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  1. Why would you ask for permission instead of forgiveness?
  2. So the solution to the manning situation is to prohibit dudes who want to from staying in the cockpit? Genius! We’ll have this thing fixed in no time at all! 🤬
  3. Years ago we were told to get a Masters. Then we were told we didn’t need one. Then we did again. Now we need one for O-6. Standing by for next pendulum swing. ACSC is no different. And if you think senior raters are really following CSAF guidance when they decide what they value in a person going up for promotion, I challenge you to look at how many things were made optional that they still insist on doing month after month.
  4. Tactical victory at a strategic loss. Is it truly without worth if it increases your pay? Going from a 14+ O-4 to a 16+ O-5 is netting me over $1,100/month more because not failing to complete a “worthless course” didn’t make a bunch on non-ops O-6s (the majority of your board make-up) look at me as lazy or unpromotable. Good for you for going full Kaepernick and having a belief. But don’t be surprised if it nets the same result from the corporation.
  5. I love DoD wants to create a system of network-based solutions, yet struggles to maintain any semblance of network security on multiple domains. Does this stuff not make your skin crawl even a little?
  6. In the infinite wisdom of our system, TAPS is expanding to beyond a year, but our service makes you wait until inside a year to apply for retirement. Yet another example of the left hand not talking to the right. Can’t imagine why people want to leave this organization. Source: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/04/18/changes-coming-militarys-transition-assistance-program-fall.html
  7. Are you going to an ejection seat aircraft? If so, I expect a waiver to be extremely difficult. This may be in their calculus for UPT, as well, since the T-6 has a seat. I’d expect to address that in your package.
  8. My money is a “B-something”. If you can get up and move around the aircraft, I’m going to speculate a higher chance you can wear a 2-piece bag.
  9. If only a member of Congress read a forum like this...
  10. Does EVERYONE need to focus on the future conflict, or can we rotate units through prep routinely while the other guys focus on today’s fight? Isn’t this why the Flags were developed? AEF has been (in practicality) dead for some time. But maybe we can actually let dudes focus on a particular near-term way ahead as opposed to everyone preparing for Folda Gap 2.0 while also preparing for the ‘Stan. If everything is important, nothing is important.
  11. You know, a buddy of mine and I were just discussing the impending doctor shortage which threatens to cripple America’s combat capability in the next 5-7 years...🙄
  12. The countdown begins... Remember, nothing sucks worse than being shot with your own gun. All in jest. I do hope the organization who allowed the Chinese to take my personal information no less than 5 times figures out how to keep these things from flipping blue to red.
  13. Recommendation pushes $100K/year for the cap Vice the current $35K. Not that it matters. This is the same organization that won’t allow renegotiated amounts but will gladly let you add three years at the current joke of an amount; no way they offer the max if it does go up.
  14. Not sure this invalidates his argument. Are you really measuring VO2 max with anaerobic events (like max piss-poor reps in a minute)? And he’s right: the age bands are ridiculous. A 39 year-old is leaps and bounds different than a 30 year-old. Can’t even imagine what the poor 49 year-old bastards go through.
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