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  1. Valid...unless it’s claims against the current sitting president, then everything that the MSM puts out is true, regardless if any credible evidence is presented. That is to say I agree with your statement, but social media and the MSM are doing an incredibly piss poor job at adhering to it. What makes it worse is it’s incredibly one sided politically, which scares me (and would still do so if it was all rampantly anti-democrat). The bullshit pushed by the MSM is no better than what’s pushed by the fringes...it’s out of control, and people across the entire political spectrum eat up their side while minimizing the opposite. The close-mindedness/pick-a-side running rampant in America is frightening.
  2. Show up in whatever duty uniform you wear (e.g. don’t wear blues) and introduce yourself by first and last name. Order status doesn’t matter; you’re in the guard regardless of orders that particular day.
  3. brabus


    I’ve asked tanker units about this exact thing several times and have always been told not possible from multiple units. Good to know it is possible, I’ll push harder next time and provide that reference.
  4. brabus


    Who approves that, center?
  5. brabus


    Is there a MOA or restricted area that’s located roughly where you need AR? If so, that’s another option in lieu of an ALTRV.
  6. There are valid statements above from both sides, but here’s what really matters in my opinion: total fabrication or not, shady or not, the media has no problem plastering shit on trump/other GOP all over the place, but when the same level of shady shit is available on hunter/other Dems, it’s shut down by chairman mao. Regardless of the authenticity/accuracy of smear information, either allow it all (and let the consumer form their opinion), or take your “moral stand” and suppress it; your call media. But when they do one for the Dems and the other for the GOP, it’s very disturbing and frankly everybody, regardless of party affiliation, should acknowledge this bullshit. It’s still suppressing free speech even if you disagree with the content/statements, and that’s wrong.
  7. I remember in UPT phase 1/2 getting reemed for not shiny enough boots. No fucks given by anyone during phase 3 and throughout the rest of my illustrious black boot career.
  8. @jazzdude Oh I get it, but my overall point is tax increase shouldn’t be a consideration until trimming all the bullshit. I’m not increasing my kid’s allowance because “he doesn’t have enough for gas” while he simultaneously continues to spend $30/week at the arcade. You can either not drive kid, or you can, while forgoing the nice-to-have arcade time. Simple fiscal responsibility, that’s all many Americans are asking for, and not receiving from all corners of the government. We’re not against better healthcare, but we are against “dial up taxes to 11” as the means to achieve it.
  9. Why are you willing to pay more before the govt does a substantial budget overhaul and some massive reallocation efforts? We spend trillions on things that are way lower priority than the big problems. Why have we given billions to those fuckstick Pakis while not funding things we need at home? Why have we spent billions on cellphones for people (newsflash, a cellphone is not a required, basic need, even in 2020)before we’ve improved education? We don’t need more revenue, we need to stop spending shitloads of money on things that are not as important as American health care, education, public safety, etc.
  10. You might be surprised how many dungeon and dragons weirdos work in positions with significant clearances. This guy is about baseline for some DARPA sections.
  11. Pk miss. The evidence is overwhelming, certainly enough to question his mental capability to hold such an office. Not saying he “for sure” doesn’t have it, but it certainly has crossed the threshold to ask the question.
  12. He also forgot he was running for president today. Not intending this to be a loaded question, but aren’t Biden supporters worried about his mental capability to hold this office for at least 4 years? Everyone misspeaks, but there’s a long line of clear evidence that Biden’s memory is failing and he gets confused pretty easily for someone who could be the leader of the U.S. Is this really not a problem in peoples’ minds?
  13. The ACES 2 and canopy jettison as part of the ejection sequence has worked great (including 0/0) on the Viper for decades. The B-mode added an auto-eject/reduced ejection time requirement in case of engine/lift fan failure during critical points of VTOL ops. So, the A/C now needlessly have Det cord and a canopy bow because of the B-model. I’m liking “Phantom 3” more every day.
  14. In AR the flight controls and power control are dampened, e.g. the same pressure on the stick (STS) moves the flight controls less in AR than it does in “normal flight” mode. Same idea with the throttle. Similar idea with the gear down, but they are not the same...I’d be speculating the same as Vandy on why the jet above has its gear down.
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