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  1. Help with a Divorce

    One more thing, go to your local AFRC. They used to have counselors that would do a certain amount of sessions for situations like this free of cost that was completely anonymous, nothing recorded, and nothing pushed to the med group. I cant imagine that program has gone away. The one they had at my base was someone from a local city that would do this part time. So, she wasn't military and she had seen it all. After hearing my story she help immensely with my thought process, my ex's thought process, and also talked about avenues to fix the marriage (if that is possible). You could do it as a couple or by yourself. Thought it could be something you could look into.
  2. Help with a Divorce

    Two on consulting with the lawyer and everything else Vertigo said... no kids should hopefully make it an easier process. You should know that different states can have different rules on what is considered marital property. Some states, the only stuff that gets divided are debt/assets you accrued while married (you keep what you brought into the marriage). Some states, it doesn't matter, everything is common property/debt once you are married. Standards on alimony payment varies with states, length of marriage, her job before the military marriage and her job now, did you pay any of her debt, living standard increase on her part (or yours), etc. Also, a lawyer can help with the peculiar nuances of being married in one state and getting divorced in another. Although, if you two can do this amicably, some states will do a no contest divorce. Basically, it is pretty cheap with no lawyers. You show up to the judge and anything in your possession/name on the day of the divorce is now yours. If she/you want to fight about anything... then that wont be an option. Additionally, knowing the state laws will keep your expectations (and hers if she/you choose to fight something) within the realm of reality. So, after initial consultation with a lawyer you could go down the path of a no contest divorce and save some money in lawyer fees/court costs (which is how mine went down). Talk to your commanders, get their advice on your class dates. Last thing you want in B-Course is constant syllabus dev's due to dealing with this situation...across state lines. I would recommend getting this closer to a resolution or way ahead before starting formal training. I say all this in the implication that the marriage is in fact over. Every situation is different, it sucks, time does heal the wounds, immediately seek help from friends/family if you see any self-destructive tendencies in your actions, and I wish you well.
  3. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I also could of framed the post a little better, but I agree with you. Believe it or not, my mission set is much the same and flying two instruction flights a week (which is the norm for me and most IP/EP home station) takes up a majority of a 40 hour work week. I actually love it and am still doing it. I was within two years and turned down the staff gig... because less/no flying and more non flying paperwork doesn't sound appeasing. Although, I think staying in the squadron wouldn't even be enough for me (bonus or no bonus), as most weeks turn into 50-60 hours. Air Force has to fix that. When you deploy/TDY someone for half of a year most will be unwilling to deal with 50-60 hour weeks. Choice is easy... flying in sqdn with long weeks and deployments, staff with no flying but maybe steady/predictable day job, or get out when companies are paying well....
  4. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    So, its about the money or not? Consequently, it doesn't surprise me that the Generals can't ever get a solid plan for the way forward. We talk about queep and that we only want to fly, but you find guys that are actively making that choice and they are shit on. So, slightly disagree... I think you find the lazy ones at all ranks O-5 and below. While some are inherently lazy (I tend to believe it is a very small percentage in our career field and we all know who it is), I think it is the function of the system the Air Force has created. Hard work is relatively unappreciated unless you are a shiny penny, especially once you are senior captain. Whether you had aspirations for command or not, everyone realizes at some point you are another cog in the machine (if not on command track). That's when you realize that you are doing this work for that dream to fly planes, then you realize you aren't really flying planes anymore. Then you realize there are jobs where I fly only... maybe get paid less but most likely for more money. Then you ask yourself, why should I put in more than 40 hours a week, the AF wrote me off years ago except to be the paper pusher that gets to fly. The ADO office usually balances this out... the ADO still striving picks up all the slack of the other ADO's making the 40 hour a week choice. If you choose to go to staff, you might be able to make a difference... maybe... but you will do more paper pushing and less flying. Are we going to crap on the guy in the squadron that wants to show up and just fly? The fact he does ANYTHING in the squadron is more work than he would be doing if working for an airline..... The big leaders in the Air Force must acknowledge this fact if they are going to fix anything. So, agree that the above plan needs some kind of check... but in reality the flying only track could be fixed/controlled by good leadership at the squadron and group levels.
  5. Toxic Communities

    I'll add another little gem from that era in AFSOC..."if you have to choose to be a better aviator or officer, be a better officer." This to a room full of CGO's, the youngest out of UPT/UNT to the CGO's who have been around a bit. It was the trifecta of leadership with my squadron/CC during that time frame. As said above... two are two stars (or select) while the other is an O-6 on his way to a star from what I hear. Additionally, the HPO syndrome wasn't even hidden, when it was stated that "CGO" awards were reserved for certain "types" of people. I recognize that there HAS to be a meritocracy, just like there has always been through high school, college, and sports at all levels. Although, the AF likes to hide where you are in the system, unless you have the decoder ring.... I never thought that this profession would be the example of how not be a part of the team. When you are at war, you need everyone to be apart of the team, even if they are the worst performers. If they don't deserve to be there... we HAVE systems to weed them out (and I don't think they are the systems the AF has been using in the last 5-10 years). The AF forgot how to work as a team, because "performance" had nothing to do with breaking things and killing people. At least for a time period in AFSOC. It is better now, but I know those who came before are still out there. That is a big part of what has me leaning towards "greener" pastures.
  6. What a chod.... Sorry for the vulgarity, but I take offense to some random pentagon dude (if that is what he really is) calling my patriotism into question. In the 9 years since I have earned my wings I have spent 3.5 years deployed in some of the best garden spots the USAF can provide. That does not include home station TDY's. All said, I have spent half my pilot life not sleeping in my own bed. Oh, don't forget all the PCS moves on top of that. I never said no to a deployment and I have always wanted (and am willing) to do my part. You know what... I am almost willing to keep doing that same tempo if I get to fly, because I like the mission and I like being a line guy. However, the AF is telling that is not in my future if I want to get promoted and if I tank my career (promotion to O-5) to stay a line guy I may get the boot at 15 years. So, I weigh my options. I have a lot of hours and there are a lot of jobs that will let me fly (and fly only) on the outside. The up and out system of the AF is a big problem that the AF does not want to face and/or change. You could pay me half of what I make, if you told me I could stay at the same base for 5-8 years and stay a line guy doing the same plans/scheds/mobility crap job when not flying. I know some non-rated folks are working hard to try and fix this mess... but all I can remember is one of my buddies (good dude that was good to hang out with but non-rated). He was looking at separating at his 6 year point, but volunteered for a 180 because he said he couldn't in good conscience separate from the AF if he didn't know what it was like to deploy..... I had already been on four by that point.......... In the end of the day... we are all aware of the ops tempo disparity in the AF and some of us have more options than others when our commitment is up. I signed a contract out of solid faith with the government on a patriotic duty, and shame on ANYONE in leadership or the puzzle palace that calls that into question when that contract is up.
  7. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Reminds me of my SOS experience when they had some inspection going on.... I was walking out of the BX after lunch with my drink (sipping from the straw), halfway to my car I hear this "captain...captain... CAPTIAN... CAPTIAN." It was about the 5th or 6th iteration that I realize, "captain" meant me. This sends me into flashbacks of my freshman year where I am ready to get thoroughly screamed at by some upperclassman screaming "4 degree." As I turn around, I am surprised to see this TSgt in a nice gallop from halfway across the parking lot, only to say "sir, you are not supposed to drink that drink while you are walking....it's against the regs and we have this inspection and all." Due to the surprised look I gave him as he came up, I think I could see the embarrassment in his face as he realized what he was doing, so I just said "Ok, thanks". I sometimes still regret not having a more clever retort to this menial correction in the middle of my day. I think, more than anything, I was just baffled at being addressed like a freshman from the Academy (by a TSgt) when I was a mid-level Captain. That, with my classmates (good people and only three or so aircrew, but its telling when I had more deployments than all of them combined), made me understand that the priorities of the AF was severely off course and in the wrong direction.
  8. My estimate is also A LOT, 48K+ at least, maybe 60K. It would have to be in that range for me to at least consider it. It would have to be substantial in order for me to take that next PCS to somewhere I don't really care to live, do more paper work than I am already doing, and never see the inside of a cockpit for three years... because, you know, promotion and someone has to feed the machine... They could pay me a lot less if I could stay where I am at and keep flying the mission and deploying every once in awhile (on a flying deployment). I even considered staying in as an O-4 free agent (7 day opt on any PCS/365 non-flying deployment BS), which sounded like a possibility from my leadership, but they also said the AF would very likely (or could) fire me when I got passed over for O-5. Good thing I know few other places that will pay a decent wage to fly and only fly.
  9. 7 days a week?! Sounds like a fun time to be a 38 IP... leave an ops unit for a break, only to find out you traded in your weekends for the foreseeable future
  10. More SARC briefings soon.

    And the decision to leave just keeps getting easier....it's not all about the money. The PC insanity is hitting ludicrous speed and I frankly don't want to be apart of it. The military has already tried to brainwash me enough for one lifetime.
  11. I think this hits a huge question on every pilots mind when deciding whether to stay or leave, which I think a good percentage of pilots that wish to stay flying and not chase the proverbial command or promotion. On top of all the other queep that everyone complains about, it is whether or not the Air Force is going to decide to give you the boot at 15 years. All the VSP and RIF's done in recent years are fresh in everyone's mind. If I make conscious decisions to stay in the jet, thus increasing my chances of getting passed over to O-5. Am I going to get the boot as an O-4 at 15 years or get non-vol'd into the next 365 dropped to our wing? Even after I have already deployed 13 times in the last 10 years, not to include all said TDY's on top of that. I think there is a huge percentage of pilots who like the idea of choosing this exact career path (me included). However, the Air Force has institutionally established an environment that makes the idea of flying on the outside attractive, regardless of money. Make more money and have more control over your life, that's also not dependent on the pendulum swings of Congress or the current CSAF, easy decision for some.
  12. Page endlessly loading

    Thanks. Nice temp fix to the problem but guess there is something else going on with the boards.
  13. Page endlessly loading

    With the new board I have not had a problem going to the last page when I click on a thread. At first, when the new board appeared, if I was on page 72 then clicked on 71 it would take a few extra seconds to load. Today, and last couple times I have been on, it is just endlessly loading. No matter what thread I have clicked, the last page will load almost instantly. However, on any thread, if I click on the page before with the last page already loaded, the top banner and stuff will load but the threads never load... just a loading symbol. I have to check my mobile still, but this is happening on Win 8 in IE11 and chrome fully updated. Anyone else have this issue or suggestions? I searched but found nothing with this exact problem, but then again, this issue is making heard to navigate multiple paged threads.
  14. The Air Force could start with ISR wings. I know one AFSOC base that it could be beneficial. From my perspective it seems that a leadership of higher rank fighting the ISR battle could make more headway in making some of the necessary changes. It is a different dynamic with half a base at constant war while everyone else getting ready to go out or relaxing just from getting back. Also, If/when the AF moves to a cyber/info/whatever command then those wings would be an easy move. Also, second/third/etc. the warrant officer solution.
  15. What is the rational behind a Q3 for not having an Ipad "properly" locked during a brief, de-brief, or on the jet??? Seems like a little bit of an overkill... is it like saying if you can't properly lock your ipad you must not be able to properly fly your plane (you know... like not properly tucking in your PT gear)... which will result in a fiery death of everyone on board? If not that, then I guess they must think highly of all that super secret flip we carry around on those things...