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  1. According to the guys here, all funds are properly loaded, but AROWS is messed up, so we have to wait until it's fixed. Classic cross-finger pointing. Anyone had success with the updated AROWS?
  2. You can absolutely turn down the offer, but clearly you risk going to UPT at all (if you don't subsequently get hired by another unit). Do it before swearing in, and nobody should care that much (as you said, alternates), do it after and you might piss people off. It's your life, don't let a few people possibly being pissed drive your decidion, but also know if fighters don't work out and you're back applying for heavy units, I have to imagine you may face an uphill battle (the new prospective units will find out, whether you tell them or not). Hard call, good luck.
  3. Thanks...guess another trip to finance is warranted.
  4. Tried to log an AFTP yesterday and got something about funds not available, contact the budget office...before I could sign it. ??? abound at base agencies. Anyone dealt with this?
  5. I need some advice

  6. The new airline thread

    The two closest potential bases are 3.4 and 6 hrs driving, both with several non-stop flights each day out of my local airport. So, I guess about as reasonable as it can get without living in base.
  7. The new airline thread

    It is a TX+seasoning (~2.5-3 yrs total). Not co-located, but a "reasonable" commute.
  8. The new airline thread

    Valid...and no it wouldn't take me all the way to retirement, but it does put me closer. The "issue" is the AGR is tied to a TX, so unless I want to full up stop working for the guard and not TX, then I "have to" go with the 2.5-3 yrs AGR. I do recognize I could full up quit the AF or move to another location to forego a TX, but neither are something I or the family want to do, regardless of what we are considering for the next job down the road. Thanks for the info dudes, glad to be smarter on the whole thing; certainly have some thinking to do.
  9. The new airline thread

    Copy shots...I was not aware there was profit sharing, etc. immediately following hiring. In my mind it was purely a number on a spread sheet and nothing more (e.g. no loss for the company in the short term); now I'm more educated (but still pretty dumb on the whole process). I don't know exactly when the orders will start, but even if I'm hired quickly, I probably wouldn't be able to get through more than 4-6 months of probation. Is at least some amount of probation OK or are you guys saying do all or don't even try for the airlines until you have the full year (or more) to commit?
  10. The new airline thread

    Orders for ~3 years. Makes sense what you guys are saying. Seems like a company would benefit by spending very little on a guy to lock him in down the road, i.e. another body on the books which isn't going to a competitor.
  11. The new airline thread

    How do the different majors look at/feel about mil leave IRT timing of indoc/training? Part of me is starting to think it'd be a loss to not get the foot in the door now, but on the other hand I'm not ready to be a part timer, at least for the foreseeable future. Meaning, I don't want to go fly the line for a year, then drop orders, preferably would do it far earlier than that. Is that a pipe dream? Depend on the company? The alternative is shitcan the idea, but then I'll likely be 40-something and wishing I'd done it earlier (get a line # that is).
  12. B-1 (Bone) questions

    And there's the problem, people think sniper/litening pods are good for CDE scans. Real big picture sure, but FAR from the fidelity/accuracy of scans accomplished by the guys who actually are meant/built for such a thing. A buff should never be doing those scans, and its overselling capability to say to the Army a sniper/litening can effectively accomplish scans (especially to the level the army wants/expects). Again, we need to tell the Army to fuck off and play each asset to what it's for, not try to make everything persistent ISR...those assets already exist.
  13. B-1 (Bone) questions

    Honestly CAF/AFGSC assets should generally stick to sniper-like pods. Of course we should continue to improve capes, but keep in mind the mission of said assets. We are not here to read license plates or PID douche69 in a bazaar, there are many assets who are meant for that/good at it. We need a TGP to PID larger targets, self target weapons, get BHA, etc. The Army trying to use every AF asset as if it has a MTS-B has been nothing short of idiocy/FWA.
  14. The govt pays for two of them, you pay out of pocket for the third...and I assume the two cats can go in the cabin with you anyways, so it probably won't cost you much at all. As far as the civilian "housing emperor" knows, you only have two pets. It's not like you have three large dogs; this should be easy to keep on the DL. Or solve the root cause of this problem and shitcan the cats, a win-win.
  15. AD vs ANG

    If your tune is "I would love a full time job, but I will gladly take any job you can offer...if it's part time I am looking into X and Y for civilian employment," you'll be fine. If you say, "I will only accept full time and if you can't provide it when seasoning is up, I'll likely look to transfer somewhere else," you will probably shoot yourself in the foot. Remember, just because the question is asked, does not mean that is the behind-the-scenes plan, they just want to know you can plan ahead and if a time did come up where you had to do PT for a little bit, you're not going to be a "feed me!" problem.