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  1. -That ability to incorporate some form of stand off day/night sensor both for navigation and targeting. -Organic designation capability (or even just as a section having a buddy/shooter capability). -Employment and fielding of any form of standoff ground attack capability. You can dismiss it but half the airplanes in your list of contemporaries the Tornado was on the ramp with in desert storm enjoyed that ability. Even the A-7 which was supposed to be retired and literally held on to so it could go on the Midway class carriers that couldn’t handle A-6 had enjoyed a stand-off land attack ca
  2. For the opening salvo of the Air Campaign the Fin was flying an extremely low number of sorties (2%) while experiencing roughly 25% of the Allied air losses. This was entirely a combination or tactics vs threat driven both by the limitation of the platform (optimization to low level Euro campaign entirely) with no organic PGM capability in the GR1 and the requirement of those tactics/capes to put the airplane right into the most dangerous regime as far as threat. And there is absolutely no comparison between Tornado GR1 and the IS fielded 111s at the time. GR4 developed into something simila
  3. For the entire 4 years of the Trump presidency has critics and talk head representatives on any number of press sources have attributed statements directly to the president that didn’t happen or were taken completely out of context to construct false statements. Nobody in their camps complained or called them on it. Guess what, the bar was permanent lowered. You can blame the lack of editorial integrity by the press when permitting false statements selectively to align with their greater political narrative. They had no problem bold face stoping or interrupting the office of the Executive o
  4. Also despite that it is the largest market share of viewers in the room... absolutely no questions from those people of the network starting with F. Man it’s almost like they are afraid of Fox News. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. My facial hair turns a color of red that doesn’t exist in Nature except as a way to warn other species. It is epic and it is terrifying. Look like a Swedish porn star from 1978. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. At this point I feel like it would be a better investment for the military to start creating us all new identities vs trying to protect the old ones. I’d like to be Randy Randerson. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I don’t even think they’d need to go that far. With everybody’s exposure to cell phone social messaging failures, it would be to easy to just start selectively targeting key personnel and then posting decently produced fake sexts to their spouses or racist/sexist/what’re likes and retweets via their Instagram etc. a country with a tech apparatus like China could just purposefully your collections capes and sharing the PII of critical players so they have the constant other things to worry about. State sponsored computer terrorism. You wouldn’t even need to necessarily tie it to a particula
  8. Cyber is going to be the Blitzkrieg of the next war. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Yeah, we’ve suddenly woken up to what those of us in the survivability and tactics sections have been screaming about for over a decade. There is no actual plan to buy Spike, it was just to prove possible the theory that a 64 doesn’t need to live/launch with line of sight half way in the WEZ of every modern RF threat. They were using it because we (the worlds only super power) lack stocks of a missile better than cold warrior veterans like AGM-65 or AGM-114 since we have comfortably demonstrated that’s all you need to kill a D-bag with a shovel planting an IED or riding a moto in the desert.
  10. Harpoon and Hellfire haven’t cut it for the peer fight since 2003 and yet here we are, still buying.... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. 1. Our society and the greater whole of western nations have an extremely short memory on anything, much less the will to actual do something about changing our relationship with China. 2. When the original evidence to this theory propped up last year (checkout the SIPR side of things) it was widely criticized as nothing more than a Republican fabricated ploy to wag the dog and distract. So yes the critics and talking heads that kept up that narrative need to be held to task on them spinning it as a narrative. We have more than enough people involved in fixing the problem, we don’t need to
  12. Some of the very same people sitting at the desks demanding answers from Pentagon and Defense contractors on “why does X cost so damn much” were sitting in their making decisions that made this process happen. Nobody for 1 second holds the names of people up with a D or R next to their name that decided to fold a 4.5 Gen Harrier Replacement, a 5th Gen Viper replacement, and the Navy JAST program into a single platform. As jacked up as letting people 10-15 years removed from tactical relevancy in acquisitions branch decide “what we need,” it beats the hell out of elected officials blindly p
  13. Just a few points of perspective on that movie... 1. Actual COL Burton was a moron (look up some of his other Sprey-acolyte work) 2. The Bradley development went nothing like what is depicted in the movie (to include the imagined Israeli narrative) 3. The Brad has served longer in the Army than the Jeep, and is loved by anybody that ever crewed them about as much (particularly the Cav Scouts with the M3). Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. I’m O+, along with my mother and sister and It kicked all our asses on the second dose, so I don’t buy this blood type rumor going around. Might as well start a reaction rumor to astrological sign while we are interneting Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. There are few things more damaging to the self image of the fiefdom D-bags out there than somebody with nothing left to lose. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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