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  1. Remember a week before Barr’s statements when everybody in the media and all the former Obama appointees like Clapper were talking about impending charges against Kushner and others in Trump’s circle.... The Circle that would have built and maintained a criminal conspiracy that we were being promised. That is why 65-70% of Americans don’t support impeachment. It’s got nothing to do with Trump is a terrible person. It’s because we were all sold BS about Russian manipulation and deals between Trump and the Kremlin for quid pro quo that turned out to be conspiracy vapor. Now that those are dead you want to sell us on obstruction which in any other world would have just been political defense but because Trump now it’s a crime worth of burning the house down. Sorry not buying it. The powers that wanted him out way overplayed a bad hand thinking in the end they would get away with the bluff. Message to Democrats: “Beat him with a good candidate or settle in for 5 and a half more years of pulling your hair out screaming at the sky.” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I enjoyed spectating/officiating the little MWS measuring contest between a couple college buddies a decade after getting into the military and where we ended up. Few drinks in the guy who got a Viper slot and has fully drank the Koolaid just went on and on. Somewhere in this measuring. Viper guy: “I’m just saying Robin Olds was a fighter pilot...” C-17 guy: “So was Scott Ogrady.” Everybody has their Carl. If you don’t know who he is that might be a bad sign. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Plot twist... Gets picked up for a ANG fighter unit. Attends OTS and half way through flight school finds out Unit has been BRAC’d and changed to drones. Spends rest of his life talking to women about pulling G in the T-6. Leaves bar alone at 1145 so he can get home to feed his cats and cry loud enough the guy in the next townhouse over has to pound on the walls. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. If you don’t know your system capes it wouldn’t matter what you’re flying in the stack. That’s a weak argument to those out there saying “Bombers shouldn’t/can’t perform CAS” of which there are plenty typically in platforms with their own shitty record of fratricide. Neither is it unique to the CAS mission as it could just as easily be a C-130 refueled that cant figure out how to turn his F’ing lights off to refuel the HAF, or a drone that doesn’t know how to steady stare at a target and keeps walking the laser everywhere but where it should be. Plenty of people in Apache/Hawg/etc communities that don’t know or care to learn how to fight their MWS are putting ground personnel at risk every time they check in and hope it works out for them this time around. That’s neither unique to bombers nor something to ignore. Know your shit and what it can/can’t do. Beyond that playing the “this is my party and you shouldn’t be here game” that many have been making this incident evidence of is just MWS chest thumping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I’m truly amused every time I hear some sort of blame shifted to seeing/not seeing IR strobes and how apparently that is the big discriminator that makes or breaks good CAS tactics in the AF. The premier attack helicopter on the planet cannot see and does not care about IR strobes. As they routinely execute CAS and CCA from altitude and standoff as was intended from ranges that require the gunner to build and develop SA without it maybe that’s not the crutch to be leaning on. Also they can’t do better than an 8 digit grid in slaving to a given grid/target. Yes, this incident was entirely a failure on the idea of CAS being and easily thrown together action. CAS is supposed to be integrated in detail. Detail is something completely lacking in our modern 24/7 bus schedule version of building an ATO to support the coin fight. I doubt the crew even had a CONOP of the mission they were supporting much less a scheme of maneuver.
  6. Wholesale divestiture would be a mistake, but there are more than a few good examples of units simply collapsing their readiness concentration from the whole aggregate to the concentrated fleet that makes mission. There are aircraft out there long past just being a pain within all the services. While it’s nice to say “we have 200 F-XX’s and 100 B-Y’s” that hardly reflects a well cared for lean force when you spend 30-50% of your maintenance efforts on a fractional percentage of problem/old Iron on the ramp. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. We should just have the Army try and develop it. That’ll make the Air Force want its Then you guys can steal it at the Pentagon level, fly it around for a year or two, kill it, and transfer the money to Viper/Eagle/etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Not much. Let’s just say the ground force commander out there was justified in his decision to apportion an Air Reaction Force and the required owned assets. Had that not been there to flex I’m sure a lot of people’s attention would have been gotten.
  9. There is no land component beyond portions of the map in a linear battlefield. Which is what Iraq was in 16-17. Again, my comment as to referencing spins. There were plenty of sections of the map where coverage doesn’t or can’t be readily made available, but we were will within the advertised circle of “we got this,” and were being flat told operating out there that if the call went out, the first asset to respond was gonna be an Army element 100 miles further East, because the guys who actually do this job couldn’t be bothered with the idea of supporting a named mission for those dirty Army people. Yes, having an entire portion of the Air Force advertise its self as “dedicated theatre PR” only to have the same said element tell the rest of the joint fight operating across those lines on a map to go F themselves when actually asked by the rest of the joint forces is unacceptable. If you are going to pretend to be anybody but the ACCs asset, then you damn well better be willing to accept all comers.
  10. We had some missions where the plan was if an aircraft went down to spur ride people out of the recognized crash site and stash them somewhere/anywhere because fuel wasn’t available to fly them to a friendly location. This was next door to the big 60G footprint in country because we were basically told if any crap goes down, you are on your own, we have ACC missions to support over on this part of the map. I could get a B-52 to directly support our mission as a dedicated asset, but I couldn’t get PR. Between that kind of crap and seeing what the Italians did during 2 real live PR situations up north, nobody in our task force had any real faith in that side of the mission anymore.
  11. As long as those power point generated circles with shaded filler cover the whole of the map, the people in charge don’t care what reality is.
  12. Then here is the fact that anything UAS is going to be seen as “why isn’t this my toy!” by combatant commanders who aren’t getting enough assets right now. We don’t have enough UAS or operators to support the missions we are running. Where is this surplus of drones going to come from to suddenly generate OPFOR.
  13. The only thing those guys brought of any use was the coffee shop they set up. We launched the ARF more than a couple times because they didn’t have their crap together.
  14. Has to be a tape compliment with reflective properties for search and rescue while in the water. Which is odd... because Marines wear camo helmet covers and fly off some of the same boats.
  15. Really? There isn’t? Because anybody that can look at a map and the power point slide depicting coverage circles of the Iraq/ISIS AO in 16-17 could see CSAR was about as in its ass as it could be and nobody seemed to have any give a crap in fixing that. You had the Italians pulling down an entire portion of the region and a whole other chunk taken care of by the Marines. I can only imagine how great the coverage is gonna be once double digit SAMs and Red Air are present in the problem. Probably a good idea to review the spins because I’ve seen plenty of them where a 60G or guys jumping out of a 130 weren’t going to be the plan of action. Fact of the matter is it’s easier and arguably safer when your enemy isn’t ISIS crazies to rescue you post capture or do what we did in previous conflicts get you after it’s over. We have people that do that for a living too, and fortunately we’ve invested a ton of money in them even if we haven’t in CSAR.
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