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  1. Trogdor

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    Does the B-1 use the Bronco MOA's? From my time at Cannon they seemed mostly inactive. Although, we only headed that way occasionally, asking ATC to cut the corner through the Bronco MOA's.
  2. Trogdor

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    Think someone already said it, but Reese would be perfect. Airspace still on the sectional (hardly used from what I have seen) but it also says it is a private field now, but I know the pavement of the old three runways is still there. If you look at from the air, it still looks like an AFB. I bet many in AFSOC would of been much happier if AFSOC West could of been an hour down the road in Red Raider country.
  3. Trogdor

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    That has to be one of the funniest things I have seen in awhile...can we just send that link out on .mil accounts and just rehack the whole Air Force at one time? NBD right?
  4. Thanks for the reply's all! I am taking terminal, about a month's worth. Brabus, I was thinking that was the case but it scared me a bit when I am 2.5 months or so out and the local AFRC scares me into thinking I am not going to have coverage (or having to pay that ridiculous 1500 Tricare gap premium). I will keep reaching out to my new unit.... just trying to keep the balance of staying on top of things vs. being the annoying new guy to a new platform/new guard unit. As of now, I would prefer the free TAMP vs guard/airline healthcare.
  5. Funny....AD doesn't have one yet. I know three '06 guys in my squadron alone that have already separated with never being offered a bonus once, with a fourth to separate soon. '06 year group never got an early offer like the year groups before. So, I guess retention is a high priority among those on high. I know... I know... the bonus is a little more complicated than a wing king just throwing out money. Or maybe, those even higher up realize those that will stay, will stay regardless of a bonus... so it doesn't really matter when they drop AD bonus?
  6. Trogdor

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    As an 06 guy...In my community (with some data points across other airframes), the guys with "the right stuff" are at school or off doing AF level staff stuff now. The next level and below are doing MAJCOM staff or filling deployed CC/DO billets. I think MAJCOM did a good job picking the people with "the right stuff," for the most part. Although, I think there are some surprises that will be interesting when they are in charge. Outside of the shiny penny group... I know two... literally two 06 year group aircrew that are sticking around. Everyone else I know has left already, dropped paperwork, 7 day opted, or plan to 7 day opt on the next deployment/PCS (I wonder how the bonus taker stats will relate to those that have left without ever being offered a bonus????). I kind of feel bad for "the right stuff" peeps. They aren't going to have any peers to help them out when they get back to the squads, groups, or wings. You know, the ones with the first hand knowledge of deployed tactical ops or working the staff grind. But, experienced IP's/EP's will just be replaced with less experienced IP's/EP's... with those lesser experienced peeps being pulled for "other" type jobs and deployments due to the vacuum above. The status quo will change by the time they return in two-four years. Overall, I think things are changing for the good and heading in the right direction, but I think there is going to be some choppy waters for the next few years as the AF figures this out.
  7. So, my local AFRC has not been much help because I thought going AD to guard made you eligible for TAMP? I thought a briefer in my TAPS class said I was, but that was five months ago, and I found this is the quote straight from the Tricare website: "Separating from regular active duty service and agree to become a member of the Selected Reserve of a Reserve Component. The Service member must become a Selected Reservist the day immediately following release from regular active duty service to qualify. " However, the main AFRC TAPS guy had me reference a three letter code on my sep orders, which he told me that it indicated I was not eligible. Is this three letter code on my sep orders because my PF has not been completed yet, or is there something my gaining guard unit is supposed to doing in the various computer systems? I am starting to get close to my final out and it was a surprise to me when the AFRC guy said this to me. I am waiting on some final paper work from my guard recruiter, but I don't believe I will have a break in service. Stopping by my local Tricare and finishing up some final med stuff was on my to do over the next week, but I thought I would ask here to see if anyone has recent first hand knowledge.
  8. Trogdor

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    That is what I ended up doing, after wasting some time, and I 100% agree... but in my little corner of the AF, just booking rooms without going through DTS or contacting the contract travel agents is one sure way to get yourself highlighted without letting your CC know what you are doing (non-AMC, so maybe we don't have the finer points figured out or the usual skids greased). My CC was fine with it, but the power that is given to the group civ RA's is infuriating. My main point is to highlight that the "official" process our group follows in order to honor the JTR makes life infinitely more difficult. This process starts at the top, at the highest levels as far as I'm concerned. Our group has had several emphasis item's and emails on using proper channels, using gov lodging, threats/instructions from the group Civ RA's to our CGO squad RA's, and general just making life difficult. I'm just upset the commonsense and easiest way will get you in trouble. It just brings back memories of that stupid debit card thing they did back in 2012 or so.... The reg and process is built to the lowest common denominator of arm snuffy who goes TDY once every five years. All of it in an effort to fight fraud/abuse for said lowest common denominator which makes the life of aircrew infinitely more difficult who has to deal with this on much more frequent basis. This might of been better for what's wrong with the AF, but thought it fit here as well.
  9. Trogdor

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Leaveweb never updated my promotion to Major (actually I never bothered to fix it is the correct answer)....I've been approving leave for Major's as a Captain (according to Leaveweb) for over a year. Not a single one rejected. This just sounds like an airman with a chip on his shoulder. But like previously said...looks like you got a day off from your leadership without it actually counting against you. Could be worse.
  10. Trogdor

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Recent experience that validated my soon to be separation... One last short notice TDY for mother Air Force: Called preferred hotel and asked if they have availability at gov per diem rate for the short notice TDY, they don't but another very suitable option exists down the road. Do I want to reserve said rooms on my GTC and then even it out between everyone's GTC once we check in? I say no and think I will try and do the right thing according to mother Air Force. I call the gov contract travel agent.......WHAT, I cant reserve the rooms without the GTC number, DOD ID number, birth date, phone number, address, and email of every person on my TDY? What I could accomplish in a literal three minutes the Air Force turned into a two hour plus ordeal...... All I'm saying, it's not just additional duties that are driving people to leave. I would just reserve the rooms..... but you know, some GS-11 RA at the group will threaten the wrath of an irate O-6 down onto my O-5 and me for not following Air Force protocol for government mandated travel...... oh cant forget the threat of footing me with the bill on top of that. If the guard is anything like this...I may just say see ya for good....
  11. Trogdor

    The new airline thread

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/united-airlines-is-making-its-employees-take-compassion-training/ar-BBK0ayk So, is United taking a play out of Big Blue's book? Can anyone with United say if you're getting paid for this four hour training?
  12. Trogdor

    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    What is the ORM process for IP's at the AETC these days? I know in my corner of the AF, you can mark your risk as high/extreme or whatever. But, if the appropriate level of leadership signs off and tells you to fly anyways... that's why they are called orders. I also wonder if the ORM approval has gone up any higher than what was previously stated. But, if risk is identified and the appropriate level leader signs off then you do still have a choice. Sack up and fly, or refuse the order and be ready for whatever punishment may come down. Although, it does sound like a mass strike might be brewing from the likes of this thread.
  13. Trogdor

    Help with a Divorce

    One more thing, go to your local AFRC. They used to have counselors that would do a certain amount of sessions for situations like this free of cost that was completely anonymous, nothing recorded, and nothing pushed to the med group. I cant imagine that program has gone away. The one they had at my base was someone from a local city that would do this part time. So, she wasn't military and she had seen it all. After hearing my story she help immensely with my thought process, my ex's thought process, and also talked about avenues to fix the marriage (if that is possible). You could do it as a couple or by yourself. Thought it could be something you could look into.
  14. Trogdor

    Help with a Divorce

    Two on consulting with the lawyer and everything else Vertigo said... no kids should hopefully make it an easier process. You should know that different states can have different rules on what is considered marital property. Some states, the only stuff that gets divided are debt/assets you accrued while married (you keep what you brought into the marriage). Some states, it doesn't matter, everything is common property/debt once you are married. Standards on alimony payment varies with states, length of marriage, her job before the military marriage and her job now, did you pay any of her debt, living standard increase on her part (or yours), etc. Also, a lawyer can help with the peculiar nuances of being married in one state and getting divorced in another. Although, if you two can do this amicably, some states will do a no contest divorce. Basically, it is pretty cheap with no lawyers. You show up to the judge and anything in your possession/name on the day of the divorce is now yours. If she/you want to fight about anything... then that wont be an option. Additionally, knowing the state laws will keep your expectations (and hers if she/you choose to fight something) within the realm of reality. So, after initial consultation with a lawyer you could go down the path of a no contest divorce and save some money in lawyer fees/court costs (which is how mine went down). Talk to your commanders, get their advice on your class dates. Last thing you want in B-Course is constant syllabus dev's due to dealing with this situation...across state lines. I would recommend getting this closer to a resolution or way ahead before starting formal training. I say all this in the implication that the marriage is in fact over. Every situation is different, it sucks, time does heal the wounds, immediately seek help from friends/family if you see any self-destructive tendencies in your actions, and I wish you well.
  15. Trogdor

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I also could of framed the post a little better, but I agree with you. Believe it or not, my mission set is much the same and flying two instruction flights a week (which is the norm for me and most IP/EP home station) takes up a majority of a 40 hour work week. I actually love it and am still doing it. I was within two years and turned down the staff gig... because less/no flying and more non flying paperwork doesn't sound appeasing. Although, I think staying in the squadron wouldn't even be enough for me (bonus or no bonus), as most weeks turn into 50-60 hours. Air Force has to fix that. When you deploy/TDY someone for half of a year most will be unwilling to deal with 50-60 hour weeks. Choice is easy... flying in sqdn with long weeks and deployments, staff with no flying but maybe steady/predictable day job, or get out when companies are paying well....