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  1. It has to come from reallocation of spending. The hurt feelings have to suck it up and realize in the prioritization of resources, spending billions for niche bullshit has to end in order to improve things for the greater good. Look at ratios; most people proportionally receive far less benefit than what they pay for. The “one-offs” of the world receive a significantly higher benefit for their contributions and often continue to benefit beyond the scope of the original intent of many of the programs the government funds. No one should be able to solely live off of government “assistance” alone, but people game the system to the point where 40%+ of Americans pay nothing in and receive a large share of the output. Meanwhile, the remainder population is either vilified (like the Top 10% who pay 90% of the tax revenue) or are at the back of the line to receive the benefits they’re expecting the government to fund (like infrastructure improvements).
  2. Ain’t this the truth! I’ve seen more “check out my long-time friend who is ________ “ videos from so many GOs as of late it’s nauseating and comes off as completely for show
  3. OK. I’ll play. If he was my WG/CC, his performance is way better than you let on. His GP/CCs (Governors) have received everything they needed* (important to distinguish between wants and needs) to conduct the mission. When they needed ventilators, hospital ships, etc, they received it. I’m not taking this down the rabbit hole of unemployment benefits given the shit show of shenanigans associated with the game. The benefit my WG/CC has is he can fire underperforming GP/CCs and SQ/CCs (governors and mayors). He has the ability to massage the leadership to manage the crisis, not stand there and take the mutiny. It is nothing short of absolute horseshit to vilify the “inaction of the administration” when local and state governments are putting condoms on the monkey to let it go fuck the football. Where is the outrage for cities and states not enforcing PPE and distancing requirements? It has somehow become popular for the federal government to be responsible for the failures of local-level officials. In all of the issues we see regularly, it’s mind boggling how little local communities are seen doing to improve their situations other than pointing the finger at the federal government. This is exactly why socialism fails, and for some reason a large portion of our nation can’t see this ugly truth staring them in the face because the glow of “free shit” is blinding them. FUCK!
  4. Anxiously awaiting the blotter note for the first time one of these is used “inappropriately”...
  5. Been lurking a bit on this thread, but what I’ve seen over the years: - They’ll move more training and ability to log events to sims, but will refuse to find more sims or update them as the jet evolves. - Sims break (some more than jets) and can create a backlog when they go down. - Instructors: you either get civilians (WW-nam dudes who can’t evolve with TTP efficiencies or stop telling war stories long enough to actually teach how to fly the jet) or the IP bill comes out of hide, so your already-overtaxed line flier gets kicked in the nuts with sim duties. Either way, it’s painful. In the end, this seems to be the only true desired efficiency: they can replace green suits with blue and push more guys to the line...who will then have to pick up the training slack when the eventual product hits the unit.
  6. NAFs became the place to hide personnel when PBD720 pushed hard on the staff cuts for the Pentagon and MAJCOMs. Most of the NAFs liaise with a COCOM (notable exceptions) which makes it easy to validate the billets when it comes time to slash some more flesh off of the bone, leaving them immune in many cases to losing bodies. Don’t a lot of the rated NAF positions still get to fly? In MAJCOMs or other staffs it’s rare to be able to continue to fly while doing the staff gig.
  7. There's a ton of concern with the waist measurement because Airmen were going through such extreme measures in order to pass that a few actually died last year (forget the actual number, but it was >5). Apparently all of the parlor tricks used beyond diet and exercise proved fatal for some. Plus, the trend of laxing standards seems to be in full swing this year.
  8. Hardly ever, and we pushed the HAF to create a standardized and streamlined process for them to do it. ”No” is a 4-letter word...
  9. SWA jet landing in Austin took a human to the engine cowling as they landed. Pilot apparently “maneuvered” to miss? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/southwest-airlines-jet-plane-hits-kills-person-austin-airport/#app
  10. So here's an interesting read from Task and Purpose. Dude refused to turn over his weapons after making threatening comments to his chain-of-command in an email. When they went to his on-base residence to take his guns away, he went full Code of Conduct on that ass. What I love the most about this is how his wife turned it into a team sport: "Injerd’s wife then opened the front door to their home, and the airman retreated into the house, shut the door, broke a back window, crawled out, scaled the base perimeter face and escaped into the woods. https://taskandpurpose.com/news/missing-airman-dyess-air-force-base
  11. About 7 more engines! <cue drums>
  12. Balancing of all the Palace programs, the VLPADs, Reserve activations, etc. against the people who elected to announce separations and retirements (this is the one that's likely holding everything up; people who were on their way out the door and had announced it 11+ months in advance looked out the window and saw the Wizard of Oz-esque shitstorm of employment opportunity due to the pandemic). They put a bunch of effort into backstopping things like Rated-required staff billets with a bunch of people who are put on short-term funded orders and now they're worried about being over end-strength DOPMA requirements. Sort of a shit deal for the Air Force to stop action on the flexibility of folks to change or remove separation dates. It pisses me off to no end how this organization stops giving two shits about caring about the people who comprise it as soon as they announce intentions to move on. People are expected to work all the way until their last day in the Air Force; why shouldn't the Air Force also be expected to work for them?
  13. I was sitting outside on the balcony outside our AirBnB last night watching the world go by (which mostly consisted of some lady yelling at people outside a liquor store a few blocks away) and I couldn't help but reflect: how ironic is it that so many people have asked for things to slow down, more time with their families, less queep, and extraneous nonvalue-added requirements to slide off the plate, and when most of that is delivered (albeit in the midst of a fairly shitty situation and under less-than-ideal circumstances), all we want to do is bitch about it and go back to the way things were? Is this what transitioning to the airlines is going to be like? //S
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