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  1. "We don't really handle officer promotions, you should ask your unit." ...my active duty unit...filled with active duty people...who know nothing about Reserve promotions.
  2. Anybody know anything about PV promotions in the reserve. Looking at stats it's <20% to O-5 for IMAs (lower than the other line categories). What's the gouge on how to be competitive? I mean, besides PME. Does a guy with lots extended AD have a better shot than a part-timer? Do higher-level positions have better luck than lower (HAF vs Wg for example)? Just curious. Lot's of sites have the regulatory info, but I can find any analysis. As an IMA it's not like I have a unit to go ask either. Thanks in advance.
  3. I went reserve last year, but hopefully this helps. There isn't any paperwork involved. The key is the date of separation. The orders don't flow until after the DOS and they take some time. They *should* get back dated to your DOS, but there will be a break in real-time for a few weeks (but no break on paper once it is finalized). Talk to the recruiter, not the TAPS guy. Mine acted like it was a non-issue. I bugged my DET a lot because I didn't want a gap in healthcare coverage, but you can just wait until the paperwork goes through to file any Tricare claims. Are you taking terminal after your final out?
  4. Broke

    I need some advice

    I've got a 60% rating from the VA, my back has hurt every waking minute of the last 6 years, my last commander on active duty made my life miserable (on purpose), but I'd regret it daily if I hadn't done it. 1,500 hours in 3 different helicopters, 55 combat missions, 12 combat saves and 6 civil rescues all made it worthwhile. And it gave me the KSEs to get a sweet reserve gig and a very well compensated contractor job.
  5. Found a direct number to ARPC. Here's the deal, RASL and ADL promotions fall under different subsections of Title 10. Even if you were twice considered on AD, you haven't been considered under the Reserve section, so you are not considered to be deferred on those boards. As others have said, the terms I/A/BPZ aren't used, but for all intents and purposes, PV is IPZ and mandatory boards are I/APZ. Non-selection on a PV board doesn't count as a deferral, but twice deferred on a mandatory board will drive separation or continuation as the case may be.
  6. I guess I could clarify. Table 5.2 in 36-2504 OFFICER PROMOTION, CONTINUATION AND SELECTIVE EARLY REMOVAL IN THE RESERVE OF THE AIR FORCE discusses date of rank and it's different for APZ vs IPZ. Is it correct to say that if you haven't been passed over in the reserve, you are IPZ regardless of AD deferrals?
  7. Searched, couldn't find an answer. I was twice deferred on active duty. Got out. Found an IMA position. I'm about to meet my first reserve board and I'm not sure if I'm considered IPZ or APZ. In practice, the only real difference is DOR, but I'm curious. As an IMA, my CSS is active duty, so they aren't too experienced with reservists and the AFI doesn't distinguish. Does anybody know if I'm considered APZ or IPZ for the (mandatory, not PV) board? Thanks.
  8. Broke

    Assignment after Medical DQ

    No MEB just DQ Sent from my MotoG3 using Baseops Network Forums mobile app
  9. Broke

    Assignment after Medical DQ

    Anybody have any SA on what happens if you're selectively continued then go medically DQ'd with one year left on your ADSC? Asking for a friend...
  10. Broke

    More SARC briefings soon.

    They had us watch "The Invisible War", which is an independent documentary about some women filing suit against the DoD. It was actually very worthwile. They weren't the improper use of alcohol type situations we usually hear about. These were violent rapes which the documentary alleges are central to the problem. The video suggested that the problem is that we overemphasize victim advocacy rather than prosecuting the perpetrators. I would recommend you watch it in your free time, it's on Netflix. Of course, as soon as we finished watching the video we went into a briefing on being a good wingman and avoiding demon liqour, so I guess big-blue won the day in the end.
  11. Broke


    1) So they're going to buy 18 aircraft at $77,000,000.00 for a total of $1.386 BILLION dollars, with a higher life-cycle mx cost and this is going to save $10 bil over 10 years? 2) The CV-22 has been evaluated and found insufficient as a CSAR platform already. 3) Are we seriously using Libya as an example of the Osprey's CSAR capability?
  12. Broke

    C-17 Pilot Charged in Training Jump Death

    Agree with Toro. This was not taught when I went through (Apr '10). There was however a Major with whom I got in a verbal altercation after he asked if he could attempt the above "in order to help out the AIB". Like others have said when it come to privilege, ask not, get not.