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  1. Quality multi-ply toilet paper. Lowest bidder wiping seemed like it was some sort of concession being made with the Taliban during all of the negotiation talk last year. One of our Guard guys had his unit send us a case of good TP and it made the experience a slightly more tolerable.
  2. Based on years of watching the clown show, I’d bet in less than 5 years the initiative to start placing enlisted pilots into rated staff billets comes up (provided the whole think doesn’t go down the shitter, as per Chuck’s prediction)
  3. Curious as to how many lawmakers (who create the NDAA and associated directives) receive monetary benefits from their non-government business endeavors as a result of legislation they create. If people in glass houses want to throw stones...
  4. You must work for Lockheed...
  5. And no 11S does that? Hmm...
  6. Why don’t they combine this with the B-1 manning/airframe issues and reroute those dudes as FAIPs? Seems like that would make sense?
  7. Used this exact case to get A3 to allow the P prefix on the 87 AFSC. It’s horseshit it took us this long to get them to finally quit playing games and seeing things like this happen. Sorry, brother.
  8. State source. Is this an installation thing? Literally just had a discussion with the AF-level policy author on this exact subject; no such policy change was mentioned. And they’d have to convince CSAF to crawfish on his guidance. Unlikely.
  9. Read the text under the block. It reads acknowledgement, not agreement. With regard to strats and pushes, there is no right to them. They’re wholly-owned by the endorser. If a conversation can’t overcome the hurdle, refusal to sign is absolutely caustic This is a bad play.
  10. Why would you ask for permission instead of forgiveness?
  11. So the solution to the manning situation is to prohibit dudes who want to from staying in the cockpit? Genius! We’ll have this thing fixed in no time at all! 🤬
  12. Years ago we were told to get a Masters. Then we were told we didn’t need one. Then we did again. Now we need one for O-6. Standing by for next pendulum swing. ACSC is no different. And if you think senior raters are really following CSAF guidance when they decide what they value in a person going up for promotion, I challenge you to look at how many things were made optional that they still insist on doing month after month.
  13. Tactical victory at a strategic loss. Is it truly without worth if it increases your pay? Going from a 14+ O-4 to a 16+ O-5 is netting me over $1,100/month more because not failing to complete a “worthless course” didn’t make a bunch on non-ops O-6s (the majority of your board make-up) look at me as lazy or unpromotable. Good for you for going full Kaepernick and having a belief. But don’t be surprised if it nets the same result from the corporation.
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