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  1. war007afa

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    We appear to be in violent agreement. Initially when our guys went out in the ABU, they were targeted more often because of it. Didn’t take long to quit doing that. You mean like the guy who literally said the exact same thing as you did in your argument above?
  2. war007afa

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Actually, the ABU was part of the struggle in Iraq/Afghanistan. Insurgents routinely targeted the dudes in the “different” uniform first because they had learned who was talking to aircraft. But that has nothing to do with the change in service dress uniform which *might* happen “eventually”.
  3. war007afa

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    Keep it up, Big Blue. The young guys are watching. Today’s lack of seriousness and honesty is tomorrow’s retention problem. And worse yet, tomorrow’s recruiting problem.
  4. Email sent from COMAFPC to organizations stated current take rate for initial eligible pilots was sub-27%. So there’s that...
  5. war007afa

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    It’s 101 degrees and 30 knot winds outside right now present location. I’m damn glad I’m able to take off my top. I also have an option to wear a sweet ass fire retardant combat shirt that breathes. The bag will always have a place in my heart, but I’m digging the improved QoL associated with the two-piece. I equate to loving a sport bike but sitting on a Harley for the first time. Trust me when I say you won’t look back. Also, for the ejection seat argument, how hard is it to get suspenders or some other tech solution to enable the swap? And don’t fast pants do most of the work retaining the bottom part of the garment anyway?
  6. war007afa

    Anyone missing a C-130 prop?

    No way it came off an aircraft in flight. Way too intact and minimal damage to the ground. Bet it fell off a truck.
  7. Number I just saw via a mass email stated around 23% with a quick window closure on the horizon. Bets on updates PSDM offering more time?
  8. war007afa

    Promotion and PRF Information

    So, Duck, does your contact happen to know what the deal is with the O-5 board timeline? Are we looking at another 6 months?
  9. war007afa

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Well, it’s pretty hard to keep doctors around, so we had better find a way to retain that talent and experience. The Air Force has to be cautious with these kinds of things. Imagine an Air Force without doctors! Plus all of that specialized training and licensing, along with continually making life or death decisions... And yet here we are, 11Xs.
  10. war007afa

    “Red is the new Green”

  11. This. Had a few guys in the gunpig community successfully press to test this.
  12. war007afa

    Promotion and PRF Information

    So will the O-5 board results take another six months, too? The board itself already had an extra week...
  13. Because continuation is offered, but not required (as is the election to accept beyond 20 years of service). And because DOPMA trumps ADSC, regardless.
  14. So AvB allows you to increase your amount through renegotiation so long as you increase your ADSC by 3 years. But if you get passed over twice, law makes continuation your option (up to 20 with waiver up to 24 for O-4). So if you’re passed over you can extend the ADSC at the higher rate and opt to only stay until 20 when twice passed over. If you’re already sucked in with the devil’s money and looking for options, consider the contradictions associated with these programs which work in your favor.