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  1. Bahahaha! I just saw this. I chose to comment on the thread because I am one of the relatively few people on here who has actually been nonselected to major (4 times!) and met a selective continuation board. So no, I'm not going far in today's Air Force. But never pass up an opportunity to use the "you're what's wrong with the Air Force" line. Its a pretty reliable way to get up voted. Also, your "people like you who make all encompassing assumptions" comment made me think of Star Wars, so thanks for that.
  2. First off, I didn't delete anything. Second, I didn't accuse you of anything. I asked you a question to clarify a point and then made two if/then statements.
  3. I didn't read "press to test to see if they are dumb enough to pay me" as "asking if I am eligible for involuntary separation pay through official AF channels".
  4. Wait...what? In what universe is trying to get money from someone that you know you are not entitled to not fraud? That's literally the definition of "defraud". And I didn't accuse him of doing it. He literally said "Anyone know how to press to test to see if they are dumb enough to pay me Separation Pay for non-continuation?" How am I the a-hole here?
  5. I didn't go straight to fraud. I asked what the letter said. If a person straight up said "don't promote" me, then turned around and tried to get invol sep then that person is committing fraud (i.e. the "hope nobody notices" comment from a third party above). The content of the letter is relevant to the discussion as is your intent in pursuing the separation pay. That's why I asked a question and followed up with several "if, then" statements. This is decidedly different from making an accusation.
  6. Why did you write the letter in the first place? If it was in order to get non-continued so you could (no pun intended) duck out of your ADSC then you are not entitled to pay. If you try to get paid anyway then you are committing fraud. If the letter was to clarify derogatory info then it wouldn't be the reason you got non-selected (the derog would be the reason). In that case, you get the money. Why the confusion?
  7. Definitely not notification or public release. Pretty sure it's OSD but with this board, who knows?
  8. My wing commander on my second pass over was a real urethra and he a) waited until 1700 the day before public release to tell me (or rather, waited until 1700 to tell his exec to tell my squadron commander) and b) incorrectly informed me that I had been non-selected for continuation and would have to be out in 120 days. Same wing commander did my PRF for my third look and didn't realize until I told him that it was my third look. He wasn't a real conscientious guy. Don't worry though, he still made O-7. You will probably be continued, but you can always decline it (just understand that while all of your ADSCs will go away, so will your GI Bill transfer benefits if you are still under the commitment for that).
  9. Been there. Did they not offer continuation? I got continued on AD then Palace Fronted and made it first time in the Reserve. Highly recommend that option if you can find a unit. Feel free to hit me up if you have questions.
  10. Last question: Any idea why the reg says PV to O-5 is four years, but the date in vpc promotion calculator is 5? PSDMs for recent boards also say 5.
  11. "We don't really handle officer promotions, you should ask your unit." ...my active duty unit...filled with active duty people...who know nothing about Reserve promotions.
  12. Anybody know anything about PV promotions in the reserve. Looking at stats it's <20% to O-5 for IMAs (lower than the other line categories). What's the gouge on how to be competitive? I mean, besides PME. Does a guy with lots extended AD have a better shot than a part-timer? Do higher-level positions have better luck than lower (HAF vs Wg for example)? Just curious. Lot's of sites have the regulatory info, but I can find any analysis. As an IMA it's not like I have a unit to go ask either. Thanks in advance.
  13. I went reserve last year, but hopefully this helps. There isn't any paperwork involved. The key is the date of separation. The orders don't flow until after the DOS and they take some time. They *should* get back dated to your DOS, but there will be a break in real-time for a few weeks (but no break on paper once it is finalized). Talk to the recruiter, not the TAPS guy. Mine acted like it was a non-issue. I bugged my DET a lot because I didn't want a gap in healthcare coverage, but you can just wait until the paperwork goes through to file any Tricare claims. Are you taking terminal after your final out?
  14. Broke

    I need some advice

    I've got a 60% rating from the VA, my back has hurt every waking minute of the last 6 years, my last commander on active duty made my life miserable (on purpose), but I'd regret it daily if I hadn't done it. 1,500 hours in 3 different helicopters, 55 combat missions, 12 combat saves and 6 civil rescues all made it worthwhile. And it gave me the KSEs to get a sweet reserve gig and a very well compensated contractor job.
  15. Found a direct number to ARPC. Here's the deal, RASL and ADL promotions fall under different subsections of Title 10. Even if you were twice considered on AD, you haven't been considered under the Reserve section, so you are not considered to be deferred on those boards. As others have said, the terms I/A/BPZ aren't used, but for all intents and purposes, PV is IPZ and mandatory boards are I/APZ. Non-selection on a PV board doesn't count as a deferral, but twice deferred on a mandatory board will drive separation or continuation as the case may be.