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  1. brabus

    T-6 Air Force trainer crashes in Texas

    100% sarcasm derived from the other thread.
  2. brabus

    T-6 Air Force trainer crashes in Texas

    Probably fucked up an ELP...flying canceled, UPT will be all sims until further notice. Also, might as well skip IFF while we’re at it.
  3. brabus

    UPT prep flying with private instructor

    If you have time/money and want to fly because you enjoy it, then do that. It’ll always add to increasing your basic airmanship. But as others have said, don’t waste one flight minute on trying to do “AF/UPT style” flying. If you don’t have much experience at a towered airport, that’s a good thing to do. Again, think about basic airmanship stuff that applies across all flying disciplines.
  4. I don't know anything about the pilot-physician program beyond it's existence, but I am fairly confident it will not help you get a fighter - that's still merit-based in UPT on AD. The best "guarantee" for a fighter is getting hired by an ARC unit that flies fighters. The AD, regardless of job type, is generally the antithesis of stability. Your alternative of part time ARC pilot and civ doc will likely be far more stable than anything AD will offer. Additionally, if you go pilot physician on AD, my bet is you do not get to "see the world" (at least any good parts); that's such a specialized position that I'm guessing there are only a few spots at very specific locations. Pilot physicians are not a normal position at any "standard" flying base. Additionally I'd look heavily into the program and what it entails long term - do you stay on a relatively normal flying track or do you do one assignment and then off to Walter Reed for you? Bottom line is the last time I heard of a pilot physician in the Viper world, it was 10 years ago and they had done one assignment as a pilot/flight doc, then went onto some medical-only assignment. Do your research, it may not be exactly what you want long term. There is pretty much no limit to what you can possibly do in the world with ARC vs. AD. There are ARC personnel working green door projects, at DARPA, doing 3 year assignments in Europe, working at AOCs, flying test, shooting ISIS in the face, fucking up travel vouchers, and torturing dental patients. The ARC "one weekend a month/2 weeks a year" is not the baseline these days for a lot of people...if you want to do more than that (and you have to has a pilot), there are limitless opportunities.
  5. Nowadays you can do all of the things you listed in the ARC, and fairly easily as well. The big difference is you can do these things generally when you choose to and no one will force you to do any of them (AD is opposite on both accounts). And to be clear, many dudes get retiremet the day they leave the ARC, exactly like AD. So with that knowledge, why do you really want to go AD?
  6. brabus

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    Possibly to viper b course if it's determined they're likely to pass. If not, they'll go to normal phase 3 UPT (38s).
  7. brabus

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    They're in a program that's evaluating their ability to do a normal b course. Only admin flying, no grades, no bust vs. pass, etc. If the IPs think they could hack a normal b course syllabus they'll go, else they go back to phase 3 and from there it's standard syllabus (e.g. further emphasis on producing numbers and not quality pilots). As long as this is allowed to be an objective experiment, it's not a bad thing. But obviously it becomes bad if they are forced along by leadership to make the experiment a "success."
  8. brabus

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    The definition of "plenty" increases as time goes on...0s in month 1 become 1s in month 5.
  9. brabus

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Are we talking month 1 or month 5?
  10. brabus

    F-22 Pilot's comments after flying the F-4

    Got a 1.3 in the F-4...like flying an overloaded dump truck through the sky compared to the viper. My hats off to those dudes who flew that thing into the shit - amazing they had to dodge SAMs and MiGs in that thing.
  11. brabus

    The new airline thread

    Depends on the state, but I'd take AGR every day, even as a young guy unless you're getting hired as a 13 step 3+ with bonus. It takes about step 7 with full bonus to equal AD Maj pay unless your location is getting awesome locality rates. And then even if your take home pay is matched to AD, you still are dealing with all the bullshit of the GS system.
  12. Honestly its more about the larger issue of kicking non tactical training to the FTU, which means either the basic skill is ball washed quickly so they can learn the tactics (which is the primary reason they're at FTU), or a lot of time is spent on the basics and the new kid is shit at the tactics. Either way is a significant burden on the CAF. I had to FO through the weather as a young guy, and it was not perfect, but it worked out. Many years later I did it in combat with a running, but significantly reduced thrust engine. There were a couple other precautionary ones also. So in 10 years, I've had two no shitters in worse than VFR around the flagpole training and a couple less serious ones. The risk is only rising as the viper gets older, so i dont buy the "but what are the chances!" argument. Looking back I'm glad I had all of that baseline training that undoubtedly helped me get through that. While unmeasurable, I know there would have been an increased chance of death or forced ejection (due to fucked up FO pattern) if I had the reduced level of training received by young guys today.
  13. Is your family back home? If you are single, then PCS means you either get BAH for UPT location or if living in the dorms, you get zip. Doesn't matter that you own a house. If you were at UPT in TDY status, that'd be different. If he's single, then this sounds correct (as much as it sucks, but from the AF POV, they didn't force him to buy/keep the house).
  14. Agreed, but it is near term if said stud goes to a SE aircraft. There's a lot of young guys flying the viper and lightning who either wasted a lot of time in FTU learning something they should have in UPT or worse, never really did well at it (but got pushed along in FTU) and are an engine failure away from killing themselves and/or destroying a multi-million $ asset. Obviously a problem for U-28s as well, but I'm hoping there's an AC in there who knows how to do an engine out landing (until 5 years from now like you mentioned, then that is out the window)
  15. brabus

    Finance Problems

    I did exactly what Hoss said. Same exact situation (VPS vs. PNS). I don't remember the exact disparity in prices the RA was looking for, but bottom line took a car service there and back...cost the government $150 more in the end. The wasted time was worth it to see his reaction when he realized I had fucked the system, but there was nothing he could do as it was a legally reimbursable expense. I don't think such shenanigans happened again, at least that I'm aware of.