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  1. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    There always was a requirement. The problem was we just burned up Chinooks by inefficiently moving pallet X which were needed to do other stuff. Same with the C-12. We don’t have enough... ok just use 5 hours on 2x Black Hawks to move the 2 contractors from Taji to Erbil It’s the same kind of issue really as the light attack argument. We’ve spent no investment on far lower cost “daily use” kind of stuff. That’s not just an aviation problem, that’s across the military. Like why are we transporting soldiers in an LMTV in garrison when the White/Blue bus fleet can do it far more efficiently and with a lot less cost per dollar in wear and tear.
  2. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    The AF deserves every bit of hate they get for f@cking that program into oblivion just to keep it from the Army. I don’t give a crap how much money the 130 community needed to go J model across the board, they outright promised and then stole it from the intra theatre replacement for the Sherpa and other Army non MWS platforms that was desperately needed so in the end they get to fight to support those missions out of 130 apportionment instead The AF should carry some serious shame for that disaster since the only person that truly won in that who debacle was the Coast Guard.
  3. Su-25 Down in Syria

    The hell are you doing on landing? It’s flush with the floor of the aircraft... Getting to hang out with your guys in Al Assad this last time over was eye opening how neither services PM has the complete picture. It’s like can we get them to talk to each other. I’ll trade you guys all the development we’ve made with DONlAIRCM/CIRCM in hostile fire queuing and IR protection if we can get the newest digital versions of APR-39 and any kind of progress on EW/RF stuff (which the Army has ignore since 1992).
  4. Su-25 Down in Syria

    I think you guys would be better leaning on them to get you the 5th CMWS sensor but that’s just me.
  5. Su-25 Down in Syria

    It’s the basic principle of fire superiority. In the fire-team/squad level fight it’s falling heavily on an automatic weapon guy with a belt fed weapon. That guy is going to empty that first belt almost as the first seconds of the fight. Unfortunate to the nature of aircrew w don’t have that option. Though in the lift world it’s one of the reasons while the 240 lacks the suppression of the GAU or the .50, you can carry the stock group for it and switch from a mounted machine gun into a hand held machine gun which is what our 60/47 guys do as a contingency for the worst. As you said, “set the tone,” and the tone needs to be something along the lines of “I have and will use the means to make you bleed.”
  6. Su-25 Down in Syria

    I think you guys are really misunderstanding the realities of a gun fight. Maneuver (IE dudes coming to roll you up) is countered by a volume of fire, not really accuracy or range. We exchange literal thousands of rounds in a simple meeting encounter with small 2-3 man shooter groups on the ground. And we kill little/nothing most of the time because the reality is you rarely if ever hit what you’re aiming at whether it’s aimed well or aimed poorly. That’s why a handgun and a couple mags is a joke. About all the resistance you can be expected to put up with that is suitable for some farmer stumbling on your RAZ and trying to take you to the local authorities because he found out you killed one of his chickens. Look back at Vietnam and Desert Storm, name me any incident where a crew member successfully fought it out on the ground alone and unafraid with a handgun. You need noise, you need ammo, and you need persistence of creating a feeling of “I’d better be F’ing worth it to you Hadj!” Because they will overwhelm you. That is going to happen whether you’re down there with a 9mm, a M4, or a 240B. The only difference is the motivation for them to wait a few more minutes that is provided by a persistent defense. Durant had an MP5K, 4 mags, 2 Delta Snipers with full combat load, and all the left over mags and ammo scattered around the wreckage of that Blackhawk.... all that did was buy them minutes. Even if the DC powered GAU had been working, eventually the horde is gonna come get you.
  7. Su-25 Down in Syria

    That last sentence is really the key. Nobody should just have a case of grenades show up in Qatar and be like “well.... pass these out too.”
  8. Su-25 Down in Syria

    Only discharge in the cockpit I’ve seen on deployment was our brigade commander.... he shot a W2. You guys fly with pyro/smoke/flares don’t you? Same concept of “don’t be an F’ing moron” applies. Somehow grenades put the fear of god into people to do the right thing too. And seriously given the PR picture over there of what happens if the opposing team gets you in the frantic scramble I think you guys are missing just what a grenade buys you in pause. A guy/two guys in with M9(s) just hoping at holding off guys with AKs stand a few minutes chance before you’re just screwed. When a grenade goes off though there is a sudden recalibration on everything. Same principle with how much ammo we carry in a go bag. 300 rounds sounds like a lot... until you start going 8-12 rounds per minute of sustained aimed fire and realize you’ve bought maybe a couple minutes of fight. A grenade makes people coming to get you go “holy shit! Does he have any more of those!?!”
  9. Su-25 Down in Syria

    Have you seen how much crap they make us wear in the Apache? We can’t exactly reach stuff either. My comment was more for those thinking “omg! Loose Explosives!” If your using grenade pouches properly that grenade is far more secure than anything dummy tied to your kneeboard or laying on the dash. It they weren’t we would pass around a pelican case for all the joes every time they got on a Hawk with 2 each and then strap it down to something. Funny thing you guys might notice if you ever get up close to an AH/MH-6... they strap an M320 directly behind the right seat pilots door. When you think of a guy fumbling with grenades to load them and close enough to an enemy to use them in the cockpit that should give you pause.... especially since those grenades don’t have an arm/safe pin and the guy has multiple strapped on the outside of his body armor...
  10. Su-25 Down in Syria

    It’s funny to see the stark difference between communities on explosives in aircraft. Grenades are despite reputation relatively benign on their own. We’ve got 19 year old Joes getting in and off aircraft everyday wearing them. Now claymores.... those deserve a healthy respect.
  11. Taxes, the Deficit/Debt, and the Fiscal Cliff

    Tammy Duckworth getting in front of cameras to having a “don’t lecture me!” Session was completely BS. Like if anybody sitting in Congress knows what this is doing by simply turning off The continuous cycle of force generation it’s you. You were a LtCol... you sat at the head of the table during battalion staff training calendar development. You know exactly what you voted for when you said “no, I’d rather we shit it down.” The same dipsticks that were months ago screaming about why we didn’t have more help into Puerto Rico are now fine with the guard losing two training days off the Calendar to make a political statement. Guess when the guard in particular trains... the weekend. Guess who we call on to fill sandbags, put up aid stations, and drive aid convoys when the first line is overwhelmed... the guard.
  12. Syrian Su-22 Shot Down by US Aircraft

    Like I said “come to Jesus scramble.” how anybody with stars on their shoulders could sit through a MSIC briefing from the DE lady and not come out of that thinking “good god we are way behind the curve” is beyond me. But hey let’s spend time/money developing a new PT uniform....
  13. Syrian Su-22 Shot Down by US Aircraft

    The Army has been in a come to Jesus scramble thanks to what ISIS did in Mosul with drones. DE and EW are going to be the kings of the day and last I saw they already have a Humvee and Stryker mounted bolt on module testing out in the desert.
  14. The Next President is...

    In 2 ways. 1 - Citi bank playing Fukfuk games even with the card placed on “mission critical” status. After that long it doesn’t matter, and even when it popped on the 7th Infantry Division bad boy list, didn’t get me paid any faster. 2 - I had thousands of dollars in balances leveraged in top of that on personal credit cards trying to balance all the juggling, awaiting the per diem I wasn’t paid. End total for my TDY was 28 thousand dollars. 18 of that was housing... the other 10 grand was money the Army essentially made me front myself and then not pay back for 2 years after the fact. This is what happens when you jump COCOMs for a WIAS tasking, that your COCOM doesn’t want to support/pay for, and at the end of your TDY the command you were deployed for is discontinued so there is no full bird or chief of staff to get a memo from for whatever shoe says your orders didn’t authorize X/Y/Z. That shit show legitimately made me almost get out of the Army, and it was the most rewarding assignment of my career.
  15. The Next President is...

    It took me 2 years.... no that wasn’t a typo, Years, to get paid for a 6 month TDY that built a 18k dollar balance on my GTC. This night went across 3 commanders and 2 duty stations. In the end Citi and the govt paid me no interest or any kind of compensation for penalties and interests accrued keeping above water and IG could do absolutely nothing about it. This was literally DFAS and DTS playing “Not my problem call the other guy” for 2 years because of how some F’ing shoe clerk chooses to interpret orders. Citi and the GTC places all of the burden of F ups that are entirely the fault of the bureaucracy on the shoulders of the troops we sent to schools/missions and tell them pay for it via this program. They know it routinely takes months to get people paid, but they are issuing charges and fines like these troops have the money in their pocket the whole time. In doing so citi is making billions (seriously) over the decade long period where they own the contract to facilitate and operate the GTC program. They are nothing more than a predatory lender with connections in congress every time they start to look bad.