an FOB footprint to require immediate parts but have anything other than a T wall surrounded firebase type existence an expedient runway for FW is a better more effective use of your time. If you don’t have that kind of surface area and security, you are either within the footprint of traditional RW resupply or you aren’t a big enough requirement to justify it and can take air drop supply which we already have.
  2. Find an Army recruiter, inform them you are only interested in the WOFT program. Go through as many “ah man that’s a tall order” BS excuses as you have to and don’t be convinced to do something stupid like enlist or go to OCS (where there is no guarantee of aviation branch). There are 3 total guard units, and unlike the Air Guard they don’t so much hire from outside with the pledge games played for college degree holders. They recruit the locked on E5 in the guard unit who they know and trust. They’ll also go away the second big Army can win the fight to get another CAB back. The Guard barely got to keep those 3 battalions. Right now Active Apache Manning is around 72%. They are hemorrhaging people across aviation but the 64 specifically and stripping out active units of IPs to try and pump up the flight line. If you really want to fly the 64, there is no better time to get into it.
  3. Prediction: The Air Force will put a a new bomber into service before light attack actually goes IOC with a numbered deployable unit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I want that to happen just so it can be the final dagger in the heart of all the “Tomcat 21!” *Sploooge* Fanboys. If we can get a Hornet shooting down a Flanker and a Tomcat in the same movie the internet will explode. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Buddy of mind got stationed up at Wainwright. Bought a house complete with wooded grass airstrip and a Super Cub. His weekend fishing/camping pictures almost made me want to go to Wainwright. Super jealous. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. They believe pragmatism can’t beat extremism in an even fight (despite constantly remind themselves the middle isn’t what’s coming to Arenas to see Trump). When you listen to the head of the DNC lay out party priorities and what it is to be a democrat the last few years though it’s obvious he and others believe they can tap into that youth rage effect as a political demographic. The problem is they don’t have near the patients or pragmatism the establishment needs to steer them effectively and are just as likely to tell the party to F off (Bernie Bros for example) when not getting everything they as a group demand. It’s at best a volatile group to try and harness. The full koolaid ultra left side of the climate change debate are the best example of this ultra my way or F yourself thinking. Those are the ones who simultaneously believe any and all things must be done to immediately stop carbon emissions and so forth... until the second you bring up the renewable source we currently have ready to go, Nuclear. If it’s not windmills powered by unicorn farts and electric cars powered by magic it’s unacceptable as a solution. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. There is absolutely nothing cheaper about deploying non permanent units. The Army found that out the hard way. What’s more in addition to the financial cost there is the poorly measured personnel cost that can only be tracked via reenlistment rates. Divisions deployed to Europe as part of Atlantic Resolve have the lowest rates in the service. Units that go to Kuwait have higher ones, because we managed to make Germany suck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. If this is to be used simply as a low density logistics asset within the given COCOM by the ACC then it could be useful, but when talking ramp space and assets in theatre the juice to buy and maintain it is questionable at best. If this is as the article seems to suggest some idea of adding smaller options to the bigger Transcom Intra and Outside theatre airlift than these guys are idiots. Until we are maximizing use of pallet space in the assets already in place (IE not flying a C-130 with 2 contractors and a pallet of water bottles in a ring route looking for Space A) this is a stupid idea. And the idea of “oh well it’ll only be for high value low density cargo” ignores the fact any staff flunky will just check that box on their Air Mission Request form. The last thing we need to give people to used to hitting the Easy Button when thinking about logistics is another tool to misuse/misappropriate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. We also may be positioning the chess board to be more than just one move ahead. There are two options post a response to them with us hitting them. One is for them to launch a lot of “stir up hell” attacks within their considerable capability as far as terror/shock attacks against soft and civilian targets in reprisal. The other is that whole militias in proximity with us in Iraq problem.
  10. Knocking out a few radar sites would be though. I’d play this similar to the way we used to play the No Fly zones over Iraq. You point/fire a missile at us (specifically in international airspace) you will lose what you pointed. It’ll make them think about escalation as well if our seen/known response is you’re free to be buttholes and make statements and thump your chest but active threats will be dealt with immediately and completely. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Remember a week before Barr’s statements when everybody in the media and all the former Obama appointees like Clapper were talking about impending charges against Kushner and others in Trump’s circle.... The Circle that would have built and maintained a criminal conspiracy that we were being promised. That is why 65-70% of Americans don’t support impeachment. It’s got nothing to do with Trump is a terrible person. It’s because we were all sold BS about Russian manipulation and deals between Trump and the Kremlin for quid pro quo that turned out to be conspiracy vapor. Now that those are dead you want to sell us on obstruction which in any other world would have just been political defense but because Trump now it’s a crime worth of burning the house down. Sorry not buying it. The powers that wanted him out way overplayed a bad hand thinking in the end they would get away with the bluff. Message to Democrats: “Beat him with a good candidate or settle in for 5 and a half more years of pulling your hair out screaming at the sky.” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. If you don’t know your system capes it wouldn’t matter what you’re flying in the stack. That’s a weak argument to those out there saying “Bombers shouldn’t/can’t perform CAS” of which there are plenty typically in platforms with their own shitty record of fratricide. Neither is it unique to the CAS mission as it could just as easily be a C-130 refueled that cant figure out how to turn his F’ing lights off to refuel the HAF, or a drone that doesn’t know how to steady stare at a target and keeps walking the laser everywhere but where it should be. Plenty of people in Apache/Hawg/etc communities that don’t know or care to learn how to fight their MWS are putting ground personnel at risk every time they check in and hope it works out for them this time around. That’s neither unique to bombers nor something to ignore. Know your shit and what it can/can’t do. Beyond that playing the “this is my party and you shouldn’t be here game” that many have been making this incident evidence of is just MWS chest thumping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I’m truly amused every time I hear some sort of blame shifted to seeing/not seeing IR strobes and how apparently that is the big discriminator that makes or breaks good CAS tactics in the AF. The premier attack helicopter on the planet cannot see and does not care about IR strobes. As they routinely execute CAS and CCA from altitude and standoff as was intended from ranges that require the gunner to build and develop SA without it maybe that’s not the crutch to be leaning on. Also they can’t do better than an 8 digit grid in slaving to a given grid/target. Yes, this incident was entirely a failure on the idea of CAS being and easily thrown together action. CAS is supposed to be integrated in detail. Detail is something completely lacking in our modern 24/7 bus schedule version of building an ATO to support the coin fight. I doubt the crew even had a CONOP of the mission they were supporting much less a scheme of maneuver.
  14. Wholesale divestiture would be a mistake, but there are more than a few good examples of units simply collapsing their readiness concentration from the whole aggregate to the concentrated fleet that makes mission. There are aircraft out there long past just being a pain within all the services. While it’s nice to say “we have 200 F-XX’s and 100 B-Y’s” that hardly reflects a well cared for lean force when you spend 30-50% of your maintenance efforts on a fractional percentage of problem/old Iron on the ramp. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. We should just have the Army try and develop it. That’ll make the Air Force want its Then you guys can steal it at the Pentagon level, fly it around for a year or two, kill it, and transfer the money to Viper/Eagle/etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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