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  1. brabus

    The new airline thread

    I've heard that WOM off and on for a few years now. Doesn't seem to be true since I know/have seen tons of guard dudes get hired over the past few years. Take a look at the ARC in general and tell me you don't see a large portion already at the airlines/soon to be on their way. The airlines would be crazy to bypass any qualified pilots nowadays, let alone "highly" qualified mil pilots.
  2. brabus

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    What I have never understood is why preliminary info (when known) can't be released via safety channels ASAP (i.e. within hours or days). There should be a process that enables the local safety guy to release known info in a debrief style so other aircrew can learn immediately. Caveat that info is subject to change based on the ongoing investigation. Bottom line, there are so many accidents that primary contributing factors or even root causes are essentially known within hours, but said info is withheld from everyone for over a month. Not sharing this info immediately for the purpose of preventing similar mishaps in the near future is assinine.
  3. brabus

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    I wonder how much of these supposed allegations were millennials butt hurt over things that didn't even come close to matching a Kunsan Tuesday night. "I didn't feel safe" translates to, "some guys had a couple shots AND a beer, and the CC didn't send them straight to ADAP - leadership failure!" This whole thing still smells like a witch hunt driven by PC leadership.
  4. At least a few years ago Memphis (flight school and DPE) had no issues with overseas part.
  5. I agree with Jice - pick the mission you want to do and don't look back. If I wasn't a fighter pilot, I'd fly helos - they're pretty badass. During the preceding 6 months to my last deployment and throughout the 7 months of my deployment the 60s had zero rescues. That's a good thing in the big picture, but I understand that can be frustrating for the bros. That said, they still flew missions and I had a blast hanging out with them and getting to work with them. They still took small arms fire, so it's not like you go to AFG and never get to do anything...you're still flying a 60 through crazy terrain and doing some shooting. In the end, you never know what the future holds...we could very easily be back to a large scale war where the Army cannot organically handle all of its CASEVAC/PR needs.
  6. brabus

    Hurricane Michael

    The 43rd (FTU) is going to Eglin, but not the 95th (CAF)...or at least that's been the WOM that this PACAF statement gives credence to. I don't know why they wouldn't just put both squadrons at Eglin, even if that meant a slight reduction in sorties. There's a ton of room at Eglin and the airspace factor is unchanged.
  7. brabus

    Hurricane Michael

    Send a bunch of people OCONUS 6900 miles away who have homes they're trying to rebuild - classic AD move.
  8. brabus

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    CAF yes, but at least 12 years ago they were never seen at a 38 stud naming when I was there. Sounds like nothing has changed based on what duck said. And turns out there haven’t really been any major issues that whole time. It’s just a UPT naming and as such isn’t a big deal like a CAF naming - I can see why DO+SQ don’t feel the need to go to one (until now maybe). one asshat shits his pants, 3-4 dudes get their career ruined. That math does not check.
  9. brabus

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Sounds like a dumbass Capt needed to be removed from his position, given an LOR, and a CC call with the bros on WTF is acceptable and what’s not. That’s where it should have gone. Now, if the DO and up were at the naming and said nothing/let it slide, now I can see firings. Maybe that’s the case, but not what I’ve heard. Bottom line, as a CC I don’t think it would even cross my mind that one of my flt ccs would be so retarded as to name a chick C, and even more so in front of a GO. I wouldn’t be there, would find out about it afterwards, and then do the above. That’s realistic and reasonable. All of these leaders were probably at home playing with their kids when this went down - and because they were unable to telepathically sense what was about to go down in the future, jump in their Delorean, and stop the shenanigans, they got their careers ruined. My only caveat is there could be far more to the story we don’t know about, but firings for the actions of a rogue shithead flt cc alone is bullshit.
  10. Not disagreeing with the overall content/message of your post, but that said I've seen many solid "mission hacking"/never-worn-a-knee-pad dudes have a decent career and command a squadron and a few gone to OG+. It absolutely can be done. You may face an uphill battle if you stay mission focused, but doing so does not inherently close doors. My recommendation to any young guy is put mission first at work, don't neglect your family, and overall just do the right thing. It'll all work out...maybe you become a CC, maybe you fly for Delta after 11 years, maybe you do both in the ARC...it'll all be good no matter how it works out. As soon as you start prioritizing the rat race and neglecting the mission and your family, you're losing.
  11. brabus

    GI Bill education benefits transfer

    Seen it fought and lost...you will not be able to retire until the 4 years is served. If you can't stomach 4 more years in the AF, then don't transfer your GI bill.
  12. Remember you don't have to do the next 5 years back to back...another option is get the airline apps going, grab a TR job/fly for airline X for a bit, then go on 5 years orders to finish out your 20 while airline seniority climbs. It probably will be easier to grab a TR job than an AGR right out the gate, but every unit is different. Fuck ART, no point in doing that since you already know AD retirement and GTFO of the AF is your goal.
  13. brabus

    Hurricane Michael

    22 is an inaccurate number. Turns out open source media is full of shit about 99% of the time, yet somehow we continue to believe a lot of what we read in the news. Not to say the discussion is invalid about how we fucked ourselves years ago by only buying 187.
  14. brabus

    Hurricane Michael

    Consider the extra time, money, and depot absorption limfacs to push normal phase externally. Unlikely to be a palatable Plan A. The most cost effective and efficient way forward is likely in the realm of building HAS with weather driving the design (as lawman pointed).
  15. brabus

    AD to AFRC help

    The guard and reserve do plenty of fighting, not sure where this idea keeps popping up that AD is the only way to "get into the fight." I know several AD Lt Cols who have never been to war...shitty timing, nothing they could do about it. I don't think this desire should steer you one direction or another...luck and timing will play out whether you're on AD or in the ARC.