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  1. brabus

    Leaving family behind for UPT?

    Something to think about - It's not really "just" one year; you have to consider SERE, FTU, IFF?, etc. You're looking at 2+ years gone from home...doable, yes, but is it going to suck a lot (especially with a kid), my opinion is yes. Good luck with whatever you guys decide.
  2. brabus

    BGI Employment

    No, just telling Matt BGI clearly does what he's looking for in the short term.
  3. brabus

    BGI Employment

    Have some friends who travel for BGI, company pays for all their travel, hotel, per diem, etc. They go for a week every 6ish weeks
  4. I believe your only recourse for full reimbursement is writing a request to SAF (the "secretariat process" as the JTR calls it). In the memo, explain the untimely PCS wrt the baby, the financial burden (airfare after first car if you do it twice, airline tickets, etc.) I can only speculate on the probability of approval, but it's worth a shot. I thought about doing this, but honestly didn't have a very good argument since the car I have shipped on multiple PCS is a hobby car/not a primary driver. If this fails, you do still get mileage for the second car (and more per diem for your family if they travel separately via air while you drive one of the cars). That money can at least offset the shipping charges if you choose to do so for QOL. Also research shippers, do not go with some random guy and a flatbed trailer (there's a lot), it's worth it to spend a little more and get your car undamaged and on time.
  5. Know several guys who have the platinum, seems to be the best amex out there. I convinced them to waive my delta reserve card fee as a technician, so don't want to push my luck with a new high-fee card, but I will once I'm on a longer set of orders at some point.
  6. brabus

    Japan to Front Cost for F-22 Restart?

    Upgrading current 5th Gen fighters to "5.5 gen" is a different proposal than developing a new 5th gen fighter. I think we should do upgrading as well as continue forward with 6th gen. The reason you can't stop at 5.5 and forgoe 6th gen is because future technology we know we'll be able to make happen in 10-20 yrs isn't stuff we can bet the farm on that it can be simply "bolted onto" an F-35 or F-22. The most likely situation is those technologies will either be completely infeasible to put on a current 5th gen jet, or there will be a reduction in overall capability if put in a 5th gen jet vs. a new 6th gen jet specifically designed for/around those technologies.
  7. brabus

    Japan to Front Cost for F-22 Restart?

    I would enjoy seeing Lockmart get kicked in the junk, but starting another 5th gen asset to counter Lockmart's product would still be an incredible waste of resources at this point. Their competitors are better off focusing on how to win the 6th gen contract. Shack.
  8. brabus

    Japan to Front Cost for F-22 Restart?

    Already done...6th gen; it would be ridiculous at this point to create another 5th gen fighter. Now finding a way to re-open the Raptor line and produce more of those, abso-fucking-lutely! We need more, and if Japan will pay, then go ahead and let them have some Raptors.
  9. brabus

    Nellis F-16 Thunderbird Crash

    Tbirds put together a solid memorial and roll call yesterday for Cajun. The turn out was impressive, but certainly not surprising. Here's to you brother, well see you on the other side
  10. brabus

    Sanity check - Should we buy our dream home?

    Are you really sure this is the place you'll want to go post-AD? I considered buying a place in CO about 2.5 years before I left AD, there was "0% chance" we would go anywhere other than back to CO when I punched. I now live 2000 miles away and am incredibly glad I didn't buy the CO place. A lot can change in a couple years - I personally would not buy unless you are OK with the chance of not going there and either having to sell the house or keeping it as an investment property.
  11. brabus

    Palace Chase info

    Not required unless you want to seek VA disability rating.
  12. As long as you swear into your ARC unit the day after your DOS (i.e. No break in service) you will get TAMP. The code on your sep orders is irrelevant. Your gaining ARC unit will take care of the TAMP stuff; recruiter and TAPs guy has nothing to do with it (and also is clueless).
  13. brabus

    Nellis F-16 Thunderbird Crash

    Great American, fighter pilot and friend. He'll be greatly missed.
  14. And more things the CAF has to teach...why am I having to teach a kid how to fly an ILS, do a normal landing and fly basic formation in the CAF? The AF is a leading expert on kicking the can down the road and refusing to acknowledge quality short comings. I hope FTU washout rates significantly increase - they certainly need to.
  15. brabus

    Palace Chase info

    Valid, BUT note the "through the secretariat process" comment. What that means is you must write a memo to SAF requesting you receive full "normal" PCS entitlements and explain your reasoning (i.e. why this is better for the AF, because SAF doesn't give a shit about your personal problems); this memo will have to be SSS'd (most likely unless your wing really doesn't give a shit, but it's AD, so....) from your SQ/CC all the way through the wickets. I've been down this road (for a different reason) before; it ultimately worked out in my favor, but it was a massive PITA and something I never wanted to do again. So, keep in mind whether the asspain is really worth it. In my final PCS case it was not because all I really missed out on was DLA, and DLA was not worth the headache. I've heard changing HOR is much easier than going down the SAF path, but haven't done it myself.