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  1. I don't think there's any reg that mandates you stay for X time. One way you could be on the hook "officially" for a length of time would be if you're on AGR orders for a few years and you want to end them early to transfer units, but TAG does not approve the curtailment (that's ANG, but I assume it's similar in AFRC). If that happened, you'd have to finish out that set of orders before you could move. This situation is probably unlikely, but possible. Post-FTU, you will have some amount of full-time seasoning orders. For fighters it's broken into two sets of 365 days, so roughly 2.5 years all said and done (assuming a few TDYs/deployment that are on different orders and don't count against your seasoning days). I don't know how long heavies season for, but probably varies a bit depending on community. Bottom line, as a new guy back from training, I'd plan on at least 3 years given to your unit before you try to transfer. I think 3 years is also a good ROT for an AD guy who punches to the ARC, then wants to move later. That all said, this isn't black and white and if you have a compelling situation that drives a necessity to move and that's what your family needs, then bring it up to the boss. The ARC is generally very good at being supportive of family-driven decisions and will help you get where you need to be. Just realize you may get less than enthusiastic support if you try to bail a year after getting to your unit.
  2. brabus

    Finance Problems

    Whatever all these fees total up to = the amount of 1-2 taxi rides you took and don't have a receipt for. Fuck them, you can play their game.
  3. It is possible, but generally happens more out of necessity (i.e. base gets BRAC'd to RPAs and guys bail to find other fighter units), rather than "I've been flying the Eagle for 8 years, time to switch it up." Switching units absolutely happens, but for expectations management, most guys typically stay put (or come back to same unit after a NGB tour, etc.) It's a pro and a con of the guard (depending on how you look at it). I don't recommend your primary gameplan/expectation be hopping between airframes in the guard over your career (primary exception being if your unit transitions to another jet during your time there).
  4. brabus

    Palace Chase info

    Last I looked 2 years ago, you could PC for an earlier DOS. That could have changed.
  5. Are you in the guard already or AD eagle dude wanting to rush viper units? A younger guy punching from AD generally has a far better chance than an established maj/Lt Col already in the guard. Like Evil said, it’ll take a while to be back to your former qual/effectiveness in a new jet, so being younger equates to more useful time for the “new” guard unit.
  6. brabus

    Lying to reserve recruiter?

    So you want to get MEPS and FC1 as a "resume booster" for UPT boards? Sounds like you still may potentially apply for Reserve boards, as I assume you are applying to more then one unit, right? It's not a lie that you are interested in the Reserves (even if you're preferred location may be a guard unit).
  7. They will lead a squadron, wing, etc. tactically...as the expert in their community on tactics, at integrating with others, solving tactical problems many would say, "that's unsolvable" to, building up those around them to be the best ____ that person can be, etc. WIC is very much a leadership school, and you will get a lot of leadership opportunity out of it, much of which occurs prior to being a SQ/CC. People should do it because they want to do these things, not primarily as a container checked to help make SQ/CC down the road.
  8. If someone goes to WIC to help their future SQ/CC chances, they are fucking it away wholesale.
  9. To be clear, the guard does allow promotion without PME through ROPMA. Not a guarantee, but seems like a high Pk promotion for pilots at least. Downside is you lose a few years of O-5 pay, so even for money alone it's probably worth doing ACSC if you're a full time guy and not living off an airline paycheck. Sucks that ROPMA isn't an option in the Reserves.
  10. brabus

    Join Spouse for UPT Studs

    Here's some anecdotal thoughts based on what I've seen amongst friends in this situation over the years. Short answer opinion: Tracking T-1s and FAIPing is highest chance of desired outcome...see below for reasoning. 1. FAIPing together gives you at least 3 years post-UPT together. Even though she's 6 month ahead in UPT, they could align you guys on the same VML down the road to help increase the chances of getting a join spouse assignment to the same aircraft. Not a guarantee of course, but you probably have a higher chance of it working out vs. her assigning X aircraft 6 months ahead of you and you crossing fingers the same aircraft is available in your drop. 2. (N/A if you go to ENJJPT) Consider track and decide if living together is more or less important than what you want to fly. You don't know how either of you will perform or what the T-38/T-1 availability will be 6 months apart. T-1s is the more sure bet based on slots available. If she goes 38s 6 months ahead of you, it's higher risk you don't end up in the same track and thus a lot less likely to be in the same aircraft down the road. Bottom line, I've seen several couples make it happen who ended up in the same aircraft, but generally one of them ends up getting out ASAP. I've seen different-aircraft couples fall apart. I've also seen most of my female counterparts love the idea of flying in their early 20s, but despise their 10 yr ADSC and the AD lifestyle when they want to have kids and stop working 12-15 hrs a day, want to be at home with the kids, etc. It creates a real problem for them, and ultimately they suck up shitty non-flying jobs, balance being an officer/mom/wife, and their husband continues to fly while they punch at the first chance. I'm not judging those couples who go down this road or their decisions to stay/go, but its a real challenge you both should talk about.
  11. brabus

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Heroic - You flew 690 miles to take the fat one for you bro who only could nail the 10 if her 0 friend got some too. Meritorious - You banged 3 or more chicks (8+) at the same time.
  12. brabus

    Concealed Carry

    Correct, you can keep your residency where you have it as long as your on active orders, or you can choose to change it however often you want as you move to different states. Carry on base is only allowed at some bases, and clearly the rules are different at each.
  13. brabus

    Concealed Carry

    Makes sense, wouldn’t want the gun to explode during the day in your locked case, thus causing what would likely be the largest MASCAL event since Hiroshima. Idiots.
  14. brabus

    Concealed Carry

    For CCW independent of on-base carry policy, you do not have to change residency (or CCW permit) when you move. However, you must alert the authority who issued your CCW of your new address within 30 days of moving (federal law). Florida and Colorado can be updated online. I’m guessing most states offer that option nowadays. You can renew your CCW in your state of residence as well, regardless of where your current home address is.
  15. brabus

    Getting bored with the airline life

    Agree with Pitts - send your app to everyone you're interested in. Your age will hurt you, but it's not a deal breaker for some units; the trick is finding out which units care less about age waivers. Based on your resume highlights, I think there'd be several units willing to talk.