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  1. I was deployed to a location last year that wasn't considered tax free, nor were the missions. However, now the missions are considered to be tax free, retroactively including 2017. What paperwork do I need for finance to pay me my taxes back? TDY orders, flight authorizations, 781, a written statement? Also, one of my buddies took the rotator out to Dhafra. He crossed into CentCom on the 31st, but landed on the 1st of the next month. How can you tell finance that you actually shouldn't pay taxes for that previous month?
  2. Yup, that's it. I swore I'd never fly tankers in UPT, and then I absolutely loved it. True, it was the KC10 and not the 135, but I realized it's not so much the airframe as it is the people you're with. As long as you're surrounded by good dudes and dudettes, you can turn any shitty experience into a good time. So fighter drags were my favorite mission. Nowadays, the most rewarding missions are the high risk SRO ones where I'm going for a swim if the engine fails, but let's be honest--it's the go-gel I really like.
  3. I loved going TDY in the tanker around the Pacific. The flying was okay, but I had way more fun on the ground at Ascension/Wake/Thailand/Guam/Tokyo/Alaska/Australia/Spain/Germany/etc... Those super low-impact, low-threat fighter drags were my favorite.
  4. I was on the "wtf how'd he get off with no jailtime for deserting?" bandwagon until I went and talked to my SERE instructor in the vault. Big surprise, there's a lot that isn't getting reported beyond the open-source "he gave us good SERE intel." Given all the new information, I'm not as irked about his sentence anymore.
  5. I hear a lot of complaints about our "war fighting capability," but let's be honest here--a tranny can make a powerpoint slide just as good as a straight dude. More importantly... can I now get out early if I identify as a woman??? Cha-CHING!
  6. Man it's easy to bitch about gates being closed, but goddamn, Knight said it in a way that makes me feel okay about it. Now if only Beale could fix that fvcking bridge...
  7. So that's happening now? I remember when we had the DADT repeal training back in '12, and the general consensus amongst everyone was that no one (at least at the bar afterward) cared if people served openly gay. But if I remember correctly, it was mainly about the admin kind of stuff. Like "Before, you could face punishment for being gay. Now you can't." Is that what this is now? Like "Before, you couldn't enlist/commission if you identified as trans. Now you can." Or is it something else?
  8. Azimuth... Damn dude, that's a whack story. But seriously, I hope you posting all this in public forums doesn't come back to bite you in the ass. I saw you dropped ranks and names in that reddit post... I too like to live a risky lifestyle, but whew... I hope no one comes running back at you with a defamation or libel lawsuit or anything else that would make your life miserable! Thanks for your service, thanks for sharing your story and being so candid about getting boned by the AF, and I hope whatever new career you have treats you better! Stay thirsty my friend.
  9. Are you baseopsing from your blender in the kitchen? What a world we live in!
  10. We're not danging you for your medical sob story, we're criticizing you for being rude to an old man who, from the sound of it, just wanted to thank you for your service, or maybe talk about what you do because he once served too. Now the old man probably thinks the rest of us young ins are a bunch of selfish pricks thanks to you. When you're in uniform, you represent more than just yourself, whether you want to or not--other people aren't as enlightened as you, hatedont. Its always smart to tell people you at least appreciate them thanking you for your service. Couldn't you spare a few seconds for your elder to say that? Kind of a dick move, dude. I'd say your actions represent what's wrong with America in general, more than what wrong with the Air Force.
  11. And that bank vacuum tube train thingy that Elon mentioned once that for some reason people took seriously.
  12. Whelp, I stand corrected on that one. Back to what's RIGHT with the Air Force, a few bros in my Squadron put together a "condensed" powerpoint that covered a bunch of the annual/semi-annual/deployment CBTs, sent it out in an email with a request that we simply email them confirming we reviewed the slideshow, and then they could log it in ADLS for us, thus saving us the trouble of doing said CBTs. I'm not too sure about the finer details, or how it turned out, but I wasn't about to not participate. My knowledge on the CBT subjects still remains the same.
  13. Perhaps we can have this pilotless discussion when they have driverless trucks cruising down the highway. Let's start with that before we move on to Airliners. The technology exists, obviously, to remove drivers and pilots. But it's gonna take a generation for the public to be okay with driverless trucks and for the guvment to figure out how to regulate it. It'll take even longer for airplanes to go that way, and it has nothing to do with technology. It has to do with public perception and regulation, which I think will take a full three or four decades. And also how strong the pilot union is.
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